Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 18)

When he reached home lights were off
“Mom..swara, uttara.where are u…? i think the elecricity has gone “.
he tries to switch on the lights by mobile’s flash light
but suddenly lights turned on with a scream…kids gathered around him.
“Sanskar bhayaa yeee…?????”
Mitti shouted.she is 5 year old,
Sanskar rolled his eyes.
“What…shethanoom, are u all here to tortue me…??”.
“yepee”…kittu and golu intertwined their hands

Akkad bakkad bambe bo
assi nabbe ya poore sau
Raat ke baje gaye paune doo
Jo hota hai hone do ..

“Sanskar their exams are over and vaccation has started .U know that they wont stay at home for more than a sec now.
they persuaded me to bring them here, otherwise they might eat away my brain.
You pamper them a lot and they have become so naughty that I cant’t handle them alone nowadays.”Sujatha said
Sanskar:. chachi when did u come..?”.He became so happy on seeing her.
Sujatha:”Today afternoon .i got lot of work in our farm ,so i cant stay for more than one week here, other wise
our cultivation will get spoiled,i dont know when these kids will return.”
“Mom u go ,no need to stay here we will meet after one month, shall I help u to pack ur bags”..golu said with excitement
Sanskar: “chachi…one month with this badmashoom…its better if a disaster would have come??”
Sujatha:”shethanoo…u r going to pack up ur own mum’s bag…Hey Ramji 9 months carry them on my womb, now see this what I got in return.? ”
Golu:”what mom u start again… 9 months huff”. He rubbed his head walked away from there briskly and came with a basket and placed it on the floor.
Golu:”Mom pls get into this basket I will carry u 12 months on my head. Is this oky with u ??”.
Everyone burst out laughing.Sujatha become more angry.
Sujatha: “See jiji what he said..this boy have no respect to elders..Suniye ji golu ke pappa..u have left me alone with these shethanoom and
gone to bhagvanji and u r watching and enjoying this
whole thamasha there?? “.
Golu:”Ha pappa why did u go..??” He looked up.
At that time all became very silent and a bit emotional,Seeing the situation swara changed the topic.
Swara:”chachi what all he said is good many mother’s would get this opportunity..haha..u should be proud of ur son”.
AP:”haha swara is right u r very have a son like him. Suji they are kids na if they are not naughty then how can we call them as kids”.
Sujatha: “Kids huff..jiji..fed up with thier mischief..u know one thing the whole village came along with us to railway station for bidding bye to them?”.
Uttara: “wow chachi whole village love them so much..??”.
Sujatha: “Na re uttara.. They came there bz for at least one month they will get rid of these monsters.
Now they might have started to curse themselves for praying to god to bless me and ur chahu with a baby?”
“Mami…what I did…am the younger one “.Mitti made a pout face
“Mitti ki bachi, she is their leader…if u and ur cousins play some prank on others, if something happen… ohh God then what shall i tell ur mom and dad..
be a good girl here”.
Mitti:”Mami I can’t carry u like golu bhayaa…bz u r so fat”.
Sujatha: “what me ..i look fat?? “.Suji widened her mouth.
AP:”suju haha..leave it”,Then kittu start crying.
Everyone one looked at her.
Sanskar: “what happened kittu ..why r u crying..?”.
Kittu: “No one giving me a chance to speak??”. She is slurring .
AP:”Ohh mera bachha come here ..lets talk a lot..haa”.she kissed her cheek.
Kittu:”Woo I have equal rights to carry my mom bz we r twins na?”.
Sujatha placed her hand on head “yeh bhagvan”
Golu and kittu(Gopal and kritika) are twins of Ram prasad and sujatha.They r in 7 th class.Mitti is their cousin’s daughter.
Uttara: “Thank god u all r here lets make a blast from today onwards.. Uttara give them HiFi”.
Swara is standing there with a smile..enjoying their convo..still her intense gaze on sanskar..

Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho
Let the mistakes done by these eyes be forgiven
Ho… Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho
Let the mistakes done by these eyes be forgiven
Ek Tuk Tumhein Dekhti Hai
They look at Your for a moment
Jo Baat Kehna Chaahe Zubaan
What my mouth wants to say to You
Tumse Ye Woh Kehti Hai
They speak that to You.

Kittu:”Sanskar bhayya see what we have brought for u..”.
They handed him a huge box .He opened the box. It contained ripe mangoes
.”Bachho attack..”.Mangoes are his favourite.
They started eating mangoes and click a mango selfe.But swara’s concentration was full on sanskar rather than eating mangoes.
Uttara started to tease her.”Bhabhi mangoes r in ur hand not in Bhai’s face.” Just then everyone noticed her .She felt embarrassed.
Sanskar: “swara what happened don’t u like mangoes”. She fumbled ,doesn’t know what to say.
Uttara: “Bhai u r a tube light.. why u asking ,feed her na”.
He smiled and placed a piece of mango on her mouth.when he turned 3 small mouths were already opened.
He also fed them with mangoes.After finishing the mangoes they went back to thier rooms.
After taking bath Sanskar came back to his room,He found swara standing near the window in a mango yellow saree.”
He couldn’t take off his eyes from her.
“Saree ..? Shona r u planning to go outside”,
“No .. it was gifted by u,so i just tried wearing it”.
He was wearing a leaf green T-shirt.
“u r looking beautiful shona”.Saying this he moved closed to her.Their eyes met..

