Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 21)


Recap:Swara confessed ..but he didnt reciprocated and she became sad and confused.Bachoom ki masti and prank. Family members slept on terrace together.Uttara decided to plan something for swasan date.Sanskar met Shikhar Mehra.DP fed up with kids and instruct Ragini to take them for an outing.
“Didi 320 rupees”
Rgaini boggled and turned back .
She is standing near a shop besides the park road.Quickly she payed the cash while the boy handed snacks and ice cream packets to her. When walking towards the park she think about them.
what he is doing with Mr. Y..”.
Shikhar Mehra:”Sanskar its not easy to spit truth from her mouth,
do u think when we ask about this she will easily confess everything”.
Sanskar:”i know but at anycost i want to reach them”;.
Skihar:”i have some plan but its a cheap method,but for her its enough ,she had some illegal relationship with her manager,i have some stuff against them so..”
sikhar:”blackmail her”.
sanskar:”What the hell I can’t do this”;
Sikhar: “why..what’s the pblm on this, she is not an angel that u should feel any guilty “.
Sanskar: “bz its a crime “.
Sikhar:”oho..u and ur mahanathaa…disgusting . oky leave it,we are forgetting one person in the middle”
Sanskar(raised his eyebrows):”who?”.
Shikhar :”Laksh Maheswari, his involvement”.He smirked
Sanskar: “How dare u to speak rubbish about my brother”.He grabbed his collar.
Shikhar: “He is the 3rd person who knows about her exact location and for ur kind information maheswari at that time he is not there in Mumbai. So where he gone “.he smiled sarcastically.
Sanskar:”He cant do this,i know him..He can’t do this to any girl.i have trust on him.”
Shikhar:”Trust..hmm.thats why he left swara in mandap…do u have any justification for his deed.
sanskar didnt replied.
Sanskar:”Will u stop this nonsense shikhar u r a pvt detective…that doesn’t mean you can accuse anyone.”
Shikhar:”haha maheswari am not saying he is the culprit…just remove this type of emotions from your mind….we cant
trust any human blindly, animals are better than them.
you know what my chachu killed my father for his property, a well planned murder. no one believed he would do something like that everyone denied. At last I proved he murdered my father .From there itself my career stared as a pvt detective”
Sanskar:”I dont know anything some feelings are from heart I couldn’t explain u..I know him more than anyone else….its true that he left her…he may have his own reason…he may be selfish..but not an animal .who is perfect in this world .you can think whatever…i wont stop u..this is ur job”.He breathed.
Sanskar: “This is ur payment, I have to leave now bye”.
Shikhar bumped we with someone it was Ragini.His legs freezes there like he saw a bad dream.
She grinned “Mr .Y u here”.
He is slipped into some flash back.
Its a football ground in Kolkata. He is standing in front of a girl.
“So u r the one who is following my friend shipali from these days..r u a Majnu or slayer.. What ever..tell me one thing where to start.. from ur legs or hand”. She is holding a hockey stick on her left hand.
He is burning with anger how dare to speak me like that ..stupid girl.
Shikhar:”Hey in ur dreams..I will do anything I want.”
Ragini:”Hey Mr. I don’t know who r u but I can’t spare anyone who disturbing my friends..”.
Shikhar: “Oh really..this much confidence ,think at once u r a girl and alone”.
Ragini:”excuse me am black belt”.
Shikhar:”So what am a state champion “. He postured him self for a kick.
Ragini: “Do u heared about Nari shakti”
Shikhar: “Off course yah show me ur nari shakti”.
She smirked and eyed him to look back.
There are many girls standing behind him with hockey sticks.
When he opened his eyes found himself in hospital bed.
She is seated near to him.A bouquet is placed on the table with a sorry note.He glared at her fuming eyes.
She bowed her head “Uncle and aunty told me that they appointed you for shipali .He gave her a disgusting look.
“That was my first assignment , they refused to give my payment.”
Ragini: “I will pay ur hospital bill”.
Shikhar: “Do u think ur self as a super women”.
She didn’t answered.
Shikhar:”I know its my mistake I should be careful about my mission, but still who the hell to attack me, if u have any doubts about someone following u , u should complained this to the police. But what u did ..? U beat me like a rowdy and where is ur so called friends aka lady goons.”
Ragini:”You provoked me, bz of ur ego and..I..”.Before she complete
“Just shut up..if someone other will be on my place they won’t spare get lost..”.He shouted.
When she reached the door step.
“Wait take this with you”. He throw bouquet on her.She stamped her foot on the floor closed the door with a bang.That was their first met. Second meet was on his 3rd assignment. At that time he is a struggling pvt. Detective.. Still no progress.That was a extra marital affair case and he is spying on his client’s wife.But this time Ragini saved him…yah he again caughted by her boyfriend who he intend to spy.
From there somehow he forgive her, When she asked his name.He shrugged.
“Well we r not reveal our name to common people ..but You can call me Mr.Y”.Then he shifted to Mumbai for his career.

