Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Teaser)


Swara and Sanskar left from the Hospital. She dialed uttara’s number.She is bit nervous about their date ..curious to know what she planned for them.
“Uttara we are coming”

“Oky bhabhi..come soon and be ready for a dhamakka”.she cut the call and happily moved to the parking area.
Sanskar start his bike, she lightly put her hand on his shoulder and sat down.That was a cold night a cool breeze gently touched her face. She lift her face to the sky enjoying the rush of air that cooled her cheeks and blew her long hair away from her face. Riding on the bike is terrifying and exciting experience for her. It was not her first ride with him..but today it was different she is more passionate for this.After a while she leaned forward and hugged him tightly and pressings herself to him so that he could feel her heart beat ..wrapping her arms around his chest..resting her face on his back..and closed her eyes.He cocked his head slightly… looked through the side mirror and smiled.They wish this journey wouldn’t be end.
Suddenly he stopped his bike.

“What happened Sanskar”.He rolled his eyes and rubbed his head with one hand.
“I think no fuel”. she looked at her watch its shows 9 pm and they are far away from city..
“What we do now..shall we wait for any taxi or other vehicle”.
“No shona its not safe to stand here,come let’s go we will definitely find petrol pump.”.He took a empty bottle on his hand.
Then she noticed this place is unknown to her and there is no more vechicle on the road.He hold her hand they walked down on the road.
She is worried.. its like a never ending road…has no idea when they will reach the home and may they got tired after this long journey..its seems that her whole plan will going to be a big flop.
Suddenly a lightning flash on the sky.
A rain drop fall on her cheek…..

At MM:
Ragini cried vigoursly ran away from there and closed the door with a bang.

Hi guys this is a small teaser..Hope u like it…if I couldn’t able to post this is a small part….for u all

Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  1. Nice promo. Waiting for your ff ☺

  2. awesome…are you malayali malar…keep smiling

  3. is ragini love sanskar

  4. Hey what’s this and why ragini cried…. Did she got to know about swara

  5. Nice promo… u hav kindled my thoughts… nw im nt gonna sleep…. wts gonna happen??? Its raining?? Dhr rags crying??? Is ragini in lov with sanski r she is concerned for her sis?? R u sumthng has happend?? Becoz she met shikar??

    1. Hey sethu I too have same doubt as navi…

  6. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Nice promo.. really interesting.
    Waiting for the chapter

  7. I guess ragini will get to know abt truth…waiting for next epi….

    Nd where r everyone… I missing them badly….?????????????nd i am also angry???…..shikha di where r u????????ur xams over no then where r u…….joya di wat abt u??????….shraddha di aapkho abi bhi xams hai kya?????i am missing u ……nd niddhi ur bits xam over no then wat happened to u??????u know i created fb account also i told na i will create after my xams but abb toh tum hi gayab ho gayi……vini di bhi nahi hai????…..mai sabh ko bahut bahut bahut miss kar rahi hu…hamari masthi kho bhi…..yaha toh sirf mai ,vinitha,seetu di,aur anjali hai aur bakhi sabh gayab????????????????

    1. Hihi vaishu mera ek xm baki h 27??

      Suno na mene na abhi abhi di se baat kr rhi hu..facebook me…mne accnt v crte kr li yey??☺

      1. Vini di se???….mujeh bhi baath karni hai???…toh aapkho bhi account hai.tell me ur fb id i will send u request..

      2. My fb id vaishnavi medam…

  8. Oh.. u made rowdy rags to cry.. 🙁 🙁 I think she comes to know about swasan marriage truth… waiting for ur epi…!!

  9. Hi guys will upload on Saturday or Sunday..

  10. Hellooooooooooooo friends……..
    How r u???????
    Missing u allll…….
    Busy in exam preparation…………..

    1. Di aap aagayi???….pata hai hum sabh kitna miss kar rahe the aapkho aur shraddha di ko???…dono gayabh the….aap ka pata toh chal gaya par pata nahi yeh shraddha di kaha pe hai..
      Toh aapkho xams ka bhukhar chad gaya hai…tikh hai ,all d best ….aur kabh ak hai aapkho ye xams…missing u?…..aur aapkho fb account hai kya?

  11. Hey when will u upload next part?

  12. Hey sethu which sunday u gng to update…?

  13. Am sorry guys… Actually I wrote my epi…but I was confused regarding my plot about a new character… that’s y didn’t upload ..I will upload it today….dhara and nice, sneha…everyone..sorry

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