Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 23)

Swara and Sanskar left from the Hospital. She dialed uttara’s number.She is bit nervous about their date ..curious to know what she planned for them.
“Uttara we are coming”
“Oky bhabhi..come soon and be ready for a dhamakka”.she cut the call and happily moved to the parking area.
Sanskar start his bike, she lightly put her hand on his shoulder and sat down.That was a cold night a cool breeze gently touched her face. She lift her face to the sky enjoying the rush of air that cooled her cheeks and blew her long hair away from her face. Riding on the bike is terrifying and exciting experience for her. It was not her first ride with him..but today it was different she is more passionate for this.After a while she leaned forward and hugged him tightly and pressings herself to him so that he could feel her heart beat ..wrapping her arms around his chest..resting her face on his back..and closed her eyes.He cocked his head slightly… looked through the side mirror and smiled.They wish this journey wouldn’t be end.
Suddenly he stopped his bike.
“What happened Sanskar”.He rolled his eyes and rubbed his head with one hand.
“I think no fuel”. she looked at her watch its shows 9 pm and they are far away from city..
“What we do now..shall we wait for any taxi or other vehicle”.
“No shona its not safe to stand here,come let’s go we will definitely find petrol pump.”.He took a empty bottle on his hand.
Then she noticed this place is unknown to her and there is no more vechicle on the road.He hold her hand they walked down on the road.
She is worried.. its like a never ending road…has no idea when they will reach the home and may they got tired after this long journey..its seems that her whole plan will going to be a big flop.
He noticed her worried face.
“What happened shona let’s enjoy this moment”
.she think he is right at least we got time to spend together.
“Are u hungry”.
She noded in no.
“Oh then I have to eat this chocolate alone”.
He took a dairy milk silk from his pocket start to eat
“What ..” She gulped.try to snatch it from his hand.
“San give me am too hungry”.
“Na”. he start running.
She stunned by his behaviour. She too start to chase him.after some time she stopped and breathing heavily.
“San am tired”.
She sat on the road.
“I have no that much stamina”
.He looked back give her chocolate.She hurriedly grabbed it from his hand start to eat.
“Look shona we covered this much distance how’s that”.
“What u intensionlly did mean”.she try to stand up from there to beat him.but she tired and sit there.
“I can’t walk”.
“Don’t expect me to pick u from here”.
Suddenly lightning flash on the sky.
“Oh god I think its going to be raining..shona get up”.
He pulled her hand make her to stand.
Swara:”Wow awsome..yepee”.
Sanskar:”Oh no don’t want raining we will stuck here “.
“But I wanna rainfall..khanaji it’s the first rain in Kolkata.. I want to feel this moment with him (‘with him’said in mind)”..plz plz…?
But her bad luck clouds are disappear and lightning also.
They again moved.she make a pout face. Sanskar start to laugh.
Sanskar:”See Bz of ur prayer clouds escaped lol ???.what was that khanaji khanaji..dramae baze”.
Suddenly she felt something fall on her cheek.She smiled, wiping the drop away with her sleeve.Rain drop falling from the harsh sky .
The rain pelted her skin and making tanner and smoother and she shuttered, using her hands to cover her face.He is watching her with a slight smile.
She start to jump , give an attitude look to him ,pointing her finger towards the sky…
She is mad and childish sometimes.He ran his fingers through his wet air and look into the sky.

kisi roz baarish jo aaye
samajh lena boondon mein main hoon
subah dhoop tumko sataaye
samajh lena kirno mein main hoon

someday if there is a rain,
think that I am there in the drops..
if the sun troubles you in the morning,
know that I am there in the rays..

kuch kahoon ya naa kahoon
tum mujhko sada sunte rehna
bas itna hai tumse kehna

whether I say something or not,
just keep listening to me,
this is all I have to tell you..

He felt a shake on his body which brought him to reality.
She was shaking him.
“What happened?”. She hold his hand.
Where u lost? Why don’t u enjoy this rain .? I know this happened without your wish.”
“I loved everything which make u happy shona”. she smiled and made him to spread his hand and he closed his eyes.

hawaaon mein lipTa hua main
guzar jaaunga tumko chhoo ke
agar mann ho to rok lena
Thehar jaaunga in labon pe

I, wrapped in the winds,
will touch you and pass..
if you wish to stop me, do so,
and I’ll stay at your lips..

main dikhoon ya na dikhoon
tum mujhko mehsoos karna
bas itna hai tumse kehna

whether I am seen or not,
just feel me..
this is all I have to tell you..
this is all I have to tell you…