She waved her hand.suddenly he came into present.
“Why do you always following me yaar”.He snapped
Ragini: “what boring to hear cliche dialogue everytime”.
Shikhar: “am not a film actor who should change his dialoge everytime…bz of you I moved to Mumbai. Now see my bad luck client is here in Kolkatha and again met u Miss Disaster “.
Ragini: “So he is ur client”.
Shikhar: “oh meri maa am not spying any of ur friend, plz spare me this time”.He yelled again
Ragini:Am not interested to make any drama here Mr. so bye”.
His mouth became O shape”anyway it’s better to stay away from her, otherwise I will be in trouble again”.He let out a long sigh of relief.
*******************************oops no swasan scene and date..sorry

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  1. Missed swasan anyway enjoyed it

    1. Thank u Dr….

  2. U r a mallu..ryt? I love ur ff.. And i lyk ur name..

    1. Yes a malayali..??
      Thank u Dr…for liking my story

  3. Haha ? this ragini she is a bumper prize jo naseeb wale ko milega….. Hey what a character you have given to ragini?…..sanskar is determined to find the culprit so Mr Y suspected laksh also it would be so cheap of everything if he is the one…. Haww no swasan scenes OK np I enjoyed today’s epi with Mr Y and ragini

    1. Thanku like it..didn’t expect..actually am in love with this Ragini…

  4. Awesome

  5. Nice!!!???

  6. Nice

  7. awesome…..

  8. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    A little sad because there was no swasan.
    But it was adipoli ????

    1. Malayali…ano?..thanku

  9. Awesome episode. I am a die fan of ur ff. Njanum oru malayaliyaanu. Vini di enthu konda avarude ff post cheyan vaikunnad enn ariyamo?njan di yude commend box vini di yude peru paramarshichadayi kandirunnu. Oru samshayam, di yano FB yile sethulakshmi vatasheril? Ariyan vendi chodichada…

    1. Daivamee malayali kalude behalam anallo…bandana kazhinju epi da vere oral…bhayangara santhosham nammude nattukare evide kanumbol…
      Fb la sethulakshmy njan thanne anu…
      Fan ennonnum paranjekkale enikku heart attack varum…we fiction bore adichappol ezhuthiyathaa…vini anel update cheyunnilla pine swasan fiction as time kuravum arunnu…oru abaddam patii ennu venam parayan….vijarikkane pole alla ezhuthan valiya padaanne…pine ellam potta aannu enikku thanne ariyam..chilathokke bhagathinu nannakum..
      Vini kku fever innu njan msg cheythappo arinjathaa…update udane undavum ennu thonnu illa

      1. Hello Ima,Sethooty malayathil reply thannathu kondanu ee comment vayichathu,njan urappayum ente ff ezhuthum..nalla madiyaanu..vere reason onnumilla..but I will surely complete my ff..Sethooty,njan kaaranam pani kooduthalano,marupadi parayuka enna pani,sorry dr.

      2. Ente fever kuranju dr,I will try to write soon..

  10. Very boating and shot pls put some swsan scene and make it a bit long

    1. Sorry divya…I know its boring..but scenes are connected to next epi..yaar..
      I will try to include more swasan scene..
      Thanku Dr for ur comments.
      I just post a teaser..hope u will like it..

  11. Hi di… today’s epi ragini is awesome yaar….nd poor shikhar…..nd no swasan??but its ok …i think next epi will b of swasan…nd i saw ur teaser also….nd i think ragini will get to no abt d truth….nd i guess laksh is only d culprit….now i am eagerly waiting for next epi….

  12. Sethooty, at last madi maatti njan ithu vayichu,ennum parayum vayikkaamnnu but naale naale..aa madikku innu viramamittu,ithinu munneyullathu vayikkanundu,athum vayikkaam,patttiyaal ente ff ezhuthanamnnundu,pinne coming to this,enikku dialogues ishtapettu,puthiya character araannu valiya pidi kittiyillelum udhesham pidi kitti,Ragini n Mr.Y scenes adipoli,Laksh character nu ithil Oru involvement undonnu samshayam,but ni athu manapoorvam hint cheyythathvum njangale confuse cheyyaan…athikam guess cheyyunnilla…ezhuthukariyude swanthrathil kai kadathunnilla…enikku ee ff nalla ishtapettu…keep going..

    1. He bhagwan kuch samajh nehi ???????a raha hai!! Mera kya hoga..

  13. Does pinne mean and nu means is???? Actually i am trying to understand this comment

    1. haha vinitha r u in FB…?
      pinne means…after…but in different context diff meaning

  14. where u shradha and joya.,anjali..?

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      1. Do one thing dear.. pls ask vini when will she update and whether she update or not..
        It’s more than a month..she said she is free nowand still she is not posting

      2. Hi sneha ….vini di said she will upload it on Monday r tuesday….

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