Bz I loved her..Sanskar’s love story (Episode 17)

Flash back:
Ragini recalls the moments in MM when she came there to meet Sanskar after his Kashmir trip.
His face lightened when he saw me in door step.
“Hey kiddo come in”.I entered his room.
“This is ur jewellery box from Kashmir.”
Ragini: “It’s beautiful”.
Sanskar:”Not much as you”.Hearing this unknwly I blushed.
Sanskar:”r u blushing..?”.
He raised his eye brows look at me questionably.
“Me ? No am not”. I try to hide it also unknown to this and cover it with another topic.
“Tmw is Didi’s birthday and u know this Laksh is going to mad day by day. How many surprises left for tomorrow. Today he filled her room with teddies.I really wonder what will happen next if it’s a trailer.
Sanskar: “My Bhai is like that , he is the best ro know how to surprise someone with gift.”
Ragini: “yah u r rite he is the best and also for my di and by d way Mr.Maheshwari you must learn something from ur brother.Everytime u only gives roses from your garden…you r a big miser but my Di she always happy seeing those like she got diamond from u…pagal”
Sanskar:”ohh kiddo am Sanskar Maheshwari a struggling photographer, but he is Laksh Maheshwari young business tycoon if he wish to do something he can gift moon from the sky..”
Ragini: “ha ha i know See this iPad Laksh gifted to her after his proposal”.
Sanskar: “nice, but what this doing in ur hand”.
Ragini:”You know everything in Di ‘s is also mine, I can use them”.
“Oh no there is a correction everything in di’s is mine except u, she allowed me to use everything except the thing which u gifted her.even if its hair clip she didn’t allowed me to touch it”.
He smiled at me.
“Sometimes I really wonder why she keep that old stuffs in her box like a treasure..clips , scattered bangles, chocolates cover , name slips, earnings, pencil, eraser..etc Every silly thing that u gifted her.Don’t dare throw eggs on me again..sometime I really surprised why didn’t u fall in love with my di..which type of friendship is this”.A vase broked from his bag.
“What was that u r very careless Sanskar”.
“Oh no I brought it from Kashmir for Mom”.
“Oh then what will do?”
“No I have another gift for her”. He showed some accessories.
“Wow these all r for maa”.
“No, not all”. He pick a beautiful silver anklet from there .
“This is for shona her birthday gift and bangles and kasmiri showl are for uttara and sumi aunty”
“Oh this much purchasing unbelievable, so Mr.Maheshwari u r try to impressing all the women’s in MM and Gagodia family.. Smell something fishy is any hidden intentions behind this? “.
He chuckled.
“I always purchase something for them when I got a chance in b/w my journey. This is not a new thing for me”.
“What…u never brought anything for me.This is not fair “.
“Actually we r always fighting and u didn’t like the things which i brought for u.But this time I have something”.
“What ” he give her a small box.she hurriedly opened
“Saffron from Kashmir”.I didn’t expect this ,in excitement I hugged him.we parted he looked at me with disturbed face.
“Am going bye. “But he hold my hand.
“I want to talk to u”.
“Why did u applied this kajal Ragu”. I fumbled and bite my tongue.
“Don’t tell this to di,she will kill me that I used her’s which u gifted .”
Sanskar: “am not asking that, u never applied kajal before and u r looking different today”.
She didn’t answer.
Sanskar :”Ragini , maa told anything to u”.
She said hesitately .” you need some time for marriage “.
Sanskar: “oh no maa bhi na..she misunderstood me”. He put his hand on his head. Then lowered his head.
Sanskar: “I can’t marry anyone in this life”. I looked at him questionably.
“I didn’t told this to maa bz she will worried for me, that’s y asked her for sometime to marriage.I already told her that u r younger than my uttara , then how can I..?.U r only my kiddo and I..”. He searching for words.
Ragini: “who told u that am not ur kiddo.When maa talk about our match, didn’t take it seriously”.
He sighed .”Now I got relief “.
Ragini: “am not going to leave u easily Sanskar, u always excuse from marriage proposal and now dont want to marry anyone why? .I know there is a reason behind this”. He turned back look outside through the window. There is a seep silence in b/w them .she stand near to him.
Ragini: ” I know u deeply in love with someone, anyone can guess after reading that diary .But bit confused about the person mentioned indirectly in ur words .
Sanskar: “yah i admit.. there is Someone in my heart my every breath. Don’t ask me who’s that, would nt able to tell u about her”.
Ragini:”so my assumptions r rite she is the same girl u wrote about in ur poems and stories.But where is she..? Why can’t u marry her?”.
Sanskar:”Now she is away from me, I can’t be reach there “.
Ragini: “But why..? If she lives in abroad we can reach there na..I didn’t understand what is bothering u, if u have no address we will find out her at any cost I will help u”,he smiled sadly.
Sanskar:”No Ragu, she is 1000 and 1000 miles away from me, its impossible to reach there. May be next life..hmm it’s my bad luck may be she can’t be mine for next life also..but I can’t cheat any other girl by a marriage.”
Ragini:”Are u going to become a devadas..I believe in this life Sanskar…we can’t assure there is another life after death, its a foolish thing to think like that, I want to live this moment. If u can’t manage things in present we will lost it in future also. I think u didn’t try to get back her”.
Sanskar:”Yes u r right.. am a fool who waited for the right time to fix everything, but when it came I lost her.”He fisted his palm.
Ragini:”You know Sanskar if u really want something in ur life with true heart whole universe conspires in helping u to achieve it”.
He sighed.Looked through the window with wet eyes.
First time I saw him like that and am still surprised the possibility of anyone in his life other than my Di bz from his words I can understand the pain and love towards that unknown girl. When he himself admit then it’s true.i dont know Di knows about this, these two people are impossible for me to crack.
I hate the person who has no value in his words .Wedding day I slapped him bz I knew that he loved someone then how can he cheat my Di and Laksh.I tried many times to contact with Laksh, but he is avoiding me, may be he is hurt I really doubt his strange behaviour on wedding day.why Sanskar marry my Di , if she is the same girl who he loves unconditionally , then why didn’t he tell anyone about this.Why he create this much drama.when Baba is searching alliance for didi Laksh proposal arrived.we all agreed with this.Many questions arise my mind. Now Di also accept this relation.. Only bz he is her best friend.. Then what about Laksh.God knows what’s going on these two people, they r impossible. I know the person who can give all answer is Sanskar and I didn’t give him a chance to explain his version.I have to meet him.
She reached his office.He quiet surprised when saw Ragini at reception. They moved to the visitors sitting area.
Ragini looked at him said straightly.
“I want ur explanation”.
Sanskar “For what..?”.
Ragini: “About ur marriage”.
Sanskar: “I already told about this in mandap”.
Ragini:”Then what about that girl whom u loved”.
Sanskar: “She is Swara..”.
Ragini: “Di ..r u kidding.. Then why u create this much of drama .u can said it straightly na.When I ask about this Everytime u denied.u r disgusting Sanskar ..u cheated ur brother and family and ur best friend and every single person.”
Sanskar: “I never said that ..the girl I loved is not Swara.what would i say when she become my brother fiancée “.
Ragini:” But still u marry her by cheating everyone .
Sanskar: “Enough , I don’t think so its required to give u any further clarifications on this matter”
Ragini:”You may succeeded in convincing Laksh and everyone .But I can’t forgive u never ever ,u r a cheap and selfish person Sanskar Maheshwari ,I hate u”. she is shivering with anger.Stamped her foot on the floor and left from there.He freezd there with pain.”we can’t satisfy everyone feelings Ragu..may be situations make people helpless. I can’t give u any explanation now may be u could nt able to understand. ”
His phone rang.
“Hello Sikhar how many times I called u and ur phone is switch off. Do u get any information “.
On the other hand
“Yes am following her for 2 week.But didn’t find anything unusal”.
Sanskar: “oh shit..I can’t give up easily.You keep eye on her”.
“Don’t worry thats my duty.What about my payments”.
Sanskar: “oky then come to meet me at park road today evening”.
“No today is not possible , will meet u a day after tomorrow.May be I can give u some good news.”
Sanskar: “oky then bye”.
Hi guys thank u for your extreme support and thank u my silent readers.Typed in hurry.Now I am in my father’s house can’t use my phone there Everytime. I will reply ur comments on prev epi little bcy catch u all later.

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Credit to: sethooty (Malar)


  1. shan

    awesome dude…..i know he loves swara… that only he took photograpgy profession….but whom he s searching????

      • Sus

        I m fine dear. Your fanfiction is too awesome, sometimes when I don’t get your fanfiction I felt so bad, but txx to god. And no doubt I m always waiting for fanfiction, love u dear

  2. Vini

    Really nice dear,was surfing and saw yours, but epi 2 confused a litlle but when I read I understood it is the continuation,day by day ur writing style is becoming more n more beautiful ..keep going .

    • sethooty

      thank u vini..actually i got some free time in b/w wrk
      rarely happen…when i came here to chat all r gayab.
      missed all chats in ur ff…now couldnt reply there also

  3. Neha

    Hi sethooty I was getting bored and I opened ur ff part 16 and then I was like ?I read all your chapters in one go it’s amazing when I found this part I’m so happy to be a reader of this amazing story really wonderful…….sanskar loved him in whole swara never shares anything gifted by sanskar what type of relationship she shared the gifts given by laksh but not sanskar beautiful but I have one confusion actually had two but ur this part solved the next one but one is still left
    Why did laksh broke marriage with swara? Is it bcoz swara can’t conceive or reason is something else which still left to open

    • sethooty

      Happy to know that u like my story…
      am not a good writer dr,but i tried my best to achive ur expection
      level…about Laksh yes, his POV is yet to be revealed…i tried to
      explain my story in a normal way…may be Laksh POV will
      also hav normal reason..hope u all will satisfy by his justification…
      pls keep reading and support me thank u dr

      • Neha

        Yeah I’m waiting for his pov well ur story is really good and ur last part was just rocking I was laughing holding my stomach poor uttara removing hurdles from swara’s way kam wo kare aur credit sanky ko ?but I loved each n every scene then dinning table scene she is completely lost in him nothing she needs now n that walking like robo keeping palm on her cheek seriously ? the best funny epi ever but sweetly written

      • sethooty

        Haha thanku Dr…reached 7 th sky yaar…..koyi muje pakadoo I will fall from there …didn’t expect many of u laughed after reading this…

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    Hey seetu di….episode is awesome dear….poor ragini she will regret d most when she will know abt d truth….nd again a mystery dat who is finding abt…entire epi was awesome….but u wat still last episode’s scenes r rotating in my mind dat was d best u know…..

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    • sethooty

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      I don’t know wen I got time to type next I reached home..tomrw again going back to father’s village…

      • vaishnavi

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    • Good morning all of u,
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  14. sethooty

    Vinitha ur cousins r planning something to irritate u..if I were there , will join hands them to do something big…voo kya hee na ki kisi koo pareshan karne mein badi hi mazaa athi hai….I think my Hindi is improving..
    Guy’s do u remember kriya’s entry she played prank to niti…comment something as niti and we all confused who is actual niti..

  15. Anjali

    Dudeeee….. I finally found time to read this…. after seeing in all the analysis and all……

    Am sooo sorry for.not reading it all these days.
    .. ???

    But I promise to read it from now on… pakka…. ????

    • Joya

      Ohhhhh hoooooo……my sweeettttt girl………………jaise humne kaha wo sach kaha hai ki tumhari,rups aur vaishu ki innocence pe hum apni sari duniya kurban kar de…….

  16. sethooty

    Vaishu ki bachi..thunee bhi tease kar rahe hoo…..???
    Heee hoooyee yeeee yepeeeee got emoji…. Thanku joya..pressed enter button emoji ayi…..????????????????????????????
    Omg ithene sarae emoji….
    Vaishu kithna innocent hai..wen u said don’t know how we get emoji’s in Samsung I thought u have other company phone…hahaha
    Joya…thumaree liye..voo injection bhi manzoor hai….thanku for emoji’s ..??????????????

    • Joya

      Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….dekhoooooo………sethoooty kitni happppppyyyyy happpy lag rahi haiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..thanks qqqqqq???????????

      Dekho sethooty ne hume paraya kar diyaaaaaaa thanks bolke………………….?????????????

    • Anjali


      Sorry couldn’t resist…. ????

  17. sethooty

    Joya read that unknown comments .and ur explanation… I think she is a school going girl or very sensitive non matured type..otherwise no one will comment like that in a public platform …especially hatred comments …comment box thoo gayab hogyi nahi thoo me bhi comment karthi vaham… Your explanation thoo teek thaa..she will definitely apologise u if she
    really like u..jise pyar kathe hoo use ham nafrath nahi kar sakthee..
    Nahi thoo hum army he naa payar karnee ke liyee

    • Joya

      U r ri8 Army hai na…………………….

      Non matured se hume ek kissa yaad aaya………i was very small whn Atalji was our PM…………hum na road side k Katte pe baithe the…..waha ek gadi aake ruki qki unke samne ek lady wid small kid aayi…..unhone (person in car..he is a local politician) us lady ko khoob danta…….to hume itna bura laga k humne Atalji ko letter likha tha?????….post kaise karte hai nahi pata tha to Aai ko bola…….aai ne humse puchha kya hai ye….i told her everything….. Wo politician humre aai baba k friend circle me the to aai ne unhe sab bata diya……pehle to wo bahot hase aur fir aai se kaha ki usko bola aage se aisa nahi hoga……….fir humne letter fek diya?????

      • Meine bhi kuch aisa hi kiya tha par apne papa ko likha tha.Papa army hai ,to unhe bahut kam holidays milti hai.Infact J&K mein jab posting hoti hai ,tab to jaldi baat bhi nhi kar sakte .Mein Papa ko bahut miss karti thi khaskar jab mamma mujh pe chillati thi ,tab mein Papa ke liye letter likhti thi aur mummy ki khoob shikayat karti.Papa ghar aane par saare letter padhte aur mummy ko daatne ki acting karti aur mein had se jyaade khush ho jaati.