Kaajal Ka Ek Til Tumhare Labon Pe Laga Loon
Let me apply a small dot of kajal on Your lips

He continuously stared at her beautiful eyes and tugged her hair strand behind her ear.She lowered her head

Haan Chanda Aur Suraj Ki Nazron Se Tumko Bacha Loon
Let me protect You from the evil eye of the Moon and the Sun
Palkon Ki Chilman Mein Aao Main Tumko Chhupa Loon

He touched her chin with one hand raised slowly and softly touched her cheek .
She leaned forward to inhale his fragrance and closed her eyes.
A blow of mild wind touched her hair.Moon now hide his face on clouds to leave them alone.
stars r start blushing and glittered more and more to add glow on her face.

Let me hide You behind the curtains of these eyelashes
Khayaalon Ki Ye Shokhiyaan Maaf Ho
Let the sauciness (vividness) of these thoughts be forgiven
Har Dam Tumhein Sochti Hai
They think of You all the time
Jab Hosh Mein Hota Hai Jahaan Madhosh Ye Karti Hai
While the world around me is in their senses, it makes me intoxicated

Aankhon Ki Sharm-o-Haya Maaf Ho
Let the modesty and transgress done by these eyes be forgive

He carefully took a fallen eyelash from below the eyes and smiles victoriously “yes I got it,forward ur hand shona”.
But she is standing closed eyes.He shaked her shoulder “shona u r sleeping here in this state, come lay on beb”.
She suddenly came in to sense.same time they hear a bang on the door.
when he opened the door bachaa party entered the room with full force.
Mitti climbed on the bed and start to jump,and shouted I will sleep here.
Hearing this a thunder fall on her heart.
“Come sit Bhai we will talk late night and full masti” Kittu invited them.
Golu:”Hey will arrange a DJ party here”.
“Badmashoom u all here let them sleep”. Uttara came there by following them.
“But we r always used to sleep here na uttara Di”.
“Ha now swara bhabi also sleeping here..look she is tired. So no masti get up”
“Ha I will make her sleep I know many songs..Di come sit on my lap”. Mitti find a solution.
“Mitti ki bachi come here”. Uttara took her hand .
“No leave me ..leave my hand…” She started to scream. Uttara put her hand on her mouth but she bite
Uttara jumped with pain.Mitti start to run on the bed and uttara run behind her stumbled and fell on floor.But she didn’t open her eyes. Everyone one feared.. Called her name”uttara.. “.But she didn’t wake up.Her eyes are closed. Swara splashed water on her face.
“Miiti killed uttara Di..?” Golu said in fearful voice.Mitti’s face changed she scared start sobbing.
“I didn’t do anything ?”. Said in a pleading sound.
Sanskar: “shut up golu she didn’t do anything”.
Kittu:”I think she goes to bhagvanji’s lap like pappa ?”.
Mitti: “uttara Di..don’t go to bhagvanji’s home ..we will miss u..pls come back.I will give u golu bhayya’s chocolates from his pocket pakka..voo I already ate my chocolates na ?” . She again start crying.Then trio start weeping.
.suddenly uttara opened her eyes “na bachaa nothing happened to me I was just kidding ??”
sanskar give her a angry glare? .But Mitti didn’t stop crying.swara put her on shoulder pated her head.
“Mitti look at me..nothing happened to ur Di..see her”.
Uttara feels guilty on her prank.
Some how she managed her to make sleep and laid in bed.
Sanskar:”uttara , kittu, golu u all go ..she will sleep here”.They go back to their room.
Swara leaned near to her and Sanskar on other side.Mitti’s thumb is on her mouth while sleeping.
“Sanskar ..I really miss Bobby..”.
“Yes am too..we will call Bidya aunty tomorrow.” They fell on asleep.
After sometime swara wake up and look into Sanskar who is in deep sleep.she came near to him rubbed her hand on his hairs.Then she walk towards the balcony stand there by staring moon.She is disturbed.. What’s happening to me..why this moon and stars looking different .. I want to count all these stars why..? I don’t know.Till now this feeling is unknown to me.I know him from years do I feel anything like this before I don’t know,but now am carving for his touch and want his presence around me. Yes I always miss him when he was not with me. I can’t bear anyone getting close to him more than me, may be all this bz of my friendship..may be..hmm. But this time more than a friendship I have a feeling that he is only mine and i have full rights on him,as a wife..?.Now I got to knew why marriage is very special thing to everyone. She hold her mangalsuthra and kissed on it.Goes near to the dressing table and looked into the mirror. she touched her forehead and filled sindoor there with ecstasy a tear escaped from her eye corner.
She came near to bed miiti is now sleeping edge of the bed , she try to turn her but she is again rolled to other side then swara placed a pillow on there.she came to Sanskar side there is a little space for her.She remember the morning after their wedding and rubbed her fore head on him .He became reddish due to her sindoor….look more cute on that red mark.A curvey smile appeared on her face. someone said love makes a person mad..its true that’s y am doing such crazy things.
Its 5am her phone rang continuously.. She wakeup it was uttara..
“Uttara what happened why r u calling”
“Bhabhi pls come outside the room am here.”
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Anji finally I updated .Thanku my friends for reading Ff and my silent readers love u all
Sree ur comments dear, they r valuble for me…
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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)


