Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 4)


Hi guy’s this is malar..thank u so much for ur extrem support and encouragement.This is 4 th part of the story.
I don’t know whether u like this twist or not after reading this episode .plz don’t bash me.pls leave ur comments opinion about this episode. May be story upcoming chapters will depends on this incident .if you found it boring tell me .Thank u so much reader friends and my silent readers.


Sansakar look at them sadly.seeing him uttara cover the topic
uttara: “bhai swara is waiting for u in dinning table,come let’s go.”
She hold his hand and move towards the dinning area

Its a delightfull evening, where sun is shining in golden color and his garden and flowers are also brightening in that yellowish gold.she is sitting on a swinging bench simply staring on the flowers.Sanskar kept this garden in front of his house , it was a huge beautiful and well maintained garden , he spent most of his time here when ever he is in maheshwari mansion.Uttara took the responsibility of the plants on behalf of him.
She lean over the bench slowly.she remembered how Laksh proposed her here in the garden. It was on uttara’s birthday, less members are invited, me and my family are also included in the list.They are planned to celebrate here.After cake cutting Laksh seeks everyone’s attention.I was sitting simply on the chair and my right hand is encircled in ragini’s waist.while she is standing near to me.He looked at me bend down to his knees said it in one breath.”will u marry me swara gagodia”.I was boggled by his act, never expect this gonna happen now.But then I realised I was the only person in shock others r looks normally.I turned back to Sanskar he is smiling at me.Then something striking on my mind that’s why he is buttering on me to attend the party, very much interested to invite my family.
I was puzzled for sometime.Laksh Maheshwari the young businesses tycoon,First I met him in a business meet, though I know he is Sanskar’s younger brother.But he didn’t know about me bz ,whenever I came there he is bcy wid his business trip and all and he studied in abroad .so didn’t get a chance to mingle with him.On that business meet I have a presentation there ,he quite impressed by me and our company got that deal.Then we again met at Sanskar’s parents wedding anniversary.He is very surprised to know that am a well known person for his family.slowly we become good friends.our taste intrest and likes are somehow matches.we usually intrested to talks about business and technology.
“Swara I asked u something, u didn’t replied ,u can reject me, or take your own time for a decision, no pblm.I just want to propose u in front of everyone.and u r the first girl i ever proposed.This is my style ..Laksh style.”
I said “yes”.

Bz I didn’t find any reason to reject him.I believed he is perfect match for me and we got engaged.
Everything was perfect on my life,I have qualification, job, family, rich and handsome fiancée , in laws and all.I was in cloud nine, but all my dreams r shattered in that night.
1 month before, after our engagement I took 1 week leave for function but my mom insisted me to stay on one more day.But next day i got continuous call from office,I have to attend a client meeting on Raipuri, some how i reached near by town at 11.30 pm, there is an hour travel to reach the destination, my collogues are staying in a guest house and they arranged a cab for me.I know Sanskar is in the town for covering the beauty of that place for his magazine. Raipuri was a forest area blessed with different and rare species of plants and animals.I called him.He is in a sleeply voice.
“Swara you ..that in midnight what happened “.
Swara:” nothing happened on the way to to guest house, getting bored so I called u”. I called him bz I was alone in the cab and that too in a forest area some dreadfull thoughts r came on my mind.Now i curse myself for this stupidity. All my colleague’s advice me to reach on morning, they will handle the meeting, but i didn’t hear their words, Bz I want to lead this meeting and presentation.
Sanskar: ” you gonna mad, see the time Its 12 am, you r alone and that place is forest area ”
Swara:”Sanskar don’t worry I can track my route on Google map.and am sending my location to ur, Laksh, and one of my colegues phone through mobile app , so u all got the infirmation about where i am at oresent and also kept a mobile on this cab in order to track me if I lost my mobile or we got stuck , Last but not least if I press button on my phone call goes automatically on near by police station.”
I am a girl who explore all the chances of new technologies.I did everything in perfection that’s y am successfully in my career.
Sanskar: ” u r so intelligent ”
Swara:” that I know “.
Sanskar: ” But this time its risky next time don’t repeat it, any way leave that all.why this urgency to reach there?”.
Swara: ” I don’t want to lost this deal, this will decide who will be the next manager”.
Sanskar: “manger..?
Swara:” My designation will change, and this is the key to achieve my goal.I want to handle whole marketing department.yah i know everyone is jealous on my sudden growth.But these four year i made lots of hard work and efforts to reach this level.” she gasped.
Sanskar: “oky oky my shona baby..I know ur very professional, but why u r going to disturb my sleep , where is ur fiancée Laksh mahan.”
Swara:”ur brother kumbhakarnu , I called him thousand times, but he didn’t pick up my call hum”.
Sanskar: ” oh god u saved him ,but y me always ? ” .I said angrily in a teasing sound.
Swara:” sanky u r born only for me to bear my torture.”
Sanskar..hello ,are u there…? Hello ..?Oh god I think he slept.”
Sanskar:” No swara u continue..” in a sleepy voice.
Swara:”u idiot sleeping wen we r in talk”.
Sanskar:”No yaar am only concentrating on ur talk , for more concentration I closed my eyes.that’s it”
Swara:” achaa,..i..”