      • Joya

        Hey needhi
        Ek baat batate hai hum tumhe…………is duniya me sab se jyada respect hum army walon ka karte hai…..jinki saanse humri saanson ki raksha k liye kurbaan hoti hai ya huyi hai….unko tahe dil se salam….even hum freedom ka sara credit gandhiji ko nahi dete….qki kai logon ne apni jindgi de di bina ek pal soche….un hajaro known unknown sare freedom fighters,krintikarak,aur humre army k tino dalon ko humra sir jhukale praman……………….

  18. Hi every one hi joya vini sharadha malar actually sorry for not commenting because only reason is in my mobile no net pack offer I told my mama to recharge he told in Vodafone tomorrow u will get offer in tat shop currency not yet come only then in my mom mobile have offer for 1gb I told to recharge he recharged then at 20th April 2016 at night 11.58 min I have read vini fiction then i commented at last I noticed tat their is no post comment option in tat mobile I feel very bad last time it is their but now it’s not their. .then i took my frnd mobile but it’s hanging..later again I recharge to my mobile then i see its full of comments..their is no place thought to comment in next chapter even i have laptop then computer but I. M very lazy to open..then do u know I reply to ur comment did u saw tat..then i hv written story 3/4 th but I feel bored to complete compare to all my story is nothing….then do u know I. M daily 3 to 4 times I. M checking and reading ur comments..vini fiction is my screen saver.. then next week my village festival. Then dr do u know I girl is their her name is dolly she met with accident tat to she is so small pls Pray for her..then today pune team is playing I just remember you….then did u finish ur exam..hope u done well..lastly hi malar actually I love ur fiction very much tat to gang rape it’s very unique then hatts off to ur humbleNess because ur showing sanskar in different shade even she is victim of gang rape he married so great of him and showing so much love..mainly hatts off to you then dr do u know when I read ur story I just remember my rally do u know admini case how is raped in my college one week we have done strike..then theye do rally ten kilometer all my frnds joined to it when I. M doing rally I feel so much proud..then how to overcome dis type of prb if ur d minister of our state wat wud have done tell me..then dr my name also God name not divya tat to very big and unique name I have….then gn tc sorry for long comment

    • sethooty

      Hey divya happy to see u again…we just told about u and needhi yesterday and u came here…do u like kachaa mangoes.. (Kid of mango ??????????). Joya welcomed all to eat mangoes from mango tree ..
      Thanku for liking my story Dr…you couldn’t post comments no pblm dr…even I have less time to reply and read fiction, following many stories but now didn’t get enough time to read all…
      Feel bad after reading the incidents happened in ur college.. But hats off u Dr..and ur college friends that u go for a strike..great .At least u raise ur voice against this ..proud of u Dr..
      I want to ask u the same question what u will do..if u become the minister of the state..I really want to know about this
      Hey army this question is for u all..?

    • sethooty

      I think in our country culprit get less punishment for this crime…2 and thing is women’s safety.. We have the equal rite to travel everywhere day and nite…but today’s condition we can’t do that like foreign countries.
      1. Defending… Want to train all the women’s kunfu or kalari payattu.strict training in colleges and schools for women’s .For working women’s and house wife , aged women’s there will be separate traing section.. And tips how u protect themselves …You u know women have lots of power more than a man have bz they r multi talented.. They r mother, wife, sister, daughter, working women, housewife everything… ..that we are devi’s..just think our goddess have lots of power
      2. Increase the punishment so that dare to do this to any girl.
      3) awareness.. Nowadays 6 month girls child also victim of ra*pe..what we do yaar. We can’t believe we should do whatever we can.They even don’t know what happening to them.
      Many more things are left…the to go office

      • Shraddha

        Hey Divya!!✋✋
        Good to see u back!!! Very sad to hear such a thing abt ur friend…..

        True sethoothy I too agree with all 3 points u mentioned …
        I believe in 1st one more than anything else…..

        Because defence is always better than attack I think like we study science maths n subs in school EE need to be trained in self defence rite from tender age do that aage Jake we can take care of ourselves on our own

    • Joya

      Hey divya….

      Welcome back yrrrrr…………i really proud of u…………………i m completely agreee wid sethooty aur shraddha……………

      Humne apne is baat pe aap sab se baat karni hai…..shayad bahot lengthy comment hoga guys…….wapas aake comment karenge hum………….

      • We shd proud for tat we r born to be girls..then dr do hv holidays or wat..hope ur enjoying it then wat else where is vini..then u didn’t ask my name…then my miley ask u.. then she told to say take care..then yesterday I order new legena in online….then i hv a doubt if we send any gift letter from bangalore to Mumbai it will go or wat for other country how to send gifts and all….I. m curious to know…pls anyone know means ans me

  19. vaishnavi

    Seetu di .. i am hurt….maine aapke liye itna kasht utaya phir bhi aapne kuch nahi kaha ….dekho joya di tho mujeh phir se injections dene ke liye ready hogayi arey joya di vini di ne mujeh pehle hi injection de diya
    Vinitha di maine aapkho akela kab choda dekho mai yahi hu aapke saath …aur aapne dekha nahi joya di ne kya kaha unhone kaha ki aapko, mujeh, aur shikha di ko koi hara nahi sakthe hai innocence mai…hum toh hai hi aise hai naaa…

    Aur ye kya ,joya di ke alava koi mujeh ans nahi diya uss emojis ke baare mai…joya di meri phone mai aisa nahi horaha hai…mujeh emojis chahiye aur koi mera help nahi kar raha hai…

    • sethooty

      Vaishu ki bachi..mein ne thume reply kiyee hai..voo bhi bade bade emoji ke saath
      ????????..yeh telly team ko thoo time lage gaa post karne mein..
      Vaishu kutty koo mein kaise phool sakthi hoom
      Thanks to joya ithenee saree emoji mili mujee..
      Mere phone ke bare mein paths nahi…so how could I say about Samsung..k wait I will ask someone…

    • sethooty

      Hey needhi… I didn’t know that u r the same needhi used to comment there in vini’s fiction page…I think sometime I replied u there also…vini mentioned u also in previous epi…you r the youngest one in our gang….
      Actually I was surprised I told about u and divya Shankar about our gang yesterday.. Missed ur comments in vini’s fiction
      Needhi u r already in our gang Dr…
      Thanku u needhi u r continuously supporting me…by ur comments… More than a fiction I we just want to touch with everyone….

      • No need to say thank u dear kyuki hamare beloved Sanky ne kaha hai ki ” Dosti mein no sorry, no thank u”.U all r really good and i am really happy to be part of vini di’s army.

  20. vaishnavi

    Arey aaj toh sab mere piche hi pade hai
    Once scroll up nd see how many members told “vaishu ki bachi” 1st shraddha di said then vinitha di also said nd seetu di also said …lol…I am smiling a lot after seeing dis

    • Anjali

      Lolol…… even I saw….. mere ff page me, here everywhere….?????

      Ur very naughty …….. even I’ll join you….. ???

      Aaj se hum dono milke shraddha ko pareshan karenge….. ??

      Kyun shraddha??

      • sethooty

        Vaishu and Vinitha koo pareshan karne mein badaa mazaa atha hai anjali…
        Joya, shradha thoo ithini naughty hai ki ultta hum..par padenge..
        Isme thoo hamaree mickey thoo choti bachi hai…

      • Anjali

        Par me bacchi nhi hoon ????

        Toh I can tease you youngsters….

        But shraddha is elder than me. ????

        Kya karoon????

      • Anjali

        Shraddha ur older than me by one yr ????

        Me no bacha…. me big girl…. lolol

        Chalo…. hum dono milke vaishu ko pareshan karenge…. ????

    • Shraddha

      Hahahaj betajiii
      I’m ur Sister wohi Elder wali????
      Dekhte hai kaun kise pareshan karta hai??????
      Lol ??
      Kya hogaya hai aaj kal ke bacho ko?
      Shey hey bhagwan inhe sadd budhi dena??

    • Joya

      Kya yar chhoti bachchiiiii k piche pade ho………………

      Not fair……………….isiliye nahi k vaishu ko tang kar rahe ho………….isliye ki hume bataye bina hi tang kar rahe ho…………not fairrrrrrrrrr

      • Shraddha

        Areyyy Joyaaa it’s never too lateee
        Come onnnn??
        Now it’s our dearest Vaishu turn
        N Jo iss me toh Aap mahir hona??toh bhala apko kaiseee chod sakte haiii….??

        Anjalii Joya is one yr elder to me ….
        Hain na JOYA Di???lol joyaaaa?
        N yea hum milke pareshan karenge???

    • Vaishnavi

      Anjali wat youngsters yaar r8 now I think only me nd needhi r elder to u….Shikha di(rupshikha) nd vinitha di r of ur age nd remaining all r elder to u….nd I am not calling u di bcoz i saw u telling to others that not to call u di

      • Anjali

        Dudee… No calling me dii… No ways… no no no no no

        Ur elder to me??? Then y r u writing entrances?? I thought u were a year younger… *confused*

        Shraddha sree sethoo di are elder ik…

        Joya di no idea

      • Anjali

        Ohh shit… Just now saw the typo thing… LOL…

        Okkk Vaishuuu!!!

        And yeah dont call me dii

        NO NO NO NO NO

    • Anu

      Okay I’m kinda stalking Anju and Sree cuz Bio ke dimaag kharab kar diyya. I miss you two a lot!!! So wake up guyyssss!!!

      • Anjali

        Anu… I’ve been here from that time….

        I’ve been waiting for you to stop studying 😛 😛

    • Anu

      Oh dear. I was studying as the whole week I hadn’t touched bio ?

      I’m so dead in the exam x x

  21. sethooty

    Anjali kyaa bathavoo yaar..thumare comment padne ki bath tho meri havaa udgayi….sachi…bz u r one of the talented writer.. With amazing writing skill..wen I see ur comment on vini’s fiction comment box gayab hogayi…I know that u will surely reach my fiction as u support everyone whole heartdly..ek Secret bathavoo kayaa feel ashamed bz I am the only one who didn’t comment ur I reached only 27 th ep of Mr Maheshwari and fiction of the list…sorry yaar followed ur fiction on few epi ….then thum gayab hogayee missed many chapters… Actually this in analysis Also..

    • Anjali

      Don’t tell that…..

      Ik ur very busy….. and you did support me in the beginning…. I remember some of ur comments…..

      Lol…. and if I’m a talented writer then what about you??? Urs is soooo awesome…. I absolutely love it….????

      And ur comment about top fiction…. sooo not true…. but Thnxxx ???

      And I’m so glad I started reading urs bcos not only did I get an awesome story to read but I also became closer with you all….

      Love you dii…. and all you others…. I too wanna join this super fun Grp ???????

    • Vaishnavi

      Seetu di aap hava mai udd gayi arey nahi yaar neeche ajavo nahi toh birds aapkho leke jayenge…..

      • Anjali

        Vaishu ki bacchi!!!

        Tum toh sacch me badmaash ho!!!!

        Vaishu ki bachi flow me aa hi jaata h… I’m not able to stop with just vaishu… 😛 😛 😛

  22. Hi very gm actually dat rape incident not happened in my college not about my frnd it’s about damini…gang rape happen know tat one..I. m studying in girls coll…. whatever injustice happen to girls our coll stands first to support.. even Anna hazare I went off and I came back but damini i support with full hearted. Actually first bangalore called as garden city but now its called as rape city not only bangalore but our country especially in North West side. .dear actually in karnataka they declared tat all student in school shd trend karate kunf etc those who raped they shd jailed permanently and told to cut their manhood but if I. M d minister I would have declared to encounter because now we r in 2016 generation we cannot fallow gandhi deciple. Because after dis declaration again many raped…so dey declared encounter in our country.. .or else all girls shd become Kiran bedI and Jan’sI rani not like mother theresa. ..and all shd get s*x education in school level..they shd know d reason about dis.. most important girls should be protected using scientific technology many has introduced already tat should forwarded better.. many cannot defence themselves like ex blind lady childrens etc for them special goonda act shd fallow..then dear kaccha mangoes so sweet I love mangoes very much then Joya in our village many mango tree is their if u know to climb come we can steal mangoes in other site..then bye tc

    • Shraddha

      Ok so ur from Karnataka?
      Good to know that agree the rate at which b’lore is getting poluted is very depressing to me as well…… N I agree with you dear that hanging is THE punishment no less than that …..
      But honestly speaking nothing is worth the trauma the girls go through…..
      N now joyaas POV comes into picture even if he gets killed blo*dy society doesn’t allow her to have a normal life…..its vvery sad that we have to live in such society …..
      Its really nice that u belong to such a nice coll….. What do u study BTW,?
      N coming to North western sides dear yes I too agree taht part is highly contaminated also I ve read so many cases wer a father or grandfather has done such a crime it’s just very disgusting…..
      I’m this matter I really think Western countries are better because atleast they can differentiate btn a Victim n an Convict.
      Nyc talking to you Divya your doing great spreading awareness

      • Recently 5 months one maharashtra girl raped in night after working she ask lift in tempo traveller then 3 guys raped her due to nonsense media she went back to her home town not tat only small school kid is raped by Sir now a days boy teacher is not giving job if they commit any mistakes they r punished compare to other state bangalore is less only..then i.m bsc in pcm not only tat then i study psychology philosophy books in my house full of books only i hv all d type of books because my dad give more respect to education than father has done law he is police officer all rounder business man…rich family..had more money more than he is good human being he give more respect to eldeds..he will help all people those who in need.but for us he wont give money..if i ask means he will give hundred only one one time he give more money if I ask my mom means she will give thousand rs my mava ajji unt all give money to me..but for my sis she won’t take 1000 and and all then i have taken photo with x chief minister and x prime minister..we went to prime minister home pm like my father very much he came to my unt marriage if u think I. M lieing come to fb I will send photos…my father go daily…he like us very much..then one more thing in my village neighbour village recently 3 year back they organise isro..for tat narendra modi has come in helicopter for inauguration abdull kalamji has come to my village in car I hv seen in my house Road I hv done tata to him then he do bye for me tat I. M very very happy and very lucky his hair is very white his face already loss is charm. .then later our coll invited dis kalamji to speak about one topic tat to for our senior outgoing c him we have to seat in play ground after his speech then he met us tat to less students had attend i too not gone to c him..because due to my ego tat i aldready seen so i refuse to c him again..but i.m very lucky I hv seen once atleast sorry for boring reply..then i.m studying girls college tat to far from my I have struggled more to complete my bsc I have to catch 5 bus daily..many time I missed route and I went different placos because I hv never seen city in my life when I. M in school I. M going in school bus..I never went with bus after pu I hv seen different shade and I struggle more many time I met with accident for God grace still I. M alive.then I don’t know route also I ask many people and I came back again tat time I cried so much even i hv not told to my family if I say means my father send car then no freedom and all..I dont like richness I want enjoy my life with any difficulties. .even many boys rag me but also I don’t care even in bus I experience bad dr..tat time i feel very bad bec if i raise wat people think bad about me simply i came dr..many girls cannot protect themselver..treally it’s very difficult girls especially school students papachI. .how they will face..I dont know…in karnataka it’s in 15th place in bangalore 1st or 2nd I think…rv college for women..Nice coll but teachers are more attitude especially chemistry department always scold us then i and my frnd is representative of my class my partner is fronm Ahmedhabad she don’t know kannada I know little buttler hindi but now she learn full kannada now we r just like dosth in pcm we 15 girls full supportI’ve we lover each other..but in my bench we sit five girls 3 girls from computer me and my frnd from chemistry if mam told also we doesn’t go back..whatever we will sit five I and bhargavi so naughty we eat food in class we write record we chat in mobile we copy in test..tat to maths yappa dabba..then for chemistry teachers me is d fav all tease me..then send me to ask anything..due to maths mam I think to quite coll only then my father and teacher advice later I. M here otherwise I would have left due to maths mam so much I suffer she always target its OK I. M happy with it..