  1. Rosh

    hi, I really loved todays eps. I was amused after reading the bacha party dialogue. simply loved this eps., always amazing, tnx. Waiting for next eps. 🙂

  2. jaf

    Wow! U described the baccha party so nicely. Specially that suju & baccha party talks. Haha 🙂 golu will carry her for 12 months…. lol….

    Next part asap…..
    And pls gv swasan romance pls

    • sethooty

      Romance…its a difficult task for me to implement…i will try…
      u r commenting here for the first time na..thank u so much dr…keep reading

  3. Vini

    I simply opened the site n seeing this episode was like winning a lottery,now where to start ,so happy to see Uttara’s character getting so much of importance,kids,nothing to say,u have conveyed their nature,carrying mom inside basket,I was laughing ,u know why?marykku undoru kunjaadu movie,I watch it every time it comes on TV,Dileep’s character has told this ,no?remindede of that n all of those movie scenes came to mind,couldn’t resist laughing,then mango selfie wall paper n scene,nicely used in this episode, Sujatha character is so funny,I don’t watch real Swaragini nowadays but I am a big fan of Sonica who is playing Sujatha on screen…then I couldn’t check the previous episode,I am sure army would have had a nice time,tc…

    • sethooty

      ooh no i thought it will be a unique dialogue…actuall my cousin told this to his mum’ he will carry his mum in basket’
      and i laughed alot hearing this…mango scenes happened in b/w me and my cousins
      haaha it was full of fun…nature of the kids dialogues adapted from my cousins ,our army…Mitti
      remind me mickey’s character,kittu vaishu…haha…last episode they
      created so much of fun on chatting section lol..

  4. Vini

    And your ff is really good,writing also,very nice…keep going…before typing these I posted the first comment…

  5. Joya


    Awesome epi……………aaj to Smileys ki barish huyi hai ha………..

    Bachchaa party,mango scene, uttara’s prank,Swara’s emotions and behaviour, aankhon ki gustakhiyan maf ho……superb……..very nice………………..

    Dekh k yeh najara,chhand bhi muskuraya hai……..
    Sitaron se aasman ko tumhare liye hi sajaya hai…….
    Jan le wajah hai bahot khasss,
    Saari kaynat se jitkar,Ranjha tumhara,tumhare paaas aaya hai…………….

      • sethooty

        actuall i dont know joya i was disturbed…like iwant to cry a lot
        so everyone told me to divert ur mind….so start to reply ur comments
        u know what joya…i feel better…its true
        my Grandmaa was 86 year old and she was paralised hmm
        tomorrow we have some rituals that should be performed after death

      • Joya

        I wanna say that i m always wid u………. Just take care of yourself and ur parents also………………
        Agar tum muskuraogi to wo jaha bhi hongi tumhari muskurahat dekhakar khush ho jayengi…………….

        Take care……

  6. Shraddha

    Oh God such a cute episode??
    Bacha party killed it totally????
    I really love kids u know n enjoy reading such stuff?
    N God Swaras becoming crazyyyy in ur words Intoxicated with love hub??
    I m just waiting for her confession realisation toh hogaya
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    Today is my 1st annual lab exams peeps wish me luck?
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    • sethooty

      All the best shradha dr.for ur lab exam…….
      hey joya ne kaha he ki thum sankar ke liyee fast rehthee hum,,,…haha lol

      • Shraddha

        Haha lol joya will always be joya…..
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        U had a sad demise in ur family?ur grandma?
        That’s really sad…
        May her soul rest in peace….
        Take care of itself sethoothy tough times test u…. But she’ll be der in ur heart n in stars blessing u ?
        Take care of ur parents too

      • Shraddha

        Heyyyyyy Joyaaaaa……
        I.miss u all really???
        Kaise hu?
        Matt puch yaar…..
        Sem end hai na toh tboda exam pressure hai….
        Btw joya ur 3rd yr or fianl yr???!
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  7. Natasha

    Di its awesome..loved Bachcha party’s dialogues.. sujju’s convo WD them..And mango scene.. ?? love u di..BTW di When will Vini di upload her next chap?????? plz post next part ASAP..

    • Natasha

      And swara’s emotions and uttra’s character also…I think in ur ff for 1st time Uttara is getting this much importance..☺???

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      in real serial i like suju’s character she is very funny…………….
      keep reading dr,…thanku for the support….love u too………….

