Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 17)


Flash back:
Ragini recalls the moments in MM when she came there to meet Sanskar after his Kashmir trip.
His face lightened when he saw me in door step.
“Hey kiddo come in”.I entered his room.
“This is ur jewellery box from Kashmir.”
Ragini: “It’s beautiful”.
Sanskar:”Not much as you”.Hearing this unknwly I blushed.
Sanskar:”r u blushing..?”.
He raised his eye brows look at me questionably.
“Me ? No am not”. I try to hide it also unknown to this and cover it with another topic.
“Tmw is Didi’s birthday and u know this Laksh is going to mad day by day. How many surprises left for tomorrow. Today he filled her room with teddies.I really wonder what will happen next if it’s a trailer.
Sanskar: “My Bhai is like that , he is the best ro know how to surprise someone with gift.”
Ragini: “yah u r rite he is the best and also for my di and by d way Mr.Maheshwari you must learn something from ur brother.Everytime u only gives roses from your garden…you r a big miser but my Di she always happy seeing those like she got diamond from u…pagal”
Sanskar:”ohh kiddo am Sanskar Maheshwari a struggling photographer, but he is Laksh Maheshwari young business tycoon if he wish to do something he can gift moon from the sky..”
Ragini: “ha ha i know See this iPad Laksh gifted to her after his proposal”.
Sanskar: “nice, but what this doing in ur hand”.
Ragini:”You know everything in Di ‘s is also mine, I can use them”.
“Oh no there is a correction everything in di’s is mine except u, she allowed me to use everything except the thing which u gifted her.even if its hair clip she didn’t allowed me to touch it”.
He smiled at me.
“Sometimes I really wonder why she keep that old stuffs in her box like a treasure..clips , scattered bangles, chocolates cover , name slips, earnings, pencil, eraser..etc Every silly thing that u gifted her.Don’t dare throw eggs on me again..sometime I really surprised why didn’t u fall in love with my di..which type of friendship is this”.A vase broked from his bag.
“What was that u r very careless Sanskar”.
“Oh no I brought it from Kashmir for Mom”.
“Oh then what will do?”
“No I have another gift for her”. He showed some accessories.
“Wow these all r for maa”.
“No, not all”. He pick a beautiful silver anklet from there .
“This is for shona her birthday gift and bangles and kasmiri showl are for uttara and sumi aunty”
“Oh this much purchasing unbelievable, so Mr.Maheshwari u r try to impressing all the women’s in MM and Gagodia family.. Smell something fishy is any hidden intentions behind this? “.
He chuckled.
“I always purchase something for them when I got a chance in b/w my journey. This is not a new thing for me”.
“What…u never brought anything for me.This is not fair “.
“Actually we r always fighting and u didn’t like the things which i brought for u.But this time I have something”.
“What ” he give her a small box.she hurriedly opened
“Saffron from Kashmir”.I didn’t expect this ,in excitement I hugged him.we parted he looked at me with disturbed face.
“Am going bye. “But he hold my hand.
“I want to talk to u”.
“Why did u applied this kajal Ragu”. I fumbled and bite my tongue.
“Don’t tell this to di,she will kill me that I used her’s which u gifted .”
Sanskar: “am not asking that, u never applied kajal before and u r looking different today”.
She didn’t answer.
Sanskar :”Ragini , maa told anything to u”.
She said hesitately .” you need some time for marriage “.
Sanskar: “oh no maa bhi na..she misunderstood me”. He put his hand on his head. Then lowered his head.
Sanskar: “I can’t marry anyone in this life”. I looked at him questionably.
“I didn’t told this to maa bz she will worried for me, that’s y asked her for sometime to marriage.I already told her that u r younger than my uttara , then how can I..?.U r only my kiddo and I..”. He searching for words.
Ragini: “who told u that am not ur kiddo.When maa talk about our match, didn’t take it seriously”.
He sighed .”Now I got relief “.
Ragini: “am not going to leave u easily Sanskar, u always excuse from marriage proposal and now dont want to marry anyone why? .I know there is a reason behind this”. He turned back look outside through the window. There is a seep silence in b/w them .she stand near to him.
Ragini: ” I know u deeply in love with someone, anyone can guess after reading that diary .But bit confused about the person mentioned indirectly in ur words .
