Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 8)


When he passes through the corridor again met that old lady holding a baby boy on her hand. They r staying opposite of our room.whenever they met she and her baby give a smile at me and we had a friendly talk everytime. When he forwarded his hand, kid jumped into his hand.
Lady:”I think he likes you”.I kissed his cheek and said your grandson is so cute everyone can easily mingle with him.
Lady:”How is she?”.
Sanskar: “Now feels better”. She can see Swara through half opened door.
Lady:”Can I meet her?”

Sanskar: “off course aunty come”.we reached our room.Swara is standing near the window.Hearing kid giggle she looks back.seeing baby in my hand she surprised.
Sanskar: “This aunty is staying in our neighbouring room and he is her grandson Bobby” I said and pointing my forefinger to Swara
Sanskar:” Bobby say hello to this aunty”. Swara comes near to them smiled at aunty and forwarded her hand to the kid. At that very moment he jumped into her hand. Start clapping by shooking his head.She widened her eyes and rubbed her nose with him.kid smiled at her and touched her face with his tiny soft hands.He moved his hands here and there ,make some sound with excitement and grabbed her shoulder”maa mumma..”. He again called her as ” mumma mumma”.

Pointing his finger towards her.Sanskar and aunty quite surprised by his act.I noticed her face become pale by hearing this.Then suddenly found a new glow in in her face when that kid hugged her tightly by resting his head on her chest. It was a cute and beautiful scene.She is holding him by one hand and other hand is caressing his back.its like that her motherhood is awaken, found a deep smile on her face.That made me happy finally I found a smile on her face.
Seeing her bonding towards the kid aunty told swara.
Lady: ” Actually you looks like his mother, not exactly but she has long hair and round face.”
Swara:”where is his mother”.
Lady: “she is no more,after his birth she died”.we looked at her sad face.
Lady:”I always show seema’s photo to him. So that he could identity his mother. My son is admitted here for liver cirrhosis.What to do my fate.. after her death he is addicted to alcohol “.
Sanskar :”oh aunty then it difficult for u to take care of the kid na that too in hospital. There is no one with u.”

Lady:” ha sometimes my didi will help me and he is my only son.Actually we r from Kolkata, so my relatives are there in Kolkata.He is working here na so we r staying here.
Sanskar:”we r also from Kolkata “.
Lady:”oh that’s so nice. Are u bangali?”.
Sanskar: “am not but she is half bangali .Her mother is a bangali.”swara smiled at her.
Swara:”Apanara sathe paricita ha e khusi ha echi”.(pleased to meet u).By d way what’s ur name aunty and am Swara.”
Hearing bangali she is very happy.
Lady:”am Bidya Roy,oky beta its time to give him medicine abaar dekha hobe( will meet u again).
Saying this she take the kid from her.
After that Bobby is a regular visitor of our room.She is always bcy wid him and this made her happy , she slowly came to the normal state.

When Laksh reached there he found a new glow in her eyes and some changes in her behaviour.I told him everything.
Laksh:”oh that’s y she insist me to buy this toys and chocolates..oh that’s good.Swara u have to speak with sumi aunty and ragini.They r continously calling, and am execuse them everytime. “.
Sanskar: “yah you r right ,even my phone inbox is floded with her messages and calls”.
Swara hesitated to call .So Laksh dialed her number put into loudspeaker.
Ragini: “Hello jiju how many times I called u, why didn’t u pick the call and Sanskar his phone is always switched off, Where is my didi , u told me dat she is in business trip.But why didn’t she called me and maa?”.
Swara:”Ragu am here”.
Ragini: “di are u there with jiju.why didn’t u call me. It has been 2 week didn’t heared ur voice and mom is also very upset.Baba is came there to meet u na.When will u reach home. after 2 week ur shadi, do u forget that thing ? why u become silent di.”
Sanskar: “Hey Ragz chill.. give her a chance to speak na, u r like a nonstop radio”.
Ragini: “San you are also there, so u trio’s are together.what’s plan you making , smell some fishy umm mm”.
Sanskar:”Yes something very big, after all we r from groom side , hey na Lucky “.He winks at Laksh
Laksh: “Yes bhai..we will definitely blast “.
Ragini: “Oho planning But execution is important, kahi flop na have to tackle with me.hey am deviating from subject ,di when will u come, we have to do lots of shopping and dance practice for sangeet and all.Don’t say me that u will only reach home a day before marriage”
We looked at each other.winks swara to say something.I said it in my mind “this girl na again reached the same point what to do”.