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    You forgot me to mention???? 👿 Not fair!!! I won’t talk wid uh Seeethoty!! ❗
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    • sethooty

      oh…OMG jyoti…u r always here dr..thats y didnt mentioned u in…haha
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    • sethooty

      vaishu kutty…am oky.dr…parents are fine now….
      thum logom ka asar thoo hey…everyone called me as a fun loving person…actually i dont know is it true or not…

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    • Nive...

      Finally they posted my cmnt… yesterday when i try to post cmnt in ur prev page.. i gt word press error- “u r pstng cmnt too quickly pls slow down” .. lol.. lazy cat like me how can post cmnt too quickly… moreover that was my first cmnt yesterday… I tried more than 20 tym… but all the tym i gt same error… I gt frustrated and went back without cmntng… 🙁 🙁 sorry..!!!

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      • anjali

        LOL!! So cutee….

        Buy an ice cream or a chocolate or a balloon!!!!
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      • sethooty

        Oh don’t say sorry nive…this happened with me many times Dr…
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      • Nive...

        if i bought all those stuffs.. when I reach home he get only empty packets… bcoz I too love all these… lol… ha ha ha… already gave his fav choco to him… and promised him to take out at wk end… now he is ok… 🙂 🙂

    • sethooty

      nive….miss u lot….what u doing dr…working?
      Actually these dialogues are adapted from my cousins convo…
      same pitch we had a mango party before 2 week…haha full of masti
      ys sanky spying something it will reveal soon….Rag and san..dont know what will happened next…haha

      • Nive...

        Yeah dr… I’m working… I too missed u… waiting for ur nxt epi…
        Ur cousin is vijay fan… thats grt… my elder sis also… she is mad on vijay… she is having all the sorts of vijay collection… we always used to tease vijay to irritate her… thats a kind of enjoyment… ha ha ha… my sis husband was so much of jealous on vijay… Sometimes he feel why dont he born as vijay… lol… ha ha ha…???
        and my 4th sis surya fan…

        ha ha ha… you’re imagining with kids… uk sometimes I will bcm lyk sujju f ur ff bcoz of them… ???

    • sethooty

      My cousin is vijay fan..they have vijay fan association here….in fb, watsapp his profile PIC is vijay Everytime his dialogue etc….and bt love Surya..haha

  11. Anjali

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      haha actually i have the same doubt why he become so dumb…haha
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    • sethooty

      Falguni miss u lot Dr….puppet show…means ‘meine payal he chamkayi…’ Song came into my mind…Falguni Patak..her albums are my fav …
      Swara she is crazy..haha…actually one of my friend , a book worm she is not interested in love and day she fell in that time her behaviour is like that..flying in air..

      • I m Gujarati dear.. n when i saw interview of Helly n Varun n know that they r also gujarati n from Ahemdabad i m on cloud 9.. so i like Falguni pathak’s Garba song more then Album songs.. don’t mind bcs we r more interested in Garba rather then any Dance.. i think ku6 zyada ho gaya..?
        N yes puppet show is my Hobby n it’s for kids n in that moral stories for children n their parents also anybody can easily understand wt we want to say from d puppet show n entertainment also involved so basically it’s fun to do that..
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      • sethooty

        Garba dance ..that performed in navaratri rite..?
        Wow I want to see ur puppet show…great Dr…
        Actually wen I was in college.. I always think that why this 3 letter matters everyone…. And am not aware of this that time…LOVE we could nt define this feeling until it catch ur soul and mind…
        Famous quote of a writer ..later it turn to be unsuccessful but u must fall in love atleast once in a life time..

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    Shraddha di anjali ki ff mai ,maine aapkho nick name rakha hai aapne nahi dekha kya??
    Joya di aapne shayari likhi ho aur hume pasand na aaye aisa kabhi hosaktha hai kya…nahi na

  20. Hi malar how r u dr actually I m busy with festival..hope ur well dr..actually today part was very u know in my house my cousin children has come they r so naughty dr..more than dis children. When dey come to my home means v can’t study only if I close door also they will shout and they will run and push d door..more than 15 children dr they will play under d bed some children play with TV some with computer then some fan..they all destroy it they r more naughty..more than tat do u know one time they call to ambulance…pls come uncle my mother is in emergency..and later they call to 100 police control room..then police control phone back to Thier house told dont give mobile to children..still more to say dr if u want to know pls ask me if will tell in detail.. at present 5 children in my home bec now my bhai and bhabhi had open new shop they make them busy in tat..yesterday they came to home and they went due to tat children my pug didn’t sleep only they made my pug(milly) eyes with chilly powder later we wash her face..its very difficult to take care of tat children and my pug also she is very naughty she always bite my hand leg and she tore my dress also..I. m became mad so difficult to handle her..really now a days children r so scary…..

