Soha again keeps her hand . Manik notices Nandini doesn’t like it . He understands the reason .
On the other hand
Alya comes back to manik’s room searching for him . She doesn’t find him and he thinks he must be with Nandini only . There is little water on the floor and ALYA slips . someone holds her . It’s Aryaman . She thanks him . He says it’s alright .
Ar: well what’s ur name ?
A: my name is ALYA SAXENA .
Ar: oh so how r u connected to the malhotras ?
A: I’m manik’s best friend. And I also work in the malhotras company .
Ar: oh
A: what’s ur name ?
Ar: Aryaman KHURRANA . I’m the malhotras business partner .
A: oh that’s great .
( they shake hands )
Suddenly someone places his hands on Aryaman’ s shoulder . It’s HARSHAD .
H: who are u ?
Ar: well m Aryaman , may I know who r u ?
A: Aryaman , yeh mera bhai hai
Ar: oh nice to meet u . ( forwards his hand )
H: yeah nice to meet u ( shakes hands)
A: btw bhai why did u come here ? Uk Manik will be angry seeing u. Then y . And who let u in ?
H: the malhotras themselves let me in .
A: bhai just leave now .
H: ALYA , I dint come here to just leave as soon as I come . Thoda Kaam hai . And then I’ll leave . So take care baby .
He goes .
Aryaman : what work does he have here ?
A: don’t know . I’ve to tell Manik about it . Bye
Ar: bye .

ALYA goes searching for Manik.

Meanwhile ( Manik, Soha and Nandini )
Manik moves away soha’s hand but not in Anger .
M: Soha , if u don’t mind , let’s go to the terrace and talk .
So: yeah sure .
Nandini doesn’t like this .
Manik holds soha’s hand and walks towards the terrace .
Nandini: sir .
M ( turns back): yeah ?
N: sir , wo… Actually I just wanted to ask if I can do the document tomorrow .
M: yeah fyn . Now just leave all these and go home .
And he goes with Soha .
Nandini thinks : wth ! I couldn’t stop them . Wait btw why am I stopping them?
She gets confused not knowing what to do . She goes to cabir .
N: cabir, just make sure you are there with Manik in the terrace
C: but why ?
N: cuz Manik is there looking worried .
C: oh, then I’ll call ALYA also and discuss the matter with Manik .
N: noooo . Not ALYA , only u .
C: but y only me ?
N: cause even Soha is…( she spilled out the truth)
C: Soha is …?
N: cuz even Soha is there.
C: Soha is there so what ?
N: u remember na ? In Singapore Manik didn’t like the way Soha was behaving with him . And he got irritated . So just make sure he’s alright .
C: but y u getting no worried for that ,Huh ?
N: bcz he is my boss . So ya …
C: Ohhh ok . Only that or something else also ?
N: wht something else ? Only that reason . Don’t misunderstand ok . I just said bcz…
C: acha fyn relax . I’ll go .
Just then he gets a call and says to Nandini it’s very urgent one I’ll go after sometime .
Nandini thinks : aiyappa do something pls. This Soha na she’s really annoying . But wait why am I so much concerned for him ?
She runs to the terrace . Manik is looking whether Nandini is going home .Soha gives Manik a spiked drink. Manik doesn’t know about it and is about to drink when Nandini reaches there and says sir . Manik keeps the glass on the table and goes to Nandini . Soha gets angry that her plan is going flop .
He asks her didn’t she give home till now.
N: actually sir I had to tell u that u have a meeting tomorrow at 10 am. I just came to know now
M: are u mad ? Like seriously , just to tell this u came here ? Couldn’t u message ?
Soha gives the glass to Manik .
N: sir I didn’t leave so I thought I’ll come and tell u .
M: ok fyn now go .
Nandini to thinks what to do now . She says sir and turns . And Manik also turns back and the glass falls down . Soha gets angry .
M: oh shit
N: I’m sorry sir .
M: just go now , I’ll ask the driver to drop u .
Nandini is thinking and going when ALYA comes there . She gets happy that atleast it’s ALYA so she wouldn’t let Soha get close to Manik .
ALYA tells Manik that harshad is here .
M: what the hell is HARSHAD doing here ?
A: idk Manik .
M: I’ll …
A: Manik pls just let him go this time. I just informed u . And ya he said ur parents let him in .
M: not my parents , it must’ve been nyonika only .
A: anyways just leave it Manik .
Manik gets frustrated and looks outside . He finds Nandini below . He looks at her and smiles . She turns and sees him . She also smiles back at him and leaves .
She reaches her home and gets thinking about Manik . She thinks why is he always in her thoughts .
She remembers what cabir said (N:In Singapore Manik didn’t like the way Soha was behaving with him . And he got irritated …C: but y u getting no worried for that ,Huh ? N: bcz he is my boss . C:Only that or something else also ? )
She blushes thinking about him . She thinks why is it so like this .
She tries to sleep .

Soha and Aryaman leave. Even ALYA , harshad and cabir leaves .Manik thinks how Nandini got jealous and thinks what does that mean ? He sleeps .

Next day in office

Manik comes to office followed by Nandini . He asks her to continue her yesterday’s work . She is going to her cabin when she finds Soha coming to manik’s cabin. She gets tensed as to what Soha will do with Manik this time . She goes to her cabin and opens her laptop to make the document but is not able to concentrate . She goes to manik’s cabin . She wants to know what is Soha doing inside . She is not able to hear anything . She is curios to know . She keeps her ears attached to the door . Manik opens the door . She gets shocked seeing him .

Precap: some files fall from nandini’s hands. Aryaman helps her pick it up . Manik sees it gets jealous .

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Credit to: Manan

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