Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 19)


Recap:Swara is start to realising her love for Sanskar.Ragini is getting more angry by his confession that Swara was his secret lover and he avoid her questions.Bacha party arrived MM to make a blast on there.Kittu and golu twins of sujatha and Ram.Mitt is their cousin’s daughter.Uttara made a prank on bachaas and Mitti scared.
When she opened the door Uttara is standing there.
Swara:”Uttara what happened.. Why u called me early morning “.
Uttara: “Babhi I have a plan”.
Swara: “Plan..?”
Uttara: “Bz of me Mitti cried a lot ?. I didn’t sleep yesterday night. So I planned a picnic today.”
Swara:”That’s a good idea”.
Uttara: “Idea was pop upped in my mind just few min before… But u have to convince Pappa and mom and u and Bhai should accompany with us.”
Swara:”First let me tell this to ur Bhai”.
Uttara: “oky .”
Durga Prasad:”Sanskar u all go and enjoy.Take Annapoorna and Sujatha with u and I couldn’t able to come , I have a client meeting today”
Annapoorna: “what ji am not going to anywhere. Let them enjoy.”
Sanskar: “No mom u should come with us , no more arguments “.
Sujatha: “Ha jiji , bhaisa give u permission then what’s the pblm”.
Bachaa party”yee hoooy..” Shouted.
Sanskar took an open jeap.bachaa party and Uttara,Swara were in jeap .Annapoorna and sujatha following them in another car.They stopped in front of swara’s house.Uttara and kids get down there and rang the bell.
Sumi opened the door, as she opened they rushed in to the house.
“Aunty Ragini didn’t wake up”.They enters into her room with a thud .Seeing them Ragini covered her face into blanket .Without wasting any time Mitti climbed over her laid on her top and removed blanket from her face.
“Wakeup Di”.she Giggled.But Ragini didn’t opened her eyes.Golu and kittu start to tickle her feet.She can’t control any more..wake up and shout at them”.
“What the hell”.
Kittu and golu give a HiFi.
“Mission impossible one completed Boss”.At very sec Uttara poured water on her head.
“Mission impossible Two completed Boss”.Ragini give a horrible expression to them.They smiled wickedly.
“Ragini baby I already told u over phone, when we came here if we found u didn’t get ready .We will make u ready. So ur bath is finished,now get up change the clothes.”
Ragini:”Uttara I told u once i have some work here can’t come along with u”.
Uttara opened her cupboard take out clothes.
Uttara:”I know u have no work here..don’t think to escape from us?”.
“Ha Di u r lying, come with us we will explore today”.trios start to tickling..Ragini fed up with thier torture. Finally she agreed.
Ragini: ” stopped it guy’s I will come..plzz..don’t touch me..give me 5 min ..let me brush my teeth at least yaar”.
She rushed into the washroom.Sumi came there with some packets.
Sumi:”Uttara , This is reshogulla for u all
“.She hand over a tifin box to them.
“Yepee reshogulla?”. Golu gulped saliva.
Ragini get ready and they all moving towards the vehicle.Seeing Sanskar her face become red? .she immediately said
Ragini: “I am confortable in car”.
They moved to thier destination.Its a forest area with a beautiful water fall and narrow streams formed as a river and flowed into the bay of bangal.
Swara:”Uttara ur choice is awesome this place is very beautiful “.she is spellbound by the nature.Its a less exploit place by tourists.
Kids and Uttara jumped into the narrow stream near the water fall.Ragini and swara standing near the river side.Ragini throwing stones on the river.
Swara:”Why do u throwing stones continuously Ragu.”
“Di am checking the depth of this river,
“So why r u wasting time by throwing stones..its better to check ur self na”.Saying this he pushed her into the river.
She fall into the water with a splash.
Annapoorna and sujatha ran towards them.
“What Ragini fall on the river..”. Annapoorna asked them with a fearful eyes.
Annapoorna:”Sanskar why r u smiling..plz jump and save her”.
Swara:”Mom dont worry she knows swimming “.
Ragini swimming around the river.
Annapoorna :”it really feels good when we jump it into cold water of will remive all the tiredness from our body and mind.You know swara in our village I used to jump river with my friends swim across the river”
Swara:”really mom..?”
Annapoorna smiled nodded her head
Sanskar:”mom do u want to swim now”.
Annapoorna: “No Sanskar that was in my younger age”.
Sanskar: “so what mom am with u na”.saying this he forward his hand.
Annapoorna:” No beta..its..” She hesitated.
Sanskar “Trust me mom give me ur hand”. She hesitatenly give her hand.
Sanskar: “Mom close your eyes..ready to jump”.They jumped and dived into the water.she slowly opened her eyes , can see fishes and plants there, due to sun rays everything is clearly visible.Annapoorna swam into underwater like a mermaid. She is experiencing this after many years.
“Sanskar can we swim across the river.”
“Sure mom”.
They swim to opposite side, Ragini also joined with them , Annapoorna reached other side, then they turned back .
Sanskar: “Its hilarious mom I didn’t expect that u r an expert in swimming “.
Ragini:”Yes Aunty u r amazing”.After some time they came back to the river side and changed their dress.Swara and sujatha simply watching thier swimming competition.
Ragini:Di why u standing here at least u can play with kittu and miiti..come let’s go Ragini dragged her..
Suju aunty u also come with us…They moved to the narrow stream near the water fall.while Sanskar and Annapoorna sat on the tree shade near rivershore.She was in deep thoughts.
Sanskar: “I think u r missing ur village and friends na..”.
Annapoorna: “How u know about this..”.
Sanskar: “I can feel it through your eyes Mom”.
Annapoorna: “Lakshman taught me swimming, I was afraid from water, but he gives me confidence.. The way u hold my hand ..have feels like he is around me…it remind me my childhood memories with him”.