    • sethooty

      Haha divya…ur naughty here like hell…plz plz tell me want to know more ….haha???????????? lol

  21. Which treat dr..Dr u want know more ah..Dr my cousin bro has 4 kids 3 girls one boy dr..another bro has 2 girls they r staying in our village only my cousin sis has one boy one girl..among dis kids more naughty is our suRya dr actually when he born he don’t havw mouth only he has only half nose..then they show to big hospital by taking hand leg hormone they do operation and all now he has mouth now he is perfect dr..Dr coming to him more naughty dr when he comes to our house I and my sis we will hide under dr..he will come and akka pls open d dr or else on d computer I will play in it. If i on means I want to forget my computer..then by doing cycle riding he broke his left hand now k then one time dog bite his right eye eyebrow then one time he went to burn Hut..last year in school he beat one boy till blood come..their came to our village they got call from school then they went to school teacher told to take him..later tat beaten parents told tat it’s k children don’t know anything unwillingly they fought no problem don’t beat him..Dr he is good but rough he help other and all he is intelligent also..last January in his area they kept GaNesha no one in their home he went to leave GaNesha to water with elder people tat to in highway lake by leaving he also flowing through water some people noticed they taken him out dr..if tat people didn’t recognise means today we have to lose him..then next he told he has 15 exam last exam on April 5th on 5th April corrected u send anyone to my school I will come to bangalore or else u send 5o rs I will come in bus only i know route and all..I want to come to ur village..if he is single he won’t make tat much naughty when he is mingle my God can’t say dr we have jack fruit trees in my village we tied thread and playing with swing due to dis naughty children tat branch only broken dr..they r doing example for monkey when we r travelling with car one will ask window sit one will ask driver give car I will drive pls uncle we know driving will play one will push..then every year we have fair in our village they will come one will ask ice cream one will ask will ask kitchen items one will doctor will tell i play joint wheel one will ask tat one omg it’s horrible..dis time only 5 children I can manage let c tomorrow wat can happen..even more is their one time dey tore my notes dr to play games. .they broke my fan remote they use it now as mobile fan..then they will ask mobile phone I will tell go to anu my sis in her mobile she uploaded new game for you go and play fast they will go and ask akka pls show game akka pls give mobile pls she keep pattern but fraction of second they learn and open it i and my sis run away dr..when dey come to my village they bring cake ice-cream for us they will come and akka u won’t eat know Ma akka don’t need ice-cream I will only eat k. His mother k pa…then akka u won’t eat chocolate know i will eat k..then night they will fight akka show pic in mobile play song akka..I keep serial hero photo means ur boyfriend ah they will ask..i too miss my boy friend i will go tomorow I want to play hide and seek in my home i don’t know he will miss me anta my best friend akka u know he is very cute..then later all will sleep incident I want to say I time I. M going to my granny grandparents house half kilometer only near my village only i don’t have one rs dr by walking I. M going my suRya sis name is Aishwarya..she silently coming with me dr when she see shop she crying dancing in road only omg all r seeing me only i told to get up she is not get uping she is sitting in mid of the road..I dont have money also to get chocolate..suddenly one bike came then also she didn’t get up dr..I feel like crying..then one truck it’should coming near near so near she run away I too run with her..later i ask her go and sit their only y u came back..she told tat I thought all village people run at me they will kiss me and scold tat bike uncle later he wil come at me and get me a chocolate but tat boy is kanjoose he didn’t stop only in ur village no peole only they don’t have eyes only time waste…if u want chocolate u do same way k..she told like tat..she is more clever dr..k bye tc sorry for boring..

    • sethooty

      Haha u and ur naughty nephews and niece haha…I don’t know how many times I read this haha ????? lol..Surya and aishwarya… more naughty loved them..haha

  22. Yappa u like them ah dont worry i will tell them ur fan is waiting for u..u come to fb I will do video and send to you u can enjoy more…then how r you dr wat treat u want dr…where is vini and our gang…I think they r busy….then dr today I took anarkalli dress in online shopping..most of d dress I took from online only pls tel some new online shopping site..because in flip cart snapdeal old dress only coming dr..then dr Wats your qualification .ur from kerala rite so only too intelligent ..then tel one film which u like most in any language i will watch tomorrow I want use net pack in dis week only……

    “Smile ever sadness never”
    “Speak ever silence never”
    ” share ever hide never”
    “Care ever forget me never ”
    ” Bcz we r friends for ever”
    gn dear tc keep smiling sweet heart

    • sethooty

      Divya loved them a lot..I’ve my kisses and hugs.. Actually whenever we have celebration or festival in our village or town we usually invite our friends to home, otherwise give them treat..haha
      Special sweets or food items available only that area or anything…
      Online shopping ..jabong is a good site,w,mynthra mobile app,yepme.
      I have master degree in IT.
      Films ..most of them r malayalam movies..last watched is Premam.
      Suggestion …really don’t know.. Didn’t saw anyone recently… Oky ..’Queen’ Hindi film
      Lovely lines Dr..????

  23. Vinita

    Oh god!!! Divya!!!!!!!!!!! Your cousins are just like my cousins!!!!!!!!!
    My own brothers(twins) are dangerous!!!!
    Sethu di I am aBHUKKAD?? I love to sleep ? eat and read ? books ???
    Sometimes just to irritate me my brothers say didi you are an airavat!!

    • Wow ur brother r twins ah so nice I like twins children in our family no twins children dr..I think u will also get twins children due to be prepare morning I will text sweety

    • sethooty

      Wow twins…loved twins a lot
      I want twins children.. At least 3 kids…oh god..???

