Manik asks Nandini to sign on the contract . Navya meets Nandini outside her office . Nandini tells her problem and Navya consoles her.
It’s evening And Nandini gets ready in a beautiful red and white half saree .
She remembers her childhood. How her dad taught her to walk holding her little hands . She remember her good times with her parents . She misses her parents so much .
N: dad , I’m doing all theses only to save u . Pls forgive me . She cries
Navya comes there and sees this . On seeing Navya Nandini wipes her tears . Navya feels sad but she tries to cheer Nandini.
Na: wow! Nandini u r looking really beautiful . Looks like Manik will fall for u at first sight only!?
N: no Navya nothing like that . He doesn’t fall for anyone so easily.
Na: and that great person fell for only u right ?
N: yeah .

Na: still u think he is bad ?
N: Navya lets just leave it now . Come we will be late
They both go to the register office . They find Manik , cabir and ALYA waiting there .
Manik gets mesmerized seeing her beauty . Alya goes and hugs her . Cabir compliments her . They all go inside .
Manik puts sindoor on her head
Nandini’s POV: aiyappa forgive me . I’m sorry mom and dad , I don’t have any other way .
Manik and Nandini signs on the papers. Cabir, Navya and ALYA signs as the witnesses.
The trio congratulates Manan. Cabir agrees to drop the duo . They reach MALHOTRA mansion .
Inside MALHOTRA mansion mr.and mrs MALHOTRA were talking
K: where is Manik ? He’s been out for about 2hrs .
Ny: must be partying with his friends .

K: no he only party’s here .

Just then Manan arrives with the other three . Mr&mrs MALHOTRA gets confused seeing nandini with sindoor .
Ny: what is this lady doing here ? When did she get married ?
C: well Manik I think v should go . U can explain . Bye
The trio goes .
Ny: Manik I’m asking u something , reply
K: nyonika wait let him speak .
M: dad , I married her .
Mr.&mrs.malhotra get shocked hearing that .
Ny: what ? R u serious ? How can u do it ? Did u even think about ur class ? Did u think about us ?
M: wait , what did u say ? Us ? Whom do u mean by ‘us’?
Ny: about me and ur dad
M: well uk very well I don’t care abt u . But abt my dad …
He goes to kuber .
M: dad . Ik u can never forgive me for my mistake .I’m really sorry dad .
He folds his hands . Kuber stops him .
K: she must be tired bring her to ur room . Ok beta ?
M: yes dad .
Ny: but this girl ?…

K: nyonika don’t stop them .
Saying that kuber went to his room and Manik brought Nandini to his room leaving nyonika fuming .
Manik asks Nandini to go inside the room and he goes to kuber’s room .
M: dad
K: come in beta
M: dad I’m really sorry . Ik I should have atleast told u abt it . I love her so much .I’m really sorry dad .
K: sorry for what ? For marrying the girl u love ? Manik ukr I’ve always taught u to follow ur heart and not ur mind . Indeed I’m very proud of my son . True Love happens once in life , I’m very happy u married the love of ur life .
M: u r the best dad in the world . I love u so much dad

He hugs kuber . Nyonika sees this from outside the room and fumes .
Nyonika ‘s POV : Manik , I won’t let that middle class girl stay here and ruin our family prestige . I’ve married this man to be a renowned business women , I won’t let u destroy my dreams … Never ever
End of POV
Manik Is going to his room . Nyonika comes there . She enters and Nandini gets up from the bed .
Ny: oh so u already made ur self comfortable here ?listen u r going to get out of this house before long .
N: don’t try to threaten me. Cause now I’m manik’s wife and ur daughter in law . I’m also a part of the malhotras now , I won’t go anywhere from here . I’m not like u who uses relationships just for money and fame .
Nyonika gets angry and is about to slap her but Manik stops here.
M: don’t u dare do that again .
Ny: Manik be careful about what u r doing . Be in ur limits .
M: just shut up and get out . This is my room .
Ny: I’ll show u , u just wait and watch .

She goes out of the room . Manik and Nandini look at each other .

So guys imagine how manan’s first night would be . I want all of ur comments . All those silent readers also plsss I beg u . So hope u liked it . Thank u all for reading , love u all loads and loads

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