Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 13)


He looked at her once with his sleepy eyes “am i dreaming”, but again dozzed off fall on bed .After few minutes suddenly opened his eyes with a scream “No its Swara”, awake from bed looks at her .She is sleeping beside him peacefully.Pillows are arranged other side of the bed ,one of them is fall on floor “Yah it’s not a dream”.His voice intrupted her sleep and she awake.He is trembled and she smiled at him
“Shona u r here..?”. He hold her hand unbelievingly said in mind “yah she is here now it confirmed”.she didn’t answered him.
“Uttara told me u r in mom’s house”.
“Yes I visited there to complete my phag phera rasam.Mom and Dad told me that they will complete the ritual on behalf of u”.
Sanskar: “oky..but why didn’t u go back”.she is about to say something but he cut her words.”
“Oh u r waiting for me to tell everyone about our separation na, that’s good , we will do it today itself. By d way when u came here. I didn’t see u in the room”.
Swara:”Voo actually when u go for shooting to Shimla, I shared uttara’s room with her. Yesterday I came downstairs to drink water bumped with mom and she told me that u came.I came here to see u but u already slept, didn’t want to disturb you sleeped on couch, but two times fall on the floor from there, oh god how u managed there to sleep, so I came on bed.”
Sanskar: “You fall from couch,is anything happened to u shona ..r u oky ?and why didn’t u go back to uttara’s room”.He held her shoulder with concern.
“Actually uttara give this idea to surprise u”.Then she noticed his chest and hand is bandaged.she touched above there.
Swara:”what happened..? ”

Sanskar: “it Just a minor accident on shooting”
Swara:”what You didn’t informed me about this”.
Sanskar: “its a small injury and I was bcy that time I don’t want to upset u all”.she narrowed her eyes angrily.
Swara:” What San u didn’t call me full week and ur phone is also switched off and one week I was restless. But this is too much , u got accident and didn’t informed us.”.Her eyes become moist.
Sanskar: “am sorry”.
Swara:”what sorry huff…u didn’t care about me, it s hurting San, you r injured now i got to know about this”.
Sanskar: “I am really sorry shona. Plz forgive me”.
She leaned to his shoulder placed her head on there and her one hand is on his chest.
Sanskar: “Please”.
Swara: “I said no”.
Sanskar: “Please”.
Swara: “No you completely avoid me san”.
Sanskar: “No shona, its not like..”. Suddenly she lift her eyes and looked into his eyes.”
Swara:”Don’t lie”. He avoid her eye contact.
Swara: “Look at me San”.He again looked at her ,tears are forming on her eye corner.
Swara:” why did u avoid me this much sanskar “.He can feel her pain through eyes.
Sanskar: “You should ask this to yourself shona “. Slowly pearls are rolling out from her eyes.He catches them on his hands.
Sanskar: “I don’t want this to fall on floor, want to catch everytime with my hands before falling. I think my destiny wouldn’t allowed me to do this”.
They r very close to each other that his breath continuously touching her nose tip and they have a intense eye lock like they didn’t met for a decade.
Suddenly he realised his position and move backward.Covered his bare body with a blanket.Swara make a ‘O’ face by his sudden move and laughed.
Swara:”You r behaving like am going to molest u”.He felt embarrassed.
Sanskar: “Swara can u pls give me my shirt from cupboard, its bz of my wound got hurt I didn’t wear it last night.