Sanskar: “yah i admit.. there is Someone in my heart my every breath. Don’t ask me who’s that, would nt able to tell u about her”.
Ragini:”so my assumptions r rite she is the same girl u wrote about in ur poems and stories.But where is she..? Why can’t u marry her?”.
Sanskar:”Now she is away from me, I can’t be reach there “.
Ragini: “But why..? If she lives in abroad we can reach there na..I didn’t understand what is bothering u, if u have no address we will find out her at any cost I will help u”,he smiled sadly.
Sanskar:”No Ragu, she is 1000 and 1000 miles away from me, its impossible to reach there. May be next life..hmm it’s my bad luck may be she can’t be mine for next life also..but I can’t cheat any other girl by a marriage.”
Ragini:”Are u going to become a devadas..I believe in this life Sanskar…we can’t assure there is another life after death, its a foolish thing to think like that, I want to live this moment. If u can’t manage things in present we will lost it in future also. I think u didn’t try to get back her”.
Sanskar:”Yes u r right.. am a fool who waited for the right time to fix everything, but when it came I lost her.”He fisted his palm.
Ragini:”You know Sanskar if u really want something in ur life with true heart whole universe conspires in helping u to achieve it”.
He sighed.Looked through the window with wet eyes.
First time I saw him like that and am still surprised the possibility of anyone in his life other than my Di bz from his words I can understand the pain and love towards that unknown girl. When he himself admit then it’s true.i dont know Di knows about this, these two people are impossible for me to crack.
I hate the person who has no value in his words .Wedding day I slapped him bz I knew that he loved someone then how can he cheat my Di and Laksh.I tried many times to contact with Laksh, but he is avoiding me, may be he is hurt I really doubt his strange behaviour on wedding day.why Sanskar marry my Di , if she is the same girl who he loves unconditionally , then why didn’t he tell anyone about this.Why he create this much drama.when Baba is searching alliance for didi Laksh proposal arrived.we all agreed with this.Many questions arise my mind. Now Di also accept this relation.. Only bz he is her best friend.. Then what about Laksh.God knows what’s going on these two people, they r impossible. I know the person who can give all answer is Sanskar and I didn’t give him a chance to explain his version.I have to meet him.
She reached his office.He quiet surprised when saw Ragini at reception. They moved to the visitors sitting area.
Ragini looked at him said straightly.
“I want ur explanation”.
Sanskar “For what..?”.
Ragini: “About ur marriage”.
Sanskar: “I already told about this in mandap”.
Ragini:”Then what about that girl whom u loved”.
Sanskar: “She is Swara..”.
Ragini: “Di ..r u kidding.. Then why u create this much of drama .u can said it straightly na.When I ask about this Everytime u denied.u r disgusting Sanskar ..u cheated ur brother and family and ur best friend and every single person.”
Sanskar: “I never said that ..the girl I loved is not Swara.what would i say when she become my brother fiancée “.
Ragini:” But still u marry her by cheating everyone .
Sanskar: “Enough , I don’t think so its required to give u any further clarifications on this matter”
Ragini:”You may succeeded in convincing Laksh and everyone .But I can’t forgive u never ever ,u r a cheap and selfish person Sanskar Maheshwari ,I hate u”. she is shivering with anger.Stamped her foot on the floor and left from there.He freezd there with pain.”we can’t satisfy everyone feelings Ragu..may be situations make people helpless. I can’t give u any explanation now may be u could nt able to understand. ”
His phone rang.
“Hello Sikhar how many times I called u and ur phone is switch off. Do u get any information “.
On the other hand
“Yes am following her for 2 week.But didn’t find anything unusal”.
Sanskar: “oh shit..I can’t give up easily.You keep eye on her”.
“Don’t worry thats my duty.What about my payments”.
Sanskar: “oky then come to meet me at park road today evening”.
“No today is not possible , will meet u a day after tomorrow.May be I can give u some good news.”
Sanskar: “oky then bye”.
Hi guys thank u for your extreme support and thank u my silent readers.Typed in hurry.Now I am in my father’s house can’t use my phone there Everytime. I will reply ur comments on prev epi little bcy catch u all later.

