Call of death-OS

Date : 24th April 2017, 10:30 p.m.
Location : Gadodia Mansion


Kavita: Hello?
Kavita: Helloooo?
Kavita: May I know who is this?
OS: Goodbye Kavita, you will be missed.
Kavita: Excuse me? Listen, I am tired and really not interested in such stupid pranks, don’t you dare *cut*, Hello? Hello?? Ugggh!!!


“Breaking news. Famous model Kavita Gadodia found dead in her mansion while her family was out attending a family function. Everyone is shocked and are wondering what must have lead the young model to take such a huge step…” Strange. How people conclude a death as a suicide just by looking at the crime scene. A suicide letter and a body hanging from the ceiling fan. That’s all you need to close a case by calling it suicide. I wonder how many cases have directly been closed without much investigation in this way. KAVITA GADODIA , a young, struggling model who had just taken her first step into the world of glamour and fame, found dead, which seems like a suicide, but whether it is really a suicide or a well planned murder, it’s up to me to find out. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Laksh Maheshwari. A cop who is now supposed to solve this high profile case. Actually if you look at me you wouldn’t believe that I am a cop. Too good looking you know 😉 . “Hi Laksh. If you are done thinking about how handsome you are and how unfortunate it is that you ended up being a cop, can we proceed to discuss about the case? ” This is my partner in crime, ooops ,partner in solving crime, Ragini. Beautiful, but too serious about her work. “If we aren’t serious about our work then no one would take us seriously Mr Maheshwari”. Damn! This lady knows mind reading! No wonder juniors are scared of her and seniors admire her. I smiled “Sure Rags, But I thought that this case would be closed like other suicide case, without much investigation” . “It’s Ragini. And do you really believe a young successful model like her would have any reason to give up her life? Especially when she has earned so much at such a young age?”. I must say, great mind think alike. Atleast I am not the only one who thinks this way. “Right. But we can proceed further only when we get the post mortem report. For now I have her call details. And I hope you visited the crime scene.” She nodded and went through the call details. “She got a call yesterday night at around 10:30 p.m. from an unknown number. The bad news is that the call was made from a PCO and unfortunately there is no CCTV camera in that area.” I could see the disappointment on her face after hearing this. “Her family consisted of her parents, Mr Shekhar Gadodia and Mrs Sharmishtha Gadodia, her younger sister Swara Gadodia and elder brother Karthik gadodia. Swara is going for a fashion designing course. But her brother is currently jobless. Surprisingly, he is a college drop out.” Her eyebrows raised. “Why though?” . I replied “No clue. Only he or his family could tell us. Other than these people she also had a messed up relationship with her boyfriend , Sanskar Bose. It seems they weren’t really a happy couple.” . “Hmm, I guess you should have a talk with her family members while I’ll have a talk with Sanskar.”


“He killed her. He murdered my poor sister. She wasn’t that weak.” Swara sat down crying while her brother tried to console her. Her parents were in a shock, so I thought of not talking to them for a while. “Well Karthik, maybe this is not related to the case but why exactly did you leave college?” . He gave a weird look and said “I wasn’t interested. So I left college”. Seems like a very stupid excuse to me to be honest. But I didn’t bug him much. “Why are you wasting your time here? Go arrest him before he escapes. He deserves nothing less than life imprisonment” again she said this. “Who exactly are you talking about Miss?”. “SANSKAR BOSE”


“A successful businessman and a famous model. Sounds like a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending to me. What happened then?” I said this and took a sip of my coffee. Don’t judge me. I need some refreshment to get back my energy too. “I fell for her sister Swara”. I almost spit my coffee and looked at him.”I am sure being a woman you must be thinking how perverted I am. That I am eyeing my girlfriends younger sister. But trust me. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I was attracted to Kavita but I never loved her. She insisted that we should be in a relationship, and we can break up if it is not working. But when she came to know about my feelings towards her sister, she became annoyed. She even fought with her sister. I am sure Swara hates me for this but I never thought Kavita would get obsessed with me.” I saw a message from Laksh on my mobile “Swara feels Sanskar is the culprit. Her parents say that Kavita had good relations with her brother but same can’t be said about her sister and Karthik left college because he wasn’t interested.” I giggled, what a stupid excuse to escape from studies. No wonder he is jobless. I could see Sanskar giving me a weird look. “Oh sorry. Actually I got to know that Kavita’s brother left college because he wasn’t interested and that kind of cracked me up.” “No Ragini, he didn’t leave college. He was expelled. We both studied in same college…”


“Nails were broken and nail polish was chipped off. A piece of cloth with a little blood was stuck in her finger ring. You were right. It’s a well planned murder.” Ragini flipped her hair “The house looked clean. It didn’t seem as if someone must have forcibly tried to enter. Which means the murderer was a known person whom Kavita allowed to enter. This seems to be the case of crime commited due to a love triangle. Either Swara or Sanskar murdered Kavita as they two are the only one’s with whom Kavita had bad relations.” I nodded at this possibility. The reports of the blood had arrived. I read them and was shocked while Ragini gave me a confused look “Or maybe not…”


“Why are you arresting my brother when your culprit is standing right in front of you?” Swara said this while pointing at Sanskar while he looked on hurt. I looked at Ragini and she pulled Swara away from Karthik “I guess you should ask you brother why he chose this way of taking revenge against Sanskar” . Sanskar stepped forward and looked at Karthik angrily “Misbehaving with a girl just because she refused to get ragged was a serious crime. Which is why I had to complain against you. I know you were thrown out of college and faced humiliation because of the step I took. But what was the need to murder your own sister for taking revenge on me? You could have taken my life. Why did you betray your own sister who loved you soo much” Swara looked at Sanskar with guilt. “Revenge on you wasn’t the only reason Sanskar. Kavita was the sole bread winner of this house. For my one mistake my family taunted me and always compared me with my younger sister. People laughed at the fact that I am dependent on my sister. I couldn’t tolerate this. I was jealous of her. So I thought, why not get rid of her, and put the blame on you, so that my revenge on both of you gets completed.” *Slap* He felt a a burning sensation on his cheek and looked at Sharmishtha with tears while she broke down. Shekhar was too ashamed of his son and he just stood in a corner silently. Police took him away and Swara sat down crying. Sanskar went to her “I am sorry Swara. But trust me I never wanted to hurt any of you. I am really sorry.” Swara hugged him and cried out loud.


I put my hand around her waist and pulled her closer while we were alone in the cabin. “What are you doing Laksh? You know I can complain against you for this misbehaviour right?” . I smiled and looked at her angry face “My dear sweetheart, if romancing with my wife is a crime then arrest me 😉 ” Ragini smiled and hugged me back. *Sigh* At least for some time I will get rest from my wife’s professional behaviour. 🙂


Hey guys, Sorry I won’t be able to upload the next part of my ff today as I was busy writing this OS. But I hope you liked it. Do comment 😀


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    os checked gr8 story but a minus point at last we cant get whose the lead couple n even this os revolve around a murder mistry
    creative thoughts best o luck
    result will be posted on my wall after 5

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