  24. Gm u want 3 kids ah dont worry u will get 6 twins children means 12 children you can built cricket team..IT means wat no idea about tat..then coming to Malayalam film it’s very difficult to understand Malayalam..then dr do u hv fb account pls all come to fb v can create Group v can chat in tat know..our friendship will grow still strong.if u all like me means send friend request. .if u think I. M good girl anta u can send me otherwise no problem I won’t force you..because I don’t know after dis how to contact you.or how to chat with you….so i told dr…then in kerala for which God u will do pooja means which is yours sacred God. ..

    • sethooty

      6 twins kids omg not a super women..???. No one has fb account here Dr..I have but not active and interested in fb and watsapp. K let me chk in fb will send u…my god is vaikathappan(Lord Shiva) and krishnan

  25. Coming to treat I will get you pani puri or barfi and I will get u 12 cricket bat for your future childrens….and then for Joya I will gift one book..then for our sharadha I will get one hand bag..then for an ju I will get bangles and for shree cooling glass. And for my darling vini I will get hand karchief …friends pls guess y I am giving hand karchief to her……

    • Anjali

      heyyyy mickey!!!
      And you others!!!! 🙂 🙂

      It’s been soooo long!!!

      Exams ke chakkar me, Pagal ho jaungi mein…..

      So irritated I am right now….

      aap sabko pata h i have an exam even on SUNDAY!!! This is the absolute worst…

      I have no idea if i should shout at the coll or cry at home….

      Mujhe sona h yaar!!! Koi aakar coll dean se baat kar!!!

      ANYWAYS, Rups, How r ur exams going on???
      Shraddha…. data base?? went well??? When do ur exams get over??
      Joya hiii!!! 😀 😀
      vinita!! mujhe bhi mango do na…. mujhe bht pasand h 🙁 🙁

      Sethoo di!!!! hiiii <3 <3 <3

      Anu is very busy… par needhi kahan h….

      I complained a lot here… Bad anjali!!! 🙁

      • Shraddha

        Hey anjaliii!!!
        Well it’s Data structures sweety….
        To tell u it’s another kind of programming language like C I think u ve C now in 1st year
        Hell DS has 5-6 pages programs so?? it’s a bit annoying sub…
        Nevertheless Labs went good
        Toady all my lab exams got over now
        In few days theory will start
        Si this is if……
        How’s u doing??
        Wens ur Sem end BTW???
        N wen will u update next part?
        Have a nice day

    • sethooty

      Hi mickey.. Am here..
      About Vini..don’t tell her I told u about this…bz u all became worried
      she is not well..back pain ..
      I know how much u all miss her badly..
      2nd thing is a dreadful incident happened everyone is upset here including me and vini….I can’t tell u about that already spoiled my mood..

      • sethooty

        Wat to say Mickey.. Again again and again… …..we r not safe here…in our house..road, bus, school, college, in our mother womb ..we r not safe..
        I don’t want to discuss anything useless….

    • Shraddha

      I’m great Mickey baby??
      Actually no I’m not at all great HW can I ???jab sir par examsss ka bhoot hai??? hahaha
      How’s u???

  26. Hi Anjali..xms r going gud hihi?..n sach me mujhe toh bht neend aati h yr

    Pata h aaj xm hall me kiya hua mere sath..itni neend aayi thi mera aakh ekdom choti choti ho gaya n glti se ek ans wrong likh diya…aur yeh bat v xm khtm hone k baad pta chala?????…sach me itna neend aati h .kbhi kbhi lgta h so so k mar jau??

    • Anjali

      Haha…. ???

      Tum bhi na rups……

      Lol… during bio exam I slept off and thought of my next plot…. lol…. ???
      And then came back home and wrote that…

      SHRADDHA….yeah… we will mostly have that next yr….
      I Sem theory starts only in 23rd…. bcos of tn elections…. ????

      And pracs end on 11th…… so waiting for that….


      • sethooty

        Hey anjali do u know anything about Sree…I read her teaser.. Typhoid..
        Where is Anu…examzz fever..

      • Anjali

        well sree has typhoid!!! So she’s sleeping the enitre day XD XD

        And Anu!! Shehas her volleyball match tomorrow… So she’s a busy until tom…. <3 <3

        She will be back tom… 😀 😀

  27. Anjali

    Arre…… yeh vaishu ki bacchi ko kya hua???

    I haven’t spoken to her in AGES!!!!


  28. vinitha

    rups u knw this type of thing even happened with me!! even i fell asleep during my language exm once. sethu di i checked the news channel. nothing is being shown abt kerala… I had to literally snatch the remote frm my mahan bros. Are u all ok?
    tell vini di to take care of her..

    • Sach me yr Vinita..pata nhi kis mahan insan ki dimag me yeh pdhne ka idea aaya

      INSAAN ko sirf kuch cheez dena chahiye life me..
      4.chickenn ???? creammmm???
      6.yummy yummmy Cake
      7.chole bhtre
      9.Rhne k liye ek acchi c ghr
      10.Ek gari..koi v chlega..
      11.n jab har subha uth jau tab har side pe tsty khana hona chahiye

      • Aur batao guyz…sab kaha ho??

