Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 26)

When the door opened, seeing the person who near the door step. Swara jumped in happiness.
“Bidya aunty” engulfed in a bone crushing hug.She sense someone is pulling her duptta , little one is seeking her attention .She looked down.He is staring at her with those big eyes his thumb is dipped in mouth.”Bobby”
Swara grabbed him from the floor kissed him all over the face.she felt a rush of happiness when saw him after 6 months.But he frawned by her sudden act start to cry.
jumped into bidya aunty hand.His little eyes filled with tears and made a pout face.Sanskar give him a chocolate, first he hesitated and look back to aunty, when aunty smiled winked at him, he immediately accepted.Bobby melted in those chocolates and his eyes filled with mirth,but he keep a distance with swara.She little bit sad about this bobby could not recognised her.When Sanskar and bobby bcy in making living area a playground.Aunty and swara shared some friendly moments.
“Shoru beta.. ,”It’s a surprise visit , you and Sanskar didn’t forget me..that make me very happy”.
” Going good aunty , am very happy,how could we forget you both”.

Aunty looking tired her pale face revealing she is bothered about something.
“Aunty don’t you take your medicine properly”
“After my son death our life is like this and for Bobby god extend my life.Wait a minute I will prepare coffee for u “.
“No aunty I will make it, you sit here”.
They went to kitchen and spend some time there taking about random things.
At that time sanskar came with bobby who is almost attached with him.swara forward her hand to him but he denied hugged back sanskar shoulder tightly.This time she really felt bad .
“sanskar and swara you guys are here for the first time na go ,hoogly river is near”
They came outside with bobby.Her face became dull.
“Swara you are more childish than bobby”
“Why he forget me”.
“He became scared due to your sudden attack”.
“You can’t imagine , how am happy seeing him”
“You showed your happiness but he is a kid na they are sensitive,(looking at kid)see bobby who is this aunty”.
“I dono”.He narrowed his eyes
“This aunty want to make friendship with you”.
“Friend no”. He is one and half year old so can speak some words and sentence.

They reached at the river side.some of fishermen’s are engaged fishing.There is bangali folk song is playing on their lips.
Swara feel jealous when bobby give a peck on his cheek.She is very upset motherly feeling increased her and its quite natural for a married women at this age.she engrossed in thoughts far away from them.Suddenly she felt a small feathery touch on her left cheek.Before she could react her little one hide behind Sanskar knees and give her naughty glare.Her lips made curvy smile.Slowly they became close to each other.They sat on the sand .Anyone can say they are picture perfect family.
At evening when they reached home..he sees something different as home is decorated and new cushions curtains are arranged.
“Mom today anything special why this decorations. What you want to say in morning”.He enter Dad room with a knock.Durga prasad is wearing a silver chain watch on wrist title his head and sign annapoorna to something.
“Sanky you know about singhania group of companies”.
“Yes mom they are diamond merchants…chain of shopes for diamond platinum collection.”
“They have only one Son Vivan singhania…”

One of our business party Mr and Mrs Singhania liked our uttara for thier son”. Sanskar give a shocked expression to her which he didn’t expect this.
“What’s her opinion”.
“Actually at first we didn’t tell about this proposal, but vivan met her and yesterday when I asked she has no objection “.
He didn’t said anything.
” family will arrive here for a formal visit to meet us.. You know Laksh is not here and they immediately called us to visit today”.
She pressed his shoulder.
“I know what’s going on you….one day she has to go…”.
He sighed
“I know mom my doll is grown up”.. He said in a choked voice.
“Sanskar this time hope you have no pblm with this alliance.. Its her age to marry” Durgaprasad said in a strict tone.He is the world best brother who broke her own sister marriage 2 times because he don’t want to get separate from her soon. one of the alliance was came from Durga’s cousin , so they were very much angry on them.Both brother and sister are equal partners in crime.

