Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 16)


Swara is standing near the stove her one hand is knife other hand is carrot..she didn’t know how to cut the vegetables. Sanskar came there snaked his hand over her shoulder and hold her wrist .Now her back is pressing against his chest and his hot breath is touching her nape.her beat skipped away and give a shiver on her spine.she closed her eyes.He leaned down until his lips brushed her ear and said in husky voice” what’s going on here I think my shona need my help”. His voice echoing her ear.she jerked
“What you doing if anyone see us like this , leave my hand “.
“What …but u said na u want my help”.
Swara:”no I never said”.she smiled sheepishly.
“What happen to u bhabhi..early morning u wakeup me now telling u don’t wanna help?”.
Swara: “bhabhi.? .she looked back uttara is standing there with a horrible expression.
“Uttara when u come” she said in mind oh god did she saw Sanskar in kitchen but where he gone.
“I came here nearly 20 min before when i thought to cut the carrot but you r saying leave my hand, am going bhabhi”. she make a pout face.
Swara:”No uttara my jaan ,Yes I want ur help for making gajar ka halwa”.
” oky then let’s start”.

In dinning table it was her first kitchen ritual..Dp give her shagun and he goes to office.Sanskar in a hurry sit on dining table.
“Mom am getting late I will only eat this bread toast.”
Annapoorna:”No Sanskar u have to eat full by day ur getting slim.Today is swara’s first kitchen ritual “.
Swara serve him halwaa.
He tasted it give a wow expression to her.
Ap:beta u also have ur breakfast. I will serve him”. she seated beside uttara and staring him continuously like seeing him first time. Sanskar is aware of this fact that someone gaze falling on him. He is bcy in eating paratha fastly.Ap scolding him to eat properly. Swara is losted in him.He is now eating like a kid by chewing his fingers.
“Mom plzz no more stomach is full there is no single space left”.
AP make him to drink milk. Milk is spread all over his upper lips.she smiled seeing this winks him to wipe.But AP wiped it with her pallu give him a cute expression in his face.she looking him continuously without blinking her eyes.Uttara is watching all these .First she waved her hand into face no response.Then she dipped her finger in hot coffee. No reaction. At last she left all her efforts to brought her from dream world to present.
Sanskar finished his breakfast.
“Mom finished” he said it by looking his empty plate.
AP smiled and caress his hairs lovingly.
“That’s like my good boy”.
“Mom u r messing my hair”. Swara sighed if she would be AP’s place she will mess his silky hair again and again.
“Mom ,Swara, Uttara am going bye”.

Heading towards the door .she called him from behind.
He stopped there.she came in front of him corrected his collar. He smiled at her pated her cheek with his palm.
“Bye shona take care”.
she freezed there and placed her hand in her cheek with a smile walk towards her room like a robot.she is moving like a her toes are in air.she didn’t see any hurdles in her path.Uttara ran towards her and removed chair from her way, then curtains. She slowly walk towards the stairs and Uttara following her like a bodyguard.She sometimes moved chairs, flower vase here and there in order to clear her way .Finally she reached her room but she moved towards the wall thought it was the door ( as u know her range is cut and she is in out of coverage)and her head touched the wall.Poor uttara how can she replace the wall from her way.
“What is this Swara u r careless ” Sanskar yelled .He seated her in bed blood is oozed out from fore head he wiped out with cotton and dressed her wound.. While she is bcy in staring him.when he done she leaned over his chest by placing her head on the shoulder.
“Thanku Sanskar”
“Sanskar ..? What is this bhabhi am the one who dressed ur wound , removed all chairs from ur way and thanks goes to Bhai. This is not fair So much work I have done today see this am sweating”.
Again you..?
Uttara:”again me..? u thought me as Sanskar bhai”.
Swara placed her palm on head..hallucination…
Uttara said in mind it’s not hallucination ur nuts have gone.
Uttara: “ha ha bhabhi this is called hallucination. first stage of take rest I will come after sometime “.

She leaned to the bed by placing a pillow on her lap.
“Oh god what happening to me why always feel his presence everywhere.what was am thinking about him before. Swara he is ur friend u can’t imagine him like that”. But from her other side of heart told her” Swara u r such an idiot he is ur husband, u have the rights on him. Behave like a wife stay like a friend “.
“No Swara don’t do that what will he think about u “.
“What the hell Swara..entire life do u have a plan to go ahead with this friendship drama ,as u know very well u love him..ask ur inner soul dr”.
she dozzed off.
After sometime she awake look around the room.Her eyes stopped on his travel bag.She take out used clothes from his bag that he brought from shimla.A note book fall from clothes..Green covering with a red rose picture on it.she saw this book many times on his room drawer, but did nt open it.Now she has no hesitation ..she had a feeling that everything on this room is her.she slowly open the page.on the first page ‘My heart’. Second page some quotes are there..
“When u start to walk alone on those grassy path blow of winds,rustling of leaves will make u feel someone presence ..
when u turn back u may not found anyone..but I was always there for u just behind u ,following u like a shadow, without letting u know about my foot step sounds my love…”

Turned next page
You r my fragrance
I want to be the first drop of rain who always wants to fall on u ..
Like rain fall on earth which spreads the fragrance of soil on atmosphere.
You r the fragrance of my soul
Which is the reason of my breath.

She close the diary and remember Ragini once said that he used to write poems and short stories…when she walk on the coridoor she feel someone presence behind her..she turned he is there with a cute smile but disappear..
She slowly walk towards the corridor.A melodies song playing on her ear and mind…
“Dil ne kahaa chupke se
yeah kaya huvaa chupke see
Kyom naye lage rahe yeh darthi gagan
Mein ne poocha thoo boli ye pagli pawan
Pyar huvaa chupke se
Yeh kya huvaa chupke se”
Its raining outside. She catch some rain drops on her hand and walk towards the garden starts to feel the rain…

Maine baadal se kabhi
Ho maine baadal se kabhi
Ye kahaani thi suni
Parvaton ki ek nadi
Milne saagar se chali
Jhoomti ghoomti
Ho naachti dolti
Kho gayi apne saagar mein jaake nadi
Dekhle pyaar ki aisi jaadugari
Chaand khila chupke se
Pyaar hua chupke se
She is unaware of the fact that 3 pair of eyes r watching her.
“What she doing…”. mitti look others questionably
“I think her exam results came and she failed”. Golu said.
“She is not like u who always got eggs on maths paper buddhu.I think she scored well that’s y she is dancing “.
Kittu corrected him.
“What’s going on here bachaa party?” Uttara’s voice intrupted them.
Mitti pointed fingers towards Swara..
Uttara muttered ” this is not hallucination bhabhi.. Love intoxicatnt love ..”


Hi guys I know I stopped last chapter in Ragini POV..already typed that part but some correction needed and some scenes are yet to be finished. Am bcy with some personal matters so I couldn’t able to type now sorry..will post it asap.guy’s my all chapters have no proof reading..plz forgive me if any mistake found.Actually I typed a long one but now it possible to upload one part.
Thank u for ur support my friends and my silent readers.. I know am irregular sorry for that….

Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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