Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 15)


“I hate u sanskar” .Yes i remember said it on our first met.Ragini sighed by looking her childhood photo on the wall.
I was a 5th grader at that time.When I reached home from my school he is sitting on the sofa having tea didi also sat besides him and my mom is bcy in serving sweets.But am fuming with anger he is the same guy I saw with didi in ice cream parlour yesterday now he came to my house .This is the first time I saw someone getting close to my Di other than me.I dropped my bag on the floor with a bang ran towards her sat on her lap by hugging her tightly.
Swara:”Ragu this is my friend Sanskar.. Say hello” she point turned towards him .”San I told u na my barbie Ragu” saying this she kissed on my cheek. He smiled at me, searched on his pocket forward a chocolate packet to me.”This is for u kiddo”. But I kicked that chocolate from his hand. “I hate u stay away from my Di she is only mine”. Everyone shocked by my behaviour. At that time i was very childish stubborn girl my Di pampered me a lot like her own child. sometimes more than my sumi maa.she always sing lullaby for me make me sleep on her lap saying fairly tales.Always feed food from her hand, I didn’t have any friends except my sister, then how could I bear someone else with her.
Everyone try to make me carm, but started crying rolling on the floor like road roller weeping continuously.Sanskar left from there without uttering a word.But my maa and baba very angry at me but Di console me promise me that she is only mine.
But destiny played another game he met with an accident and she can’t stop herself to go there. Like karan johar film they again come to close.Day by day thier friendship bond increased.But her love to me doesn’t decrease it always remain the same.Reason on my hatred towards him was I don’t want to share my Di love with anyone. I tried many things to separate them but it all goes on vain.Then I used with thier friendship. I can see a pain in her eyes when he was away from her that pain is also for me.I know we r important factors in her life. So I accept thier friendship and I must say he has some magic on his hand that how he bind my Di on him.But I hate him from the crore.

One day I got a mischievous idea when I go to saloon with my mom.I saw that bhayya cutting hair, he is an expert in cutting.I watched this with widened eyes and much curiosity.I want to try this.Everytime wen i play with dolls ‘guddi gudiya ka khel’ Didi become my mother in law and i was her bahu.Bahu always make paratha and kheer for her sas..After sometime I will faint on floor giving good news to her.I always like to play as pregnant lady and enjoyed my godh bharayi.But now I lost my interest for this sas bhau game.Want to play something very interesting and different. So I become a hair cutter and Di is my customer.She has long curly hair up to waist.I cut them with excitement. Loved that sound wen scissors gone through the hair..kirr kirr kirr….I done it with much pleasure.After few time I noticed her hair become shorter till shoulder. Suddenly I stopped.seeing this my maa scold me.but my Di has no effect on this. She pated my head in way that I had done a great job.I gazed at her she is now look like a porcupine bz of uneven hair cut.I started crying by thinking what I did..But stopped wen someone rage voice reached on my ear.I turned Sanskar is standing behind me with his crossed legs and one hand is on wall .
“Ragini u did this “. I noded my head.

“I will give u 10 sec for escape from here .will start count down two..”. I know what will happen to next ,he and mine tom and jerry fight already started.
I ran away from there and reached the playground, look back he is not there.I gasped .But at very sec some liquid oozed out from my face to neck.Yeah he poured a bucket full of liquid on my head, I smell rotten eggs and tomatoes. He lifted me on his arms placed my head on his shoulder , we r moving like ‘Vikramadithya and veethal’.Play ground was muddy bz of yesterday rain , he throw me on muddy ground.Now I become a clay model..I was angry dragged him towards me ,and pulled his leg he also fall on to the mud and climbed on his shoulder like a chimbancy started beating.we started fighting but difference is that I only beat him and he try to defend me on my each war. if he start to respond one thing is sure I will reach on god’s lap. At that time I was too short like a foot ball and his one kick give a straight goal to the post.But swara Di came in between us and got hurt.Then we stopped fighting.That was the beginning of our hatred its already started.But we enjoyed every fights. As time passes I changed a lot , I got many friends circle.This is bz of Sanskar otherwise I will roam in between Di only.
In school Everyone call me as “Rowdy Ragini”.Teachers and principal bear my mischief only bz am the topper of the school. At that time am a teenager I questioned about his relationship with Di. In my plus two classes I start a job as love guru, though I have no Boy friend , reason is everyone afraid to propose me and am also not interested in them some of them are chipko type rest will be book worms.well I have no experience in such matter so i thought it should be start from my house.Hearing my quest he throws eggs and tomotos in my head .First time I saw him irritated and disturbed.About my Di..I didn’t ask she only knows the word ‘Book’, even she doesn’t know the spelling of ‘Love’ and she is the first girl who start snoring in theatre when we go for a love story.what to say one of god’s amazing creation. So I stopped asking them ..and also left my love guru job, i understood thats not my cup of tea.

