Recap : Nandini is not feeling well in the party . Mr.g tries to misbehave with her . Manik saves her from mr.g . Manan hugs
Manan comes back to the party . Mr.&mrs.malhotra geos towards Manik
K: Manik , did u see mr.gupta ?
M: dad …uh…well I think he went that way .(he point towards the room)
K: what is he doing there ?
M: I guess he wasn’t feeling well maybe .
K: oh god then v should check on him .
The trio goes towards the room and finds mr.g on the floor with his lips bleeding .
K: what happened to u mr.g?
Gupta looks at Manik ,who smirks and mr.g says he fell down .
N: but how come ur lips are bleeding ?
G: actually it was dark here so when I came I fell down and it hit the edge of this table . It’s ok I’m alright now .
K: ok then come lets go .
Mr.and mr& mrs MALHOTRA leaves . Gupta gives a look to Manik and Manik gives a fake smile
Manik’s POV : mr.g is very dangerous for Nandini. As long as he is here , it’s not safe for her . But that stubborn- head will never listen . What should I tell her ? …That Nandini, mr.g is not a Gud guy , he is very dangerous for u? And then she will be like y do u care. I mean seriously how can someone. Be like this ? Goddd!
End of POV

Manik is now thinking of something so that nandini is safe from mr.g.
He decides something finally and thinks don’t know how Nandini is going to react to this .

The party is over .they all go home , cabir drops Nandini as she denied tot take loft from Manik .
Next morning in office
Nandini is walking towards manik’s cabin when she collides with nyonika.
N: I’m so sorry ma’am .
Ny: wth ! Can’t u be careful ? Now pick up my phone first .
Nandini picks up her phone from ground and while giving it nyonika, nyonika Purposely drops some files down .
Ny: oh god ! Why can’t u be little sensible huh ?Why do u good for nothing creatures come to work ?now pick those files. Fast .
Everyone was looking at this scene . Ppl had pity for Nandini . Nandini felt very bad and she tried to control her tears back . Suddenly someone comes and holds Nandini’s hand. It’s Manik . Tears rolled down her cheeks when Manik stopped her . Manik saw this and got angry . He asks Nandini to leave the file there Itself and come . Nyonika stops them .
Ny: Manik what is ur problem ? First ask her to pick it up and then go .
M: ms.nyonika MALHOTRA , let me remind u that I’ve assigned Nandini as my P.A.and not ur servant . Get it ? This is not her job so y should she do it ?
Ny: Manik behave ur self everyone’s watching
M: so then y didn’t u realise everyone’s watching when u were insulting Nandini ?
Ny: Manik stop this . U r supporting her instead of supporting me ?
M: and y do u think I should support u ?
Ny: bcz I’m ur mother Manik .
M: no ur not and dare say that . U r not my mother .
Ny: who is she for u that u r fighting with me so much ?
M: she’s my….( Manik looks at Nandini )
Ny: she’s ur ?
M: she’s my …. No one ( Nandini looks at Manik ) but it’s not fair with her so that y . So now if u fiNished ur drama , then let me go I’ve lots of work .
Nandini follows Manik and nyonika looks at Nandini angrily .