She is holding his waist from back.After few minutes she realised her position and try to move away from him.But he grabbed her wrist and turned her to him.His dark brown eyes gazed at her intensely.She stared at him in silence but his gaze was too intense she lowered her eyes.
He cupped her face and made her look into his eyes.
“What do you think i couldn’t able to hear your heart that pounding against ur ribs cage is only for me, everytime when i look into your eyes my soul can feel the depth of ur love, warmth of your touch…shona”.
Rain drops are still wetting their soul. it was the first rain in Kolkata..fragrance of soil spread everywhere.. Now he can sense her fragrance in his nerves.They are lost in each others eyes. she speak up.
“But I never understood ur silence Sanskar…am a fool ,stupid girl who is failed to understand her best friend feelings…I was like a blank paper u r the writer of my story ..u have the right to finish it by giving a happy ending..”
Sanskar:”You wanna love story or horror story”.
“If we staying here like this it will be horror” she said looking around the darkness engulf there.
“If we move from from here..then” she think about their date uttara was planning.
“Then..?” He looks her questionably.
” nothing ” she shrugged
“am very bad na sanky..I always hurt you”. She diverted the topic
“Ha you r bad very very bad dear ”
“ bad ?”.She make a pout face.
What drops are falling from his nose tip to her lips.He smiled and rubbed his nose against her’s gently kissed her nose tip.
“Ha meri Amma ..u r my bad girl”
Rain stopped and his phone vibrate….they forced to move from there.
After sometime they found a light on the right side of the road…there is a wooden beautiful house ..small pond in front of the house enhance its beauty.
They were completely drenched in rain.
“I think we should dry our clothes”. But it seems to be there were no one inside the house.”
Then he found a small hut on other side of the house.
“Shona we can use that hut..come”.
When she entered the hut found dressing table and mirror.A red saree placed on the table with a note.
“Change ur saree…shona..dont get shocked this is only for u…Sanskar”.
Reading this she surprised and changed.
When she came out of the hut..stunned. Like she reached in another world he is standing there with a cute smile..the house is become white due to snow fall.Its like she reached in north pole
“What is this..she blinked her eyes.
“Surprise”.His voice echoed there
Slow music start…

main rahoon ya na rahoon
tum mujh mein kaheen baaki rehna
mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri
tum khwabon mein aate rehna
bas itna hai tumse kehna

whether I remain there or not,
just remain there somewhere in me.
when I get the last sleep,
keep coming in my dreams..
this is all I have to tell you..

He widened his arms to grabb her forever and she ran to him perfectly fit there in his arms.He picked her up and placed her in a swing..gently pushed the swing.
Then Jasmin flowers are start to shower on them.He took his camera and take some snap shots.He slowly blind folded her.
Guided to the wodden house another surprise is waiting for her.The house is open roof and a pool inside the house surrounded by lanterns and small lights.Middle of the pool a table is arranged for them decorated with candle lights and roses .He slowly opened her eyes.
They came into middle of the pool .He make her to sit.She is speechless.
“Sanskar what is this…I couldn’t believe is this a dream or not.. please pinch me”.
He simply smiled and take small box.. And opened small ring inside the box..its a platinum gold mixed ring.
He bend down on his knees.She forward her hand..but he take her foot on his hand make her confused and make wear that ring on her foot finger.
Then he makes to wear some beautiful glass bangles on her hand one by one.
“I want to hear the tinkling sound of your bangles when you are around me”
He gently shake her hand to make more sound.Then he handed a gift packet to her.She eyed him excited
“Opened your self “.
Its a wooden sindoor box.
“I think your bottle is became empty ,now a days you are applying this on me na and what to do now am habituated with it ..every morning i want my face reddish with ur sindoor shona.”He winked naughtly.
This time she blushed and bite her toungue with closing her left eye.
She start to beat him.
“idiot you know everything still didn’t express it ,what an award winning acting”.
“If I told u before i will definitely miss ur shocking expression”.
She opened the box forward to him.He took a pinch of sindoor filled her hair lines.A tear escaped from her eyes.
“Is anything else still pending to give me”.she looke behind him
“Yah I forget one thing is left”.He searched on his back and immediately turned. It was a sudden move that she can feel the softness of his lips on her untill her heart beat pounded into her ear.Again their breath mingled.This time her knees became weak but she didnt fall…. his hand is holding her waist to feel each others unknown feelings.After sometime she hide her face on his chest and he tightly hug her to make her ensure that she is only for him.
They parted slowly and start their dinner.
“Sanskar how could you get such ideas for making these arrangements..its really beautiful and breath taking environment. ”
“Yah this is my plan , madam you are forgetting one thing ur husband is a photographer kam assistant director. Actually this house is a set made by our art director for a promo shoot, script and concept was mine”.
“So yesterday you worked for this shoot”.
“Yah”. He smiled and typed something in phone.
When they came out of the house atmosphere is again changed it was unexpected , Two girls came there handed over a sky lantern to them.Then many people came from different side holding lantern’s on their hand start to write some wish on there.
She was excited to write on it this was her first time to do something like this.She looked at him he bcy in writting. She didn’t know what to write now her mind echoing only one word “I love u Sanskar”.she smiled
and light up those sky lanterns.They flew away together.
Sanskar:”swara you know in Taiwan,they light sky lanterns
as a symbolism of letting go of the past and its the start of a new begining”.He gentle snaked his hand over her waist pulled her close towards him.
They watched as all the sky lanterns flew and twinkled like stars in the darkness..

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Hi guys.. How was the epi..I am not good in portraying romance and confession…. I don’t know what I wrote..what do you think they are still unaware of their feelings or not.This the only way I know to write…just finger crossed..
Jasmine I already asked u about ur Ff title someone mensioned about it in comment column…but u vanished from telly after that..haha..happy to see u back I will read it definitely..
Guys am bcy in writing this epi..I will reply u all for prev epi….

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