Recap: Manik stop the car .
N: sir Kya hua ?
M: kuch nahi
N: sir u alright?
M: yeah
Manik continues driving.
N: so as I was saying, my dad…
M: Nandini , if u don’t mind pls could u talk something else ?
N: oh ok sir , well I’ll show u my dads photo.
Nandini shows his photo in her phone . Manik looks at it and recalls the incident. Just then a truck comes in opposite direction and Nandini alerts Manik . He turns the steering to the left . The car hits a tree.
They get out of the car .Manik asks Nandini if she is alright .Manik gets angry seeing his car’s condition
M: wth ! My car . All bcz of u and ur stupid talks .
Nandini also gets angry that she started talking forgetting he is her boss.
N: oh hello ! U r the one who started it . U asked me to so I did .
M: oh wow ! Nandini murthy for the first time in her lifetime has done what I asked her to and that too perfectly !
N: u asked me to change the topic so I showed u my dads photo .
M: oh ggod! So who other than u the great will distract someone when they are driving ?
Nandu turns her face to the other side . Manik tries calling cabir but there is no mobile range .
N: Manik , now what will v do ?
M: excuse me , what did u call me ?
N: u only said outside office I shouldn’t call u sir .
M: but that doesn’t mean u call me whenever u feel like whatever u feel like.
N: now how will v reach soha’s farmhouse?
M: I’ll carry u till there , happy ? Stupid
N: pls do something .
M: what should I do ? Check for someone.
They walk and walk a lot and finally finds a house. It’s an abandoned house. It’s dusty and very old looking one .
N: eww ! Are v gonna stay here tonight ?
M: no of course . Ill build a bungalow here for u .
N: I can’t come inside .
M: if u want come or else stay here only . Idc .
Manik goes inside . Nandini gets scared and goes behind him .
N: it’s so dark here .
M: I think there might be ghosts here .
N: what ? Ghost ? R u serious ?
Manik uses his mobile light . They find a place to sit . Suddenly Nandini screams .
M: Kya hua ? I simply said there is ghost , nothing like that .
Nandini stands behind Manik . She keeps circling around Manik . He also gets up.
M: Areyy Kya hua ?
N: Manik look mouse .
M: what ! Like seriously for that ? Ggodddddd!
N: Manik ask it to go away pls . Eww it’s coming . Manik pls I’m scared .
M: oh hello ,it’s not my pet . So even if I ask it to go away it won’t go .
N: Manik plssssss, it’s coming near me .
It’s comes near her and she hugs Manik . Manik is taken aback by this . Even she realiz and breaks the hug .
Manik scares the mouse and it gets away . They sit down .
Manik starts laughing
N: what’s so funny ?
M: like seiuosly . Nandini murthy ek chuhe se dar gayi?
N: everyone is scared of something or the other. Even u must b . And the day I find it out I’ll show u .
M: listen I’m not scared of Anything.
N: Manik now they must be waiting for us right ?
M: hmm . Wow very nice
N: what very nice ?
M: battery is gonna die in about another 20 mins . Where is your mobile ?
N: it fell from my hand and broke .
M: awesome .
N: I’m getting scared .
M: talk something . But pls not ur family history .
N: ok then I’ll ask something about u. but will u answer ?
M: ok ask
N: why do u hate nyonika ma’am so much ?
Manik gets angry hearing nyonika .
M: how do u know that ?
N: I came to know so tell me .
M: it’s a secret . Why should I tell u .
N: see Ik why but I just asked to check whether its correct . So even if u don’t say also Idc . ( she lies)
M: then tell me what uk
N: like she is self-obsessed
M: yeah true
N: see I told u .
M: not only that . There r many more .
N: why is it so u love ur dad so much ?
M: bcz he’s the only one who cared for me since my childhood . He used to be away for business tours and those times I used to see men coming outside of That lady’s room every single day . She is so shameless . I don’t know how u would be feeling about it but what I saw 2 years back was really shocking . I saw harshad inside the room .
Nandini gets shocked hearing all these .
M: She always wants money that’s it. Idk how my dad would feel coming to know abt all these . I hate her .
N: so ur dad never knew about this ?
M: Nop .
Nandini sits beside Manik
N: tell me how u ppl became friends .
Manik talks and talks and then feels so etching leaning on his shoulder . It’s Nandini sleeping .
M: very nice . I was talking to myself all this while .
Cabir calls him .
C: where r u ? Nandini is also with u right ?
M: yaa she’s here . I’ll send u the location come here fast . My phones battery is going dead so fast ok ?
C: yeah sure .
Manik send the location . He also feels sleepy and he also sleeps with his head leaning to nandini’s .
Cabir comes there after abt 1/2 hr . He sees them and smiles seeing them .
He wakes up Manik and Nandini . They go to the farmhouse .