      • Shraddha

        Ok ?so I kind off can piturice how you might be Divya……credits to ur feedbacks ?
        I remembeed a Telugu film listening ur story as in rich family but earthy daughter?
        Still u would like to tell u one thing that generally public platform use madbeda ishtu nin personal life bagge matadakke yakander egin kaal dallu janana namboke agalla yelli yareti inda tondare kodtaro yavanig gottu adake yecharike vahisoke helide ashte ha tapp tilkobeda OK…..

  23. Sree harini

    Looks like I am the only lunatic on this site who doesn’t know about you seetothy..I am really sorry for this dear but will surely read all the episodes today and comment on the episodes.

    • Anu

      Ur not alone Sree. I haven’t known yet too but she seems to be interesting and a very good writer. Sethooty I’ll read this as soon as my exams are over. I’m kinda pissed off right now due to bio. But surely will read this ff. Love ya ?

  24. Anjali



    I’ve gone highhhhh

    I did my exam really welll….. so now am in a mood to jump and dance, except I’m sitting in the bus and so can’t do that…..

    Anyways….. dii…. I’m gonna start spamming ur comments from now on..

    I’m very kiddish at times


    Vaishu ki bachi se bhi ?????

    Lalalalallalalal….. mujhe pagal mat samajhlena….

    • Anjali

      Arre… Treat I’ll give anytime… Aap log bas aajao….

      Sab aajao chennai!!!
      Sethoo di
      and all the ppl I still have to be friends with
      vinita mickey joya (di ??) vini di 😀 😀

      Sab aajao!!!1 I’ll gove hugggeeeee treat!!! 😀 😀
      But yeh sirf model exams tha… Sem exams abhi bakki h…

      Needhi ur from lucknow???
      One of my best friends is also from there… He’s soo cutee…. Lucknow people are so cute and charming… Their hindi is sooo nicee… Full of respect and all…

      • Joya

        Even u r calling me di…….i asked my Aai…did i lost my memory???? M i married???? Kya hume grandchildren hai???????? ???????????????? just kidding……i engineering student.last year……

        U can call me joya….i give a comment here as name is Sheetal…sab jante hai yeh baat siway needhi,tum aur shree k….soch apna origioriginal name use karloo…agr in sab ne nahi pehchana to???????????? ..and 2 member of dis amry is missing bcz of study……nita and kriya……..

      • Anjali

        lol… Ok then just Joya!!!!

        So ur a first year student???
        I’m a first year IT student…. 🙂 🙂

      • HI Anjali.. ?.. reeee hum toh phle se hi frndz h.. awww frndz nhi reyy baba… hum sb sistrs h yaha pe hihi??

        n agr Chennai ki baat kare toh me Decembr me jaunga clg frndz n tchrs ki saath…(agr sb thik thak ho toh)

      • Anjali

        Wait… Networking student.. Last yr…

        Toh phir aap di hi hain…

        But I get it… Even I don’t like to be called di.. 😛 😛 Chalo!!!

        Only Joya from now on…

  25. Sree harini

    Finally..finally. Finally, I did it seetothy..give Me a award now….lol
    Every episode of yours is just good and I fell for sanskar when he said to the whole family that he married her because he loved her (epi 1) ..aww that’s really a cute one. I thought swara will be all serious but you proved me wrong. Then I really felt bad for ragini..poor girl she admires sanskar but he doesn’t. Still waiting badly for laksh’s pov so that I will be more clear.
    Previous episode was just hilarious, I mean swara and uttara’s bonding is so cute in your ff.
    Coming to today’s episode, I again felt bad for ragini but sanskar line is so good. It’s intensity is more that it looks.
    Something fishy ..I can smell that..sanskar apying someone?? Must wait till 29th for that
    And one more para, exclusively for you. I read few episodes in middle and really found it interesting but I missed the track. And you were on the blame too because the author’s name was malar but when I found it to be yours..oh God! I was just flying on high altitude. I must seriously scold you for thinking yourself low because you write so amazingly and say that I am not a good writer..uggh..once check it girl..remove your spects..this is such a beautiful story with a beautiful description and seriously, I fell for the lines of note book. This one is really a mature one.

  26. Sree harini

    Hello seetothy, I must start from you because it is yours ff and then hello shradda di (I guess), joya di (I guess), Vinita, needhi, vaishu, Divya di and of course not to forgot vini di and rupiksha.
    Baat yeh hai ki I am really an admirer of your friendship from day one of vini di’s season two. I know most of the people here and will be really glad to join but meri problem Yeh hai ki I am very poor at and it takes time for me to read your comments..mei tang kechne walo me se nahi hoon but will surely support the one who does that.
    Following the foot steps of Anjali, I am also going to spam you all.
    And needhi, you really seem much active here sissy.

    • vaishnavi

      Hahaha 1stly jodi nd shraddha di r if ur age r less than dat dey r not elders to u…..nd u know wat kuch din pehle tak seetu di bhi hindi mai baath nahi karthi thi but now she is…so slowly slowly u will also learn…nd ha I know that aap taang keechne walon mai se nahi ho par koi baath nahi humsab ke beech rehthe hue vo bhi seekh javogi…

      • Sree harini

        Haha..toh seethu di is my inspiration….and sadly I got to know that even joya is younger…mummy I am elder to almost everyone ka intezar hai mujhe..once again lol.

    • Hey pls sree don’t call me Di I don’t like even i don’t like to call anyone Di..even my own sis i wont call di and she ask me pls call me akka anta..I will tell go ya…..and for me all r frnds hip no age limits..a good frndship doesn’t need relation. .if u so much like to call means u call anything but don’t call me unty.. .still I. M young….then dr how r u how is ur studies..sorry for not commenting now a days I. M little busy…then do u c swaragini wat u feel after seeing sumi pregnancy wats ur opinion regard dis does age requires motherhood. . I want ans from you..

      • Sree harini

        I just used di as a a safe word Divya because few don’t like to be called with names…hehe even my sister behs my younger one to call di but none of them listens to her.
        Aunty!!! ROFL.. I need some 35+ candidyae for that divya do chill. No sorry business with me and you are already aware of that.
        If you seriously want to know about sumi’s pregnancy, then I have stopped watching the serial the moment I heard it and will resume only after ending of this track. For me , there is no age for motherhood but showing something like this at late age should make sense.of course I have heard about this but telecasting such things is not good because, Indian culture is introduced to foregin by the media and it will really won’t help anything but spoinling our image there
        And of you asked me just for fun, then I am ready with my luggage to follow this little army to sharmista’s godh bharai…lol

    • Anjali

      I’m kab se ready to spammm!!!!

      But I need company… Varna Mazaa nhi aaega!!!
      🙁 🙁

      Yaar1!! Koi toh aao!!!

      • Sree harini

        Hello rupishka..mei ready hoon, Hindi seekhne ke liye bhi aur tumhare sath asylum me rehne ke liye
        I am good, find and what about you?

      • Anjali

        Asylum me??? LOLOL …..

        You ppl are making me laugh from that time!!!!!

        Pagal log!!!!

        But my pagal log!!! :* :* <3 <3

  27. Vaishnavi

    Mai half day cllge kya chali gayi tum sab ne toh mere kilaf saazish racha diya he…………………….seetu di???aapne comments nahi pada kya frm past two days mai hi sabh ko tang Kar rahi hu…iss liye iss matter mai choti bachi nahi hu………aur Anjali ??????tumne toh party badaldi hai pehle tumne kaha ki hum dono milkar shraddha di ko pareshan karenge nd now u changed party???…….aur Shraddha di joya di aaplogon ko pata nahi hai kya ki chote log badon ko tang karate hai bade choton ko nahi….arey vinitha di Shikha di kaha chale Gaye ho ye bade log hum logon ko easily le rahe hai…chalo hum dikhate hai ki hum ne kya kya kiya or kya kya Kar sakthe hai????………………aur needhi ,Sree akka we r on same boat ragarding dis emojis now u people will think how I got dis emojis then actually now I am commenting frm tab not frm my phone(specially for dis emojis I am commenting frm tab u know)

    • Joya

      Yeh kaunsi kitab me padha hai ki bade chhton ko tang nahi kar sakte…………….balki hum tumhe tang karenge alag alag tarikonse………tumhe tang karne ka intension nahi hai humra……bas hum tumhe logon ko tang karne k naye naye tarike sikhayenge practically tumhe tang karke???????

      • Sree harini

        I agree with joya in this vaishu..and being younger, you should sometimes near this because most of the time only chotte will get pampered and ha everything here we do to you is a practice vaishu. We will practice on you and then apply on our
        Right na joya?

    • Anjali

      Arre… vaishu yaar!!!

      I’m in the winning team.. 😛 😛

      Voh jo koi bhi ho!!! Lol…

      First you tell who will win…Then I’ll tell in whose team i am in… 😛 😛

      JK… I’ll trouble both of you equally… KK????

    • Vaishu my choti si nanhi si jaaann??.. kiya hua beti? awwww tang kr rhe h 2mhe koi?kaun h jara hume v batao(* ̄▽ ̄*).. sbki pitai krnge hum☺☺.. lekin 2mhe tang krne k baad haha?????

      • Vaishnavi

        ?????????????????????????????????? r8 now vaishu is like dis ……koi meri side nahi le rahe hai????…..nd Sree wat u Said u will try on me nd later on ur sisters…kya mai tumhari sister nahi hu?????mujeh ek dam se paraya Kar diya tumne?????……………….?????????????????????????

      • Sree harini

        Aww vaishu..don’t cry..I am with you dear. If someone teases you, just say me. We both will take revenge on them by sending to sumi’s godh bharai..lollol
        It will be the best punishment to see sharmista blushing while swara and ragini teasing her along with their

  28. Joya

    I m saying sorry in advance for lengthy comment…………

    I think humre society to ab badalne ki jaroorat hai…..sirf men hi nahi woman ko bhi apni baba azam vali soch ko chhodkar aage badna hoga…….guys bahot kam cases hai jaha justice huaa hai…..aise hajaro cases hai jo aaj bhi pending hai…….20 sal se jyada wakt gujar gaya hai par ladkiyon ko justice nahi mila hai………humre society ko fast track court ki jaroorat nahi hai????

    No way……………jo rape ki shikar huyi hai use jindgi bhar saja milti hai…..duniya ka uski taraf dekhne ka narjariya badal jata hai…..uski nind,chain,sab chin jata hai….har wakt uske sharir pe kide ghum rahe hai aisa dard usko har pal milta hai……..har pal hajar maute marti hai aur jisne crime kiya usko sirf 7 sal ki saja??????? Ya encounter??????
    No way…….usko aisi saja honi chahiye jise wo jindgi bhar bhugte………Chhatrapti Shivaray ne unke teenage me aise hi ek criminal ko saja sunai thi…..hath pair tudvaye the uske………..

    Humne badalne ki jaroorat hai…….aise mamlon me sirf kanoon hi nahi humari bhi responsibility banti hai………hume badlna hoga…….kisi bhi ladki ka self respect uske sharir se juda nahi hota……….how can people say ki usne chhote kapde pehne isliye uske sath aisa huaa????? Agar koi ladki kisi ladke k sath mili to us ghar ki ijjat mitti me kaise mil sakti hai.ya kisi ladki k sath galat ho to inki ijjat kaise chali ja sakti hai..kaise badnami ho sakti hai….???
    Humre society me prestige, respect jaise word ka meaning hi khokla kar diya hai……….
    Upar se uski shaadi tak nahi hoti………i mean really………samaj ki soch itni galat kaise ho sakti hai?????

    Delhi wale case ka ek criminal jail se riha huaa hai…..uski identity badli gayi hai…….kehte usko sudharne ka ek mauka milana chahiye……..jisko jine ka hakk nahi usko humra samaj sudharne ka mauka de raha hai……..