He moved to uttara’s room.The door was half opened chachi and swara is bcy in making her to wear ornaments .His eyes became moist.He still remember the day when he get knew about mom pregnancy… How she faint on his birthday party and gave a happy news that he soon get a sister or brother.First he was afraid bz already fed up with lucky torture… Being younger brother he always took advantage.But then he realised will get someone to tie rakhi on his hand on rakshabandan…from that day itself he prayed for a sister…on a winter night a nurse came with an angle on her hand and whispered his ear that she is his sister.He looked at her amusement.. She was like a doll with big eyes and long nose. At that time Laksh was sleeping on dads lap only he saw her little sis first..he interwin her small finger with his …From the day itself she didn’t leave his hand…in every thick and thin time she is with him always.
Chachi voice brought him into present.He stepped into her room .His sister is in a royal blue saree for the first time.He can see her eyes also getting wet.They looked into each other
“Saree is beautiful”. He said touching her pallu pleets.She made pout face.
“Bhai only saree not me”.He gives an attitude look.
“Yah if saree is beautiful, then the person who is wearing also good na
But no need of this braid.”He pulled her fishtale braid .
“Sanskar what you doing, its difficult to handle long thick hair and took one hour to make this hair style”.But he didn’t pay any attention to them and lossened her hair , brushed it neatly.Both sujatha slapped her head helplessly.
“Something is missing chachi”,sujatha look around
“everything is perfect…Sanskar ”
“Yes I should put kala teeka ” she took kajal from her eye corner marked a dark spot on her face.
“Yes kajal chachi”,
“Oho sanskar she don’t like to apply kajal”,
“That’s why am going to apply this on her eyes”. He took kajal on hand.swara give an impossible look.
“San r u going mad, she is perfect don’t spoil it adding ur skill”.
“Bhai no” uttara took a baby step.
“No angle you should”.

But she ran away from there ,before he could catch her and sanskar on her back.swara and sujatha is baffled with this bro and sis madness.
Uttara is in saree she is difficult to run and going to stumble down some one hold her.
“Vivan” she whispered.
He straighten her.Annapoorna shooked her head.
“Oho sanskar and uttara again know vivan when she born he adrant apply kajal on her eyes…every time its end up with her loud cry.After his makeup session she will looks like a little devil..but my son is stubborn. When uttara grownup she herself afraid seeing her reflection on mirror.when she got long hair he is behind her hair and everyday he used braid her hair.
They laughed at sis bro bonding.
.Elders are decided to arrange thilak rasam to next week.
While uttara and vivan bcy in their own world.
“You really don’t like to apply kajal uttara”.
“Its not like that bhai everytime spoiled my eye makeup so i can’t go anywhere with this na..but i knw he did it with lots of myself I don’t like to do any eye makeup bz he has the only right.He just doing this only for teasing me .You knw even he is doing my hair cut,he didn’t allow anyone to touch my hair.”
“My bhai is like that”.
“I can see that , I think I should learn how to cut long hairs..anyone can possessive about your hair.keep it like this.” she blushed
Two pair of eyes admiring them from distance.sanskar wiped his alone tears from his eye corner.swara pressed his shoulder.
“They are perfect to each other no”.
“Mmm”He gasped.
“I don’t know about your this side San….you r behaving like she will leave this house today itself”.
“When ragini turns comes, you will get know swara”.
She looked at her husband who is staring at the wall , but in deep thoughts. She leaned into his shoulder and took his palm into her both hands.

Thilak aarrangements are going well on Maheswari Mansion.All women kids are in the hall having tea with their usual non jhok. Swara is arranging cupboard in their room.
Door bell ranged and girl in shorts and sleeveless top came into the hall with her trolly bag.
Everyone looked at her surprisingly..
uttara jumped from sofa shouting her name
“Sam…you r here”.
Girl bend took blessing from AP.
She hugged her.
“Sam beta you came alone..after many years”.
“Aunty how could I miss uttara thilak ceremony”.She poked her nose
Sujatha nudge AP elbow..
“Who’s this girl jiji..?”.
“Your bhai’saa best friend daughter from USA.Laksh completed his graduation there only na”.
“Oh i remember..the girl every time comes on TV..”
“Not TV suju its video call she visited here few years back”.
“Then jiji where is Laksh”.
Ap overwhelmed by his voice
“Mom Finally lucky boy is landed in Kolkata”. Sanskar yelled while carrying one of his bag.
Laksh engulfed her in a bone crushing hug….