Soha and ALYA is getting ended about what happened to Manik and Nandini .
Manik Nandini and cabir comes .
So: Manik where were u ?
C: he was on honeymoon
They all look at him
C: Obvio he was stuck and I told u all right? Even Nandini was there .
Al: anyways Manik lets do what we came here for .
M: actually mood nahi hai . I’m very tired .
Al: what do u mean manik? We have to do this .
Ar: yes she’s right . Let’s just atleast start discussing abt it .
M: aryaman if u r interested then u can go do with her . I said right, I was stuck and m very tired now . Let’s do it after sometime .
C: yeah Manik is right . They both must be very tired . Nandini there is a room there u can go and rest if u want and Manik come with me .
Manik goes . ALYA feels bad . Aryaman consoles her .
Alya’s POV :
Manik is getting away from me Day by day. He just goes blind when Nandini is around . But Aryaman is a good guy . He understands me . What Manik can’t do he can do .
Manik goes and sits . He and cabir have a drink .
( Manik and cabir together . Aryaman with ALYA . Nandini in a room and Soha all alone in the hall .)
Just then harshad reaches there . He is about to enter when he hears Soha talking to herself .
So: Manik what’s happening with u ? Y can’t u just b with me ? Uk how hard I’m trying to bring u close with me . But that Nandini is doing all my plans .

Harshad hears this and smirks . He enters . Soha turns and sees him .
H: hey Soha !
So: hi
H: looks like Nandini is interrupting in ur love life
So: wo harshad , actually…
H: Ik u love Manik but not able to reach him cause of Nandini right ? Don’t worry I’ll help u get close to him .
So: what.? Seriously ?
H: yes . U can trust me on that .
So: but why will u help me ?
H: cuz Manik doesn’t like me . He thinks I’m bad . So I want to prove to him that I only wish for his goodness . I want u both pair up that’s it .
So: thank u soo much . So friends ?
H: friends

Just then Aryaman and Alya comes .
H: I’m sorry ALYA I’m late.
Al: no bhai , it’s ok . Infact u r very early .
H: is everything alright?
Ar: yes everything’s alright .

Manik and cabir comes just then and then Nandini also comes .
M: so guys if u r ready then let’s start .

They do the work . After all that …
C: so guys now let’s go it’s too late . Tomorrow we have a meeting so v have to be early .
M: yeah u r right.
C: alya and Nandini Manik I’ll drop u all.
Al: I’ll go with bhai .
C: oh ok . Then Chalo Manik and Nandini lets go .
They all go .
Manik looks at Nandini through the mirror . Cabir notices this .
C: Manik, what r looking at for so long ?
M: nothing . U just drive the car ok ?
C: ok ok .
They drop Nandini .
M: cabir , do u think Aryaman is a good guy ?
C: yeah . He’s a good guy. Y?
M: Simply . But when he is with Nandini idk why I don’t like it .
C: omg! U r jealous for the first time ?
M: no yaar nothing like that .
C: something something
M: nothing just drive properly .

They reach home

The next day in office .
Cabir and Manik talks .
C: Manik where are ? Why r u lost these days ? Oh yaa someone’s in love .
M: cabirrr just shut , nothing like that ok ?
C: oh ok ok . But yaar it’s pure love . I’ve been noticing from day 1 about u both . And besides u both make a perfect jodi.
M: listen cabir , Nandini must not be having this same feeling .
All these Nandini was hearing from outside . She gets happy and shy and she goes to her cabin .
Meanwhile harshad comes there and hears the rest .
M: Uk what cabir , I feel like a criminal .
C: for loving her ?
M: no . I think indirectly I caused Nandini’s dad’s accident
Cabir and harshad gets shocked .
C: Whatttt? R u serious .?
M: yes , yes that she was talking about it and I remembered
C: but how can u Manik ?
M: it’s actually like ….
I was driving with high speed that day as I was late for the meeting . Her dad was in the opposite direction and idk but he came into my lane and I stopped but then he was injured . Partially it’s my fault but it was his fault also . But the ppl started creating stories and spreaded to her family members. Now she hates that person who hit her dad and if she comes to know its me then , idk what will happen
C: chill yaar . U didn’t do it intentionally, just go and speak up and then she might forgive u .
M: no cabir . No and pls this should remain a secret between us .
C: yeah if u insist then fyn .
Harshad heard all these .
Harshads POV
Manik so u ur self brought up this problem . Now see how I play the game .
He smirks and leaves .

Nandini in her cabin . Nandini’s POV
Aiyappa , like seriously Manik said that ? Did he mean it ? I can’t believe it . I’m so confused . Even I have feelings for him but is it love ? Idk . Whom will I ask for help,?

Meanwhile they have a meeting and after the meeting .
Ar: Manik, ALYA, cabir , Nandini and harshad u all should come to our place today.
M: why what happened ?
Ar: theres a party tonight .
Alya: for ?
Ar: soha’s bd!!
Al: oh wow . Happy birthday Soha
Everyone wishes her and hugs her .

Precap : manik, cabir , Nandini , ALYA are in soha’s bd party . Manik drinks spiked drink and goes into a room . A girl is there in that room. He gets close to her . He is about to kiss her but she stops him

So who do u think is the girl ?
I’m sorry for late update that’s why I joined two parts and wrote as one . So if I’m unable to update tomorrow then I’ll be doing the same .

Thank you


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    Hmm……………. I think the girl is none other then Nandini. The update is nice. If possible update 2morrow too plz. Take care.

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