Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 14)


Hai friends in Kerala today is vishu so ‘HAPPY VISHU” to all. Assamese also celebrate ‘Bihu’..and I think to day is Tamil new guy’s enjoy the day..
His legs are still paining, she hold his hands for support.
Swara:”Sanskar we r going straight to my house for lunch, already took permission from Mom and Dad.I will drive u don’t worry”.He didn’t reply anything simply noded.
A familiar voice heard from their side
“Swara and Sanskar”.
“Prof.Tripati “she whispered.
“Good morning sir” they said in one voice.
“Sir u here”
Prof:”You have the only rights to visit the temple “. they smiled.
“By d way 4 years left, both r same glued together and Sanskar the photographer, followed ur passion that’s really great man”.He tapped Sanskar shoulder. seeing her mangalsuthra .
“Swara u got married ahaa where is ur husband “. she had a sheepish grin on her face. she raised right hand thumbs up towards him.
“Where..?”. He looked here and there.
“Sir here”. He again confused.
“What !”.
This time his face became serious.
St. Paul’s college Final year BBA class
Prof Tripati: “This is the last chapter from this module. So guy’s refer those books from library for further clarifications. ”
Students: “Thanku sir”.
Prof:”so guy’s 20 mind remaining.let’s start a discussion about nonacademic topic.What’s your plan about valentines day on coming week”.
Neena:”Sir I have no boy friend “.
Vibhav:”me also sir”. He raised his hand with a puppy face.
Prof:”So Neena and vibhav that pblm solved, u discuss each other for ur plan.”.Everyone in class laughed.
Swara:”Sir am not interested in all these stupid things”.
Prof:”so on valentines day u r going to temple with ur boyfriend lol.”
Swara:”Exeuse me sir I have no BF”.
Prof:”So Sanskar is ur brother”.
Swara:”What…he is my bestie not my BF”.
Prof:”ha later this bestie will become ur life partner”
Swara:”No way , He is my friend that’s it.and don’t believe this love relationship in b/w my studies “.
Prof:”You r very unromantic person swara.seriously u r a book worm who only knows how to eat books perfectly and fastly”.whole class laughed at her.This time she become angry .
Swara:”class is over na I want to go library”.
Prof:”Go go whole books r waiting for u..if u want u can sleep there also , I will ask permission to librarian”.
She stamped her foot on the floor.But he continued.
“Bachoo don’t spoil ur life by arranged marriage. Search ur life partner ur own risk..enjoy ur life.”
Swara: “How can you state that arranged marriage will spoil ur life”.She said it in firm voice.
Prof:”So u believe arranged marriage is good?”.
Prof:”So many divorces are here , how can they stay happy with marrying strangers.can you give me an example how can be a couple happy if its a arranged one?”.
Swara:”Sir my parents are leading beautiful married life past 25 years. Yes their was arranged one.” At that time bell rang.Hearing her anw he become speechless.She smirked at him last she scored.
She is sitting on a bench in the college garden.But her face become pumpkin.He tapped her shoulder.
“Hey shona u r look like a theekhi mirchi”
Swara: ” voo prof Tripati, what he think himself, he made fun of me and called You as my BF , when I refused he start to give lectures on arranged marriage love marriage ..blabla..huf”.
Sanskar chuckled.
Swara:” Do u think am a unromantic person?”.
Sanskar: “Yes”. He winks
Swara:”what ..u too Brutus “.
I make a pout face.
Swara:”You know San this is not waiting for him”. she gasped.Hearing this he is in shock
Sanskar: “what..but Who..?
Swara:” The one who is going to marry me, the one who will be chosen by my parents . I want to give that love and passion in my heart to my would be husband only .in my POV if it would be a arranged or love whatever

Rishta to wo hai hamaree liye
Jisme koyi bandan ha ho yah na ho
Bus us rishtey se chootne kaa dill
Kabhi na karee…kisi ki sasoom se humari dhuniyaa bhar jayee…

Sanskar :”Ahaa then tell me about ur expecation about him, am also want to know what my shona will prefer”. she bite her fore finger
Swara:”Actually I have less demands, mm I want a friend like u as my husband”.
Sanskar: “his profession ?”
Swara:”he should not be a business man, different profession like singer , actor, photographer ..”
Sanskar: “Then next his look”
Swara: “His look is not a concern for me, but if I got a handsome guy like u..I will be happy bz I always like to pull someone cute cheek”. Saying this she pulled his cheek.
Sanskar: “Shona leave me yaar.I am not cute..oky next his attitude and passion”.
Swara:” He should be genuine and mainly a good human being “.
Sanskar: “like me..?”.
Sanskar :”Then next “.
Swara:”Most important he should know how to ride bike..I love those night rides in rain with u..”.
she continued …
Sanskar: ” yah u r rite u have less demands.. “..
Prof.Tripati congrat us and said as he know this would be happen in future.But he is very happy seeing us together.
We drive off to swara’s house.when we reached there Ragini ran towards us ,Seeing my face her face faded I can see heat in her eyes.she hugged swara and completely ignore me.Sumi aunty give a wet smile, I know she can’t digest the fact that we married.
Ragini: “Di what is this u r with him”.
Swara:”He is my husband Ragu”
Ragini: ” oh really then what about Laksh ?”.
Swara:”Ragu we can talk this topic later”.
Ragini:”But Di”.
Swara:”plz my ladoo”.
Swara in mind i know Ragu what’s going on my mind .but if I tell u the truth , u will not going to leave Laksh easily. I can’t let u do anything against Laksh. What all happened is my fate can’t blame anyone.Now I am happy. “.
Sumi called them for lunch.Ragini and sumi serve food.
Sumo:”Give him Rasogula”.
Ragini grinned. Said sarcastically
Ragini:oh my dr jiju..this is specially made for u with my own hand”.He looked at her doubtly.He said in my mind this much showoff something fishy. He suddenly pulled her hand sit her beside him.feed 2 or 3 Rasogulla’s on her mouth forcefully, Her cheek like become balloon.She didn’t get time to resist me.But she eat whole rasogulla slowly.I watched her expression, Looked at me with fuming eyes she will going eat me. At that time swara also start to eat Rashagulla from my plate.she also look normally. Then I took one and eat it .its very tastey. Ragini give me Disgusting look when we about going back to home.
She stopped me.
“What u think Mr.Maheshwari I mixed poison in ur food.”
“No I thought u will play any prank to me”.
“Prank r u serious that’s to with u, never , I can only make fun of my friends or who is very close to me not with u oky”.
Sanskar:”Year’s back I can see a 10 yr old girl holding swara’s hand standing in front of me .U r still my kiddo that gonna change at any circumstances.when we first met what u said did u rememberthat”.she whispered “I hate u Sanskar “.
“OOh u still remember good”. He smiled walk away from there.
Hi guy’s Thanku so much for the love and support.. And my silent readers.The line quoted in Hindi is written by ma friend goes to her..I love her each poem.That college scene is adapted from our conversation b/w joya shradha Vinitha and me…it’s already planned wen I start to write fiction…Jasmin are u writing fiction pls tell me the name…

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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