Recap: Nandini keeps her ears attached to the door . Manik opens the door . She gets shocked seeing him .

M: what r u doing here ?
N: sir , vo actually I came to inform u about the meeting.
M: the meeting at ten right ? I remember . Anything else ?
N: sir nothing .
M: then go continue ur work.
N: yes sir .
Manik goes inside and Nandini calls him again .
N: sir
M: ab Kya ?
N: sir u have an appointment with the Doctor .
M: but that’s on Thursdays right ? It’s Tuesday today .
N: but sir doctor will go on a leave so I arranged it for today .
M: fine . What time ?
N: sir abhi
M: abhi ?
N: yes sir at 9
M: but now it’s just 8:15
N: but sir there might be traffic on the way so it’s good if we go early right ?
M: ok fyn I’ll be back in 2 mins . Go ask the driver to get ready .
N: sir everything is arranged .
M: ok then wait .
He goes inside and tells Soha abt it . He goes . On the way Nandini drops some files by mistake .
N: sorry sir .
M: very nice . Now fast pls .
N:Yes sir .
She picks it up . Someone comes and picks up one file . It’s Aryaman . He helps her . They smile at each other . They both pick the same file . Manik notices this and doesn’t like it . He gets jealous.

Manik in an angry tone : Nandini , did u finish ? Can u come now ?
N: yes sir coming .
She thanks Aryaman and they both smile at each other . Manik again gets angry and just leaves . Nandini sees this and runs behind him as he already left .
They get in the car .

Manik’s POV
Oh god this Aryaman and Soha , both are headaches . Like seriously what do they want . And when Aryaman and Nandini were together… Wait why am I having a problem with it ? Why should I bother ? After all she’s my PA. oh god why such thinkings? Why am I thinks about her all day ? Why should I be concerned for her ? All I have to do is make her suffer . And yes I noticed she doesn’t like when Soha is with me . Sounds perfect . I should make her suffer for hiding the truth from me abt the presentation .

Nandini’s POV
Aiyappa ! Why is Manik getting angry again and again on me for no reason ? What problem does he have on me talking to anyone ? Is it some sort of jealousy ? No it might not be . But this Soha na , I’ll do something to her . Like seriously what’s her problem ? Wait what’s my problem btw ? He’s my boss . He’s Money Monster Manik , M cube for short. He made me suffer so much and now why should I bother about him ? Aiyappaaa, I’m getting so confused . Help Meee.

End of POV
They meet the doctor and goes back to office . After sometime , they go for the meeting .

In the conference room .
Kuber introduces Aryaman and Soha to the rest of the members present there . He says that the KHURRANAs and MALHOTRAs are going to do a new project together , so Soha, Aryaman and Manik , ALYA ,cabir should work together . All of them should put their maximum effort to make this project successful .

Manik’s POV
Oh god not again . Why is it that Soha just can’t stop being around me ? Anyways Nandini will be there so I can make her suffer also by this . But that Aryaman is also there , that’s the problem . Shit , what should I do now ?…

Nandini’s POV
Aiyappa ! Soha is going to make me a murderer. Idk what to do . Who’s help should I take ? Btw Aryaman is there so maybe his ? No no Soha is his sister . Maybe cabir , he’s the best friend who can help me get out of this problem . But what will I tell him ?

Soha’s POV
Thank god ! Ab Manik is all mine .

Alya’s POV
O shit ! This Soha is also coming ? But it’s ok anyways Aryaman is also there .
End of POV

Nyonika : and he’s there will be one more person who will work for this project .
I’m sure u all must be knowing him , the very efficient and talented young man – harshad .

Manik in a low tone : yaa ya . Very talented at making problems for fab5.
Cabir , ALYA and Nandini laughs .

Harshad comes In and looks at Manik .
Harshad’s POV
Now just wait and watch Mr. Manik Malhotra how I make ur life hell… ( harshad smirks)

Manik’s POV
Now one more problem along with the other two . Oh god save me pls.