        ANJU clg me ho kiya?

        Vaishu n joya di?kaha ho yr?

        Sb log aaa jao..u khw guyz me na Chclte,n maggi kha rhi hu yuuuuummmyyyy???????????????????????.

        Kisi ko chahiye kiya????????????

      • Anjali

        Meine bhi maggi khaya
        … abhi….

        Hn… I just came back from college…. ab me sone chali… then 6 utth kar… agla chapter shuru karungi…!!!! ????

        VAISHUU KO KYA HUA????

    • Vinita

      Rupsikha!!!!!! Agar mujhe Roz koi ye sab de toh life will become wonderful for me!!!!!???☺

  29. Dr now mother get unconscious we went to hospital she didn’t speak dr full unconscious only i feel like dying dr now we came to home..pls Pray for my mother dr…

  30. Sneha grewal

    Sethoo when will you upload and Anyone know when will vini update???pls rply

  31. Vinita

    Good morning ??………….
    Sab kaise Ho???????
    Joya di…vaishu….. Where are u all??

  32. sethooty

    Hai sneha and anji…I will try to upload it tmrw…
    Brain is idea….huff

  33. sethooty

    Mickey and Vinitha..u heared that news…there is no such laws to save us from this.beasts… Hmm
    Mickey animals r better than them…bz dey only hunt their prey for survival…

  34. Tat day night mother has no conscious only later we taken to hospital now k dr due physiological stress some thing she has taken so much stress so doctor told to do council once…now k actually my mother takING so much tension due to my father he won’t care my mother now days he won’t talk to her then first of all they don’t have understanding mother think wat if my my father leave means wat can I do war about children society and all..bec she is not educated tat much she don’t know to lead independent life like us..then more she think about us..I and my sis told dont bother don’t take tension also means she will take more health problems but only mental stress dr now k..then how r you dr now ur fav suRya called me..then how r you all…… our festival ends….then dr all insert ur dp…I. m waiting madly to c u all…..????

  35. Joya

    Gooooooood morninggggggggggggggg guysssssssssss…………….

    Hum wapas aaye hai? swagat nahi karoge humara?

    Rups exam kaise chal rahe hai…………?????

    Vinita my dear how r u???????????? Tumhari joya di ab kabhi nahi royegi haaaaaaa……….

    Hi vaishu……….hi anjaliiiiii…………..

    Sethooty how r u dear??????? Is everything fine na?????????
    Wht’s abt vini di?how is she?????

    Hey shraddha……..
    Network eng. Aur languages ka koi connection nahi hai?.

    Missing u guys……take care of urself………………..

  36. K dr I will tell about you….I will take care about her…
    Dr i saw ur comment under one analysis nice dr actually I too feel d same d writer forgetting RAGLAk only he only focus on swara not ragini or other character I stop watching swaragini I only watch swasan scenes in fb…first story is very nice in beggining now dragging and making bore same story we have seen in many serial..not at all unique if they continue like dis trp will get down it will go away soon. .
    Coming to RAGLAK dey should give some interesting twist nd shd give some more role..swasan scenes they give doest have passion only they always hug or one kiss or crying tats it then swara always Detective sanskar will say i know ur very bold girl anta…RAGLAk always come and ask wat prb tel me pls give me some side role at least anta..dis adarsh pari always calm as they doing medidation like…then dadi i dont when she become good when she will become evil anta i dont know y director has given her split personality…and he director doesn’t know what is romance only..he doesnt no how show romance. .romance is nothing but we can create
    With their eyes..for RAGLAk by seeing their dress we came to know tat dey r consumed…god given very good brain director atleast use tat Danny laksh doesn’t getting any role..even danny role given some passion but laksh doesnt not getting it…. actually I love laksh he so cute charming if i am director I would have given chocolate boy role.. make use of him by giving some crazy things like fighting ragging with ragini then before swara ragini has born ragini should detectives first or both should not hide anything they should fight without compromise..bec they r swaragini but in dis serial swara all Detective has done at climax ragini will hold her hand swaragini song play in bg… .all people appreciate swara but our serial name is swaragini……instead of sumi make pari pregnant give some role..don’t bring any x love atleast for dp and ap….and thank god atleast u didn’t make dadi pregnant..I feel like laughing when I see dis serial…..if u would be d director of swaragini how will u proceed RAGLAk character pls tell me..what’s d director name……
    Sharadha just lab exam ge fear agbeda don’t take tension write calmly..all d best pa…yake nem state naLi exam late nam state naLi already finished dr……

    Joya dr how r u when ur exam will end I miss you dr..

    An ju u hv exam on Sunday in our state it’s common but lately it transfer to ur state tats it…all d best pa r u in fb….

    Vini ta thank u for ur concern my mother is well…hope ur exam finished then about gift wat u ask I will get for you….

    Sree pls take care typhoid is danger in dis season pls do check up daily take care pa..

