Recap: Next morning Soha finds herself un dressed next to harshad who is also in the same condition .
She holds her head and is shocked .She gets out of her bed and goes to the washroom taking her dress . She sits there crying . She comes out and sees Aryaman missing . She gets scared .
…………………………Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxX…………………………………
Manik is full time thinking abt Nandini . He imagines Nandini next to him and he imagines proposing . He gets so happy .
Nandini si also doing the same thing . She gets shy thinking about Manik .she remembers their kisss yesterday .
She gets ready and reaches office .

Manik is also there . She greets him . They smile at each other .
M: Nandini , after going to mr.gupta’s office today will u come with me to a place ?
N: yes sir .
M: and yes this is for u . ( he gives her a gift)
N: sir , what’s this ?

M: it’s a dress so go home and open it . Wear it when u are coming with me in the evening . I’m sure u’ll look really beautiful
Nandini blushes hearing that . Nandini takes the gift . He gets up and starts waking towards her . She moves backward . she finally touches the wall . He goes close to her . He tucks her hair behind her ears . She smiles . Just then Soha comes in . She looks scared .
S: Manik , have u seen my brother ?
M: no , Aryaman didn’t come here . Why what’s the matter ?
S: he was not there at home last night .

She goes out of the cabin .
Nandini : sir , she looks really worried .
M: it’s ok .
N: no sir I think we should check what happened .
Nandini goes out of the cabin and Manik follows her . She goes to Soha and asks what happened . Soh breaks down and hugs Nandini . Nandini and Manik is shocked this. Just then Aryaman comes with ALYA . Manik and Nandini sees them and looks at each other . Soha goes and hugs Aryaman crying .
Ar: Kya hua Soha baby ? Why are u crying ?
So: where were u last night I was so scared .

Aryaman and ALYA looks at each other .
Ar: actually Soha when everyone was leaving , harshad was missing so Alya couldn’t go home . So I had to drop her I came to ur room and the door was locked so I thought u could take rest . I told nupur aunty also abt it . And then when I was coming back a little distance away from her house my car’s tyre got punctured . So I had to stay with her as harshad was not home and she was all alone . I thought atleast Aunty was there in our house to take care of u .
Manik: so where is Our dear harshad ?
So: he is in my house .
Ar and al: what ? How come ?
So: I think he was drunk so he must’ve been there only . Idk .
Manik: acha fyn now get back to work . Btw where is cabir ?
N : sir he’s there in his cabin.
M: ALYA just inform him we are leaving .

Al: yeah .

Manik and Nandini leave.
Throughout the journey they stare at each other and smile .

They reach . They go to mr.gupta’s (Mr.G)cabin . He welcomes them . Gupta shakes hand with Manik and hugs him . He eyes Nandini which is noticed by Manik . He ask them to sit . They talk about the project and mr.gupta’s full concentration is on Nandini . Manik doesn’t like this . He talks little louder . Mr.gupta agrees to take up the project . Gupta asks them to come tomorrow for signing the contract . He says only Nandini has to come Manik doesn’t have to waste time for it . Manik understands his intentions. But our poor nandu doesnt know anything .

They get out of the office . Manik drops Nandini and says I’ll come and pick u at 6 so be ready .
She agrees and goes .

…………….Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………….

It’s evening , Nandini is getting ready . Someone rings the doorbell . She thinks it’s Manik and opens the door. It’s harshad with Soha .
N: Soha and harshad ?
So: can v come in ?
N: yes of course come .
So: u must be getting ready to go with Manik right ?
N: vo .. Actually
So: Ik u love him , infact I also did love him but I knew he couldn’t be mine . I love harshad and not Manik . It’s my firm decision. Anyways I’m happy for u and Manik .
N: thanx .
So: so let’s go harshad .
H: yeah
Soha goes and harsh as stays back . He tells Nandini abt Manik causing her dads accident . She gets shocked .
N: no Manik can’t do anything like that .
H: really ? Then go ask him . U will come to know .

He leaves and Nandini is left shocked .
Nandini’s POV : aiyappa ! What did I hear? Manik caused the accident? No it can’t be .
She recollects the day they went to soha’s farmhouse and manik’s reaction hearing it.

Manik comes and she gets ready and leaves with him . They reach the place . It’s so beautifully decorated .
Manik asks her to come with him .
N: Manik , I want to ask u something
M: yeah what is it ?
Nandini shows her dads pic .
N: have u seen this person ?
Manik gets shocked
N : Manik I, asking u something
M: Nandini I don’t want to lie to you . Ik it’s ur dad and …
N: and bcz of u he’s in the hospital today right ? If u had told me atleast I would have forgiven u. But u never did it . U r the worst person VE ever seen . Manik malhotra , I hate u .

Manik gets shocked she leaves from there .
(Pyaar tune Kya kiya title track plays …

Pyaar tune kya kiya
Chain mera liya
Bepanah ishq se
Vasta ho gaya

Tera hi chehra
Ab toh dikhe hai
Naam tera hi
Lab pe mere

Pyaar tune kya kiya
Khwaab dil ko, naya de diya
Pyaar tune kya kiya
Khwaab dil ko, naya de diya…

Manik breaks down and Nandini runs to her room crying.

Pre cap : mr. Gupta says to Manik : Nandini should work under me . Manik denies it . Mr Gupta says if it doesn’t happen like that then he won’t sign on the contract which will be a great loss for the malhotras.

…………….Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………….

So what do u think manan’s destiny will be ? What will Manik say to mr. Gupta after what Nandini said to him ?

Thank u all for reading hope u’ll like it . There will be no update tomorrow as I’ll update the other one . I’m updating it on 29/6/16 in case it gets updated late I’m sorry it’s the website problem . How u enjoyed , do share ur views and opinions .
Tc love u all

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