Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 12)


At Raipuri:
He reached the hospital. Dr.Yadav senior Psychiatrist, Labeled in golden letters in front of the cabin.He is waiting outside the cabin.Nurse yelled “Mr Sanskar Maheshwari plz come”.
He go inside Doctor Yadav 50-55 aged man with a salt and pepper look.I smiled ,seated opposite to him.
Dr Yadav:” Yes Mr. Sanskar tell me”.
Sanskar:”Dr want to know about this medical reports,Last time Laksh visited u.”
Doctor checked that medical report.
Dr Yadav:”yes I remember Miss swara Gagodia and i know u Sanskar Maheshwari .Already discussed about this with her fiance “.He raised his eyes brows slightly.
Sanskar: “yah Dr but now she is Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, due to some circumstances we got married, want to know about my wife health condition.Pls tell me in detail about this doctor”.
Dr Yadav: “Oh that’s so nice to hear u married her.Don’t worry Mr.Maheshwari there is nothing serious issue.yah but some irregularity in her behaviour that I observed, these are silly things we can easily recovered from it.May be for few months its difficult her to accept a husband wife relationship. Do you get what I meant”. He fixed his specs in nose which is about to slide down from nose tip.
“Yes doctor”.I noded

“Due to that incident she may go panic, Mainly she completly broken inside, but didn’t want to show in front of other’s.I mean she believe herself as an utter failure and outside behave as she is strong enough to face everything.This may lead to a serious pblm later. These are small and silly things depends on how u handle her.”
Sanskar: “There is a pblm Dr., already told u our marriage happened bz of some unwanted situations came. So we r going to separate, no we separated from this relationship. ”
Dr:”we or she?”.
Sanskar: “yah She gone”.
Dr:”oh come on Maheshwari do u still believe she can go away from u so easily “.Dr smirked. He widened his eyes due to his statement.
Saying this doctor leaned back to his chair, intertwined his fingers and placed back of his neck.
“Na bole tum na mein ne kuch kaha
magar na Jane aisa kyon laga me
Dhoop mein khila khai chand,
din mein raat hogayi …yeah pyar hi
Bina Kahe sune hi baat hogayi…”
He sang in his crack voice.He didn’t stop, go for another song.I said in my mind” oh god is he really Doctor or patient “.I intrupted him
” Doctor she is in her mom’s house.I really afraid if she came to know about her medical report, she will again shattered.I know time will cure everything, but before that i wont let her knew anything”
“Oh thats not a big thing, just go and take her with u.we can cover this matter.”
“Dr i cant bring her back”
“Mr.Maheshwari the girl who is a victim of gang rape recovered with in 2 week only bz of u,Dr.Raman already discussed me about it.Only u can handle her.Now she is in a confused state , she is stuck in b/w trust and reality of her life, it will take time”.After sometime
I came out from his room with relief.
Annapoorna opened the door.”sanskar 1 week left ,I thought u completely forget us, swara is very upset these days, why didn’t u call her?”
Sanskar: “Mom I was bcy these days due to hectic schedule”.
Mom:”what happened to ur hand”
Sanskar: Nothing a minor accident “.
Annapoorna: “what accident..u didn’t informed us San, nowdays u r very careless”.
She hold his hand with concern.
“No mom its a small injury, don’t worry”.Saying this he encircled his arms on her shoulder
Annapoorna: “sit here I will make u food”.
“Already had my dinner and am tired need to take a bath ”
“Oky beta you go”

He entered into the room look around.This is not new to him on every return the room is same, but this time he feel some emptiness..He take a bath, search nite clothes from wardrobe, then his hand stuck on to Royal blue collared T-shirt.
“San this is a small gift from my first salary” she placed it on my shoulder.
“Yah size is perfect “.My eyes r going to wet due to happiness.
“Shona this is from ur part time job na.I know u r struggling for ur college fee and thatz y u r doing this job.why this unnecessary expense for me I have already many clothes”
Swara:”ha I know u r Maheshwari top business family in Kolkata.But what to do am a middle class girl, who want to buy gift for his best friend who is a billionaire,this is not a branded T-shirt , but when i got a job with high salary I promise ur wardrobe is filled with branded dress “.
“Shona this not about branded t shirt” she cut his words
“San I purchased gift for maa, baba and Ragu so how can I forget u”.
He look around his wardrobe most of them are gifted by her.He try to wear that T-shirt for this nite.But he failed his wound is aching. He slept without shirt, covered himself with a blanket.
It’s morning he felt a soft touch on his cheek, suddenly he awaken, his sleeply eyes got view of a hand on his shoulder.He boggled and turned a girl is sleeping besides him, her face is covered with hair and some of them spreads on his chest.He looked at her with shock “am I dreaming”.
Hi guys am sleepy sleepy lazy lazy wrote this one….
Overwhelmed by ur comments thank u so much for this love and support…and my silent readers love u lot..

Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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