End of POV

Kuber : so now the meeting is over, u all can carry on with ur work .

They all leave. Outside the conference room:
M: so guys where should v meet ?
A: ur guest house
C: yeah that’s fyn
So: actual guys , what abt u ppl coming to our farmhouse ? I mean u haven’t come to our place yet , so ya this is a perfect time for it . What say ?
Ar: I’ve no problem wherever it is
ALYA and cabir : yeah we in for it .
Manik : what abt u Nandini ?
N: sir I don’t have any problem wherever it is .
M: ok then done . At soha’s farmhouse today evening . And yes ALYA ask ur “bhai” to also come there but not along with us .

Just then harshad comes there .
H: yes of course I’ll come there, don’t worry abt that.
M: yeah bcz we need a joker there for some entertainment .

Others laugh .
H: we’ll see who becomes the joker .
M: yeah sure . Nandini come to my cabin .
ALYA as usual doesn’t like this but this time along with her even Soha doesn’t like it . Soha goes to manik’s cabin ALYA goes behind Soha to know what is she doing there . Aryaman tries to talk to ALYA but bcz she goes , Aryaman follows her . They all land up in manik’s cabin .
Manik was trying to ask nandini about Aryaman .
M: Nandini , what do u have to say about Aryaman ?
N: Aryaman ? Sir y r u asking that ?
M: then what should I ask ?
N: huh?
M: listen I just want to know how is he as a friend
N: but sir I just met him twice . That’s it . And according to that I think ….
Just then Soha comes in and interrupts .
So: Manik , can we talk pls ?
M: sorry I’m busy . Anyways we’ll meet today evening so then Pls let me do my work .
ALYA comes there .
So: Manik pls just 5 mins ? For me pls ?
Al: what do u mean by ‘ for me ‘? What’s so special about u .
So: I’m Mr. KHURRANA’s daughter .
M: oh god ! Why did u all Come here ?
Just then Aryaman comes in .
M: thank god gum agayi . Now pls bring her out .
Ar: sweetheart just Come here pls I want to tell something to both of u .

Soha looks at ALYA and goes out.
Ar: u have a call . It’s dad .
She talks to her dad .

ALYA also comes out and Aryaman talks with her .

It’s evening . Manik and Nandini goes together to the farmhouse . Cabir and ALYA goes together

(Manik and Nandini )
M: Nandini , so did u have any bfs b4 ?
N: sir why are u asking like that ?
M: no just like that .
N: sir why do ask these kind of questions ?
M: I thought u would feel bored so I just asked randomly . But if u can’t answer then leave it.
N: no sir it’s not like that . I didn’t have any .
M: hmm Gud .
N: sir can I ask u something ?
M: yeah
N: is ALYA maam ur gf ?
M: what? (laughing )
N: sir what happened ?
M: no like seriously , I asked to not let be bored and u r entertaining me by cracking jokes ?
N: sir I’m seriously asking
M: listen , Fab5 is my life . They are my besties . Nothing more than that . And yes ppl think ALYA is my gf cause she is more attached to me . Uk I was her first friend maybe bcz of that . Anyways I don’t tell anything about it cause she doesn’t have parents .
N: oh that’s sad . But as far as Ik , u r a really Gud friend .
M: really ?
N: yeah .
M: even u . Like idk why but I feel comfortable talking to u .
N: sir even I feel comfortable talking to u .
M: acha ? Then tell me about ur family .
N: sir my dad is a government employee and my mom a house wife .
M: oh so how’s everyone there ?
N: actually not Gud . 2weeks ago my dad met with an accident in pune . He was coming back home in his scooter when a car came from opposite direction hit him and didn’t even stop . He is admitted in hospital.
M: when did this take place ?
N: June 6 I guess .

Hearing this Manik stopped the car suddenly .

Why do u think Manik stopped the car? What could be the reason ? To know more keep reading . No Precap it’s gonna be a suspense .

Pls comment . Hope u liked it . Thanks for reading

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