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Hi guy’s thank u so much for ur extreme support. I am really happy. This is my 3rd part of the story.sorry for the late update, am in a hectic work shedule and episode is short , I will try to make them long in upcoming episode.Thank u once again for ur comments.
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Sun rays are kissing on his cheek to wake him up , bz he is the one who always gave them morning wishes when they arrived here first.But now he don’t want to wake up from his deep sleep. His mind and body is exhausted now , only sleep can give some sort of relief. For everyone he is a pain killer but for him…?
But his sleep was disturbed by a knock on the door,someone continously knocking.He immediately get up from the couch by rubbing his eyes and looked at her once,She is still sleeping on the bed like these noises are not affecting, her right hand is placed over head.He placed his pillow and bedsheet on the bed and move towards the door.His mom and younger sister uttara on the door step.
Uttara:”Bhai , How many times I knocked …”. and paused when she turned her head on me and giggled.Mom give her a firm look and signal her to go.she didn’t give any eye contact with me, lowering her head to other side and start speaking.
Mom:Uttara called you 2 times,there is no response. thatz we both came here.Its already 8.30 na.I really worried about swara , is she fine..?
Sanskar: “She is alright maa, didn’t wake up yet. May be weak or exhausted due to marriage and all function.I will call her.”
Mom:”No need,Everybody had their breakfast, except you both.If it possible come downstairs “.
Sanskar:”Ha maa we will come there, just 20 min”.
Mom: “k no hurry,and make sure that you should be freshen before going to outside room.”
She walked away from there without look him.He said in mind “Maa u r that much angry on me, u don’t want to see my face”.
When he came back swara is waken ,seated on the bed and staring at him.Give a funny expression.He gave a what expression by widening his eyes.Now her forefinger is pointing towards my face.Then i turned to mirror I can see my cheek and neck become reddish due to her sindoor applied on forehead.and it spread over here and there on my neck.I look back and give an expression like didn’t do anything.She bursts out in laughter. I hit my head saying ” ooh shit that’s why maa..”.
“What maa also saw you in this”.
She again start laughing.
“Swara pls stop laughing”. i gave her fake angry look And ran towards the wash room.
He freshened and dressed up wearing blue T-shirt and black jeans.on checking mobile Laksh missed call and msg found.He opened the msg “Bhai am going to Mumbai, may be after 2 weeks will move to US for our new project.bye Tc”.He called back but his phone is not reachable. He again search a name from contact list, takeout Ragini’s number and called then at very sec he disconnected.

Swara reached hall wearing a red saree.she simply standing there. Someone tapped her shoulder, it was uttara give a morng wish with a cute smile.swara try to give a smile.she noticed
her forhead is empty,but mangalsoothra on neck.
Uttara: bhabhi i think u r more intrested to put sindoor on bhai’s cheek than fill ur own hairline.
her face become pale and got embarssed.
mom :”Uttara…” Annapoorna called her in a rage voice.
Annapoorna:”u have some work there in kitchen go”.
she comes to swara “how u beta, I really worried about u?..pls take ur breakfast,its already late”.
Swara:”am fine Maa no need to worry
Ap: “where is sanskar..?”
Swara:”He is in room will come”. And gave her a fake smile.Ap instruct servants to give the breakfast to them and move towards to uttara angirly.

Ap:”Uttara nowadays u become so ill mannered,is this way to talk ur bhabhi ?”
Uttara:”she is my sister in law and friend clode friend too ,so whats the pblm?”.
Mom:”you know very well how this marriage happened and all .This type of talks are not suitable for the current situation. my laksh is hurted,now away from home,
i dont knw he will be able to stay with us.and u r behaving like dat everything is normal here.”
Uttara: “so what should I do..shed tears for this?Actually am really happy for my bhai.He is married to his best friend and about Laksh bhai I don’t think so he is really worried about this. Bz everyone confused about his behaviour. by the way where he gone at marriage time.
Temple..? Oh come on maa when he got the habit of visiting temple.”
Annapoorna:”i dont knw anything, may be he has any reason behind his missing “.
Uttara: “Exactly this is what i want to say about Sanskar bhai”.
Annapoorna: ” But I can’t see my Laksh’s pain”.
Uttara: “ur Laksh.. this is the pblm maa ,u always care about laksh bhai.Can u say something why did u fixed Laksh bhai marriage with swara. though he is younger than sanskar bhai.
Annapoorna: “Bz Laksh want to marry swara and he likes her.Sanskar is not yet ready for a marriage”.
Uttara: “Did u ever ask what he want, is he likes swara or Not .She is his best friend na , very close to him.When he bring swara here for the first time, I felt like dat , he bought my bhabi .I know why u and Dad fix Laksh swara alliance, bz she is very smart and professional about her career and goal. she can lead our businesses with Laksh. My sanskar bhai is a photographer ,he choose his profession as his wish.Dad is not happy about him with this decision.”
Annapoorna:”Enough uttara, he is my son more than your bhai.I didn’t make any difference b/w my sons and u 3 are equally important to me.How could u say like dat uttara. yah I didn’t ask him about swara, Bz Laksh already proposed her and they start to like each other.Ys we r not happy about his profession and all that doesn’t mean that we r not care about him.we selectd many matches for him and do u forget about ragini..?
Uttara is about say something and she saw sanskar on the stairs.Both look at him.He is standing there with a worried face.
Guys I know u all r waiting for swara’s past revelation. i have to show Some information about his family and their attitude is required .I will reveal it in coming episode.. Pls be patient

Credit to: Malar

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