Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 9)


Ragini: “Where u now?”
Sanskar: “hosp…i mean in our room, in Laksh flat.”
Ragini: “oky come outside”
Sanskar: “oky kiddo”.
Ragini :”Then turn right and go straight”.
Sanskar: “what..Ragz right side is blocked by walls, Bz our flat is at end of the row”.
Ragini: “Then why u wasting time turn left na”.
Sanskar: “hmm oky yaar am reached the other end”
Ragini: “Good stay there”.
Sanskar: “What the hell..Rag r u here in Mumbai “.I rubbed my head with tension..oh god what will happen if she is there.
Ragini: “haha actually no..but have a plan to visit there.”
I said in my mind thank god she and her plan huf.He gasped.
Sanskar:”very good.For god sake plz stay there only , you already smashed whole kolkatha ,at least spare them ”
Ragini: “sanskar you na didnt miss any chance to bash me. ”
Sanskar: “By d way why u call me here”.
Ragini:Do you have any sense “Kabab mein haddi”Let them enjoy each other company..understand”.

Sanskar: “wow Ragz now a days u r showing some maturity”.
Ragini: “Sanky am not a kid, u r always pulling my legs .”
Sanskar: “Ragz how many times I told u don’t call me sanky”.
Ragini: “oho I forget it, di has only rights to call u by this name na.Then when will u came here for dance practice.”
Sanskar: “Dance ..that’s with way.Let me remind u something madam what happened in last time. Bz of u I slipped and fell down in pool everyone laugh at me.”
Ragini: “Hey that’s not my mistake , u made a wrong step in lyrics and fell down, by d way this time there is no chance of mistake,am in full preparation.”
Sanskar: “I know u very well, this time I already decided my partner”.
Sanskar:”Neha “.
Ragini: “You mean that Niharika, Your colleague “.
Sanskar: “yep,Don’t dare to do any prank with her, my two eyes r always ready to follow u”.
Ragini: “ohh really then I definitely do something”.
Sanskar :”oye..on engagement party what u did , u r going to mix salt in her kheer na.Thank god Laksh caught u in red hand.otherwise my nose will going to cut in front of them.”
Ragini:”Hey Mr. Maheshwari am not the one who make this plan , your best friend also involved .plz ask her about this”.
Sanskar: “What swara”.
Ragini:” ha your swara madam only..I just try to help her and that Niharika she is so chipkoo.Why she pull your cheek and what she said “cute” di is very angry at that time and you know Mr .Maheshwari I am the only one who can handle this situation”.
Sanskar:”oh god you spoiled my swara also”.
Ragini: “wow what a friendship great…Thaliyamm.You know very well about her how she is possessive about you and sometimes she is disturbed with our friendship also.

They continue their nok jok for sometime.when he disconnected the phone found someone calling on Laksh mobile.He think to go there but stopped in middle remember what Ragini said.
At the same time he heard her screaming from the room.He ran towards the room.she is in the floor resting her head on her knee, and is shivering , things where in the table shattered here and there.Laksh is standing there with a tensed face.
“What happened Lucky ” He didn’t answered. I bent down , looks like that she is scared.Her body is shaking and started breathing heavily.
“lucky plz call the doctor” I shouted.He rushed to the doctors cabin.
I hold her shoulder with my hands shake her.”shona”..but she didn’t respond. Again hide her face and tightened her grip on knees.Doctor and nurse came there, give her an injection.I held her in my arms and laid on bed.
“Doctor what happened to her”.
“May be panick attack,I think she scared, don’t worry she will be alright I give her an injection, when she awake she will be normal. “.After sometime Laksh told me that he is going to Mumbai.
Sanskar: “But u told me that, u will stay here”.
Laksh: “But have some urgent work, have to go early asp.”
Sanskar: “oky then bye”.

After 2 days doctor informed that she is fine now gave her discharge sheet for tomorrow.
Dr Raman:Sanskar I will give her medicine for 1 month.There is a chance of a panick attacks, tell her to perform some breathing exercises.Some tests are still pending, there result will give u after 1 week.and You no need to come here after that .I will refer another doctor in Kolkata , before going to home plz consult a psychiatrist here Dr. Yadav , don’t worry its a usual check up ,as she got scared before 2 days na and that’s all”
Sanskar: “Thank u doctor, thanks for the support”.
Dr.Raman:”No Sanskar its my duty”.He smiled at me we shake hands .when I walk towards the door.He stopped me again,stood from the seat came towards me and touched my shoulder.
“Really u r a true friend Sanskar, feel proud of u”. I simply smiled.
When I came back to the room she is standing near the window with her wet hair.
“Swara we can go tomorrow, doctor said that u r absolutely fine.Laksh and uncle will arrive tomorrow morning ,I informed them.”She start to sneez,water droplets are still in her hair. ”
Sanskar: “what is this swara, u still wet then it easy to caught cold.” he gave a towel to her.but she hold it on her hand and looked at me.
“San , this marriage it should nt happen, this is wrong , I try to make him understand but he is a stubborn don’t want to hear anything against his decision, at least postpone this marriage, I can’t face any one”.
Sanskar: “But why..?”.
Swara:”You know very well”.
Sanskar: “so”.
Swara:”So So So I can’t marry him”.she is angry and frustrated.
Sanskar:”Swara sit here”.He encircled his hand on her shoulder.
Sanskar: “Swara u r not the one in the world who is a victim of …There r many girls who is still fighting for their life to overcome this situation and there r many men who protect them from societies bad eye, willing to give them a new life.You know about the girl who is a victim of acid attack , her face is fully burned, still she didn’t give up and someone married to her who is only care about his inner beauty.Now she is a mother of a baby girl.Laksh is enough matured to take right decision in his life and u know him very well. At least try to respect him on his decision, trust him. Still u believe u r impure ,they may hurt ur body not ur soul, your mind and heart is pure shona, no one can mess with u if u believe in ur self.”
She placed her head on his shoulder
“Yes you r right but…
Sanskar: ” if u remove that ‘but’ from each sentence ,everything is possible “.
Sanskar: ” still but…shonaa”. she is sleeping peacefully in his shoulder.

Guy’s hope u r not getting bored..Thanku my friends u r each comments r very valuable for me..
Thank u meera. My dear friends navi and Rabi ,nive when will u going to upload ur next part ..dhara, shagun shan , sujata , sus,Harini,angel,darsh,prateeksha,needhi, divya, sreeja,bhargavi, kavya ,anu for ur continous support,Falguni,pari,aman,musku thanks for motivating me by ur comments.Anu thanks for reading all chapters in one stretch.jasmine ,Rosh,Nikhar ,Apurva,kanak ,bresh thanks a lot for liking my Ff. if i miss anyone thanku …also my silent readers thank u…Falguni read ur comments under vini fiction ..she is my fav writer and also ma friend, very close to ma heart, thanks for supporting everyone.

Credit to: Malar

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