    Gharelu hinsa,dahej k nam pe haty,bhrunhatya,girls ki selling aisi kai crimes hote hai…..kai jagah to ek aurat hi dusri aurat ka jine ka ri8 chhin rahi hai..i mean gharelu hinsa,dahej k cases me……………….. Ab to internet ki wajah se to logon ko jaise platform mila hai….banao ladki ki clip aur upload karo internet pe……aur fir se duniya ladki ko hi dosh degi……….badnami ladki ki hi hogi…..puri duniya internet se download karke khud dekhegi aur characterless ladki ko kahegi………i know duniya kuch woman aisi bhi to in sab ka galat istamal karti hai par isse har ladki galat nahi hoti…….

    We have to change thinking of our society……..
    Sorrry guys…….i know kuch jyada hi bol diya hai……….par is mamle me hum thode sensitive hai…….kehne k liye aur bhi bahot hai par filal yahi pe rukte hai………..

    • Anjali

      Joya di… I’m talking to u for the first time… And it is sad it’s about a topic like this… But I agree….

      I agree completely with whatever you said!!!!

      Aaj kal zamana hi kharrab h…

      Even in college… Ppl were stalking me and my friend… It’s so unsafe everywhere…. Hume hi kuch karna padega!!!

    • Vaishnavi

      Nahi di yeh kuch Bhi jyadha nahi hai….aur I think iss mamle hum sab sensitive hai….nd whatever u said is absolutely r8….aur hame yeh badalna hoga par mai toh kehthi hu ki we shld start frm our surroundings,our home,our parents …one more most important thing “dowry”, when we were small we learnt dat we shld not dowry nd we shld not take dowry ……but In reality dis is not happening……in our society its not happening like dat….its like ki dowry ke Bina shaadhi hi nahi…..aur issi wajeh se hamari parents ko Bhi Aisa hi sochna pad raha hai…..jab bhi kissi ki shaadhi ki baath hothi hai toh pehla sawal yahi hotha hai ki kitna dowry liya hai…..arey kuch hi din pehle ki baath hai jab hum 9th r 10th mai the toh hamari ghar mai yahi discussion ho rahi thi toh Maine daddy se pooch daddy govt ne toh dowry ban ki hai na phir bhi yeh kyu chal raha hai tabh dad ne kaha nahi beta Yaha dowry ke bina koi marriage nahi hothi tab Maine kaha nahi dis is not r8 we shld not support dowry par koi meri baath suntha Bhi nahi aur Maine ye bhi poocha ki kya aap meri shhadi bhi dowry dekhar hi karenge tabh unhone kaha ha beta nahi toh koi tumse shaadhi nahi karega tabh Maine kaha ha toh tikh hai mai bhi shaadhi nahi karungi par tabh bhi meri baath koi suntha bhi nahi….uss din se aaj tak mai yahi sochthi rahi ki kya karu kaise batavu sabh ko…

    • joya di i agree wid u?.. n wo jo delhi wali case thi uska age 18se km tha isiliye jail se riha kr dia na.. pata nhi Q choda uusse.. Aapne 1saal phle jo Assam me Dimapur pe jo rape wali case hua tha aapne suna h? aapko dkhna chahiye wo.. isse phle sme case hua tha kuch saal phle.. n yeh 2nd time tha.. yaha pe kuch kh nhi skti me.. aap khud dkh lijiega.. par 2nd tym jo hua na wo bht he bura tha.. ha yeh alg baat h ki ladki aur uski ghrwalo ne fasaya tha usse.. par kaise mar rhi thi sbke smne wo v zinda..

    • Sree harini

      Joya, it took complete twenty minutes for me to read this paragraph.. My reading
      But what you have said is right so don’t be sorry for that. Even I am girl of revolution and will always try my best to bring awareness lekin women are always given and will be given a low step in the society didi. Whatever the women might achieve, she is always a home maker the moment she enters the house and we can’t completely blame the society for this because they react for what they have shown and media is playing a major role in spoiling everyone.
      Few years back, a private life of couple is always kept as a secret but now everything is readily available for a four year kid which is enough to spoil his mind (just my pov).
      And about the rapists, our hypocritic society is the one to be blamed. If I am not wrong, our religious books says that redemption is the main thing to realize a mistake but was never told that the culprit should not be punished. But most of the people get stuck to the former than latter which resulted in bail of that bastard. Court thinks that he should redeem but what about the victim. Will they do the same of it comes to their own mother or sister or daughter NO.. Because the victim is nothing to them. Selfishness is getting injected to everyone and sadly everyone who had the antidose, failed most of the times.
      We have to change the thinking of the society.. I agree but many people disappoint themselves at the very first step saying how can I change it? Nothing is going to change with my one good step. I really feel pity for their immatureness because any journey starts with a single step which they are not dare enough to step..
      Lol..a very big one but I can’t resist myself when topic is something like this

      • Shraddha

        Ok Joya I finally read ur comment n others POV too
        I agree with you n ur perspective which is absolutely right but I do feel ki Prevention is better than cure….. So as I said earlier Hume apneaap ko majboot banana hogs because nobody’s gonna cm like an angel n help her out of a situation so atleast minimum of defence shud be learnt by any girl I’m saying you all this today I’m a Black Belt in Karate n my main reason to join this was after I witnessed Delhi rape case….. Den its that I decided I’llhave to take care of myself n I believe small smaal aids like pepper spray n all can be really helpful like atleast till she can reach the crowd u know….
        I normally keep urging my friends n relatives ki as part of ur self defence atleast plz learn some martial arts ……
        I know gang rape me iss baat ks koi fayda nahi hai bohot logo hote hai but at least u can have some time for urself to reach our the crowd n save yourself rite????

        Because society ko sudhara itne aasan kaam nahi hai….. But I do agree ki dheere Deere it’s changing tough at slower rate yet change is seen…..
        Den one more point I would tell Is ki ek insaan Jo hai jsisa hai uska character ke upar pata chalta hai n character build ko sirf aur sirf parents kar sakte hai…….. It’s their responsibility to make sure their kid respects women “parvarish” plays a very crucial role here
        I agree sm parents do give good values but it’s the sangat taht spoils the boy but looking after their kids group of friends of surrounding is also parents responsibility rite?? Den well now this agin leads to many other social issues like ghar me agar dad mom ki respect nahi karte toh beta kys khak sekhega?? Gharelu himsa for that matter then dowry ke wajese gharelu himsa… Its like a chain all are interconnected…..

        All I want to tell is
        Protect urslf be bold n strong because society won’t give us a shift to whatsoever happens …. N just remember that(this is Anus lines I loved them so much that I took s huge print out of it n stuck it on my wall) so her lines say.. ..
        “All you can do is just keep Going ….
        Because if you are strong enough you can change ur destiny”
        Have a good day peps……

      • Anu

        Awwh muaaaahhh dear. I agree. I also think that along of preaching to the society we should give our 100% and make sure that men and boys around us should also know how to respect women. Because boond boond se hi samundar banta hai.

  29. Anjali

    Mickey dudee…..

    I saw ur comments in Vini di’s ff and even commented but they cancelled it.. 🙁 🙁

    I’m fine… Have exams going on… But am soo not in the mood to study!!!
    And ur my age?? I didn’t know that….

      • Anjali

        Awww.. .So sweet… Koi nhi!!!

        Phir se likhenge…. Either here… Or in my page…. Don’t worry!!! <3 <3

  30. itna sb kuch ho jaane ke baad v bht sari criminls ko chod deti h.. agr kabhi mujhe mauka miley na toh ksam se me inlogo ko itna marungi ki kvbhi kisi ladki ko rape krne se phle 10 br sochegi..

    Dimapur me jaise mara tha baaapre! dkhna chahiye

  31. Anjali

    I have commented soooo much today!!!!!!

    😮 😮

    I have never done that other than replying back to comments… 😮 😮

    I still can’t believe it…….

    Haww……. 😮 😮 😮

    Uk… One girl is saying that I sound too serious in my replies for ur comments… Is that true??? *WONDERING*

    • aaaahhh Vini di kaha h? ??????… di dekho na mera yeh emblm kitni kharab ho gayi na? mujhe ek cute sa emblm chahiye????yeh green wali emblm mujhe blkl psnd nhi.. aap kuch karo na.. ekdm cute sa chahiye mujhe??

    • Hello anjali actually no one will forget our Mr.maheshwari..then dr don’t call me Di instead tat u can call any name if u want u can call monkey inky pinky ponkey anything nothing matter for me….because my name is only big till today in class teacher call me different name in attendance..daily I. M correcting them..then about treat ah I want prayer from you because one girl name dolly she met with accident pls Pray for her..pls frnds Pray for her..then about ur fiction no words or Web to describe if I want to comment Def I shd require one day…ur unpredictable beauty…so only i.m not commenting to ur fiction with fear..Def I will take chance to comment once dr…tc

      • Anjali

        haww… Divya??
        monkey, donkey?? o 😮

        You’re soo sweet… Why will I call you anything like that???

        I will surely pray for ur friend divya!! Ik how bad one feels when someone else is hurt….

        LOL…. Don’t be scared… I don’t mind you even insulting my story…. Just come and talk to me…

        And thnxxx for such a sweet compliment!!! LOVE YOU!!!! :* :*

  32. Vinita

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aap sab kaise ho?????
    Aaj mai pura din class mai thi and yaha itna sara comments a gaya!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi needhi, anjali and sree harini di!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joya di i agree with you. Kal pune jit gaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aaj abhi iss topic par bara debate karki aa rahi hu………………………
    Actually I am younger than rupsikha so I think even anjali is my di
    Basically vaishu’s and my age is same.

  33. Again hi shree wat a lovely answer but pls one req pls don’t stop watching swaragini actually director thinks in dabba way only prb is he think he is in 47th century he has to open up his thinking skills because now a days scientific has come forwarded everything in finger tips as educated family she don’t know how take precautions before pregnancy and all instead tat they r showing illogical a days women’s r not intrest to have babies only..tat to in dis generation more than one they will abort it..for example u take mine only when I. M in my mother womb my mom has already has two kids my father told to my mother abort third child..because as educate guy he think 2 is enough if he have third child wat people think as educated guy increasing population..not only it’s very difficult to give education in dis period.he think tat like tat to my mom marry in 9th tat small age only my father think tat like wat about skehar and sumi they already have daughter in one or two months they will only give good news..but now instead sumi only giving good news. .for parents illiteracy child is sumi and shekar purpose child should not get abort..wat tat child has done.tat baby prb tat he or she growing in her stomach …in serial they can show logic things.tat people shd adopt something by seeing it.but no use they r showing in illogical way wat people cannot accept easily..instead of her they can make pari as pregnant know..and they can proceed further. .pls don’t quite dr pls watch atleast sumi shd understand her immaturity and behave like educated lady….

    • Sree harini

      You here..actually I was searching for your reply at your comment.
      I agree with you dear. I am not aganist anything buy doesn’t these writers have any brain. I seriously would have given some advice if they needed and the worst will be SWARAGINI supporting her mom and their sibling cause women taunted sharmista at badi.. Some where deep inside my knee, my brain is indicating this and I am sure that they won’t show a litrate sumi which they didn’t show till now. Swara was an independent before but she turned into mahan and moreover I heard that dadi will kill sharmista!! Ughh, only God knows why
      I love SWARAGINI and seriously watch it vk and tejaswi and promised myself to watch the crappiest episode of either vk or teju gets screen space but this is a crap to the crappiest (my pov)
      But I will watch for you dear Divya..actually I am feeling awkward calling you Divya because it is my name…so D-square.
      And one more thing you belong to Tamil nadu or AP or TG

      • Hi untyI agree with u I watch dis serial only bec of sanskar bec I like Danny kusum later swasan but story is not tat much nice it’s similar to many serial only..even Danny character is nice but not given more scope to it..even kannada serial so much much much better…if he don’t know how to proceed further he can ask others or he can give up it…because of dis trp also decreases….I dont know later director can make sujata also pregnant..then dr do u know information about saba I missing her badly…if u c anywhere u tel her divya is waiting for you..pls tel her to come back soon..then pls Pray for dolly my frnd meri ashique writer…anjali dolly is writter like u she has written many ff…pls Pray for her..then gn tc hv sethooty dreams…Joya reply to my above comment..bye tc I have to eat food now..then bye c u

      • Sree harini

        Hey sorry Divya,,I was feeling bad yesterday so slept early..sujatha pregnant…ROFL.. I sometimes wonder what if they introduce bhoot and dayans in SWARAGINI as same with
        Actually, I didn’t visit the page of dairies of fantasy after SWASAN..and more over, I don’t even have an fb account dear but will check now and of I will see then I will surely mention.
        What has happened to dolly?? Anyways I will surely oray for her dear..

  34. Shraddha

    Hardly 5 hrs n the hell???
    Itna chat kiya tum logone??
    Main nahi thi?coll tha(hai aur hamesha rahega uff??)

    Never mind now OK
    So 1st of all ppl don’t hesitate to converse just take our name n start chatting silly?
    Because we are all single n ready to mingle (dunno abt setho n vinuta)????? lol ik very bad PJ??

    So Sree u thought I’m older u you???? noooo ?? Sree Akka actually Telugu also they say Akka kya? I thought Tamil n Kannada only? ik annaya is for Anna like brother never mind so I’m ur chelli no??

    Den Vaishu baby?????????????????????????dont cryyyy
    But these emojis do not mean I won’t taese u
    I’m in full Form n as joya said alag alag way me teasing????chill dear ur our sweet shishter no???n lol

    Joya this Girl thinks ki chote badoin ko tang karte hai vaishuuuuu???
    Apka soch vichar thoda humse hatke hai….
    (our chote miya is subhanalla we know but still,) Bade milya toh Bade miyaaa…??

    N Anjali my God soooooo many comments of urs n those emojis Gosh ik girl I can understand ur ssly high today??? Ahha tel me tell me??????kaunsa wala ha??????winning is it smart girl?

    N now joya I’ll go n read ur looinnngg post

    • Anjali

      Shraddha baby… Beer ya whiskey se kaam nhi chalega 😛 😛

      Me having tequila, vodka…

      You want??

