Recap : nyonika fume seeing Nandini in her house . She threatens Nandini and goes to slap her but is stopped by Manik .
Nyonika leaves and Manan looks at each other .
Nandini goes to the washroom and changes her dress . She comes out of the washroom when Manik changes his shirt . Nandini turns her face and goes towards the bed . Manik goes to the washroom
Nandini sits on the bed and prays to God , and then goes to sleep . Manik had just come out of the washroom and saw this.
M: o hello , who gave u the permission to sleep here ?
N: ur dad asked me to make myself comfortable in this room .
M: he meant this room , not this bed . This bed is mine and no one can touch it without my permission so out .
Nandini gets up .
N: then where will I sleep ?☹️
M: u? U……. U can go sleep on the couch .
N: couch ? ?
M: yes couch .
N: I can’t sleep there
M: and why not ?
N: cause I need a spacious place to sleep.
M: ya ? Then I’ll buy an acre plot to build u a speciall bedroom .
N: Manik pls , I can’t sleep on the couch . Let’s do one thing , y don’t u sleep on the couch ?
Manik looks at Nandini with anger . He walks towards her and she gets scared . She moves backwards and touches the wall. Manik goes close to her and in an angry tone , he says:
“This is my house , who r u to rule me ? I’ll decide where I’ll sleep and where u will sleep . Get it right on ur tiny head nandu , I married u only to make u suffer . And just bcz I married u doesn’t mean u have rights over everything of mine ”

Manik moves away and smiles . (he was actually acting to make Nandini scared)
M: if u want u can sleep on the bed but 3/4 of the bed is for me and rest 1/4 u can take .
Nandini gets angry . Manik goes and sleeps on the bed. Poor nandu has only little space to sleep. She arranges the pillows in a straight line between her and Manik . Manik purposely twist and turns on the bed , his hand and leg falling outside the line . Nandini gets furious but knows she is helpless. She arranges the pillow again the way he is sleeping .
M: oh hello , will u sleep by today ? And what the hell r u doing ? U r making lines and playing with my pillows ? Just sleep if u want
N: my wish to sleep or not , non of ur concern .
M: well Im gonna switch off the light . Hope u r not scared of the darkness . ?
N: Manik no , Manik pls no .
M: I don’t think u leave the lights on thought the night in ur house .
N: yes I don’t but … When there is a monster next to u , then who will not get scared ?
M: monster ? Seriously ?
N: yes .
M: well Idc whatever u call me , just sleep now . And yeah gn, sweet dreams.
Nandini lies down to sleep. She cries silently . She feels guilty for hiding this from her parents. She hopes her dad will be soon alright .
Soon Manik and Nandini fall asleep .
The next morning
Nyonika is coming down to the hall . She asks the servant :
Ny: did Manik open the door ?
S: no ma’am
Ny: ok , do one thing take coffee for them and come with me .

She goes to manik’s room and knocks on the door .
Manan was still asleep . Nandini’s arm was around manik’s neck . Suddenly , hearing the knock Manik wakes up . He gets surprised seeing Nandini’s arm around his neck . Manik smiles and gently moves it , but Nandini again places it . Manik again moves it . She again places and Manik takes the glass of water kept next to him ( on his side table) and pours the whole thing on her head . Nandini jumps up from the bed . And Manik laughs . Nyonika Again knocks . Nandini wioes her face with a towel . It was manik’s towel .
M: u , how dare u take my towel ?
N: perfect for u , u didn’t this to me so tit for tat
She throws the towel on his face and goes to open the door. Nyonika was really impatient by now . Nandini opens the door.
Ny: why is ur dress wet ?
N: no I just washed my face , thats it .
She puts her hair front and turns to go inside . The servant asks permission to come in and keeps the coffee there . He leaves .

Nandini Goes and takes her dress . She runs inside first before Manik could enter .
M: Nandini come out , I need to take a bath
N: even I have to
M: so where will I bath
N: ur house , so go and bath in some other washroom .
M: I’ll show u what i can do . I’ll give u 10 mins and I need u out . Or else …
N: orelse ?…..
M: or else I’ll switch of the light . Then u’ll go blind there .
N: no pls . Ok I’ll come in 10 mins .
M: Gud girl .
After some tym .
M: only 2 more mins .
Finally Nandini came out.
M: finally maharani came out . Thank god !
N: yes , now u can go .
M: Ik . I don’t need ur permission
He goes and takes a bath . He comes out in his towel . She was ready there in her office attire . Manik comes and stands next to her infront of the mirror .
He looks at her and then is about to remove his towel .
N: Manik!! What r u doing in ur towel ?
M: then what ? Should I remove this also ?
Nandini closes her eyes and Manik removes the towel as he had his shorts under it . Manik starts drying his hair .
Nandini slowly opens her eyes .
M: I knew that u would be standing right here that’s why I wore this and came .
N: as if I care .
M: now go get my suit
N: what suit ?
M: oh hello ! Now u r my wife , so fulfill the responsibility of a wife . Go fast .
Nandini angrily goes and takes his suit and comes . Manik wears his shirt and looks at Nandini who is ignoring him
M: oh ms. Maharani help me with this .
Nandini helps him . Manik asks her to come behind him like his P.A. And not to tell anyone in office abt their marriage .

Nandini goes behind him showing him faces. They come downstairs . Kuber and nyonika was there.
Manik goes to kiber and takes blessings from him . Even Nandini take and kuber gives blessings to both of them . Nandini was about to go to nyonika when Manik stops her and signs her not to go .
M: dad so I’ll leave now , with Nandini . U only have to be there for the meeting .
K: yeah sure beta. . And don’t u think u should have a proper marriage ?
Manik and Nandini looks at each other .
M: well dad can v speak abt that later ?we r getting late
K: ok beta then fyn . Both of u take care . Bye
M: bye .
Manan leaves for office .

Pre cap : in MALHOTRA mansion , a car arrives there and a man comes out of the car. Nandini goes and hugs him . Nyonika spots it.

So guys I’m updating it on 11/7 , in case it gets updated late , then I’m sorry it’s the website issue . I want all of ur comments as I really took effort to complete this epi today itself ,so pls comment what would nyonika do now ? Who was that person ?
Thank u all for reading , I’m glad many of my silent reader commented . and I’ll update my other ff ‘his mistake’ maybe tomorrow , sorry for that but I don’t have enough time today .
Thank u all once again , Tc

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