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)

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  1. Good night everyone..sleep well and dream good.

    1. Gd nyt sree n our army☺….

    2. Oyeeee Sreeee..wo dekhn kaun khada h window k passss????? god bhag yr

  2. N emoji mil gaye na 2mhe???????????…dkha mera kamal

  3. ha vaishu mai bahut masti karongi aap logonke sath

  4. Good night ? have nice bhootiya? dreams ????☺

    1. VAISHU 2MNE kaun sa video dkha yar…pakhi meli aise bht saree h…2mne Rhythm octave aise search kiya na?Pata nhi kaun sa dekh liya..nhi toh direct Prasnna kachari search kr do jayega..

      1. Haa di mai vahi video dekhi hu bahut achchi hai very melodious nd baground music bhi bahut achcha tha…..nd i also dat randhali song video in dat ur brother is also der na dat song is also very nice

    2. Vinita 2mne dekha?”Pakhi meli uri uri jabore mon 2mare kahole” tha na?

  5. Good mrng everyone………….
    Just now read anjali’s ff became too emotional after reading dat …..1st epi made me emotional later her story nd later shikha di’s story …..nd now i am here to share something with u all ..u know same like anjali i use to think if i share dis to anyone then they may show sympathy ..but its wrong ……..u know i am having a sister 3 years younger to me ,she is soo cute but she can’t talk ,she can’t even express her feelings,she behaves as a two year kid but atleat those kids may speak few words but she can’t ,she is a mentally retarded patient ,slow developing mind …all d actions she deos r involuntary actions …..i missed those sisters talk nd all ….u know i mostly composed myself but some times i cannot then i will cry a lot one knows dat i cried…i used to think y only my sis ..she don’t even know dis world……nd abt her i didn’t shared with anyone except my best frnds…but i am sharing with u all coz i saw a sis in u all ,the only thing is u all r not beside me if u were beside me na then i would b the most happiest person…….anyways i am sorry if wasted any of ur time…

    1. Don’t be sorry Vaishu..I know how it feels..ur sis n my father:(..Hmm..u know Vaishu me abki saath free se baat krti hu .n sabhi mujhe pyar krte h frnz,my family n khti h tu humesha har waqt kaise smile krti rhti wo log nhi jnte h ki me kaisa hu..aandar se kitni sd hu koi nhi jnti..n sometimes i lv to be Alone..mere frnd hunesha khti h..tu clg me itni khush rhti h n clg ki baad kahi nahi jati tu..ghr me akele akela bore nhi hoti kiya tu..ghumne v nhi jati humari saath..n me yeh sunkr srf ek smile deti hu sbko aur kuch nhi..only mre bst frnd ko pata h ki aakhir me kaise hu..blkl 2mhre tarah Vaishu..humesha khud ko yeh khni ke kosish krta hu that i m i know me itne v strong nhi hu..n raat ko chup chup ke rona yeh toh mere liye ek habit ho gayi h..

      ??u have to fight through some bad days to earn d best days of ur life??(suna hoga yeh baat ryt)life aisa he h vaishu..n i believe evrything will be alryt in d end.n if it’s not alryt,it’s not d end?☺??(rmmbr Anu ki ff me kaha tha)

      1. Haa same di even mere frnds poochthe hai ki tum itne kush kaise reh sakthi ho par unlogon ko kya pata ki andar se mai kitni sad hu…nd aapki tarah raat ko chup chup ke rona mera bhi habit hogayi especially when my sis sleeps beside me….aapkho pata hai uski naam kya hai “vaibhavi”….vaishnavi ,vaibhavi bahut achchi rhymings hai na……

        Bhachpan se yahi sunthi ayi hu ki ek din sab tik hojayega ……aur sab kehthe hai na agar kisi ki jindigi mai gham hai kushi bhi hogi…..par uski jindigi mai kya kushi hai di usko toh ye bhi nahi pata hai ki kushi kya hai gham kya hai…….but i know we can’t do anything nd leave dat on god…now i am dng dat only….

      2. Don’t worrryyy vaishu…Infct wait me God se wish karungi 2mhare sis k liye n vaibhavi ☺☺such a lovely name?☺

    2. Vaishy baby!!!!

      I don’t know what I can tell that will ease ur pain… It is one thing when ur the younger one and don’t really understand what’s going on….

      but it’s another thing when ur the elder one… i too have a small cousin who lives with me and if anything, even the slightest knee scrape happens to him, i start to worry sooo much…..

      and vaibhavi, poor girl, idk how it must feel for someone to see their baby sis struggle with the world…
      vaishuu ur the bravest most kindest sister… i am soo proud that ur my sis and one of my best friends… 😀 😀 😀

      As for the sorry, behen ko koi sorry bolta h kya??
      Please aise mat bolo….