Laksh swara faceoff….

Guys angry on me???….I am escaping from those draggers….tata…
After posting this boring epi… How could I face you all….
Chanu…today got time to post…all the best to your exammm…dhara finally posted…nive…read LBA…haha omg I cant hold my laugh.. Everyone will think I bcom mad…pillow and teddy convo semma….my silent readers everyone… Thank you.. love you..
Happy new year….
Feeling sleepy yaar…good morning..

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  1. Yuppie. You’re are back. M so happy to see you again. Till now I have not read the chappy. I couldn’t control my excitement after seeing this ff.
    I now it will be amazing as always.
    Will tell you after reading.

    1. Sethooty

      Hi anamika happy to see u…thank you for the support from years…haha

  2. Hadi

    Post without gap

    1. Sethooty

      Will do dr

  3. Awesome. Loved San-uttara’s bonding. Is sam a bone to swasan’s love story?

  4. why why so late, actually I thought you would leave this story in the middle…. 🙂
    And I gave up the hope of ever reading it till the end, but this year is full of jolly surprises 🙂
    Though short, it was lovely and nicely written, hope to see more emotional parts and eagerly waiting for the face off between laksh and swara, because someone has a lot of explaining to do…
    I wonder what happened with the private investigation of swara her case, or did I perhaps missed any previous chappies….
    keep writing and take care 🙂

    1. Sethooty

      Rosh..even I missed are one of the reader from start..thank you for the support… Yes someone has to explain his POV….let see

    1. Sethooty

      Thank u dr

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  6. awww
    u post ur epi sethu dr!! 😮
    im soo hpy!
    2dy epi ws jst awsome! lv it 2 da core! swaras cute childishe nature is soo sweet!
    bt my fav part is sanuth part! awww so lvly! its rly heart touching! lv dis bro soo much! :-*
    thank u soo much 4 ur wishes dr!
    ill nt be able 2 read further! bt when i cm back in augest ll surly read whole epis!
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Sethooty

      Chanu…am happy u read it before leaving to exsmz preparations…. Bz as I promised I couldn’t upload the epi on.Monday…

      1. Chanu

        hee hee
        hw cn i leave without reading dis epi.. ws waiting 4 it 4m ages na…
        i dnt read nw .. bt visit here and msgng 2 all.
        mad me cdnt stay witout u guys..
        oh 4gt 2 tell.. ur 4to is sooooo beautifull… lv it.. is dat u???

  7. Kaur Daljeet

    Amazing…….. Waiting for next

    1. Sethooty

      Thank u dr

  8. Dhara

    It’s not at all boring :). Awesome. Loved Bobby’ bond with SwaSan. Loved Sansakr’s affection for Uttara. Will wait for SwaLak face off. Fingers crossed.

    1. Sethooty

      Thank you dhara… Yah swalak face off..from first epi itself everyone asking Laksh entry after marriage..let see what happens

  9. Simi

    Update next part soon

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      Thank you simi

  10. Tamil

    Superb update soon

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      Thank you tamil

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      Thank you dear….

  12. Abirsha

    Aww its amazing sethooty….. Loved it pls post next epi soon dr…..cant wait long…..and eagerly waiting for swalak face off….

    1. Sethooty

      Thank you shan…am very glad to knw that you like it

  13. Vyshu10

    superb…r u gonna disappear again?

    1. Sethooty

      Thank you Dr….haha friends going do some black. Magic on me….so not plan to disappear again…. In fact
      I try to give another surprise to you all…bringing someone who already disappeared from tu and its one of my fav fiction
      Keep reading vyshu u always remind my vaishu’s name…

      1. Abirsha

        Is it vini???