In manik’s cabin
M: now , I’ll give u a gift . Uk something that can change ur whole life .
N: what do u mean ?
M: well read and sign on this
He gives her some documents. Nandini gets shocked reading it .
N: sir what is this?
M: really ? R u illiterate ? It’s a contract . We will get married and Intiurn I’ll give u higher salary . Maybe u don’t have to come to work everyday then . So deal ?
N: but how can u just decide everything?
M: see Nandini I’m ur boss . I can do anything and whatever I say , u’ll have to obey me . Get it ? Or else u r fired .
N: uk what mr.manik MALHOTRA? What do u think ? That the whole world is under ur finger tips? I can get a job anywhere else also not only in ur company .
M: really? Then what if I send a mail to all the companies with ur profile and say that ur lazy , inefficient and absolutely dishonest ? What will U do then nandu? Do u think any company will offer u a job ? Bolo nandu bolo.
N: how can u stoop so low ? Just for making me suffer u r going to that extent ?
M: what ?!
N: Ik u r doing all these bcz I said that I hate u and u want to take revenge from me . Right ?
M: yaaa right ! As usual u r always right. Yes I’m doing all these just to make u suffer . Uk I loved u so much and u , u said u hate me . So obviously I want u to also know the pain , feel that pain and suffer . So I’m giving u 8 hrs to decide . It’s 10am now , when it strikes 6in the evening I need u in the register office . Get it ? And remember only 8 hrs . Ur time starts now .
N: but what abt my parents ? How will I tell them ?
M: Oh hello listen , this is not Ur normal marriage where u invite all u uncles aunts and all . this is a contract marriage so after 6 months u r a free bird . So don’t inform ur parents . Don’t contact them get it ?
N: btw my phone broke so …
M: so ? I should buy u a new one ?
N: I meant to say so Thys can’t contact me and I won’t contact them also .
M: and listen don’t think I’m doing this bcz I still love u or something it’s only bcz to make u suffer .
Manik leaves from there . Nandini cries not knowing what to do .
Nandini’s POV : aiyappa why r u punishing me like this ?
She also leaves he cabin and just then cabir comes to her .
C: Nandini what happened to ur phone?
N: it fell from my hand and broke .
C: oh ok . Navya just called . She wants to speak to u. She said she’ll call in few minutes .
Navya calls , Nandini picks up the call .
N: hello Navya
Na: hi nandu Tum Kaisi ho ?
N: main teek hoon . Tum Kaisi ho ?
Na: main bhi bilkul teek hoon. Now listen quickly come outside ur office . Fast ok ?
N: outside ? Why ?
Na: Fasttt
N: ok wait .
Nandini goes outside followed by cabir .
Nandini gets happy seeing Navya there . Navya and Nandini hug and cabir gets happy seeing them .
Navya then goes and hugs cabir also .
N: this was the best surprise of my life . I was really in need to talk to u .
Na: don’t worry nandu now that I’m here no worries.
C: well Navya where r u going to stay ?
N: Navya u stay with me Na .
Na: ya I’ll stay with nandu .
C: ok so then I’ll tell Manik and drop u both home .
N: but will sir …
C: Areyy don’t worry he’ll listen to me . Go sit in the car.
Navya and Nandini hoes and sits in the car. Cabir drops them home .
(Convo between Nandini and Navya)
Na: what was that I pirating thing U wanted to tell me ?
Nandini tells about manan’s date and how it turned out to be.
N: now Manik is threatening me to marry him . He wants to make me suffer .
Na: actually nandu u did wrong. U shouldn’t have believed harshad . U should have first given manik a chance to speak right ? What if he is innocent ?
N: I don’t know Navya ( she starts crying )
Na: don’t cry nandu . Anyways u r marrying today no ? Omg so fast . I can’t believe it . So that means Manik still loves u so much .
N: I don’t think so cuz I did a really big mistake . And besides I think he’s doing it to make me suffer .
Na: no nandu . How can someone take the biggest step of his life just to make someone suffer ?
N: u r right but he always shows anger to me .
Na: it happens in all love stories . Don’t worry everything will be alright .
N: hmm hopefully.
Na: so wait . So u feel guilty now ?
N: yes
Na: so do u love him now ?
N: idk.
Na: oh god this girl ! Listen , sometimes v just see the bad thing a person did but not the good things they did for us .
Nandini cries . She doesn’t know what to do .

Precap: manan’s marriage . They reach MALHOTRA mansion .

What would be me.and MRS MALHOTRA’s reaction ?

So guys sorry for late update . Ik it’s too late but I was busy with rod so couldn’t get time to write the whole thing . So pls comment or I’ll really get disappointed . So plssss . Hope u enjoyed . Thanks for reading .

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