      And like rups said…. bad days are always gonna be there.. not just bad, worse days and even worst days… but there’s always a silver lining… i have been sad , been miserable and despaired about not being with mumma…. but ive never asked y me? just as i wont ask y ur sister….

      dont feel bad…i didnt mean to sound insensitive

      but i sincerely feel that the one who suffers the most today will have the happiest beginning tom.. 😀 😀

      U wait and see, everything will be alright soon… 😀 😀

      i agree rups…
      most of the time im cheerful and happy… but im one of those ppl who love to be alone…..

      i love my friends… they would do anything for me and i for them… but even when i do soo much bak bak… which i doo.. 😛 😛 😛

      i love to feel that solace.. the peacefulness when im alone…

      everyone asks me dont you feel lonely when ur alone?

      i tell them that i never feel lonely… it may be just me… but with me, i have the time and space to think of some old memories… think of random stuff…. jump and sing…. or just sit and look at the stars…
      I LOVE STARS <3 <3

      I seem to have made this all about me…
      Anyways what I meant to tell is, there is a gift in everything and a reason for everything…. And if God really understands the kind of person u are, He will surely give you what u want…

      1. Vaishu…………
        Even I do not know what to say
        You are really a good sis
        Actually your and rupsikha’s comments reminded me of my nanaji(maternal grand father) he died when I was one month old. He was a heart patient. In that one month he wrote several
        letters to me. When I was in class ten I found out those
        letters. For me these are not just
        letters…… Those are value s,
        ethics and his love for me.i told
        u all that there was a
        kurukshetra when I chose
        humanities over science. That
        time was literally worst for me.
        When my friends used to ask me
        that u get almost full marks in
        history and geography , so your
        parents get definitely happy and
        at that time I gave a plaster
        smile and thought kaash aisa
        Sometimes I cry during the night
        and gaze at the stars. These
        letters are the only the hope and
        inspiration for me. Kurukshetra
        Ki aag abhi bhi bhuji nehi hai…
        That remaining ten percent, I believe will always be there. Some times I feel guilty sometimes I think
        that I am a bad daughter
        because I gave more importance
        to my dreams instead of
        becoming doctor which my parents wanted. At that time
        only those letters give hope to me. Even my parents are right
        from their perspective. Everyone
        in my family is a doctor. My
        great grandfather,grand father,father, everyone. It was
        obvious for them to want that I
        become a doctor.i always got
        highest in history and geography but whenever I got
        highest in bio they became
        extremely happy.
        Yesterday one of my father’s
        colleague came and told me
        apne bhaiyon ko science lene ke liye bolna unhe apne tarah mat
        ban ne denna.tumhe potential
        tha par phir bhi science nehi
        liya. I felt bad after hearing that.
        just smiled after hearing that remark. There are many incidents like this. Like Anjali said I prefer to stay alone and gaze at the stars and think kaash nana hote…… bahut lonely lagta hai. Til now I never shared these things with ANYONE but I feel a special bond with you all. I seek my apology for wasting your time.
        Vaishu u are an extremely nice girl and the best sister one could have. I can only pray that vaibhavi gets fine. Anjali ur ff made me emotional today the convo between swara and sumi…. Really beautiful

    3. Koi hai………….

      Humri cute,innocent angles to bahot brave nikli re……………….

      Vaishu duniya ka har insaan alag hai………… kudarat ne kuch insaan no ko bahot spl banaya hai……aur tumhari cute sister un spl logon me se ek hai………so apni sis se puchhogi ki joya di unse friendship karna chahti hai…kya wo humri friendship ko accept karengi…….???????????
      I m waiting for cute angle vaibhavi’s ans……..

      Aur humri rups……..aur kis ne kaha rone wala insaan strong nahi hota…………balki sab se strong hota hai……….kisi ne kaha hai na ki jo mushkil halaton me bhi muskurata hai wahi brave hota hai……..

      Vinita letters….superb yrrrr…..heart touching…..tumhara decision galat nahi hai……duniya me success ki definition har kisi ki alag hoti hai na…….so dnt feel bad…… Nadi ke pravah ki aur tairna koi badi nahi hoti.uske against tairna mushkil hota hai……..

