Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 2)

Hi guy’s this the second part of my story. Thank u so much for ur support all reader friends. I didnt expect this much ..and she is the reason behind my bold attempt ,Rabiya my friend thanku yaar giving me such confidence..told me to belive on myself.I just typed posted.I don’t know whether u like this twist or not.
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Laksh hugged him tightly..
“I am sorry bhai bz of me u got hatred from everyone, I am a coward who broke all the promises given to a girl.left her alone in madap to suffer.
They parted sanskar hold his shoulder with two hands
“No lucky u stood her with in worst situations”.
Laksh: but I didn’t keep my promises, only give her fake hopes.just escaped from my responsibility.I proud of u bhai, I know I have no rights to tell this words to u.still I felt ashamed myself in front of u.But am not that much good as u.I will tell the truth to swara now, that how I left her and escaped. Other wise she will start to hate u.
Sanskar: no Lucky u should n’t do anything like dat.if she comes to know that u left her in mandap.u know very well she cant bear that pain. Bz she trusted u very much.
Lucky: That i broke today na.I came back here bz u messaged me u r going to marry swara.I just want to stop this ..I can’t allowed u to took any decision in hurry .”
Sanskar: ” u think this a wrong decision”
Laksh: Bz u tied in an unwanted relationship ,i know she is ur bestie, but U never loved her. gonna sacrifice ur life ,this all bz of me”.
Sanskar: What sacri..Enough laksh..u go.
” but bhai “.
” you go I will handle everything trust me”
Night at Maheshwari mansion:
Sanskar goes to his room.He is in door step don’t know how to face her.He knocked the door entered into the room.she is still in her bridal attire,looked at him, they hav an eye lock.suddenly he changed his gaze move towards the wardrobe took his night clothes.without turning back asked
“U didn’t changed ?”. she didn’t utter a word goes to the wash room and came back in her night dress.
Sanskar: Did u eat anything? she nodes no
” I will tell uttara to bring u food here”.
He can feel the awkwardness between them. She is not new to this room..they chat here for many hours ,sometimes wid laksh and uttara but now.
” sanskar I know u didn’t had anything from morning.we will eat together “. He quite surprised from this words.
Both eat together. There is a deep silence b/w them.after sometimes she broke this with her heavy voice.
” He left me in mandap na”.
His spoon slipped from hand.
In shock searching words to reply.
” stop searching words for a lie no use.I understood it from his was mistake that why shouldn’t i realize it before .
“Swara…” He called her name in painful voice.
“You know sanskar full day I am thinking like a hell..why didn’t I broke this alience, am such a fool that dreamed a life in day light, forget the reality that who gonna marry an impure girl like me. Do think I gonna hate him for this? Do u? no sanskar it’s me who created such a situation that he cant show any objection.I feel pity on me sanskar am a selfish who never thought he have some dream about her wouldbe wife.not with impure girl like me.
“Don’t say that word impure again swara “.
” From ur words we can’t change the truth. It will remain the same.The same mistake i repeated with u unknowingly. and u idiot why did u marry me”.I just put my hands on her shoulder.
” No I..” but She cut my words.
” I know sanky u would n’t change u have a habit of involving Everyone’s pblms from our college days its self, social sevice is good but not with ur life”
He get angry ” you mean I am doing a social service”.
” I know u r my protector everytime that doesn’t mean u have to spoil ur life”.
” just shut up swara”.
She look around the room.
Swara: ” why didn’t they decorated our room”.
Sanskar:”Wat decoration..? ”
Swara:”This is our first night na , there should be flowers and candles.”.I give her a confused look.
” I want red roses sanskar”
” Now?”.
“But why”.
“Ys now, I want to decorate this room, flowers should be fresh that too from your garden.I know you don’t like to pluck them”.
she looked at me ” go..u hav 5 min.”he is still confused about her wired behavour.but walk towards the garden
when he return in his hand there is a bunch of roses ,hand over to her.
she smelled the fragrance of that flowers and squeezed petals on her palm thrown into the floor.he stunned on her activity.
“sanskar look at those flowers,if u stay with me ur beloved things will spoil like this.”
“so u r giving me practicle examples right”.
he smirked.then collect those squeezed petals from the floor.put into a glass and poured water on it.
then from drawer take some cotton and sat near to her.
“Look this swara i make rose water ,u better know what is use of this”. then he dipped cotton into the water wiped her cheek with it.
“You know this will enhance your beauty..and do u think is this spoiled ?no na.
i can build dreams from ashes, i can,we only decide our own fate.we are the architects if our life”.
Swara:”Great thought, suitable only for u sanky.You can decided your fate but how could i spare u idiot ..ooh this is too bad hey kanna ji”. she winked at him ,make a pout face.
she try to laugh with moist eyes. It clearly visible that she is trying to act lto be normal. that all r gone in vain.They are not familiar with such serious type of talk like this.I simply looked at her.
“Dont stare me like dat sanky..u will lose ur control that too in our first night.”.
“wat ..? What did u say shona…i will kill u” saying this he moved towards her,but she jumped into other side of the bed start to laugh at him.
“Do u think i gonna mad”
“U dont need to act like that shona”
“so wat to do we r creating such an imotional drama na..”
I hold her hand pulled towards me.nod her to sat on bed
Sanskar:” I want see ur laugh always whole heartdly, not this one swara”.
Swara:” what to do this pain na…” She stopped in middle.
Swara:Sanskar i wanna sleep now.
” ok i will shift to guest room.u pls take rest”
“were r u going Mr.huband leaving ur beatiful wife alone,that too in a new place” .He said in mind “oh no I can’t leave her alone here”.
he looked “ok i will sleep in couch”
“swara u should take tablets” .she take the tablets nd swallowed , lean over the bed.
Try to close her eyes kowing this night cant offer a peacefull sleep to her.

He wakeup from his sleep on her wail.When he switchd on the light.
she is sweating and her whole body was shaking, she couldn’t catch her breath, and like her heart was pounding out of her chest.
i just hold her hand..its turned to ice cold,and tapped her shoulder.
she is not responding ,then cupped her face call her name continuously
but it all are in vain.Then he remember how to calm down her from panick attacks.He just seated her on bed her feet touch on th floor ..placed a chair for grip ..but she squeezed my shoulder
for calm down her i just hugged her,..whisper on her ear” i am here with u na, nothing will happen shona”
she tightened her grip on me.I can feel her nail digged on to my shoulder.Now her heavy breaths are hitting on my chest and she slowly get relaxed on my embrace.

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