Recap: Everyone wishes and hugs Soha .
They all leave for their work .
Nandini goes to cabir’s cabin and talks him about this .
N : cabir I wanted ur Help
C: yeah I’m always ready .
N: cabir idk why but I started to have feelings for him .
C: for whom ?
N: Manik .
C happily : what ? Seriously ? Uk What this is the best news I’ve ever heard . He also started to have feelings for u .
Nandini blushes
C: he was just scared abt talking to u abt it .
N: even me too .
C: oh so I’ll do one thing, I’ll send both of u for a romantic date somewhere . Where do u want to go ? Malaysia , Singapore , Hong Kong Where?
N starts to laugh . She couldn’t control her happiness . Thoughts started running through her mind .
N: acha now stop joking I’ve to go sir he must be waiting.
C: yeah he must be waiting desperately.
Nandini goes to manik’s cabin .
M: Nandini as dad said we r having a guest tomorrow .Ukr we have to meet Mr.gupta . He will be taking up our project so ya we should present it very well . And Ik u can do it. We have to go to his office also .
N: yes sir .
M: ok now go tell ALYA also about this.
Nandini leaves and cabir comes in .
C: here have this sweet .
M: why ?
Cabir stuffs it inside manik’s mouth
C: cause …. Nandini also has feelings for u .
M: what .? ( he’s surprised and happy )
C: yes so why not a date tomorrow after going to mr gupta’s office and then express ur feelings .
M: so fast ?
C: then what ? When u become budda and all ur teeth starts falling off ? ( he laughs)
M: Nooo but atleast after a few days ?
C: this is the best chance . U’ll be busy once mr.gupta accepts the project .
M: ok fyn then as u say .
C: all the best .

He leaves . Manik smiles and thoughts starts running through Manik’s mind also .

It’s evening at soha’s place all of them reach . They all wish her gifts her .
C: Soha Why only us ? No one else ?
So: actually I thought of a party for us only and didn’t want so many guests . So only 7 of us . Its gonna be so fun .
Al: yeah ur right Soha it’ll be fun with less ppl .
So: yeah so for now let’s pop the champagne.

They pop the champagne and have it . Nandini doesn’t drink she has soft drink instead . According to Soha harshad’s plan , harshad spikes the drink of Manik. But Manik takes another glass and drinks . So Soha goes and spikes another drink and gives it to Manik . ALYA also spikes a drink for Manik . All the three spiked drinks are kept together. Soha gives Manik one of them and he drinks little. Soha smirks . Harshad started liking Soha so he didn’t really like the plan .

Manik goes to a room . Nandini is also there . He starts getting affected by the drink . He goes towards Nandini . She stars moving backward . She goes to the corner of the room . He goes to her . He holds her waist and pulls her towards him . He goes close to her. he is About to kiss her when she stops him .
N: Manik , I’ve never been kissed
M: shhhhhhh

Manik places his finger on her soft lips and then he kisses on her neck . Cabir who was searching for Manik comes And sees this . Manik kisses Nandini gently on her lips . Cabir smiles seeing this . He goes from there . Harshad sees this and takes a pic in his mobile and goes from there . Nandini then Stops Manik .
M: Nandini Kya hua ? Why r u always stopping me ?
N: sir why r u talking like this ?
M: acha fyn sorry ok ?( he holds his ears)
N: sir r u drunk ?
M: what ? Seiuosly ? Manik MALHOTRA never ever gets drunk ok ?
Nandini understands and goes out of the room . Manik sits on the bed .
Nandini goes to candy and tells him about Manik. Cabir gives her lime water . Nandini makes Manik drink it and asks him to take a nap .

Nandini goes outside the room and smiles remembering what happened . Cabir teases her . Soha asks everyone to come, it’s time for cutting the cake . Cabir brings Manik who has a very heavy head right now . Soha cuts the cake and first give to Aryaman and then to Manik .
They all eat . Then they decide to play ‘ never have I ever ‘

So the game starts

Soha says never have I ever been kissed .
All of them drink and even Nandini drinks looking at Manik . Manik gets shocked . ( Manik was not in his senses when he kissed her )
Manik asks to cabir : when did she kiss?
Cabir surprised: seriously Manik ? U asking that after kissing her. ?
M: what ? Me ? No way when did I ?
C: oh hello just some time ago . Actually u were drunk so ya u might have forgotten I’ll tell u afterwards . But don’t worry she kissed u .
They continue the game and finally it’s over .

They all starts leaving but harshad stays there . Harshad goes to soha.
So: harshad our plan is flopped . Manik didn’t have the drink . Nothing happened between us .
H: but Soha it did happen between Manik and Nandini
So:what ?
H: yeah Ik u won’t believe me easily but I’ve a proof .
He shows her the pic and Soha gets shocked . She gets teary eyed and gets broken . She takes the drink which was spiked and has it . Harshad take the other spiked one . They both have it and then it starts affecting them . He helps her walk to her room . She doesn’t let him go and under the effect she pushes him to her bed .
Next morning Soha finds herself u dressed next to harshad who is also in the same condition . She holds her head and is shocked .

Pre cap : Manan on a date and Nandini says : MANIK MALHOTRA I HATE U .

So guys what do u think soha’s reaction would be ? And why do u think Nandini said like that ? Now what will Manik do ?
I want all of ur comments pls . All those silent readers pls. Cause it’s a way of encouraging the writer pls .And yes do read my new ff on Manan – HIS MISTAKE . Hope u will like it . And yes do let me know which one is better .this was a short update cause I had to update both . Thank u all. Love u all loads and loads .
Tc .


  1. bharathi

    may be harshad tells about her dad accident because of manik thats the reason she said i hate u manik

  2. Mahi13

    |Registered Member

    Manan 1st kiss!!!!!
    I’m still in the spell of Manan magic 😛 The update is OUTSTANDING. My guess was right 😉 I think harshad/soha’ll tell nandu about her dad’s accident’s reason 🙁 But plz don’t seperate Manan. Update soon n waiting for ur other ff 😉

  3. Priya

    Y aliya spiked drink for manik…..soha and harshad is a grt comb….manan rocks precap shocks us….

  4. es

    Please dont seperate manan so soon i want nandani to forgive him and i eant manik to pay for nandani’s dad hosiptal billand opartion

  5. kavya.

    I think nandini ko uske dad ke accident ka reason pata chal gya hoo…..

    But its just a random guess……
    Otherwise….awesome update…..
    Keep going….

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