      Aur ek bat hoti hai jo hum kehna chahte hai
      We have only 2 options in our life
      1 accept
      2 change

      1 accept karo jo change nahi kar sakte
      2 change karo jo accept nahi kar sakte….

      Yeh kya naya tarika hai I M SORRY IF WASTED any of ur time….

      MMeans di kya sirf naam k liye bulate ho tum log……

      Vinita filal to tumhari sheetu tai ka dimag khali ho gaya hai par tumne kaha hai to peom jaroor likhenge……

    4. Vaishu kutty..I don’t know wat to say..some pain r like that we can’t wipe it with our words..
      You r the best sister in the world …I remember once u said you have a sister, u can’t speak with her like us..thatz y u consider our gang as ur that time u didn’t understand what u meant..but now
      Vaishu u know wen u comment my fiction first couldn’t forget ur words ..that made me so special like ur my own sister..
      Vaibhavi is very Lucky to have a sis like u Dr…who cares and loves her from the crore..give her a kiss from my side..
      Vaishu I believe every tears will end up in smiles….. I know u will do everything possible u can do to her..for that u have to study well achieve ur goal.
      As we go through our life journey , sometimes we reached a point that we couldn’t share some pains to anyone that’s life….Anjali and mickey …sometimes loneliness is a better way to reduce the inner pain..spending time with our self…

  6. Oh Randhali ?yeh toh mujhe v nhi pata vaishu..dkhna padega..xuley me apne duniya me he bg rhti hu har waqt????????…sooooooo….infct mera bhulne ka bimari v h?…u know agr me avi dinner karu na toh 5minute k baad bhul jaati hu ki mene dinner kiya ya nhi?..aur agr pucho ki aaj dinner me kiya tha to yaad krne me bht tym lgte h..n agr koi kuch puche toh 5mnt baad answr milte h..kbhi kbhi puch ti hu tu ne kuch kaha kiya..phir se bol hihi?????????????….ek nmbr ki pgllll hu me..

  7. When are you planning to update. .plz let me know I’m eagerly waiting for next update!

    1. Sorry yaar I will try…

  8. Sneha garewal

    Dear when well you updating next part??and also what about vini’s ff..pls both of you update your ff..

    1. Sneha actually about vini…don’t know nowadays she is very bcy…

  9. Hi guys sorry grandmother passed away.. Thatz y …will try to update asap..

    1. Actually i really dnt understand wht to say…….. I m sorryyyyy……… Take care of urself…………..

    2. Take ur own time hurry…nd take care of ur self nd ur parents

  10. Vinitha and vaishu..why u said wasted ur time..want to ask the same question that joya …asked to u..thum log hame sis nahi manthe hai kaya…?
    Vinitha darling..don’t worry yaar one day will prove ur self that u r following ur passion..hats off u Dr..
    Believe me u and me are in the same boat my Amma and Achan (father) r gov employees.. And family all r govt employee and now brother got job in bank. When I choose my career everyone scold me that why didn’t u go for a govt job.bla DAT…
    But u know Vinitha but I proved myself that I can do…I am not wrong..I only focused on my dreamzzz..I suffered a lot to reach there and I didn’t give up ….believe me one day u will …my girl…be strong and confident..

  11. Hi everyone……..i don’t know whether ur words decreased my pain for my sis r not but they gave me much mental relief, they showed me sisters love which i want ……so thank u soo much shikha di,anjali di,vinitha,joya di ,seetu di nd everyone………. Nd srry meri matao abb se nahi kahuga ki maine aapke time waste ki hai…teekh hai
    Joya di vaibhavi jarur karegi aapse frnd shp…..

    Vinitha don’t worry yaar i know u will surely achieve ur goal nd u chosed r8 path only dear ..nd one day ur parents will definitely feel proud of u dat day is not soo far dear ,one day u will only come to us nd say yaar dis happened nd i am so happy ……….nd ya whenever u feel lonely na u just imagine me by ur side (talking with u ,laughing with u)……ok

  12. Sethu dieven I don’t knw what to say…….
    Take care of your self
    Take your time…….
    Family ka bhi dhyan rakna

    All the didis Mai bhi aisa aur kabhi nehi bolungi…maaf kardo didis? plz…..jab aap log sath hai toh tension karne Ki kya baat hai???
    Aur vaishu vaibhavi Ki friends Ki list Mai mera naam bhi add kar do…karogi na????

  13. Update please!

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