On my first year college.I was called to HOD’s Room.This is the 5 th time she called me for warning during the 6 month period.
“So Mr. Sanskar I forget to ask u about the relation between u and Ragini”.When he was about to say something. She intrupted
“Voo madam my kaka kae kaki ke chachi ke mami ke nanad(sis in law) ke beta. Son of Annapoorna. ” she said it in one breath.
Prof:”what..? Kaka ki ki..what ever. Mr Sanskar already met his Dad before two times.But this time he got chicken pox , that’s why I agree to meet u.When I insists this girl to bring her dad, she told me that she will bring his dad on ambulance.Can I ask u something in ur relation she is the only one left or anyone more like her..?”.He chuckled.
“No madam by god grace she is the one unique piece in ma family and whole Kolkata”.By saying this he turned his gaze to me.I grinned.
“By the way what happened mam , what’s the matter?”.
“What happened no, ask me what she had done..”.
“What she did, i really want to know plz”.
“She hit one of her senior head with shampain bottle, somehow I managed the situation.if this news reached prici’s ear u know very well what will happen next.”He gulped his saliva and looked back to me.I give him a ‘O’ expression.
Ragini:”Mam he challenged me to do this, u know Ragini never hesitated to take any challenge.and He didn’t get any injury.if princi get knew about this he will dismiss the gang for drinking alcohol in college and I know u r trying to protect them.”.Prof did nt replied.
“Oky oky we will discuss it later u go, I have some urgent work here.Thank u Sanskar nice to meet u”.
I smiled victoriously.when we came out of the room he said there is no role for him you already solved it.I give him a naughty smile.
“Ragz this is dangerous if something happened to him what we do”
“Actually Sanskar that bottle is usually used for stunnds , its not a shampain bottle and I quickly changed it . No one will gonna hurt by this act I practiced well it before.”
“Mmm intelliget”.He said. I shrugged with pride and said.
“Thank u”.
“Friends?”. He forwarded his hand.
I too forwarded my hand but immediately withdrawed ,rubbed my fore head with a attitude look.He sighed and walk away from me.I called him ,he turned ” Sanskar we r already friends na ” smirked. He give me a HiFi expression.Slowly we become friends.after that we share a cute relationship.
When Laksh prepose didi.there is a question arise on Sanskar’s marriage. In between they talk about our match. I was in hell shock really don’t know how they got such mad idea .I did nt except this , I never think about him like dat..that night sleep left me alone.but I didn’t share this to didi.
Next day I came to meet sanskar at MM .. then I came to know about his secret lover.

Precap:Love love intoxicant love…

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  11. Wowww seetu di dis epi is really too good yaar…..their fights were really cute nd lovely…they were really too nice ….I totally enjoyed reading d epi dat too in pleasant rainy atmosphere….u know wat few years ago d same hair cut incident happened with mee too, dat time my bro was in 2nd r 3rd class he took scissors nd cut my hair same as swara I didn’t reacted much but my mother scolded him like anything dat after dat day he did’nt dare to touch scissors……lol u made me to memorize dat incident….finally episode is really amazing

    1. Haha… That’s so funny… But I did it with my mom…just 2 inch cutted,without her knowledge.. My mom screamed wen she saw her hair in my rite hand scissors in left hand…haha

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  18. Sethu di!!!!!!!!! U and your ff both are awesome!!!!!! Love u add your ff!!!
    Even my brothers did this with me. When I was sleeping they simply took a scissor add stated their mischief. Only little bit was cut but they received a good sermon from my mother and a slap from me!!!!!!
    Another day when I was studying they quietly came and put the scissors near my neck and said ” didi now you are jian and both of us are doremons. Doremon will not leave jian. Ha ha ha!!;” I was extremely scared that day. That day they received a very nice scolding from my mother and I enjoyed it so much!!!!!!!
    U knw I love this army of us so much!!! I do not have any elder sister(there is one par hona ya na Hona same hai) all my cousin’s are younger than me. Some of my l cousin bros are elder than me but I always wanted alot of elder sisters. That’s why this army is so special to me!!!;
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    2. Good morning dears,haha,Joya and Vaishu, u think I will forget our army,what I meant is one line above where teachers tolerating everything because she is a topper(reminded me of Niti,I mean somewhere in her comments I have read that),then coming to Shraddha baba(she had written I think that those who didn’t know her used to think she is over serious and a classmate of hers who wanted to propose her friend thought it is better to go directly than asking for Shraddha’s help ,so that mediator role above reminded me of her,n regarding our army, even I am surprised how we all became so close,now somewhere when we surf down the memory,even after years, I am sure I’ll find this ie,Mickey,Joya,Shraddha,Vinita,Sethooty,Niti,Vaishu,Needhi,Kriya…..

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      2. Hi eveyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I have hidden something from u all. I am feeling guilty thatswhy have decided to tell u all this. Please gussa mat hona and joote chappal mat marna.
        I am writing a ff but it is extremely filmy. I mean it has no head and no tail, pura filny hai. People will throw rotten eggs after reading that ,aisa ff hai.
        Acutally, last week I wanted to watch sholay and there was loadshedding so I was upset then I decided to write a ff which will be totally filmy!!!!!!!!

      3. Hindi toh achi heh par sach boliye yeh aaphi ke lines hai ya phir baaju mai koi baitkar aapki help Kar raha hai ????……boliye boliye sach boliye ???…….par ha if those r ur lines then ur r8 only ur Hindi is r8 only di… know how to speak also not only understanding hindi ….but the problem is dat here also u r feeling shy to speak hai na??????(iski ans mujeh jarur chahiye)

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      6. Haha vaishu.. Hindi lines are mine..I know Hindi write speak everything.. Bz my 2nd language was Hindi on my college school days.But not used to speak anyone..I know I will manage to speak.after mother tounge Hindi is my fav language , like to watch Hindi channels and films.
        About shyness I don’t know….

    2. Arre I did not write that comment!!!!
      My bhai wrote that sabke sambe mera izzad ka faluda banane ke liye. Usko Maine acha punishment de diya hai? but what he wrote is true!! Please don’t laugh reading my ff. The name is a story of true love. 5 epi s are posted. It is filmy!! Chappal mat marna.

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