      Aaj chem over toh bht khush thi mein….. 😛 😀 😀
      sooo I went and ordered a whole crate of vodka…. YUMMM!!!!
      😛 😛

    • Sree harini

      Hello shradda..I really want to find emojis now to express my depression. I seriously thought that you are elder to me..ughh. Only I know how bad I am feeling. Since childhood everyone calls me Akka, Akka and Akka but I get a least opportunity to call someone in the same way strict warning that no one will address me as di..*winks*
      The ancient script of kannad and Telugu are almost similar I mean nearly 90% but Telugu got modernised leaving many precious words behind while kannad is still the same. So it’s not a very big deal ..
      You are my chelli only but please don’t call me’s a plea.

      • Shraddha

        Yea I agree script is almost same I never find my stay at Hyderabad or srishailam which are the places I normally visit if I do difficult because boards can be easily read n the least guessed n u know I can survive der aswell like my Telugu ain’t that good but enough to survive u know?n all of learnt just by movies lol??

  35. Anu

    Hello everyone. I’m so sure you dont know me but i dont care about that. I wanna chat badly. I have a tragic story. Tomorrow is my bio paper and I’m done with the studies. And the stupid TU had to cancel the submissions. I so wanted to update my fanfic.

    Par koi nahi. Aye! I have decided Ki Mei tum logon ko di nahi bulaungi. Kyonki tu sab mere Jaise hi Bache Ho. Sree I had no clue that ur poor at Hindi.

    And talking about the most crazy girl here. We don’t need any debate for that.

    Its ANJALI. lol. ?

    Haan ji. Aap hi. Mere sabse Badi pagal dost hai yahan pe. Pagal se bhi badhkar.

    Kya pike aayi hai Aaj aap? Full on chadhi hui hai.???

    • Anjali










    • Anu

      I have a good news. My little sissy to coming Mumbai to stay with me. She’s my baby yaar. I’m so happy. Probably the best summer vacations. Except for the fact Ki mere Aakash institute waale kabhi chuti nahi denge. ??

    • Hi Anu ,
      I know u yaar .God!!!!!why u all r so humble ????i mean most of them know about u .Star couple,Destiny,Fix u ,Fixing Broken Souls and Arranged to be his all r just superb and girl u really have a good no. of ffs ,so we all know u by one or tge other ff.Anjali is no doubt crazy .I hope u don’t mind chatting with me.I read that u love maths ,so bio preparations???? Is it your optional subject along with MCP????

      • Anjali

        Now who’s being formal???

        I hope you don’t mind talking with me… Haww… NEedhi yaar!!!

        Even I love math…

        IT’S MY SWEETY PIE SUBJECT!! <3 <3

        Shittt…. I'm really high today….

    • Anu

      Okie. We all do love maths here. But no padhai yaar. Pak gayi me. I’m eating ice cream right now ? ? 😛

  36. Vinita

    I guess vaishu!!!!!! Because technically I should be giving class twelve now!!!!!!! In west Bengal ppl give class twelve at seventeen. Actually there is no need to call me di. My cousins even call me by my name even the five yr ones!!!!

  37. Vini di ??.. mujhe kuch kehna h aapse.. xuley kb se khna chhti thi par humesha bhul jati hu.. agr aapko yaad ho toh mene aapko mere dono bhaya ke baare me bataya tha na.. n aapko yeh v kaha tha ki chote bhaya ka ek music band h… n pata h unlogo ka new video rlse hua h.. i think 3 mnth ho gayi shayad.. phla video h.. aap plz check kijiyega.. Prasanna kachari (lead guiterist from Jorhat). n ha bnd ka nm Rhythm Octave.. par bht sarre h ha.. n agr acche lage toh bhaya ki youtube me video v dkhiyega ha.. Scarlett Prasanna kachari

  38. Anjali



    I’m sooo great!!!

    One thing you guys have to know is that once I’m comfortable with ppl, I don’t stop my bak-bak!!!

    Like right now…

    I’m sooo awesome na?

    Anyways.. Tolerate me… I’m not drunk always… And I’m a very nice person 😛 😛

    Lol… No im not… But still……

    So don’t chuck me out.. 🙁 🙁

    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

    Arre yaar!!! Mujhe na ab electrical padhna hai… What the hell is wrong with this coll… Always making me study!!! 🙁 🙁

  39. Anjali

    So it looks like everyone wants to change their DPs…. No matter… Awesome Anjali will help you out 😛 😛

  40. sethooty

    211 comments and chat…seeing this got heart attack guys in ICU( love care unit) ..tick tick

    • Anjali

      Love care unit???
      ICU ya LCU…

      * Utterly confused*
      UR okay na??

      Sethoo di!! All credit to me today…

      *feeling proud of myself*

      I am drunk… Full of vodka and tequila!!!
      😛 😛

  41. Anjali

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    There you’ll have two options…

    Choose 2 and then upload ur own image or Swasan image or whatever you want to…
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    Finally confirm once more by clicking on the image… And ho gaya!!!



    Nowww…. Everyone clap for meeeee 😀 😀 😀

  42. sethooty

    Another attack guys ..Sree harini’ , anu is here…I think I mistakenly enter here..who’s page is this yaar..tittle is mine..hallucination first stage of hallucination.. Koyi thoo bathavoo mujee…?????????????
    Haha just kiddin

    • Anu

      Oh hello! Me bhi comment kar sakti Hu okay? Its just I was super busy with my exams. By the way I didnt know you know me? You really do . .?


      Guys.. Chalo attack some other page now. My phone is getting hanged due to continuously scrolling 😐

      • Sree harini

        Same here.. Instead I am feeling bad cause of not recognizing your you.

      • sethooty

        Hey anu…I think u r the same anu..broken soul..fixes, destiny…?
        Am not saw ur comments in Sree page…and some other page..u , mehar, Sree , anjali.. On chat…thatz y guess…if I am wrong sorry
        There r many Anu’ ..welcome Dr….

    • Anu

      And love you sethu di? Well what’s your age di? And I hope u dont mind me calling u sethi di.

      Fact about me.
      I start calling friends di first but at the end I end up calling them by their names. So don’t mind. Its just that I have a baby sis who calls me di so I’m not used to calling anyone else di. I’m a big sis na…thats why! :-):-)

    • Anu

      And when Sree commented on my fanfic I almost had a mini heart attack. God… That was like a big day for me. Seriously. Coz I have heard a lot about her and her work. So obviously I would go lunatic if someone like her comments on my fanfic. X X

    • Anu

      Yeah I’m the same Anu. Destiny Wali. And fixing Wali. Lol. I’m so sorry that I’m not able to read this ff. But I will read it Pakka when I have my exams over. Fursat se.

  43. Anjali

    Okkk …. This is going to sund really selfish and petty of mee…. So apologising in advance….

    People comment in my ff as well… It has 187 comments… I dont like numbers like that… Make it an even 200 na…

    Look… I really couldn’t care less about the comments… but it makes me feel uneasy… Such an odd number…

    so yeah… I’m not being selfish.. Just a wish… Sorry!!!!

    And also I dont really drink or anything… I’m a good girl… So don’t worry 😛 😛

  44. Sree harini

    Ughhh…I am mad. I posted a comment sharing my happiness for finding emojis but TU didn’t update…
    ???????but give me a round of applause for finding this. Yipeeeeee????????????????????????????????????? and suddenly I am suffering from mood guys…
    Good night everyone

  45. sethooty

    Haha lol….actually missed u r chat section yaar….
    Didn’t care about no of comments…but each comments motivated me..improved my writing..thanks for that all readers….. Ek secret bathavoo heart beat increases seeing no of comments ….responsibility increases as a writer.. Have to post fiction on time..etc…

  46. sethooty

    hey Anu u can call me as fact everyone can…am elder than u all ..working women..single???????
    And humble?

    • Anu

      Tysm di. Ur working cool! I’m still a student. And ofc ur humble di. Its not a question worth asking too <3<3

      Love you ??

  47. Anjali

    You know Sethoo di, When I started commenting today, I wasn’t soo high… But then TU updated my comments quickly and Sree too came ol… And I went mad 😛 😛

  48. Joya

    ayyyyyyyoooooooooooo sethooty………………….lCU………………….kal se sirf kakadi aur gajar ka salad milega khaneme………….i can hear ur heartbeats clearly…………for us ya koi aur hai??????????????? Vini di dekho sethooty ko LOVE DOS ki jaroorat hai….hum sab ka prize hum sethooty ko dena chahte hai…….

    Yr yeh vinita Mahi aur shraddha sanskar k sath date pe gayi thi……..unhone abhi tak kuch nahi kaha na………..???????

    Rups even i m missing vini di alot……………hum bhi dekhenge tumhare bhai ka video dear..sirf vini di ko batana chahti thi na…k…..?……..

    Vaishu dear u r crying…………… fairrrrrr…………….abhi tak ko tang bhi nahi kiya to hi itna ro rahi ho……..i think ab to tumhe tang karna banata hai qki ab hindustan ki paani ki problem solve hone wali hai?????

    Rups,vinita,anjali,shree,shraddha………….agreee wid u……………….sirf humre sath ek problem suno duniya ki karo apne dimag aur dil ki?????

    Shraddha black belt hai?????????daro duniyawalo……..tum apni raksha karogi par i m thinking tumse duniyawalon ki raksha kon karega????just kidding dear………………..

    Vinita pune to jit gaya par tumhara khoya huaa dil kaha hai wo bhi batana jara……..

    Kaun kehta hai ki rona ladkiyon ka janm siddh hak hai……
    Jara gaur farmao yaha hum to rulane me bhi mahir hai…………
    Yaha mahan hai sab k sab,
    Inke manata ka gana gane wale hum Shahir hai………………….

    Hey guyssss……take care…..

    • Anjali

      Sanskaar ke saath date ????
      😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

      * CONFUSED MAX *

    • sethooty

      No…ayooo don’t wanna injection…kakadi or salad bilkul nahi….I want strawberry ice cream…LCU mein hey yaar…
      Mickey ..Bhai ke video hame bathayaa nahi.
      Shradha black belt☺☺??..
      I don’t know wen I reach top..for reading comments

    • Joya di aisa nhi h ☺.. me toh sbko batana chhti thi bt aap gayab ho gayi thi.. sach me aap dkhnge na.. toh mujhe jaroor batayega ha kaisa laga.. N jo video h wo h”PAKHI MELI”.. ???.. n di i misssss uuuu… waise aap thik ho na di?

    • Joya di kisi aur ke baate me toh nhi pata mujhe bt now i m sure Sethhoo didi sach kh rhi thi.. Vinita ko sach me Sansker mila na n date pe v gayi??

      Vinita tu sach bata na? kiya yr phir se chori chori chupke chupke??

      Sethoooo didi nayi aisi baat nhi h.. sry didi.. par ab ruko sbko kh deti hu???

      Hey guyz.. oh ho ruko sbka nm lti hu.. Vini di, joya di, sethoooo didi, vinita, Vaishu, Anjali, Sree, shraddha, Anu, Needhi, niti, kriya n evry1.. plz aaap log mere bhai ki video jaroor chck kijiyega.. mene yaha pe ek cmnt pe uska nm n bnd sb de diya h chck kro.. I mn Vini di ko kaha tha.. khna ha wo kaisa bajata h guitr

      • Joya di aap jhooth bol rhe ho ,Sanskaar to mere saath hai to Shraddha di ke sath kaise ho sakta hai??? Bas hamari date chal hi rhi hai.(Dreaming)
        Waise Sanskaar ki diwani to mein bhi ho ,to agar koi date pe jaye to plz mujhe saath lekar jaaye.
        Joya di last ki lines mast thi aur Army ke baare mein likhkar aapne dil khush kar diya.
        Aapki hindi to mashaallah ,had se jyaada achhi hai.

      • Joya

        Rups i m super fine dear………….tum jaisi cute se sis ho wo fine hi rahega dear…….aaaylaaaaa ice creammmmmm……..nice idea…?????????.sab k liye ice cream siway sethooty k…………..qki sethooty ko glucose ki jaroorat hai……….

      • Anjali

        Glucose ko zaroorat h ?????

        Arre…. Mujhe bhi ice cream khila do….??????????????????????????

        Aur donut bhi…???

    • Joya

      Needhi hum jhooth nahi bol rahe hai………even vini di said i m Miss.Honest of army……………..

      Tum aur shraddha sach batao………sanskar ka naam lekar tum log apne real life wale sanskar k sath to nahi gayi thi na date pe??????????

      Chup ke chup ke haaaaaaa.dis is nottttttt fair……..experience share karo yarooooooo………..yaha inexperienced log bahot jyada hai………………………

      Hindi achchhi hai ya nahi pata nahi par hume bahot pasand hai……????

      • Aree Hamari Joya di to Harishchandra ke khandaan ki nikli , badiya hai. Varun kapoor ki shadi ko teen saal ho gaye hai par ess heartbreak se ubhar nhi pa rhi hu.Wo to settle ho gaya par mujhe akele chhod diya.Use bhoolne ki koshish abhi bhi jaari hai par kya kare iss kambhaqt dil ka , ye manta hi nhi……
        Par ab meine nya taeeka doodha hai usse bhoolne ka ,wo hai kisi aur smart ladke se apni.setting karns.
        Kya karu di Vk se achha ladka doodne mein time to lagega.
        Mere liye dua kijiye ki mujhe essi janam mein mil jaaye , warna meri aatma bhatkegi aapke peeche.
        Jab real waala milega to pakka bataungi.
        Waise di aap bda date date kar rhe ho .khi aisa to nhi ki hum log ko chidha rhi hai aur khud niptaa kar aa gayi.
        Mummy ne ye comment dekh lia to sach mein pitungi .Kehngi pagal ladki 12 ke baad apne liye ladke doodh rhi hai .
        Hindi bahhut khoobsurat bhasha hai .Mujhe bhi bhut achhi lagti hai.Infact 12 mein mera oprional subject hindi hai.
        Shubh Ratri

  49. Vinita

    ?????????? ????????????????????????????????????☺☹ I wanted to do some pagalpanti u knw na didis anjali called me for her tequila party??