Sanskar: “what”.
Swara:” haha , you go and freshen up first. we have to go temple early morning, Mom told me that today have to perform some important pooja”.
He ran towards the washroom. She smiled.After sometime door is knocked, she opened uttara is in door step with a sharp look and a naughty smile fited on face.her one hand is placed on her waist.
“So madam is here, am searching you here and there .When bhai came back u forget about me, left from room in midnight, can’t u wait for few hours ..this much love”.she said it in a teasing tone. Swara blushed unknowingly
Swara:” voo..1 week left told me ..I drink water..” She stammered..she even doesn’t know what she said.Uttara give her a confused look.Placed her palm on her forehead
Uttara: “what …hey hello sweety cutie bhabhi chill I think ur mind out completely, its fully concentrated on bhai only na .seeing your face I must say today we don’t need to buy tomatoes”.
She touched her face said in mind , what am blushing .
“By d way where is Bhai”.
Swara: “He is in washroom for 1 hr, I think he slept there”.
Uttara: “ u r not allowed my…”
She intupted her by putting her forefinger to uttara’s lips
Swara:” shh ..Don’t say again anything rubbish”.she playfully hold her ear
Uttara: “haha but am happy for u both..u really love him so much ”
Saying this uttara kissed her cheek and ran away.She touched her face.. “Love..?”.
Meanwhile Sanskar’s sound came from washroom.
“Swara I forget to take my clothes am in bath towel” he said it in hesitation.
“Oho San come fast we r already late..and u spend so much time in washroom, bz of u I used guess room to get ready..but u r still there “.
He came and searched for his clothes in wardrobe. She is combing her wet hair.
“Sanskar can I .. , have to take my Jewellery from wardrobe”.
“One min”. In hurry burry he took wrong combination dress and some of them falls on the floor.”
She turned by covering her eyes with hand.
“What u doing my sanskari pati dev”
“1 min shona”

Swara:”Its has been half an hour you r saying 1 min shona 1 min shona. Am going to open my eyes.” She said it in teasingly.
“No wait”. He did a sudden move to dressing room and slipped.
“What happened…?”.
“I think my room floor missed me badly. So they r trying to kiss me”.
She laughed.He changed his clothes, but can’t walk properly.
Swara:”oh god your leg is also got fractured”.
Sanskar: “no it just slipped now “.
They came to downstairs, all r waiting.
Uttara look at him widened her eyes. “Bhai with in one night u become handicapped”.
AP:” oho uttara he got a minor accident in B/w shooting, But yesterday ur legs have no pblm then now”.
Sanskar: “ha morning my legs slipped am alright don’t worry, where is Dad “.
Ap:”He is waiting outside”.
They reached the temple.After completing pooja Swara and Sanskar sit besides to a lake which is opposite to the temple.Everyone throw food to fishes in lake.They also buy some food and start to feed them.

Sanskar :” Today we will clear everything to our family “.
Swara:”San I submitted our marriage registration form”.
Sanskar: ” what u gonna mad…after that we should again apply for divorce and all”.
Swara:”who said am going to divorce u “.He looked at her unbelievingly.
Swara: “Did u remember about my promises that i had in beach.I want to bring real meaning of that 7 phera’s in our life , want to live with u another 6 lives San” she said looking into sun who is shining opposite to the lake side.Now his face is going to shine and it turn to pinkish ..
She look into his eyes , they r very intense and deeper than sea.”Everyday i want to see my reflection through ur eyes. I can’t live without u Sanskar,even I can’t breath without u, that room suffocate me when u r not there, I missed my best friend badly..I couldn’t explain u how much..don’t live me alone san”.
Saying this she kissed on his hand buried her face on his palm cried silently.
He said in mind ” I want to share u 1000 things from my mind, but still am 1000 miles away from you shona”.

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  2. Oh Sethoo awesome it was!!!
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    1. Actually in my story.. Swara’s character is bit complicated to understand… Now it become too complicated him to understand the situation.. Some people are like that…But in sanskar case we can easily read him…This my reply to jasmine and likhitha

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  12. I loved it dear,actually feeding fish at temple,a staff at had mentioned,paravoor one temple,name I forgot,amaada??there this ritual is there ,no?then ur story keeps me glued to it,nicely conveyed,Uttara has a good role as well in ur track,waiting for next,,do send me the link,pls.

    1. There is a temple in thrissur there also ..this ritual.. don’t know about the temple in paravoor.
      Actually bangali’s fav fish and sweets I add this ritual ‘feeding fish’.I really don’t know anything like that in Kolkata, especially in temple… I just loved there culture…

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