Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 1)

Hi guy’s this my first Ff.I don’t know why I got this mad idea.I can’t stop my self to posting it.pls bear me.I thought to write it in a one shot.but write short notes.No proof reading .pls forgive me for any mistake, my grammer, vocabulary are not good.This is not my real name.I have many friends here..will reveal later.plzz support me.

It was a well decorated mandap.lakshya and swara’s marriage ritual is going on there.bride and groom face is veiled.everyone gathered there is showering flowers to them.after completeing 7 phera’s, groom filled her maang with sindoor, neck is adorned with mangalsoothra.Panditji declared marriage is completed.suggest them to take blessing from elders.Then groom revealed his face.Seeing him everyone get shock.It was sanskar.
Annapoorna:” sanskar you..! What is this? where is laksh and..”
Durga prasad in a confused face. ” sanskar we are asking something to u? Answer me.wat the hell are doing here”.Everyone start to ask many questions. Finally he opened his mouth.
” yes I married swara bz…” He stopped there like something stuck on his throat. Again said in a firm voice.
“Bz I loved her”.

Swara who is seated on the floor, still in shock, suddenly get up and hold his shervani.
” what the hell are u talking..U loved me? r u gonna mad.pls stop this nonsense.I can’t believe wat happened here. You r my best friend na, u know everything and laksh..she stammered. ” why did u do this to me?” Start crying vigorously.But he is still in that state emotionless.
Shekhar hold his collar.” Sanskar where is laksh”. He didn’t answered.Everyone searching for laksh .They found him at door step.his face revealing his shock.seeing laksh swara run towards him.she hold his hand and in a pledging voice ” I don’t know why he did this to us.I didn’t cheated u, pls believe me.I will not going to accept this marriage, I don’t want this relationship”.she again weeping.laksh gaze fall on sanskar face.They looked each other.A tear formed sanskar left eye corner.Laksh lowered his head and said it in a shivering voice.

” Swara truth is that you got married ,now accept the fact that he is ur husband.He is ur friend na, trust him he may have any strong reason behind this deed.
Try to understand the situation”. Everyone got surprised on his words.
Laksh somehow managed and convinced everyone.told some reason about his missing, goes to the temple and struck in traffic. They r speechless on his weired behaviour.she didn’t hear anything.
Swara is dumbstruck now.screen freezes on her face.
On the coridoor sanskar collide with Ragini.He was about to say something. Her right palm give a mark on his left cheek.He become numb.” This is for snatching my sister love from her and this is for..” She again raised her hand and then stopped walk away from him.
Then a hand placed on his shoulder.He looked back it was Laksh.
” Do u want to slap me lucky”.
“Bhai” saying this Laksh hugged him tightly.

Precap: No precap

Credit to: Malar


  1. Harani

    wow Swasan marriage awesome Dr …ur name is so cute makes me remember malar miss from premam movie . hehe ..I am waiting impatiently to watch swasan love from hatred πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. panchi

    Interesting…. plz upload nxt ASAP…. waiting for it eagarly….n plz make it swasan nt ragSan. .. as sacrifice etc etc drama

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