      • Anjali i just read that about Lucknow.Ya it ‘s great city ,blessed with unique culture and tradition.Most beautiful part is tge hospitality and laguage.Aaiye ,khaiye ,jaiye , ji and all ,typical serial wali bahu ki language ,par sab etne adab aur pyaar se bolte hai ki bas man prasann hi jata hai.Nawabo ka sheher, that’s hiw it is called.Kabab to yahan ki jaan hai .Jab bhi aana Luckow kabaab jarur khana.I bet u can never find a better kabaab than Lucknow’s kabaab.Love the city like anything.

  50. sujata

    Hey sethooty dr… I read ur all parts of this ff today…n I literally loved it. .. u r awesome… how u express her pain , his love, n every emotions by ur word is just mindblowing… cant day more… words will fall less for it. ..
    See forward towards it..
    I havebecome ur fan ….

      • sujata

        Yâar jaf posted bt got a cancellation mail today saying some ffs are being cancelled due to server maintenance

    • sethooty

      Hey sujata..’am not ur husband’ my fav fic… a regular reader of ur fiction.. This week I was bcy…so missed many fiction
      Thanku so much Dr…very happy to see ur comment..don’t say ‘ fan’ am not apt for that word..
      U r my friend Dr..

      • sujata

        Ovio we r frnds sethooty di… I just read u r elder thn all of us.. wow working women… sounds awesome…??…
        I know sometimes I do bakWass so ignore it….
        N what’s going di? ..

  51. sethooty

    Sree, needhi u all have the same emoji
    Vaishu have u got emoji..?
    Joya dear..actually excitement Thanku kiyaree…you know wen u and shradha , vintha,mickey..emoji ki barish karthi thi comments pee….mein bhi thadapaa tha ..ek emoji ke I got it…lol
    But vaishu.. How u get emoji on yesterday comments.. I mean in vini’s page…

    • Vaishnavi

      Nahi di ye phone pe toh nahi mila pata nahi kaha pe chup gaye ….aab toh sree ko bi mil gaya par mujeh r needhi ko nahi mila……nd vo emojis Maine bataya toh tha na ki jab mai tab mai se comment karthi hu toh emojis dalthi hu kyu ki mujeh pata hai ki tab mai emojis kaha hothe hai par jab phone se comment karthi hu toh emojis nahi dalthi kyu ki mujeh pata nahi ye phone pe kaha hai

    • haha????.. Sethoooo diiii dekha.. kitna tadap rhi thi aap ek emoji ke liye??.. Ek emoji ki kimat 2m kiya jano sethoooo nanuuu???.. dkha hum kitne lucky h.. hum sbke pass toh phle se he tha emoji

      Di n our cute si ”ARMY”( abhi mmbrs bdh gaya h ha?), jab yeh cmnt box chup jayenge toh sab setho di ki ff episode 15 me chali jna ha.. cz 29tak koi ff post nhi krnge na n cmnt box v chupne wali h

    • Vaishu my cute princess 2m ek k q nhi krti, ekbr keybrd chnge krke dkho.. shayad 2mhe mil jaye.. i mean Hitap keybrd aisa nm. tha isse dwnld kro n dekho.. mera toh wohi h.. ?

    • Vaishu Hitap indic keyboard dwnld kr lo waha pe mil jayenge 2mhe emoji.. ???aur jab 2m whtsaap krogi na waha pe dhyan se dekhna kuch nayi emoji v milenge 2me.. samsung ja h na 2mhra phn.. isiliye kh rhi hu.. ????.. aur agr nhi miley toh gussa mt krna ha.. bt m sure mil jayenge
      n upar kuch kaha tha chck kro sbko kaha tha

      so i m going 2 sleeepp now????..bubyeeeee guyzzz.. gdnyt..

    • NEEDHI sry sryyyyy yrrrr???.. mene sach me dkha nhi pata h.. n pata h mera aakhe bht hi chhoti h, toh isiliye kbhi kbhi prblm hoti h????..

      plz gusssa mat karo Needhi… u knw kitni acche se sho rhi thi me bt barish ki bjh se neend todh gayi meri n 2mhra cmnt dkha toh rly krne k liye phn hath me le liya haha????????

      Needhi ek baat batao.. mene vinj di ki pge me kisi Needhi nm ki ladki se bat v ki thi.. kiya wo 2m thi needhi???

  52. Anu

    I love you all 🙂 🙂

    Hi Sujju!!!! How are you dear? And Sree Congo for the emojis ??

    Finally! Missing the updates of all the fab ffs yaar. Especially Anjali, Sree, Sujata. And a lot more!!

  53. Anu

    Oww. The gravatar thing actually worked. So happy not to see that brown whatever thing there. Me station. Sorry I click very lame selfies ??

    And Anjali ur such a pro. Thanks a lot dear <3<3??

    Missing you all ?

    • Anu

      So anyone up for chat? I’m bored x x literally. I miss my sister. She is a total chatter box yaar. But tenthie and studying. Lol I’m in twelfth but look at me ? ?

    • sujata

      AnU. .. If it’s lame thn what is called awesome??… If you saying it lame thn u will pakka beat me after seeing my selfies… n anu how u did it. . I too wanna remove this pinky..? it’s yukk… I lyk pink bt it’s too pinky..

    • Anu

      Yeah its me. Actually sujju u didn’t realise that this is not a selfie. A click by my sissy. And to know how to change the pinky thing, contact our pro Anjali <3<3 She taught us. And it's in the first comment page of this episode. Just follo the steps.

      And Ty mickey. I lov ur name dear <3<3 ??

      • sujata

        Ohho. …. multi talented anjie… so miss anjie also a teacher??… pro…I loved the title u gave her ??… whatever anu selfie or just a click… conclusion it’s really nyc… even if we see in nanometer size ??

      • Anjali

        Lolol…. Thnxxx anuu…. ur making me.a public figure…?????

        But it’s trueee…. I love to teach…. I absolutely can act like a teacher or mom at times…..

      • Anjali

        Anuu yaar…. being an IT student if I don’t know this… then I’m wasting my time doing that course…. ???

        Koi nhi…. its easy enough….


    • Anu fan


    • sujata

      Dr sneha update can’t happen bcoz server maintenance is taking place in TU so all uploads can b done after 29th or on 29th… have patience sweety…?

  54. Vinita

    Suju di!!!!!! I am regular reader I like yr ff. It is so nice ??
    Joya di u did not congratulated me because Pune won ???

  55. sethooty

    Hey guys hamaree pyari needhi bhi..sanskar ki deewani hai..lagtha hai..shradha thumee tho aaje sanskar time nahi denge…needhi thoo agayi hai…?????????????

  56. Anjali

    ARRE…. YAAR!!!!!

    Someone help me!!!!!
    I swear I will fail… Padhai kar rahi thi par kuch bhi samajh me nahi aa raha….


    Su … Sorry yaar… I went to study!!! 🙁 🙁

    MICKEY… Group tho badhana hi tha… I’m there na?? 😛 😛 😛

    • Anu

      Dont worry Anjali di. I’m sure you’re gonna rock it. I could’ve chat but tomorrow exam is there so I gotta wake up early to revise. Shollie 🙂 🙂

      But I’m gonna miss you. Have a good night. All the best 🙂 🙂

    • sujata

      Anjie padh le… In anu’s word… pro needs help *surprised* lol… kidding…
      Self help anjie…
      Aaja Delhi will together help each other as mera b same haal… I hate physics ??? yukk. ..kal test mai I will fail. .. I hate fiitjee too..

    • sethooty

      Mickey already msg her to chk the page…may be she is bcy with cousins and relatives…. U know forget to tell u…7 kids arahaa hai vini ke ghar meim…

    • Chill yaar kitne aasu bahegi.Di ke ghar mein flood laane ka iraada hai ,kya Mickey baba ,vini di aise hi bulati hai aapko na ? ?? Even we r missing her but she must be busy.Tab tak Mickey baba di aap hami logo se kaam chla lo.

    • Hei Needhi, ?yes di aise h bulati mujhe.. jab wo mujhe Mickey baba khkr bulati h kitna aacha lgta h.. ???

      7kids? oh Sethoo didi toh woh hum jaise kids ko bhul gayi na???

      • So rude of u yaar .I am sorry to intrude but it’s really digusting to see such comments.Sorry dear but this type of comment is not at all acceptable.

      • vaishnavi

        Sorry to say but u cannot bad mouth abt others like this…….yaar anju iski bath math suno…. ur pro pic was nice y u changed it??tumhe aisa kisI aur ki baaton mai nahi aana chahiya

      • sujata

        I know I shouldn’t poke my nose in between bt Dr get lost…. u should literally get lost… how can u comment anything abt any one even though nt knowing the prsn…. n u have no rights to pass judgement no one is here to hear it… spcly not atleast my frnds… disgusting ??

      • Anjali

        Lol….. I didn’t change it.for this person..

        . I genuinely didn’t like it once it got uploaded
        Ill put a better one soon

        Don’t bother replying to these ppl….they don’t bother me at all….their view is really stupid and hurtful… when I don’t even know them…. they are hiding behind some other name…so phir u should I bother about them in any case…. let them tell what they want.

        We’ll continue our mastiii…..?????

        But yeah…Thnxxx for the support…????

        Love u guys…. ab I’ll goooo…..

        Exam in 3 hrs….

    • sethooty

      Hey anjali.. Don’t worry yaar…first u plz switch off ur phone…then plz sit on bed and close ur eyes ..take deep breath 6 times…then count 1 to 10.. Then relax for some time don’t open ur eyes…try to see any image or idol or flower on your mind and it..never think about anything other than this…15 mind stay like that then after 5 mind slowly open ur eyes…just hear some melodies songs for 10 min..then start ur studies…

    • Anjali i have called ambulance ,it will be reaching soon to save u….lol
      Waise Anjali chill “Padhna likhna sab moh maya hai ,chhod do ye sab aur shanti se bhagwan ka naam lo”…lol
      On a serious note , All the best dear. U wil rock the exam.

    • yeh Get lost Kaun h? pgl ho gayi ho kiya? aise koi bolta h kiya kisi ke baare me? bad manners.. ??????n by d way 2mne Anjali k phto kaise dekha? dt means 2m chup chup ke hum sbki chat pdh rhi thi n acchanak beech me se kaha se tapak gayi bhai?

    • Anu

      Get lost you should first get lost. Are u put of your mind to post comments like this on this page? We know her and trust me she’s the best girl I’ve met here. And ur the most rudest here. We are just having fun.

      Sorry guys. Just woke up to study bio and opened the page and seriously my blood boiled after reading that comment x x

  57. sethooty

    Hey Divya Shankar want to know ur name..let me guess..give me some clues…
    Joya Dr..I read about ur story letter to Minister..haha lol…. Am not surprised thum thoo naughty hoo…but did a good job at that time also..
    Needhi glad to know that ur father is an army man…bz of them we r safe…a big salute ur father and Indian army.. Its from my heart yaar… Wen I was have a dream to join army..inspired from many films and serials….
    Joya well said yaar…your words about our Indian army..

  58. sethooty

    Am going to sleep now guy’s.. Sree didn’t read ur comments.. Did nt reached there..
    Joya, shradha, vini, mickey , Vinitha, kriya,vaishu, niti, needhi, divya, anjali,Anu,Sree, sujatha ..anyone left..?,goodnyt all…am going back to father’s house tmrw..don’t know will get time to add comments… Bye guys tc…

  59. Anjali

    I have to srsly change the pic now… I’ll change it tom….

    Yuckkk….. I have no idea what I was thinking….?????

    • sethooty

      Hey anjali we r here na don’t bothered anything else only reply to us…read joya’s comments u feel better….midnite am giving u lots of ice cream and chocolates.. Lol good nyt Dr…study well..god bless u..

    • sujata

      AnJie. … don’t need to change anything for others…. u should do things for yourself dr… don’t bother abt ppl who dont know u… ur frnds will always be there ?? n good ni8 Dr. ..take care n best of luck for the exam dr… hope u do well… ??

      Good ni8 my all frnds anjie shree anu sethooty di jaf vaishu vinita meher n many more…..?

    • Anu

      Hey Anjali di. Don’t change it yaar. The person was crazy I saw the pic on insta and its really cute <3<3

      You dont change urself for other. :):)

    • sethooty

      Hey anjali why did u change the PIC..its really cute thaa…after reading that I was disturbed … Thatz y forget to tell u…

  60. Vinita

    Good morning guys……
    Joya di mera dil yaga hai… Kahi nehi Gaya…….
    U did not congratulate me Ki Pune jit Gaya ???
    Sethu di mahi means Mahindra Singh Dhoni ??

  61. Sree harini

    2:00 tak chat kiya aap logo Ne.. ??????..intna much karne ki vajeh se kal meri temp shoot up hogayi thi aur mei so gayi…
    And ha sanskar ke baat Hui aur aap sab log mujhe bhool Gaye????
    I think I must declare a war aganist sharadda, vinota and mainly needhi now..
    And a very important thing, vet lost Ne kya comment kiya..why was it deleted? I understood that they mouthed Anjali for her pic and that is something ridiculous.. I am really sorry for being late anju.

    And pictures of Anjali and anu are really cute but Anjali is a bit similar to my sister’s friend..


  62. Vini

    Good morning everyone,Sethooty told me to check here,glad to see many new names,Anjali,by the time I read your comment under my ff,the comment box was hidden,thank u very much for the good words,I’m not at all a regular visitor of this site,I just refresh my ff page,also I used to read Jyotii’s ff,that too, by searching the title in Google, now Sethooty n me are in touch,so I get updates from her,not beating around the bush ,what I meant to say is that once I read an analysis n saw very good feedback about your ff,so I know how good a writer u r,keep going dr,and here,my God,so many comments ,a lil busy,shall try to read,hai Mickey(Sethooty told u r crying,glad to know that u remembered), Joya,Shraddha,Vinita,Vaishu,Niti,Needhi,Kriya, Sethooty n everyone…Gudmorning have a nice day..

  63. Divyarani

    Di…y fanfictions are not getting update…it’s been a days..but still new ffs are not getting posted..kyu aisa??