Swara:”Ragu I will get leave after one week .you know about my bcy schedule”.
Ragini in sad voice ” This is too much di..katty katty..”
Sanskar: “no three much lol”.
Ragini:”we didn’t get enough time to enjoy with u before marriage.I had made many plans now everything gonna flop”.
Sanskar burst out in laugh.
Sanskar:”Lucky someone told me Execution is more important than I came to know about this dhamal ka execution”.
Ragini: “Arey..oye..will talk u later.Di miss u lot and love u”.
Swara:”love u too Ragu”
Ragini: “Di plz turn off speaker give phone to Sanskar”.
Swara:”Oky baba”.
Laksh smiled at me and winks u r gone.

Hi guys thank u so much for the support.. Every time got new readers..and my silent readers thank u once again.Your comments made my day actually am speechless [email protected] I will give u the summary of the story soon.
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  1. hey I lyk ur ff…by plz post it soon n regularly nd plzzz make it bit long…if possible

    1. Thanku so much for the support Dr…new name in my comment box..keep reading

  2. Hi,am new here,good story,keep it up. You’ve conveyed the story very well in my opinion 🙂

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  3. Plz tell me the link …actually I never read ur ff..but after reading todays I want to read it from begning…

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  4. Good morning dear Malar..
    oh god.. sanskar is ragini’s would be husband if i m not wrong..
    i can’t wait… pls update regularly ..
    n pls don’t separate swasan..

    1. Thanku not going to separate them.
      Sanskar and ragini has a different relationship.. they r not lovers

  5. plz don’t separate swasan,….

    1. No Dr they r married not going to separate them

  6. malar pls dnt seperate swasan…..pls pls pls….i dnt want sanky to love ragini pls pls…..

    1. Ys Dr..I don’t like their separation.

  7. Wow superb cool epi.. ur writing is different sethu… can u make it long.. and swara is changing little…. and eager to knw y lucky left swara?? And dhr sanski went for meeting wt happend at present???
    Nd hi hw ru??

    1. will be long.after the flash back we will go for the present..
      Am fine Dr..what about u..?
      On 10 th epi u will get the reason why he left her…don’t bash me after reading that twist..I don’t know whether u like it or not let see

      1. hey malar.. its ok we don’t bash u..
        n ty for not separating them.. 🙂

  8. NICE part malar nd no need of summary dear i read all the parts its fabulous plz update next soon nd plz dont make ragsan or like sans love ragini plz it is swasan na

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  9. Awesome
    Plz update nxt part asap

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  10. u really write well n its glad to see dat u kept a tinge of bengali though it shouid be ” apnader sathe porichito hoyay khushi hoechi.. ” ..keep writting… 🙂 🙂 do post the next epi soon…waiting for it.. 🙂

    1. Actually I don’t Bengali, but I want add some sentences in b/w got from Google. Are u a bangali?

      1. yes i am… 🙂

        i understand …i knew that from the way you wrote….. but ur idea was nice….aftr weneva bangalis interact they will speak in bengali… :p

    2. Oh that so I will get some information about Kolkata right..

      1. though m not frm kolkata …but yaa if its abt bengali translations or bengali culture….dan u will surely get dem.. 🙂

    3. Thanku pari

  11. Hey Malar !! I really like ur ff ..its so emotional N beautiful …feeling short of words to express…such a deep n heart touching story….
    U wunt believe i tried many times to comment here but always dropped the idea bcz dont have appropriate word 4 appreciation…all the best…

    1. Thank u musku..ur comment made my day..

  12. its really nice…

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  14. amazing u write so good
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