It’s a lovely Monday morning 7a.m in Pune . A girl is praying to God .she then goes and hugs her dad and mom. Yes it’s nandini murthy. Her father got transfer to Pune . It was her first day in Space Academy.
Her mom sudha(s)said : have a nice day and make new friends there .
Nandini(n) : yes mom . Bye mom bye dad.
And saying that she left the home in her scooty .She reaches space academy .There she meets a girl Navya(nav)
Nav: hi ! Im Navya Naveli. You ?
N: hi I’m nandini murthy
Nav: you look new here
N: yes’m it’s my first day here . Idk which class to go .
Nav: come I’ll help u .
And they became friends .
The rest of the days goes good. 10 days pass by .
One day nandini was going to college . On the way her scooty breaks down . She gives it for repairing and walks towards her college which was near by . As she was walking , a speeding BMW was approaching her . It reached next to her when she realized. The car hit her and she fell down.
N: can’t u see and drive ?
No reply came nor someone came out .so she got up and went next to the car window and knocked …..the person lowered the window glass. It is Manik Malhotra .

How do u think Manik would have reacted ??

So guys pls comment how was it

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  1. As use well rude good going

  2. Great episode

  3. So short but good

  4. Manik would as usual first be mesmerised by her looks n then come into senses n act rude with her!!!! Haha did I guess it right??? Any ways really going nyc…….. Update soo!!!

  5. As usual…….an angry young man type…….
    Rude and arrogant……
    Good going dear…..
    Plz plz continue……

  6. Shit. Now I’m like y did I read it. I’d have read this one when you would have updated the next so I wouldn’t have to wait.. Nice meet of MaNan.. Haha lol.. Manik’s reaction is awaited! This guy!
    NavNi best frnz and navya is a frnd of fab 5.. Or only cabira?

    1. Navya Is the frnd of cabir only

  7. It’s good and a superb episode……?????
    I just loved it…….
    Waiting for manik reaction……….

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