Sanskar: “But I know ur Lakshman is Laksh… U miss him right “.
Annapoorna: when my younger brother died in an accident,Laksh was in my womb..I give his name to laksh bz I believe he reborned as Laksh”.
Sanskar: “Dont worry mom he will arrive next week , bz he can’t miss ur birthday celebrations at any cost”.
Annapoorna:”Sanskar did u ever feel that am giving so much importance to Laksh and I love him more than u. It was my mistake I didn’t ask ur relationship with swara… am sorry “.
Sanskar: “Mom what r saying ..I know u love me Uttara and Laksh equally. You didn’t show any partially b/w us”.
Annapoorna:”But I want to know.. Did u ever feel like that?”.He become silent for sometime.
Sanskar:”ha sometime.. when I was a kid ..I always want ur presence around me.But at that time Laksh was very small so he need more attention for u and cared him always.I was jealous at that time.. I want to hug u tightly wen lightning and thunders happen in raining. But Laksh was also crying at that time.Our maid yamuna kakki become my mother.You know sometimein jealous i beat him for this. In school some friends told me that my parents got me from waste basket and u r not my real mom..etc etc..Thanks god I have some similarities with u ,So I didn’t believe on those comments.Every night I want to sleep on ur lap..but it didn’t happened bz am the elder one I have to sacrifice many things for my siblings, they r small and priority goes to them. As time passes I become matured enough to understand this ”
Annapoorna: “You always hide ur emotions from others beta.. And also ur love towards swara”.Her sounds feel guilty tone.
Sanskar: “I always found you in her presence.She loved Ragini like a mother cares her child. It simply attracted me towards her.Then she become my world. My morning starts from her silly fights,nights endup with her smile.. from these years..hmm I don’t know is this called love..I can’t define my feelings in one word mom.”
Annapoorna: “Like me swara is unaware of ur feelings na”.
Sanskar: “No Mom don’t say like are the best mom in the world. am not a kid to think like that.About swara I don’t mind if she doesn’t know about my feelings, bz I know she loves me a lot as a friend and she is my best friend that enough for me”. She hugged him tightly
“Don’t be silly mom.. These r small things happens in every family”.
You still angry with me bz of our mariage”.
Annapoorna: “I was upset that time.when u are in shimla..i called Laksh..and he confessed me that it was his mistake that lead to ur marriage.
Now Sanskar more afraid that what she knows about that incident “.
Annapoorna: “Ur papa knows whole the truth ..well leave that all…now am happy for u both”.Sanskar is still confused.”God knows what he told mom,its not the correct time to let u know about the truth. Shona is not in a condition to bear any pain and taunts from others”.
Annapoorna: “I forget to tell u..when u r in shimla..swara was in Uttara’s room..and many times she got panick attack first we afraid, then she tod us that it happened before..u plz consult a Doctor “.

Sanskar: “Mom don’t worry, she is taking medicine,I will take care”.
“Hey what’s happening here.we r tired and hungry Mom”,
AP and Sanskar.. Look at them they r exhausted.
“Oky first u changed ur dress and I will serve u all lunch”.
They all seated on grass.
Ap looks at Sanskar “Sanskar today I will feed u “,
“What mom am not a kid”.
“But u r my son”
Uttara:”only for Bhai not for me”.she made a pout face.
Ap:”oky baba everyone have share ”
Golu:”I also want to eat from ur hand mumma”.
Sujatha: “oho open ur mouth golu”.
They enjoying the lunch together suddenly Mitti start crying.
Everyone shocked.
Mitti beta what happened why u crying “..but she didn’t stop crying start to roll on the grass.
Sanskar in mind “iss pee thoo Ragini ka bhooth chadaa hey kya”
Sujatha get angry and pick her from ground
Mitti:”I want to see my mom now.. Mommy..mommy”.
Sujatha: “But suddenly.. What happened to u.its not possible now.”
Mitti: “mommy ..mommy..”. She is continuously sobbing
Sujatha: Why u want ur Mom bachaa”.
Mitti: “I want to see her..I want to eat from her hand now..mummy..????
Annapoorna: what to do now suju”.
Swara:”let’s go home mom”,
They returned to home immediately .
Guy’s may be its a boring epi…sorry..
I Found my name in many Ff analysis… Thanks guys for encouraging me .Love u all..
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