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Recap : Sri gets call from Ravina when he goes to drop Faheem at home.She says that Aarvi has been admitted in the hospital.
On seeing Sri’s reaction,Faheem asks “What happened Sri?”
Sri replies,”Ravina called me.She asked me to come to the KH hospital”.
Faheem is shocked and asks,”What happened? To whom?”.

“I don’t have time to tell you.Its urgent.I have to go”,saying that Sri starts his bike.
“I will also come with you”,Faheem gets into Sri’s bike.
Sri accelerates the bike and they fly in the busy roads.In 20 minutes,they are in the KH hospital.
Sri parks the bike and they rush inside the hospital.Sri sees Ravina,who was sitting relaxed in a chair and sipping a cup of tea.Sri runs to her.
Sri asks,”Ravina! Where is Aarvi?? Is she alright??”
Ravina says,”Relax Sri”.
“What non sense?? You said that Aarvi is admitted in the ICU,and here you are having tea??”,says Sri fuming.

Ravina laughs.
“Don’t say that you played prank with me.I will kill you literally if you say so”,says Sri angrily.
“Cool down yaar…It is partially true”,replies Ravina.
“What this non sense?Partially true?Completely true?Have you gone mad Ravina?”,asks Sri.
“Aarvi is really admitted in this hospital.This is the truth”,says Ravina.
“Then what is the lie?”,asks Faheem.

“She is not admitted in ICU.That is the lie”,replies Ravina.
“Can you say it properly?I am becoming mad because of u”,says Sri.
“Ok yaar.I will tell you.Both of us(Ravina and Aarvi) went to shopping.She slipped and fell down.Minor injuries in her forehead,legs and hands”,says Ravina.
Sri asks,”Is she alright now?”.
Ravina replies,”Ya…She is alright.The doctor said that she will be disharged tomorrow morning”.
“Then why did you lie to me?”,asks Sri in confusion.

Ravina says smiling,”Nowadays you are busy with your new friend”,she points to Faheem.She continues,”It has been a week since I met you.Seems like you have forgotten us.So,to make you come,I said that”.
By then Aarvi’s parents come out.They see Faheem first.
“You are Faheem,Ameer bhai’s son,right?”,asks Aarvi’s father on seeing Faheem.
“Yes Uncle”,replies Faheem.

“How are you? Do you remember us?”,asks Aarvi’s mother.
“Of course,I do remember you aunty.I am fine and how are you aunty?”,says Faheem surprised.
“We are fine.And how did you come here??”,says Aarvi’s dad.
“I came with Sri.We are friends”,replies Faheem.
Aarvi’s dad says,”Oh..Good to know that”.
Ravina and Sri looks at the scene confused.
Sri asks Faheem,”You know them before?”.
Faheem says,”I will tell you later.Now lets go and see Aarvi”.
Three of them go inside the room.

A girl with a wheatish complexion is sitting in the cot.She has a long hair and her dimples are visible as she smiles.
Faheem is surprised to see her.”Aarvi….You here? Happy to meet you after a very long time.”,Says Faheem in excitement.
“Faheem…I am fine…How are you? I heard that Sri has a friend named Faheem.But I did not expect that it will be you.I am so surprised”,Aarvi says with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Can you guys tell me what is happening here?”,says Sri with a confused expression.
“Both of you know each other already?”,asks Ravina.

Faheem says,”I will say about that later.So Aarvi,tell me.What happened to you?”.
Aarvi replies,”Both of us went to shopping and I accidentally fell down”,looking at the floor.
Faheem checks the door if someone is coming.After confirming that no one is around,he asks,”So tell me.What happened actually?”

“You caught my lie as usual?”,asks Aarvi and says,”Actually,do you remember Diwan?”.
“How can I forget him? He is your boyfriend,right?”,asks Faheem with a wink.
“Chi….He is not my boyfriend.He is stalking me since we were in 10th standard asking me to love him.I saw him in the bazaar as usual.I thought of running from his sight and fell down”,says Aarvi.

“We have been friends for two years and you have never told me this.Very bad Aarvi”,says Ravina with a smirk.
Aarvi smiles.Her phone beeps.She gets shocked on seeing it.
“What is that?”,asks Sri.
“Diwan has texted me that he will come here to meet me.I am so worried.Please send him before he comes inside”,says Aarvi scared.
“Don’t worry.We will handle it”,says Faheem.

They hear Diwan’s voice outside.Aarvi’s parents know him very well but they don’t know that he loves Aarvi.He comes near the door.By then Sri comes out.
“Aarvi is here only no?”,asks Diwan.
“Go away.You cannot see her”,says Sri angrily.

Diwan gets angry and raises his hand to hit Sri.By then the room’s door opens slightly.Faheem comes out with his coolers.Diwan sees him and puts his hand down.He backs off.
“Faheem??You??Here??”,stammers Diwan.
“Ya…I am Faheem.I came here to see Aarvi.Do you want to see her?”,asks Faheem removing his coolers.
“No..I will see her when she is discharged”,says Diwan.                         

                           “What? You will see her when she is discharged?”,asks Faheem in a low voice staring angrily at Diwan.       “No.No…I am leaving”,says Diwan and flew away in a minute.
“Hey! How can this be possible?”,asks Sri surprised.
“Actually I studied with Aarvi till 10th standard.I have beaten up  Diwan more than five times for his behaviour with Aarvi.Thats why he got scared and ran away”,says Faheem.
“Hey!! You became a hero!”,Says Sri.

Faheem smiles.Both of them go inside the room and sees Aarvi sleeping.They leave from the room.
After they go,Aarvi opens her eyes.Yes.She was pretending to be slept.She smiles thinking about Faheem.Yes.She has feelings for Faheem.But she cant figure out whether its friendship or love.But she wishes it to be love…

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