Suddenly something hits on our front glass.what was that ..its egg, egg is shattered all over the glass, driver wipe it , it spread all over the glass,got a blur vision , we can’t move.He immediately get down from the cab for cleaning ,wiped out eggs part from the glass.
“What happened swara” Sanskar on call.
Swara:” we stucked here..eggs thrown..” Before she could complete, someone hited on driver head, when he open the door after cleaning the glass.Before I could do anything someone grabbed me from the door.plastered my mouth, there r four people, could nt identify them ,their face covered with cloth.They injected a drug on me, that through me in half unconscious.These all happened in seconds.They dragged me to forest area, my eyes are tied with a cloth I can’t see anything.I can feel their hands r running all over my body, I want to stop them but my hands r not raising due that medicine.
I was in deep pain, hurting my body and soul..that wolves gives inflict wounds on me.I was in fire.. I can’t breath.. darkness in my eyes..
My dadi’s voice echoing in my ear..”shona beta dont fear chant this hunuman manthra ..humanji surely rescue from every bad situations and evil eye..
“Is it true dadi” ,
“ha beta ” dadi chanted that mantra’s on her ear..

Credit to: Malar

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  1. Oh god. Is it the reason y Lucky didn’t marry Swara? What swara’s fault in this?

    1. Lucky is not a bad guy.Sanskar already said that in prev epi, he stood behind swara in worst situations.But we can’t predict human mind wen they will change or not.May be there is any reason behind this.let’s see,

  2. nice…..dis s swasan ff only right???pls tell me dis….

    1. Ys swasan

  3. eagerly waithing for the next epi have tears in my eyes ………fell so sorry for swara poor girl is this the reason for laksh rejecting swara …….i agree with dhara what is the mistake of swara in this……………

    1. Thanks for the comments Dr..Lucky is not a bad guy..I just try to portray his character in a normal way not showing him as a mahan..and all.

  4. super sans loved her I think

    1. Thanks for the support..Maya, nice guess

  5. Yeah maya i too felt d same.. secret love may be.. becoz whn laksh proposed swara he ws d nly prsn surprised by his plan. Nd today ws nice malar.. waiting eagerly for nxt one..

    1. Hey navi me too feeling same… Sans married swara bcoz he loved her…

      1. Thank u so much for the comment…nive
        Am a follower of ur Ff, and also previous fiction was one of my fav..
        Really happy wid ur guess..

      2. Same pinch nive…

    2. Haha..thank u Dr for the support.. nice guess

  6. So sad past of swara..

    1. Thank u kittu and meghs…

  7. nice epi dr..

  8. When u r going to upload neat part dear

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