Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 22)


Swara is anxious and excited for the arrangements planned by uttara. But she is not allowing her to enter the terrace.
“Bhabi its a surprise , how can I spoile my suprise by showing arrangements to u”.
Swara make pout face.
“Bhabhi chill it will be a most memorable moment in ur life..I promise, now go change ur clothes ,I think bhai will come early”.
“Uttara what will I wear”.

“Yah I hav selected a pink sari for u, after returning from hospital may be u didn’t get time to change clothes”.
Uttara helped swara to get ready..
“I think its look strange..we r going to hospital, so I want to look simple”
“My cutie Bhabhi u r beautiful so naturally u don’t need any make up.. just leave ur hair open., kajal and lip gloss that’s it”.
They hear a door bell
“i think its bhai let’s go.”
When they came into the hall saw the servant scolding a girl.
“Who’s that avinash bhayya”.
“Beti a sales girl..I told her we don’t anything but she is not going”.
Swara is glared at her. She is a 15 year old girl wearing long skirt with some hand embrodary and a floral print top.
Bhayaa u go I will tell her.Girl looked at her with hopefull eyes.
“Di I have varieties of pickle and Pappad , sweets.. Just try didi..u will loved it.”
“We don’t need anything… We only use home made items”.
“These r also home made didi maa prepared this special mango pickle, just taste it”.When she opened the bottle the smell bring water on swara’s Mouth
She tasted it. it was marvellous.

“Hey its not a Bengali cuisine …different taste..but good.. Delicious taste”.
“Ha didi my mother prepared different masala for this, I told u na after tasting u will definitely love it “.
“What she doing”.
“She is a maid, sometimes she goes to construction work.After school I was doing sales girl job in order to help my maa”. She proudly said
“Which grade u r studying “.
“Now am in 10th std”.
“Doctor or engineer”
“Business, I want to start my own business”.Her bold voice revealed the determination in her eyes.
“That’s great”. She pated her shoulder by placeing cash to her hand.
“Didi I will show u some Handicraft’s item”.
She handed a picture frame to her. It was a beautiful hand craft picure of Aishwaraya Rai’s made by broken bangles.

“You did this”. Swara give a unbelievable expression.
“Yes didi..u will make ur photo if u wish to do so”.
“Yes I want same kind of picture …but not this time I will tell u later”.
“OK didi am going,its getting late”.
“You didn’t told ur name”
“Nice to meet u paru”.
Her mobile ring display shows Sanskar calling.
“Shona can u come to hospital.. I was bcy I can’t pick u from there .sorry I will reach hospital directly from the office”.
“K no pblm Sanskar”.

She bid bye to uttara reached hospital.
Sanskar is waiting for her in the corridor .They have an appointment so they straightly went to Sanjay Roy a famous psychiatrist in Kolkata .
“Pls take ur seat Mr and Mrs Sanskar Maheswari.”
Dr Roy:”How u swara”.
“Fine doctor”.she give a board smile on her face.”
Dr Roy: “only fine..?”. she smiled sheepishly
“I am super fine and very very happy”
Dr Roy:”This is I want to hear from u”.Then he hinted Sanskar to wait outside.
He examined her and talked sometime.After that he called Sanskar alone.
Dr.Roy :”She is fine,But there are some fear still exist in her mind. May be that’s why she got panic attack.But don’t worry its just a minor thing.”
Sanskar: “Dr. How long will it take to cure completely.”

Dr Roy:”we can’t say anything now Mr.Maheswari, human mind is unpredictable , when how they change, its depends on situation.I must say she is better than before,I think ur relation is going good, its intensity made a good change in her.”
Sanskar: “Dr. What about medicines ?”.
Dr:”I will prescribe it for 15 days, bz of panicked attack.You must follow psyotherappy, yoga or any breathing exercise .Most important thing is u should keep bcy with her something and don’t create any situation that related to her past “.

Sanskar: “i will take care of it.Thank u Dr”.
Dr:”k Sanskar .you have to consult Dr Geetha also. Dr.Raman referred her. Now you can go”.
Sanskar: k Dr.
They moved to gynaecology department and waiting in OP section.just then Sanskar got a call and he excused him self from there.
There were many pregnant ladies sitting with their husbands.Kids make voices and some of them crying and their mothers are struggle to make them calm.Wall is filled with many pictures of small kids.Swara is simply staring all of them.A lady sitting near her is with a big bump.she smiled at her.Suddenly she let out a sound by placing her palm on stomach”oucch ”
Swara boggled and looked at her.
” what happened are u ooky. Can I call doctor? “,but she smiled.
“Baby hitted me”
Swara widened her eyes.

“See this is his leg”.
she is wearing a frock., her stomach is smooth due to thin fabric .its clearly visible a tiny hub on her belly.
“Is it true..?”.
“You want to touch”. She took her hand placed on her belly.Now swara can feel that tiny leg of baby.some electric vibes passes through her made Gosse bums on body.its slowly moving she can feel it.Unknowingly her eyes became moist.She touched her own belly.Sanskar came there seeing this.immense pain filled in his eyes.
Lady asked swara.
“Which month going?after 5 month you also can feel the baby move”
“Am not pregnant”. she immediately removed her hand from her belly.
“Oh so u r planning for a baby.Good.. you know after 5 year I got a chance to became a mother, i was almost lost my hope. But when he came into my womb my world change.This is true that we can love a person with seeing him.I am waiting for the moment to see his or her face .I want to touch his tiny legs which always hit me make my mother hood”.
Swara:”is it paining”.
Lady:”I was enjoying his each touch. It was a different experience that u carrying a life inside ur womb”.
Swara:”I heared that labour pain is unbearable , some times i was afraid how can we deliver a baby with so much of pain”.
“No yaar, we are waiting for him to 9 months at that time we only curious about our baby face, so we forget all the pain unknowingly, when he came into the world and doctor shows his face , we will smile in tears, that was the most beautiful moment in every woman life, sorry for poking my nose here. Am expecting my second baby “.Another lady said
She didn’t say anything. Nurse yelled “swara Sanskar maheawar”. Her eyes now searching sanskar.He tapped her shoulder and they moved to doctor cabin.
Dr:”Swara.. How many months left after ur marriage .”
Swara:”almost one month doctor “.

Dr:”Is ur periods are regular. Which is the last date of ur Period “.
She is embarrassed by her question in front of Sanskar. She hesitately said
Swara:”its regular and 14 th may was the last”.She lowers her eyes without looking at him.
“Pls lay on the bed”
She noded.Dr slightly moved saree from her belly. Sanskar got a glimps of her bare belly suddenly he turned to his head.
“Dr I think I should go outside, will wait there till examination.He is bit uncomfortable.
“But why ..? You r not a stranger ,her husband na sit there”.He grinned sheepshly.
After the check up they came.
“Don’t worry everything is fine. No need to continue this tab.”
Sanskar:”oky thanku Dr”.
Dr:”Anything else do u want to know ..?”.

“Dr any pblm for expecting a baby soon”. she suddenly asked.
Hearing this Sanskar felt that someone poured cold bucket on his head.Doctor looked at him.He narrowed his eyes give her a pleading look.
“Off course swara”. She give a fainted smile.
Sanskar: “shona can we move, we are getting late.Thank u doctor”.
They came out from the cabin.

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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