Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 10)


Its morning someone knocked their room .Bidya aunty and Bobby.Seeing them swara become happy , saying “mumma mumma”Bobby jumped into her hand.
Bindya Aunty: “kemon achis beta(How r u beta).”
Swara:”Ami bhalo Aunty”.(am fine)
Bidya Aunty: “Today u r going to back to home .Sanskar plz tie this thread to her hand and swara you also” .we both tied that thread on each others hand.
Bidya aunty:”Sanskar you know today in temple I did a special pooja for both of u. This day maa paravati got shivji as her husband.Today evey married couple or who gonna maary will tie this thread to each others hand for long life relationship.This is very auspicious thread this will not separate u.plz keep this thread beta atleast 3 months after your marriage. ”
Sanskar” But aunty u misunderstood us we r not couples”.
Aunty:”I know you r friends,

After sometimes u both get marry right”.
Sanskar: “No Aunty,she is..” But she intrupted
Aunty: “I know u want sometime to settle in life then marriage its oky. Todays generation may have no such belife in this rituals.Seema has some complications in her delivery ,for her safety I asked him to tie this thread on her hand .But my son don’t believe in this he is a strong party member and removed it from her hand. Am not saying removal of that thread is the reason of her death. At that time she is weak and scared.I just want to bring her confidence back ,try to make her belive nothing will happen to her until shivji’s blessings with her.I strongly belive Sometime these small small things give u a hope that god is always with u and that will increase ur inner strength.You both are the pillars of each other.Let my god to tie this bond to even more stronger.”
They looked at each other.sometimes in life strangers become our well wishers their love tied into our life like this thread.

After some time she left with Bobby.
Swara:”Sanskar we will miss Bobby”.
Sanskar: “yah that’s true,Let me remove this thread,i should give this to Lucky”.
Swara:”No San she tied this with lots of love and prayers, I don’t want anything bad happened to u.let it be there”.
Sanskar:”You r silly”.
Shekhar and Laksh reached the hospital.
Laksh:”Bhai we r going to my flat ,uncle is also staying with us”.
Sanskar:”Lucky u both go,I have to go back to Kolkata asap Neha again called me this time I can’t neglect her.There is lots of preparations still pending for your wedding, mom and dad needs my help.After 2 three days I will be there in Mumbai, take care swara”
Hearing this she become sad and they moved to Mumbai.

After 4 days I reached the flat Everything seems to be normal.
Laksh:”I want to talk to you , pls come to my room”.
Sanskar: “Yes Laksh tell me “.
Laksh:”Don’t misunderstand me bhai,voo 1 week before when you came out of the room to talk with Ragini, Me and Swara discussed about our marriage and after that I..”. He lowered his head.
I look him with questionably
Laksh: “She screamed Bz of me,believe me Bhai I didn’t do anything.. It was a forehead kiss,but i didnt expect she will react like this”.
Sanskar: “Lucky u know very well,she is not completely recovred from that incident, it will take time”.
Laksh :”But here in flat she kept a distance with me like am a stranger,Whenever I try to come close, for a casual talk she become scared ”
Sanskar: “May be she is not comfortable ,give her some time Lucky”.
Laksh: ” ha i know she is only comfortable with u”.
Sanskar :”Laksh…” My sound raised over him.

He left the room.I hold my head with my palms,my heart is paining and eyes become moist..
Someone tapped my shoulder ” am sorry “.I turned.
Laksh:”I didn’t mean anything am sorry for hurting u”.
Sanskar:”Its oky Lucky, come with me”.They entered into the kitchen. He give him a cup of soup.”Someone told me that when we feed each other with our hands love increases, so go she is there in the dining table” He smiled at me.

Next day evening :
We decided to return home tmorrow morning.She is packing her bag.
Sanskar :” Where is Laksh ..?”.
Swara:”He is in office,am surprised he is very bcy these days still he managed to find some time for me “.
Sanskar you know am very lucky to have him as my life partner.”
she again fold her dress and placed into the bag.I simply smiled at her.
Sanskar:”Oky u continue ur packing ..”
“Wait San ..I want to go beach”.
“Oky I will call him”.
” No he is bcy”.
” k we will go tomorrow “.
“No San I want to see sunset, tomorrow we are going back to Kolkata.
“Oky then come let’s go”
We reached the beach side Sat there on sand.sun is become red.She in deep thoughts.A cool breeze touched her warmth of the cheek
“Hey hello..r u dreaming..”
She smirked.
“After 1 week I will tied to new relation, new life and new hope is in my door step”.
Sanskar:” Time flies like in blink of an eye, i still remember u as a 10 th grader when I saw u first time at school library.Now u r going to marry”
Swara:”Yah after marriage he want to settle in U S A..”
“Oh that’s good na..u always like to settle in USA..your dream to study in abroad,Now you can make it reality”.
“Ha but I don’t know San..I really gonna miss something.. I have a strong feeling that I gonna loss something that very precious to me.”
Sanskar:”You already told me this in your engagement day, don’t be silly”.

She stood from there..walk towards the sea, waves r touching her ankle.she starts to play with them.
Sanskar:”Don’t go so far come here shona”.
I stood from there held her hand pulled towards me.
Sanskar:”am surprised u r enjoying , I know how much you afraid to go near sea before. ”
Swara:”Ha but not now,you are always with me na,so why should I afraid”.She took my hand in her palms.
We both looked at each other. I slowly release my hands from her.
“I want to talk to u something shona”.She looks at me questionably.
“After one week u gonna marry Laksh.I want from today itself he should be ur first priority,he should be ur best friend than me.You know swara I believe in that 7 phera’s that we took on marriage.That 7 vows are a promise to each other for being 7 lives together.After marriage your husband should be your best friend, other than anyone else.I wish your journey start with lots of love and trust.He should be the one you always find safety in his arms.You know swara Laksh also believe in this,my mom teach us this values.” I can see waves of emotions in her face.she sighed.
Swara:”Sanskar I respect Laksh more than anything else.He invite me to his life that am not deserving. It was not like that am not liking him. It was bz of that incident made me weak.I am scared when sorry about that incident, I really don’t know what happened to me at that time.” she stopped for a while and again hold my hand.
“Look at that sun sanskar,who is going to fall down on sea.Let the sun be the witness of my promise.I will definetly full fill that 7 vows gonna taken with him. My husband will be my best friend after my marriage.I will love him from this lives to those 6 lives.I promise I will be his strength and stand by him in all tough times..I never let him down and honour him with all respect and love.”..

Precap:Swalak marriage twist(that u all know what happened)

Guys I just typed this in a hurry..I know its a short update. Today is my birthday I thought to write a lengthy one but didn’t happened sorry..Except last para I am not satisfied with this chapter…Thanku for the support my friends and my silent u all…

Credit to: Malar

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