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  14. Arshaanya

    Loved it…

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      Thanku u so much ash…(arshaanya)

  15. Scooby

    Sethooooooooo really this time im gonna do black magic on u… arghhhhhh… with wat i cn beat u??? This was awesome chapie… bobby and swasan wr suprb coming to sis abd bro bonding tremendous.. sanskar cry omg… such a loving bro….
    sethu atleast once a week post a chapie… hw ru?? Take cre…


      “abraka dabra.. om hrim shrim klim…” see navi I already started? vandhu en kuda join pannu… last time sambrani poga(smoke) pathala pola..this time konjam heavy eh pannalam.. ?

      1. Scooby

        Nive bongu u told all the spells…
        @sethu for u… im casting spell on u…

        Slug-Vomiting !!
        Confundo !!!!!!!
        three spells…
        Come soon sethu :p

      2. Sethooty

        Enna enga magic he he..navi nive I think its working….

      3. Sethooty

        Navi I will post next epi this week… No more delay…. After all you to guys are doing black magic….so I should write na….
        Navi these three spells haha what was that…

  16. It was not at all boring…. n ya very excited for next episode

    1. Sethooty

      Thank you dr

  17. It was not at all boring…. n ya very excited for next episode

  18. Dharani

    finally u posted after many days it is awesome eagerly waiting for the next episode that is swalak faceoff

    1. Sethooty

      Thanks keep reading…

  19. Nice….

  20. awesome .plzz try post next one soon

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      Thank you sneha….

  21. Anjali30

    Sethooo diii… I don’t believe it.. Is it really you? 😮 😮
    I’m so glad you posted.. .Haven’t read it yet but am sure it’s gonna be <3 <3


    1. Sethooty

      Anju haha..I saw you in wattpad and am following you..started reading Mr Maheswari and I…

    1. Sethooty

      Thank u dr


    omg sethu swalak face off I’m afraid.. he knws abt swara’s health condition and already you are arising motherly feeling to her.. if suppose she cmes to knw abt truth… nooo…
    this epi was asusual superb but short… lovely bond of bro-sis… Bobby was so cute, swara is jealous with sanskar and Bobby closeness, he he he… I imagined all thr act aww… ?? post nxt one soon.. wat abt Ragnik…?

    1. Sethooty

      I will post on this week
      About RagNik…dono…may this week or next week

  23. its not at all boring
    this brother sister bonding between sanskar and uttara made me so happy and even brought tears in my eyes(even i have a brother)
    waiting for swalak faceoff

    sorry for this sooo late comment

    u might remember me as myna
    i am now registered

    1. Sethooty

      Yes myna I know you…I think u r a south Indian .Thanks for comments and take care keep smiling

      1. i’m not a south indian but i love Karnataka and Goa

  24. Ishanvi

    OMG…???…Am I dreaming…???…I have read the 26th part of Bz I loved her…Sanskar’s love story…Seriously, I am shocked as well as happy at the same moment…??….
    I forgot to introduce myself…I am Ishanvi…I was the silent reader of your fanfiction and, after reading today’s episode, can’t stop myself to comment… Seriously, I adore your ff so much…

    Today’s episode was just superb…I l9cef Santtra’s bond soooooo much…You nailed it Di…It was amazing…Superb……Well waiting for next part eagerly….I hope you will post soon..??

    Keep writing and entertaining us like this…?….
    Keep Smiling….?…
    Take care…?….

    1. Sethooty

      Thank you ishanvi…your comment made my day…I will post soon ..take care

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    waaaaaa……. i want a big it soo very much

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      Seeing your name in comment box brought a curve on my lips….
      Haha you want big bro? Is there any chance of getting young brother? Just kidding I wished many times for a big brother.. But wat to do am the eldest one in my whole family…

  26. Joya(Sheetal)


    I have no words dear…… Bobby and swara’s relation…..Bobby’s behavior, swara SE dur rehnetak uske kareeb Jane tak……Mind blowing……. Sanskar and uttar’s bonding……….???????

    Tilak ceremony ????? Kuch yaad AA raha hai?

    Beautiful epi my dear……..????????????

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