  64. Hi gm every one thank u sharadha..nen kannada msg oddi(READ) nange thumba kushi agide…don’t worry nan bagge thilkolodu(to know) thumbane kasta nanu thumba talkative girl open minded adake helde aste…bur ur right bec now world become worst we don’t know whom to believe or wat but some r good some r bad antha..but don’t worry they can’t play wid Me…because avarge nan name gotha or else nan yav ooru(place) anta gotha aste yake ” NEMANTA BRILLIANT BEAUTIES” biti(leaving) nan hudikondu (search) barathara…….I. m criminal than them.nan yar daughter helu… ..but thanks u so much for ur valuable advice inmele nanu nan bagge helola (I will not say )…better yelaru fb ge bani chat Madonna. .and our friendship will grow..strong…then nen kannada chala bagundavu…nenge yege kannada gothu…tel me…

  65. Joya

    Gooooooooodddddddd mooooooorrrrrrrningggggg guyyyyyysssssssss…………………….

    370 comments………….. Wow………..kya pryaaarrrrr hai……………….. Rulaoge kya pagliyonnnnnnnnn?

    Needhiiiii how clever u r………………… Bus thodi si bhool ho gayiiiiii………..Hum Raja Harishachandra k khandan se nahi hai? balki Us janm ke raja Harishchadra hum hi hai………..?????
    Yeh sahi nahi hai koi hume nahi pehchanata…………….vini di……………??????…….us janm me humne apna jo sapane me vaada kiya tha usko nibhaya tha Vishwamitra ko apna loora kingdom donate karke………..but now my world is most beautiful world……… janm me aisi galati nahi karenge????.

    Yaha pehle si war start huaaa hai sanskar ki wajah se…….dnt wry……… I m not vkholic ya sanskarholic………

    Sethooty hum innocent haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………………mastiiiiii na re na…………………humne kabhi masti nahi kari hai……….puchho sab se……………

    Get lost ka chakkar hai……….?????????

  66. Anjali

    Vini diii thank you soooo much for ur words……?????

    Sorry everyone….. I came online for a while and saw ur wishes but didn’t have time to reply….

    Buy now I’m back…..
    Paper was okkk…..not took bad compared to what I studied……????

    And yeah….ill put a pic of me very soon….. I decided to put something different….

    And anu how was ur paper???

    And all of you…. anyone ol?????
    Mickey anu suuu. sree vaishuuuu shraddha joya sethoo dii vinita divya vini diii……

    Someone come online

    And last thing…. I wanted to tell this yesterday itself….


    HES MINE……????



    • Sree harini

      Hello anju..into haldi exam khatam ho gayi??? For us, it will end at either 12:30 or will start at 2:00..
      Hmm..I thought to take your help in manufacturing my weapons but looks like I must wage a war aganist you too…

      • Anjali


        I have exams from 8:15 to 11:15

        Then I come back home by 1:10…

        I’ll toh definitely fight for Sanskaar… OR Percy Jackson… Anyone a fan of him….

        BEWARE… HE’S MINE!!!! 😛 😛 😛

    • Dr hope ur paper is good then do u know vk met accident while shooting..instead of breaking door in anger he broke piece hurt sanskar wrist later he went to hospital now he is no prb now i c news in swaragini page..then wat else dr c comments dr it reach 300 above..then dr sethooty don’t worry ur not single…I.m here to mingle with u..but really ur humble ..bye dr tc I think comment r almost filled so I give others to comment bye dr miss you tc….

      • Anjali

        Hawww Su…

        you made me sad… Me gonna cry…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

        Dhanya is really cutee

        Par mujhe Vk chahiye na??
        Kya karein???

        * THINKING EVILLY * 😛 😛 😛

      • Lasya

        Hey SUJJU..we are fighting for sanskar dear not for vk. He is always dhanya’s I don’t even dare to think of that…sanskar is a fictional we are..especially I am mad of him.

      • Anjali

        Actually I’m gonna be maganimous and give Sanskaar / vk to u all… Fight mong urselves… Sree Now I’ll help you make ur weapons.. 😛 😛

        I have percy jackson!!! That’s enough for me.. 😀 😀 😀


      • sujata

        Hmm… anjie n sree chal kuch tufani karte h
        *evil smirk *
        Me too helping I’m weapon bt a doubt ?? why u r making weapon n who r having war? ? Sree n who? ?..

      • sujata

        Hey lasya… vk / sanskar r same…bcoz can’t get the fictional character bt can get the reel one. ..??…

      • Sree harini

        Hey SUJJU..woh lasya wala comment mera tha..actually my friend used my mobile to comment on SWARAGINI episode and I used the same sorry.

  67. sujata

    Hmm…??? I am ol. … paper was disaster…. physicssszzzzzz…. I hate I feel lyk murdering the inventor of physics… He will get curse of mee…
    Oohj.. wait.. He would have already died??. thn he will get curse in his soul….??…

    N vini di congo for mains… ?? wanna treat…

    Gr8 anjie Congo for your ppr too..

    BT my day is a dark day ??. ..

    N good afternoon to my all frnds ?

    • Anjali

      If u ever find the person who invented physics let me know… I’ll join u into killing him ;D 😀

      Don’t worry Su…You would have done well only… Chill!!!

      • Vinita

        Even I want to kill that person!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was in class ten physics literally made me mad!!!!!!!!!!! That was the one and only subject which literally ate my head.
        After giving my icse physics exam, when I entered home I was dancing like a mad person.
        Once I was not able to understand a topic in electricity and the next day there was a class test. That day my cousin bro came to meet me and asked me whether I needed some help. I told that I have done everything. When he began to ask questions he was shocked!!!!!!!! I simply learnt those two and a half page and I told that entire thing line by line just like a parrot.
        Guess what many of my aunts call me parrot!!!!!!!!

      • sujata

        Vinita I am jealous ??. … kidding ? …. I wish I too had a parrot memory bt I am opposite…bad luck

  68. Anu

    Hmm. Paper was good. Good afternoon lol. How are you all? Just came from school and was missing you all a lot. <3<3<3

  69. Vinita

    Vaishu and vini di aap sab kaha ho??????????
    Thank you joya didi for congratulating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You knw in school many girls were jealous of me bz I share my birthday with dhoni!!!

  70. Anjali

    Vinita is my parrot??? ????

    Wooww….. I always wanted a photographic memory….??

    I was not here now…
    Uk i slept sooo well now….. no sleep yesterday… I asked my friend to wake me up at 4, she woke me up at 3

  71. Sree harini

    Hey guys,,Congragulations everyone for doing well in the exams except SUJJU..hehe I am really sorry dear but even I sometimes feel the same about physics and anju, your exam timings are really good
    In a hurry class mein hoon. Will meet later.

    • sujata

      Sree… don’t be sorry… bcoz I somewhere feel physics has a personal problm with girls… In y whole life I have nt seen a girl who lyk physics… still waiting for see one…. n I dint know every boy is faboulous in physics… If a boy dint know any subject to will definitely know physics…..

      • Sree harini

        Seriously!! I had a friend in my inter who was die hard fan of physics and she always scored 37+ in mock tests

  72. Anjali

    I just saw on insta Swara and Sanskaar will change their look…. and they’ll enter Rajat’s house to find some clues or whatever…

    Swara looks really good in the bengali attire….

    SO does this mean the memory loss thing won’t happen???

    • sujata

      Me too confused. … getting different different spoilers after every hour… I feel cvs are too much confused n changing there mind in hours …

  73. Shraddha

    Hey peeps!!!!!✋✋
    Soooo many msgs?
    Yaar sab logon ke exams mast ja rahee hai…..?
    Mera bhi review shud go well?if output comes?
    Anajli u ve exams now den Sem End???
    My sem end starts from may 12th….. Tumhara aur late hoga shayad…..

    Haww Vinita u share ur bday with MSD????wow I’m a huge huge fan of him? girls are joelous? Lol??

    Den Divya anytime DEA? nange heg gurt andre??? it’s my mother tounge ya?

    Den JOYAaaaaaa????yeh ladki hayyy alllah!!! Hayy hayy re Allah bsss mere aur sanky ke Peche padi rehti hai??
    Den let me clear I Admire VArun Kapoor? I love Sanskaar s character?
    But but but Main ek sanskaarii ladki hu Shadi shuda admiyon me aakh nahi daltiii
    Tauba tauba??
    Ok girsl n Joya DIDI??anjali see Sanskaar is swaras n VK is Dhanyas so tu kya compete karegi beta?? he’s already taken?

    N yesss Shreee MB????
    I’m eagerly waiting for Bramhotsava
    You know he again won Times most desirable man Hyderabad?i mean a Man who’s 40+ who has two kids is still the most desirable Matlab MB toh great haii….

    Sethoothy why are u all not posting ffs?
    Ik you said your in ur village bit do post no I wanna see this Swara hallucinating .nnnn
    Did smbody say Sethoty is in ?? haww sm1 said I rem kaun pata nahi???

    Anu dear I love Biology sooooo Much?????? Chemistry n Bio are my love…..
    I just love Genetics … I think you too have it rite??? Because it was made central sylabbus during my time…..
    Mendel n reproduction mitosis meiosis n all the chapters were so much fun??i miss it you know labs dissection

    N ders still so many msgsss I probably missed many of them sorry gotto go now back to blood sucking projects?
    Sorry peepz if I ve missed sm msgs will catch up later….
    Cya guys Vaishu rups joya Sethu vinitaa Anjali Sree Divya anu needhi?✋✋??
    N lastlyyy
    Vini Diiiiii?????
    We really miss you keep peeping like this more often take care bubyw

    • Anjali


      pooch mat yaar!!!

      My model exams end on 2nd… Then one week of uni pracs…

      Then i have holidays for 2 weeks bcos of the elections…

      which is very annoying…

      And then in this hot hot may i have to go and write exams…

      I feel like crying now

    • Nen mother tongue ah same last nange one kannada frnd siKidake nan heart dil kush ogaya..nam akka ge mahesh babu heart fav a van childhood pic yela laptop naLi. save madI dale. ..thumbane love mad thale..nange telugu nail uday Kiran thumba Ista but he died know now i dont like any one ..but till today never watch any telugu or taMil film in theatre..I watch hindi and kannada..tats it tat to love story..I dont know y girls like mahesh babu so much..but i didn’t watch one film also..even cricket is my passion hobby..but i don’t like dhoni..I love dr avid now Watson . .he is my darling..I like only people with simple heart that we should learn something from them..dravid is such a man with noble heart..who is example for many cricketer..but every individual has his own their wish they can like anything. …then which IPL team u like more..til 46 matches r left…which team do u think reach final….

    • Sree harini

      Omggg.. You have exams in midmay…so mean and I am seriously getting sympathetic towards you. I think you and needhi will fight for mahesh Babu..I think vaishu is also a fan of actually.
      And Hi-Fi because we both belong to the category of biology lovers where anu and anju are haters.. Lol

      • Anjali


        I have to hate bio…

        cos i dont understand anything in it… Im a hardcore CS student…
        And now in IT dept!!1 😀 😀

    • Anu

      I posted FBS. And yeah, I love genetics too ?
      But I hate ecology and unfortunately we had our test on that. It’s such a mug up wala lesson. Ugh!

      Ill post Arranged to be his a little later as I’m still writing that. I could’ve finished but my dear sister is not leaving me even for a second. Family dinner and shopping on Saturday! Aww! She’s back I still cant believe it yaar. Its so good to have people you love back near to u in ur life. And yeah, in my dp I’m with my sissy. Just clicked it in afternoon. She’s pretty af! Thousand times prettier than me. No jealousy lol <3

      Love you all! Miss me! And read and comment in the next chapter too. Its really special to me. I took two days to write it. So far the best chappy I've written according to me ?

      • Sree harini

        Excited to read anu..and yeah your sister is just pretty as you are..
        And anju..your coent on buo made me laugh.
        I seriously don’t know how you guys get energy to stay awake till midnight and type the episodes because I am such a sleepy head that I will sleep by 10:00 most of the time and will again wake up at some

  74. Anjali




  75. Vinita

    Sab gayab ho Gaye!!!!!
    Joya di aap kaha Ho!!!!? missing u all?
    Shraddha di hi five !!!!!✋ vini di kaha Ho??

  76. Anjali

    Kahan ho aap sab….. aur aaj needhi or vaishu mia h…….

    What happened to themmnm …..

    Actually aaj sab mia h. . .


    Hiii maggi….. Supp?? How old are you and where are u from????????

    If u don’t mind me asking that is

    Shraddha which college do u study in???

    I think I’m the only person here who hates bio…. bcos even though anu is annoyed with it she wants to be a doctor….so obviously she will like it….

    But Anjali is a hardcore comp student…. can’t stand the thought of biology…. ????

  77. Sneha garewal

    Hello everyone..
    Can anybody tell why vini us no tt posting.
    Also comment box is not shown under her ff..

  78. vaishnavi

    Hello everyone…. Do din Vaishu nahi aayi to kya tum log masthi bhi nahi karogi..uff very bad guys…aur ye kya hai mai nahi hu to koi online bhi nahi ayega chi chi chi…..arey Vaishu tumhari bahut demand hai yaar???????

    So now coming to d point actually I had an xam today so I was busy……did any one miss me??….

    Shikha di joya di mail aaplogon KO nahi bulk hu yaar pls talk talk with me and shikha di thank u soo much see mujeh emoji mil Gaye☺???????????????????????????????????…yeyyy see kitne safe emojis mil Gaye mujeh ..thank u sooooo much do??????

  79. Vaishnavi

    Pata hai aaj mai bahut bahut baht Kush hu ….they are many reasons for dis one is I wrote today’s xam well nd another is the most important xam dat is EAMCET xam of telangana state is postponed yipeeeeeeeee?????????….nd one more is today I met one of my close frnd after one year nd I am talking with u people after two long days????….