    Hi vini how r you pls come back soon I want to tell so many things come back k..y u always go to kerala be in bangalore…bangalore is d safety place u go kerala u get sick ah pls take care if u not take care means I will tell ur husband to beat you….day by day ur becoming lazy I think u won’t eat food properly more than wheather is not good u and bhai go to ooty climate is nice u do full masti take selfies..go boating…and .1 week u give break to all things k…..

    Sethooty u don’t go ooty now only dr after ur marriage we both can go if u wish I come and show all places like a guide…or else u go with ur husband only bec u need twins urgent…I will book ambulance for emergency delivery…k tc

  37. Vinita

    Joyaaaa di!!!!! WELCOME back!!!!!!!
    U knw I got my results!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is sooo good!!!!!!!
    I want to do bhangra right now!!!
    When I saw the results I was so happy.. u knw my mother almost cried out of happiness!!!!!!
    Today I got a new mobile!!!!
    Till now I had a “baksa phone”………
    I always had to comment from my father’s mobile or computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Joya

    Goooooood morning guysssssss………….

    I m misssssssing u alot…….
    Shraddha and rups allll d best yr…………

    Hey vinita……
    I m so happy for u…..???????????? lo muh meeeeetha karo………congratulations………………????

    Hey divya…………..i stopped watching swaragini…..i reallly like tejwi’s acting skilll but only bcz of that i can not watch something like swaragini………

    Hey sethooooooty………..wht’s going on… r u????? Vini di ki koi khabar??????????

    • I too stop ed watching swaragini in my home no colors channel dr..I hv complaint to cable operator dr then how r you now a days ur so busy rite….

      • sethooty

        Hey same pinch.. Am also stopped watching da way how u guy’s.. Hey joya…fine dr
        Am writing next epi…thatz y am irritated it may be a boring one….
        I have doubt why u always called , I mean nor you..’oh gosh’..
        Is it sound god?
        Phir irritation.. For me writting is a hard task .

  39. Vinita

    First comment from my new mobile☺???!! Thanks Joya did and divya? now I am in shopping mall……
    Joya diiii pune har gaya???

    • sethooty

      Vinitha congratzz darling….
      New phone?????
      Lots of ice cream for u…?????????

  40. sethooty

    Divya my friends always tease me like DAT sethooty…. Don’t go ooty…
    Sethu r u from DAT??

    • So nice their is a proverb “Go to ooty…marry a beauty(like u)…come with penny kutty..very nice line know…

      Vini ta new mobile so much happy rite I too love my mobile very very much it’s my frnd mother father everything. …I too taken new Android mobile tat to for commenting. .my mobile is very lucky tat I m commenting d great friends and writer like u all .then advance happy mothers day to u all ..

  41. Vinita

    Thanks sethu di!!!!!!!☺????????
    Aap sab ke liye lots of roshogollas chomchom dorbesh and ice cream☺??????????

      • Vinita

        Rabindra Jayanti marks the birthday of kobi guru Rabindranath tagore. Rabindra nath tagore was born in 1861 in calcutta. He is a famous poet,playwright, dramatist , painter , philosopher , writer and he struggled lot for indias independence. He was the first asian to be awarded the novel prize for literature for his renowned work gitanjali (song offerings ) . He discarded his knighthood because of the jallianwala Bagh tragedy. He wrote our national anthem Jana gana mana and even Bangladesh ”s Amar Shonar Bangla (my golden bengal) . He wrote above 2000 rabindrasangeets (songs composed by him are known as Rabindra sangeet) .his each and every story has highlighted a social cause. We pay our tribute to this great person on this day . A lot of functions , gatherings are held in entire bengal. He died in 1941 and before his death he wanted to see India independent and blessed netaji subhas chandraft nose. Whatever I write about Rabindranath tagore is less . If you want to know more about him u can refer to Google and read some translated version of his stories.

    • Joya

      108 vi jayati hai na vinita??????????

      Happy ravindra jayanti dear………………

      Sethooty wht’s going on dear?????? Is everything fine na??????????

      Take care guys……………goood night……..

      Plz sapne dekhna qki aaj hum sab ko sapno me milne aa rahe hai…..

      • Vinita

        Good night ??????????? ………I will be waiting for you Joya di in my dreams☺?????
        It is 155 th jayanti………..

  42. Joya

    Ohhhhhhh…………….that my would be archeologist……………..

    Vinita humne news me suna tha ki Mamta banrji Netaji se related kuch secret documents ki files open karwane wali thi unka kya huaaaa……….

    Gooooooooood morning guyssssssssssssssssssssssss…………….
    Utho tum sab k sapno me aakar bhi hum jaldi uth gaye……… Chalo utho sabbbbbb………..

    • Vinita

      Good afternoon ☺?????!!!!!!
      Netaji se related documents abhi bhi nehi khula . Even modi told that he will reveal those secret documents but nothing has been done till now??? this whole thing is related with politics ……………
      There are so many hidden secrets………..
      Sirf public se chupa hua hai……..
      Can u tell me who built taj mahal ?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.