Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 7)


This is the 7th part of the story..
She looked at me.I don’t know what to do ,my mind is not working..we looked at each other her eyes conveying her pain to me that literally made me dumb.Nurse came at that time.
“Oh god she get conscious now, I will inform the doctor”.
Her hands are moving slightly that was held by my palms.Suddenly she grabbed my hands tightly and try to say something, meanwhile doctor came there and I left the room.
Laksh and uncle waiting outside the ICU, I told them she is back.He give some packets “Bhai look ur self u r tired and what u made urself plz change.I came in to the washroom, looked myself in mirror, He talk to his reflection. “What r u doing Sanskar, you r behaving like she has no existence in this world.How dare to think like dat .nothing happened to her, she is ur Swara, ur shona, did u get that,and plz go hell with your senti look and these stupid tears. Now its time to say good bye to them.”He sprinkled water on his face.
Police came there to take statements. But they didn’t get any clue.
Police :”Mr.Maheshwari we didn’t get any information about the culprit, Miss Swara does not remember their face and anything.From the reports she is injected a drug , thatz y she didn’t regain her conscious.Now a days most of the rapist used this drug for their prey.They also removed proofs against them.”
Laksh: “sir we also don’t want to go forward this case.sir try to close this asp.”
Sanskar :”Lucky what r u saying , u r going to leave that ba***rds easily”.
Laksh: “So what to do, if i go for a case and all nothing gonna happen, only media coverage and public insult.Could you tell me,on this type of cases who got justice.yah some of them got punishment, but after some time, these all go for appeal against case and lessen their punishment.and in our case is weak due to lack of evidence. ”
Sanskar: “but lucky”.
Laksh: “bhai after 3 week our marriage will going to happen,u know am a businesses man these media and news spoil our reputation, so its better to stay away from this.I think we have to concentrate Swara more other than this all”.
Shekhar: “Sanskar beta he is right, I think we have to leave these all one side.
I didn’t say anything Bz her fiancé and father has right in their opinion.
After 2 days she shifted to ward.Laksh left his office for his meetings and always connected with his phone.Me and shekhar uncle was with her.I try to bring her normal.But she was in the same condition , didn’t respond to anything, just simply sitting somewhere and starring to a point without blinking eyes.1 week left shekhar uncle has to go back home.Its hard to lie sumi aunty and ragini, they r continuously asking about Swara.But Laksh instruct him not to tell anything about them till their marriage.
My program director Niharika is calling.” Sanskar it has been one week u r missing and u didn’t give any explanation to ur absence.I know your friend is not well. But one week is enough for that, its only ur friend, not a family member”
Sanskar: “pls understand the situation neha my presence is required here.who told u she is not my family member.”
Niharika : “we also want ur presence here water is flowing above the head.if u didn’t report tomorrow , risk is in ur hand.”
Sanskar: “I don’t care go hell with your job”. He disconnected the call.she again called but he discard.
When he reached the room shekhar is ready for going back to kolkatha.Sanskar informed that he will stay with her.
She is standing near the window staring outside.For this one week she is Behaving like dat didn’t smiled and didn’t cried.He hold her shoulder “swara what is this, do u think any disaster happen here,look at me swara ,nothing happened to u, me and Laksh is with you na.After 2 week your marriage rituals is going to start. We have to do lots of preparations for that.And what about the bachelor’s party and theme ,you preferred beach theme na we will go for that..oky..”
And he showed his mobile to her. ” Look swara Laksh send some designer wear for functions, now we both select together for u “.
But all his efforts goes on vain to cheer up her.She is not moving from there, he remember what doctor said if she didn’t cry it will affect her mental condition badly.she has to cried out all that pain from mind.Don’t allow to suppress her pain, it will depress her.
He sat on the bed by holding his forehead with hands.He did many things but didn’t work anyone.
“No Sanskar you can’t give up so easily.she has to smash out her pain through her eyes.You have to do it”.
He looked at her called her name with deep voice
“Swara..”.she tightned her grip on the window.he saw some tiny droplets of water on her palm.yes its rolling down from her eyes silently.He try to turned her into his side but she didn’t turned
, finally he did..yah tears cameout like a waterfall.He hold her arms, she cried loudly by shooking head.Now she is loosing her grip and sliding down with her knees.but he held her waist before falling on floor.Now his chest is wetting with her tears and her weepings are mingling with his heart beats..

*******************************Hi guys I know its a short update.may be you will find it boring .am sorry I will upload next part soon. Actually am writing all know am not a good writer and handling this theme, that’s y its take time to implement my thoughts.
Thanks u so much really overwhelmed by ur comments didn’t expect this much response. You all cried on last epi Bz of my story.
After typing this episode is I found myself its boring..and again senti .after this flash back I could able to bring any pleasant moments b/w them.Please bear me..Thanku so much my silent readers.

Credit to: Malar

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  1. It’s amazing…..sanskar love care was nice……please don’t separate

    1. Thank u Dr…no I will going to separate them

  2. m speechless yar.. after reading dis epi.. his care… his pain.. d way u portrayed .. (y) .. w8ing eagerly for next epi..

  3. Its really heart touching part .

    1. Thank u Dr…keep reading.

  4. Superb. Update regularly yaar.

    1. I will try..pls keep reading..

  5. MAlar only one request plz give summary of this ff till now including this part ur plz beacuse of exam i miss it nd now also i dont have that mch time plz dear md sry fir troubling u

    1. No pblm yaar I will give u the summary.. After this flash back, I have to finish this asp…

  6. Good concept and emotional

    1. Thanku anu…for liking my story and concept

    1. Than u divya ..always found ur comments under my Ff…thank u for the continues support

  7. Don’t tell like that… Ur story is awesome.. And u r a good writer. Truely i havent .001% writing skill of urs.. Its a good stoy. I really like it. Plz uplode next ff sooon…

    1. Hi thank u yaar..u r also a writer.. Wow great..actually am very happy for ur encouragement..

  8. Wonderful story line…rape victims should be bold enough and face the situation as it is not their fault….amazing job… Please continue

    1. Yah u r rite Dr….keep reading

  9. Hi Malar
    Wow nice friendship b/w sanskar n swara..
    Pls countie the story.. I like the concept.. N ur a good writer.. So don’t underestimate ur skills..
    N don’t separate them..
    N reveal the reason y lakshay don’t marry her.. ??

    1. Thanku Dr for the encouragement and support..really overwhelmed by ur comments..It will reveal soon..

  10. Plz update asap
    Its a very beautiful story

  11. Really amazing
    plz continue writing
    such a emotional scene it was when swara was crying hugging sanskar
    plz update next part soon

  12. Sethooty, kunje Ni ezthillennu aara paranjathu,ninte ezhuthu chankil choral podikkunnundu,vaakkukalkku theevrathayundu athu njangalilekku artham choraathe ethunnumundu…enne emotional aakkiya fan fictions kuravaanu. .njan poornamayi, kshamayode fan fictions vayichittumilla…but ithu enne pidichu iruthi vayippikkuvanu..souhridam pranayathinu vazhimarunnathu…atho ullilurangiya pranayathe kaalam adayalapeduthaan thiranjedutha vazhiyil mullukal vithariyatho…ariyilla…pakkshe I became a fan of ur writings,Nicky,Joya,Meghs,Saba,Kashis ennivarude ezhuthu..have grabbed my admiration…but yours…I am loving it …n wholeheartedly ,I admit,ninte fan aayi kunje…

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