Recap: Manik breaks down and Nandini runs to her room crying.

Manik is broken and come to his house . He is in his room and remembers what Nandini said . Nandini also is in her room remembering their first kiss . She cries badly . She remembers how Manik being affectionate towards her .
Manik remembers how Nandini was jealous with Soha . He remembers how he told his deep secrets to her .
He remembers their night together when the car broke down. He sits broken
Nandini removes the dress Manik gave her and throws it on the bed . She sits down crying and finally sleeps ..

The next day .
Nandini looks herself in the mirror . She’s all tired . She still gets ready . She’s just not able to forget Manik . She goes to office . She looks at him with an angry face . He looks at her with a guilty face but then shows to be strong and not at all bothered about her .
M: listen , we have to go to mr.gupta today for signing of the contract .
N: but only I’m supposed to go .
M in a stern voice : no . Even I’m coming . Get it ? So now come .
N: yes…sir
M: and listen , whatever happened yesterday , just forget it . Take it as a nightmare only don’t show ur hatred towards me here . This is my office .
Manik turns to go . He walks a Little and hears Nandini crying . He turns back and is trying to control his tears . He walks out of the room .

They reach mr. Gupta’s office .
Manik asks Nandini to stand outside the cabin . He goes inside .

M: good morning mr. Gupta
Mr.g: Gud morning
M: so here’s the contract . Pls sign .
Mr.g : well Manik I just want to tell u something . What’s ur PA’s name ?
M: Nandini
Mr.g: I want Nandini to work under me . It’s simple u fire her from her job and I’ll offer her a job here with much higher salary .
M: I knew it u would say that . Nandini won’t leave my office and go anywhere else .
Mr.g: come on Manik . Why picking a fight over a girl ? And yes I’ll not sign on these papers until u say yes .
M: fyn. Then I hope u r giving me permission to show ur wife And the media about ur extramarital affairs which will bring ur prestige down . Do u want that ?
Mr.g: you , I’ll show u what I can do .
M: but I won’t see it cause I don’t have time so pls fast .
Mr.gupta signs on it . Manik takes the paper .
M: Gud boy …and thank u see u soon

Mr.gupta gets angry .

Manik comes out . Nandini looks at him .
Manik goes and Nandini follows him .

They come to office . Cabir sees this and smiles but when he sees both looking angry he doubts .
He goes to manik’s cabin .
C: how was yesterday ?
M remembers and then in a stern voice : what r u talking abt ?
C: Manik r u alright ? U went for a date right ?
M: nothing as such . This love was bullshit . She came to know about her dads accident . I tried to explain but she was stubborn head . She claimed to know everything . She could’ve given me a chance to explain it .
C: so that means … U broke up ?
M: cabir , we didn’t even get together then how can we break up ?( Manik was controlling his tears all these while )
C: Manik I’ll go explain it to her .
M: no need cabir. She just blindly trusted someone else and believed it . She couldn’t listen to me once .
C: Manik it’s not like that .

All this Nandini was nearing . She cries .
C: but who told her ?
M: idk I said it should remain a secret between us .
C: but Manik I didn’t ….
M: Ik u won’t .
C: wait did u just know that harshad and Soha are gonna get married ?
M: what ? Wait that means harshad’s life is settled which means he could’ve only done this .
C: yeah maybe . He wants the worst for us .
Just then Manik sees Nandini’s shadow on the door and she crying . He gets up and goes to open the door . Nandini sees manik’s shadow and leaves from there . Manik opens the door and finds no one . Tears roll down his cheecks
C: Manik what r u doing there ?
M: nothing . I want to tell u something
C: yeah what ?
M: that Gupta is a womanizer right ?

C: yeah . Happy realization.
M: I knew it . I had a doubt .
C: why what happened ?
M: he was eyeing Nandini also and I couldn’t stand it . So I was rude with him . Hope he won’t do anything to our company .
C: no he can’t do anything like that . He signed the contract no ? Now don’t worry .
M: hmmm. I should make Nandini stand far away from him in today’s party .
C: oh yea today there will be party . So all the best . Do ur best .
In the party that evening .(here even harshad Soha and Aryaman Alya is also there )
Mr.malhotra: Gud evening everyone . Today we all are here bcz our project has been taken up by one of the great companies – ‘G builders ‘ . So it’s time to enjoy .
( he hugs mr. Gupta ) They talk and drink and all .

Nandini is not feeling well . Manik notices this and asks Alya to just check . ( now Alya started becoming good and liking Nandini bcz she no more loves Manik but started liking Aryaman )
Al: hi Nandini
N: hi
Al: r u Not feeling well ?
N: no Alya actually I have a very bad headache.
Al: oh then do one thing u can go and take rest in that room .
N: ok thanx Alya.
Nandini goes to the room . Mr.g also sees this and goes to that room . Manik sees this and follows mr. sensing some danger .
Nandini is remembering abt last night . She thinks to call her mom . Just then mr.g comes in .
N: sir , aap ?
Mr.g: yeah I want to tell u something .
He puts his hand around her shoulders. She gets angry . She moves his hand forcefully .
N: sir , I’m not the type of girl u want . So pls go from here.
Mr.g: really ? U think I came here to go so fast ?
Mr.g tries to misbehave with her and her phone gets broken as it falls from her hand . ( remember when pandit kidnapped Nandini what he did )
Just then lights goes off in that room . Manik comes and hits mr.gupta ( remember how he hit pandit when pandit kidnapped Nandini)

Nandini gets Scared . Manik pushes mr.g and holds Nandini’s hand and gets out of the room . Nandini cries and Manik hugs her . He consoles her . She also gets into the hug . They both feel better . But after 2.or 3 min Nandini breaks the hug . Nandini moves away Manik and goes from there crying . Manik also goes from there .

Precap : Manik asks Nandini to sign some documents and she gets shocked seeing it .
…………….Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………….

Well guy I just want to know whether u would like it if Manan marries . So pls I want ur comments . All the silent readers pls . Hope u liked it . Thank u . Tc

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  1. Sindhu_Varma

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    But still….apko joo thik lge….
    We will always support u….

    Thanks for this update….
    Keep going….

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    1. Yes dear just go and type ‘this is called destiny telly’ on google u’ll get all epi

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    Whatever u want do it…, it ll be as usual gr8… N what r the paper’s about…??? Update soon… Loved it??

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      Yes that’s exactly my plan

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