    Shraddha di u know Telugu wowww nd u see Telugu movies also ??that too mb’s???……yes sree vaishu is a big big fan of mahesh babu???? ‘u know more than Swathi in astha chamma movie’……needhi ek gud news hai yaar u know MB’s Brahmotsavam movie audio release is on May 7th nd movie is gng to b released on May 20th gud news hi hai na?? Nd Congoo my girl for ur mains marks???………

    Shikha di I saw dat videos which u said they r nice nd dat songs r soo nice melodious but except tune I didn’t understood any word coz they r in assame lang

    • Sree harini

      Hello vaishu..I am happy that you did your exams well and Congo for EAMCET..finally neeku emohis colors swathi is so cute..

  80. Vaishnavi

    Sree i think u know dat today AP EAMCET was there nd u know were was my centre Cbit cllge wat u remembered frm dis …yes happy days movie u know I love dis movie not bcoz of actors but bcoz of their frnd shp der bonding….nd u know when I entered dat cllge I remembered all those scenes nd all …..I think I am speaking nonsense but I thought to share with u dats y I am saying nd I am soo happ no so not able to control…..

    • Sree harini I am are so cute vaishu *pulling your cheeks* ..CBIT..that’s really a good one and you imagined happy days?!! Crazy girl and Franky speaking I have not seen the full movie till dint laugh at me, every time I siyvto watch something or other happens and when I said this to my friends, they gave me a look as if I did something wrong, very

  81. Vaishnavi

    Hey Maggi welcome yaar …..but ek condition hai …..chill don’t worry condition ye hai ki tumhe Yaha bahut masthi karni padegi ????…karogi naa??

  82. vaishnavi

    Sab kaha ho bai……joya di,shikha di,shraddha di,vinitha,seetu di,needhi sab ke sab gayabh ho gaye…vaishu is missing u all a lot yaar???????????…..shikha di aap kya sach mai mujse baath nahi kar rahe ho??…nahi di aisa mat kar yaar ???????

    • Haaaa thoda naraz thi??????? now its ok. N sach me dkha 2mne bhai ki video?i mean “Pakhi Meli”” song ryt?kaisa laga?n waha pe jo white clr ki guitr bja rhi thi wo h mere pyari bhai “Nu”..n agr tym miley toh youtube me uski aur video h guitr ki dkhna

      • Vinita

        Rupsikha I saw the video.pakhi meli diye Mon,right?
        It is nice?. U knw Assamese has some similarity with Bengali. Some of the wrds could be understood ?

  83. vaishnavi

    Good mrng everyone………….
    Just now read anjali’s ff became too emotional after reading dat …..1st epi made me emotional later her story nd later shikha di’s story …..nd now i am here to share something with u all ..u know same like anjali i use to think if i share dis to anyone then they may show sympathy ..but its wrong ……..u know i am having a sister 3 years younger to me ,she is soo cute but she can’t talk ,she can’t even express her feelings,she behaves as a two year kid but atleat those kids may speak few words but she can’t ,she is a mentally retarded patient ,slow developing mind …all d actions she deos r involuntary actions …..i missed those sisters talk nd all ….u know i mostly composed myself but some times i cannot then i will cry a lot one knows dat i cried…i used to think y only my sis ..she don’t even know dis world……nd abt her i didn’t shared with anyone except my best frnds…but i am sharing with u all coz i saw a sis in u all ,the only thing is u all r not beside me if u were beside me na then i would b the most happiest person…….anyways i am sorry if wasted any of ur time…

    • Don’t be sorry Vaishu..I know how it feels..ur sis n my father:(..Hmm..u know Vaishu me abki saath free se baat krti hu .n sabhi mujhe pyar krte h frnz,my family n khti h tu humesha har waqt kaise smile krti rhti wo log nhi jnte h ki me kaisa hu..aandar se kitni sd hu koi nhi jnti..n sometimes i lv to be Alone..mere frnd hunesha khti h..tu clg me itni khush rhti h n clg ki baad kahi nahi jati tu..ghr me akele akela bore nhi hoti kiya tu..ghumne v nhi jati humari saath..n me yeh sunkr srf ek smile deti hu sbko aur kuch nhi..only mre bst frnd ko pata h ki aakhir me kaise hu..blkl 2mhre tarah Vaishu..humesha khud ko yeh khni ke kosish krta hu that i m i know me itne v strong nhi hu..n raat ko chup chup ke rona yeh toh mere liye ek habit ho gayi h..

      ??u have to fight through some bad days to earn d best days of ur life??(suna hoga yeh baat ryt)life aisa he h vaishu..n i believe evrything will be alryt in d end.n if it’s not alryt,it’s not d end?☺??(rmmbr Anu ki ff me kaha tha)

      • vaishnavi

        Haa same di even mere frnds poochthe hai ki tum itne kush kaise reh sakthi ho par unlogon ko kya pata ki andar se mai kitni sad hu…nd aapki tarah raat ko chup chup ke rona mera bhi habit hogayi especially when my sis sleeps beside me….aapkho pata hai uski naam kya hai “vaibhavi”….vaishnavi ,vaibhavi bahut achchi rhymings hai na……

        Bhachpan se yahi sunthi ayi hu ki ek din sab tik hojayega ……aur sab kehthe hai na agar kisi ki jindigi mai gham hai kushi bhi hogi…..par uski jindigi mai kya kushi hai di usko toh ye bhi nahi pata hai ki kushi kya hai gham kya hai…….but i know we can’t do anything nd leave dat on god…now i am dng dat only….

    • Anjali

      Vaishy baby!!!!

      I don’t know what I can tell that will ease ur pain… It is one thing when ur the younger one and don’t really understand what’s going on….

      but it’s another thing when ur the elder one… i too have a small cousin who lives with me and if anything, even the slightest knee scrape happens to him, i start to worry sooo much…..

      and vaibhavi, poor girl, idk how it must feel for someone to see their baby sis struggle with the world…
      vaishuu ur the bravest most kindest sister… i am soo proud that ur my sis and one of my best friends… 😀 😀 😀

      As for the sorry, behen ko koi sorry bolta h kya??
      Please aise mat bolo….

      And like rups said…. bad days are always gonna be there.. not just bad, worse days and even worst days… but there’s always a silver lining… i have been sad , been miserable and despaired about not being with mumma…. but ive never asked y me? just as i wont ask y ur sister….

      dont feel bad…i didnt mean to sound insensitive

      but i sincerely feel that the one who suffers the most today will have the happiest beginning tom.. 😀 😀

      U wait and see, everything will be alright soon… 😀 😀

      i agree rups…
      most of the time im cheerful and happy… but im one of those ppl who love to be alone…..

      i love my friends… they would do anything for me and i for them… but even when i do soo much bak bak… which i doo.. 😛 😛 😛

      i love to feel that solace.. the peacefulness when im alone…

      everyone asks me dont you feel lonely when ur alone?

      i tell them that i never feel lonely… it may be just me… but with me, i have the time and space to think of some old memories… think of random stuff…. jump and sing…. or just sit and look at the stars…
      I LOVE STARS <3 <3

      I seem to have made this all about me…
      Anyways what I meant to tell is, there is a gift in everything and a reason for everything…. And if God really understands the kind of person u are, He will surely give you what u want…

      • Vinita

        Even I do not know what to say
        You are really a good sis
        Actually your and rupsikha’s comments reminded me of my nanaji(maternal grand father) he died when I was one month old. He was a heart patient. In that one month he wrote several
        letters to me. When I was in class ten I found out those
        letters. For me these are not just
        letters…… Those are value s,
        ethics and his love for me.i told
        u all that there was a
        kurukshetra when I chose
        humanities over science. That
        time was literally worst for me.
        When my friends used to ask me
        that u get almost full marks in
        history and geography , so your
        parents get definitely happy and
        at that time I gave a plaster
        smile and thought kaash aisa
        Sometimes I cry during the night
        and gaze at the stars. These
        letters are the only the hope and
        inspiration for me. Kurukshetra
        Ki aag abhi bhi bhuji nehi hai…
        That remaining ten percent, I believe will always be there. Some times I feel guilty sometimes I think
        that I am a bad daughter
        because I gave more importance
        to my dreams instead of
        becoming doctor which my parents wanted. At that time
        only those letters give hope to me. Even my parents are right
        from their perspective. Everyone
        in my family is a doctor. My
        great grandfather,grand father,father, everyone. It was
        obvious for them to want that I
        become a doctor.i always got
        highest in history and geography but whenever I got
        highest in bio they became
        extremely happy.
        Yesterday one of my father’s
        colleague came and told me
        apne bhaiyon ko science lene ke liye bolna unhe apne tarah mat
        ban ne denna.tumhe potential
        tha par phir bhi science nehi
        liya. I felt bad after hearing that.
        just smiled after hearing that remark. There are many incidents like this. Like Anjali said I prefer to stay alone and gaze at the stars and think kaash nana hote…… bahut lonely lagta hai. Til now I never shared these things with ANYONE but I feel a special bond with you all. I seek my apology for wasting your time.
        Vaishu u are an extremely nice girl and the best sister one could have. I can only pray that vaibhavi gets fine. Anjali ur ff made me emotional today the convo between swara and sumi…. Really beautiful

    • Joya

      Koi hai………….

      Humri cute,innocent angles to bahot brave nikli re……………….

      Vaishu duniya ka har insaan alag hai………… kudarat ne kuch insaan no ko bahot spl banaya hai……aur tumhari cute sister un spl logon me se ek hai………so apni sis se puchhogi ki joya di unse friendship karna chahti hai…kya wo humri friendship ko accept karengi…….???????????
      I m waiting for cute angle vaibhavi’s ans……..

      Aur humri rups……..aur kis ne kaha rone wala insaan strong nahi hota…………balki sab se strong hota hai……….kisi ne kaha hai na ki jo mushkil halaton me bhi muskurata hai wahi brave hota hai……..

      Vinita letters….superb yrrrr…..heart touching…..tumhara decision galat nahi hai……duniya me success ki definition har kisi ki alag hoti hai na…….so dnt feel bad…… Nadi ke pravah ki aur tairna koi badi nahi hoti.uske against tairna mushkil hota hai……..

      Aur ek bat hoti hai jo hum kehna chahte hai
      We have only 2 options in our life
      1 accept
      2 change

      1 accept karo jo change nahi kar sakte
      2 change karo jo accept nahi kar sakte….

      Yeh kya naya tarika hai I M SORRY IF WASTED any of ur time….

      MMeans di kya sirf naam k liye bulate ho tum log……

      Vinita filal to tumhari sheetu tai ka dimag khali ho gaya hai par tumne kaha hai to peom jaroor likhenge……

    • sethooty

      Vaishu kutty..I don’t know wat to say..some pain r like that we can’t wipe it with our words..
      You r the best sister in the world …I remember once u said you have a sister, u can’t speak with her like us..thatz y u consider our gang as ur that time u didn’t understand what u meant..but now
      Vaishu u know wen u comment my fiction first couldn’t forget ur words ..that made me so special like ur my own sister..
      Vaibhavi is very Lucky to have a sis like u Dr…who cares and loves her from the crore..give her a kiss from my side..
      Vaishu I believe every tears will end up in smiles….. I know u will do everything possible u can do to her..for that u have to study well achieve ur goal.
      As we go through our life journey , sometimes we reached a point that we couldn’t share some pains to anyone that’s life….Anjali and mickey …sometimes loneliness is a better way to reduce the inner pain..spending time with our self…

  84. Oh Randhali ?yeh toh mujhe v nhi pata vaishu..dkhna padega..xuley me apne duniya me he bg rhti hu har waqt????????…sooooooo….infct mera bhulne ka bimari v h?…u know agr me avi dinner karu na toh 5minute k baad bhul jaati hu ki mene dinner kiya ya nhi?..aur agr pucho ki aaj dinner me kiya tha to yaad krne me bht tym lgte h..n agr koi kuch puche toh 5mnt baad answr milte h..kbhi kbhi puch ti hu tu ne kuch kaha kiya..phir se bol hihi?????????????….ek nmbr ki pgllll hu me..

  85. Sneha garewal

    Dear when well you updating next part??and also what about vini’s ff..pls both of you update your ff..

  86. sethooty

    Hi guys sorry grandmother passed away.. Thatz y …will try to update asap..

    • Joya

      Actually i really dnt understand wht to say…….. I m sorryyyyy……… Take care of urself…………..

  87. sethooty

    Vinitha and vaishu..why u said wasted ur time..want to ask the same question that joya …asked to u..thum log hame sis nahi manthe hai kaya…?
    Vinitha darling..don’t worry yaar one day will prove ur self that u r following ur passion..hats off u Dr..
    Believe me u and me are in the same boat my Amma and Achan (father) r gov employees.. And family all r govt employee and now brother got job in bank. When I choose my career everyone scold me that why didn’t u go for a govt job.bla DAT…
    But u know Vinitha but I proved myself that I can do…I am not wrong..I only focused on my dreamzzz..I suffered a lot to reach there and I didn’t give up ….believe me one day u will …my girl…be strong and confident..

  88. vaishnavi

    Hi everyone……..i don’t know whether ur words decreased my pain for my sis r not but they gave me much mental relief, they showed me sisters love which i want ……so thank u soo much shikha di,anjali di,vinitha,joya di ,seetu di nd everyone………. Nd srry meri matao abb se nahi kahuga ki maine aapke time waste ki hai…teekh hai
    Joya di vaibhavi jarur karegi aapse frnd shp…..

    Vinitha don’t worry yaar i know u will surely achieve ur goal nd u chosed r8 path only dear ..nd one day ur parents will definitely feel proud of u dat day is not soo far dear ,one day u will only come to us nd say yaar dis happened nd i am so happy ……….nd ya whenever u feel lonely na u just imagine me by ur side (talking with u ,laughing with u)……ok

  89. Vinita

    Sethu dieven I don’t knw what to say…….
    Take care of your self
    Take your time…….
    Family ka bhi dhyan rakna

    All the didis Mai bhi aisa aur kabhi nehi bolungi…maaf kardo didis? plz…..jab aap log sath hai toh tension karne Ki kya baat hai???
    Aur vaishu vaibhavi Ki friends Ki list Mai mera naam bhi add kar do…karogi na????

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