Sri kicks forcefully.Faheem is shocked and he turns.What Faheem sees is,his rival from the first year getting kicked by Sri and lying on the floor.He had tried to attack Faheem from behind.Having noticed that,Sri had kicked him to save Faheem from the attack.Faheem is surprised and moves forward to attack him.But Sri stops him and attacks him vigourously.

In fifteen minutes,three of them are standing in the HOD’s room.
The HOD looks at the injured boy and asks,”What happened?”
The boy replies,”He attacked me”,pointing to Sri.
The HOD shouts at Sri saying,”Are you a student or rowdy? How dare u attack him in the college?Bring your parents with you tomorrow”.
He turns to the injured boy and says “ Bring ur parents too”.
The boy says,”Sir,ask Faheem too to bring his parents”
The HOD asks,”Why? He did not do anything,right?”
He insists him to call Faheem’s parents too, saying,”No sir,ask him to bring them along”.
Sri stares at him angrily and says,”Sir…I am the one who hit him”.
The angry HOD shouts,”How dare you proudly admit your mistake in front of me? YOU ARE SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK”.
Faheem feels bad and he is about to open his mouth.But Sri holds his hand and stops him.
A professor watches the whole scene.

The professor calls Sri.Sri goes to him.
“See.Stop being friends with Faheem.You are a Brahmin and he is a Muslim. The people who see you may take it wrong. I am telling it for your good”,the professor says .
Sri smiles and says,”I know how to choose my friends. I don’t need your advice ”.
The professor warns,”You should listen to my advice ”.
Sri walks away with an audacious smile.
Faheem overhears their conversation from a distance. He is touched and he starts liking Sri. When Sri returns,he puts his arm around Sri’s shoulder.They walk together. Faheem turns and smiles at the professor.

Faheem asks Sri,”Why did you admit that you did it? You might have let me explain the whole incident to the HOD.I am feeling guilty”,with a sad face.
“Do you think you are the only one who likes to bunk classes?”,Sri smiles with a wink.
Faheem looks on.
“Forget it dude”,says Sri.“How will you go home,Faheem?”.
“By bus”,replies Faheem.
“Let me drop you home today” ,says Sri.
Faheem nods. Sri starts his bike and Faheem gives him directions.They reach Faheem’s house.                                                                                                      *********
Sri says excited,”Hey! Here is your house?”
Faheem replies,”Yeah,what happened?” with a confusion.
“Actually,a special person lives there”,says Sri pointing to the nearby house.
“ There is a family living over there.A couple and their daughter.Who is the special person?”,a puzzled Faheem asks Sri.
“The girl.She is my girlfriend”,says Sri with a wink.
“What?”,asks Faheem surprised.
“Let me prove you”,tells Sri and dials his girlfriend’s number.She comes out and stands in the balcony.She finds him and waves her hand in excitement.She also waves hand at Faheem.
Faheem says to Sri,”I have seen her but not talked with her.But my elder sister does”.
“So,you have a sister too??”,asks Sri with a smile.
Faheem nods.Sri says,”That’s great”,with a grin.
From then onwards,Faheem goes to Sri’s house everyday right from the college.
After Faheem completes his asar prayer(evening prayer),both of them would go out.They go to theatres,beach,hotels.It made them understand each other better and strengthened their friendship.Then,Sri would drop Faheem back home.By the way,he could see his girlfriend too.That way,both of them spent the week.

It is the last day of Sri’s suspension.He drops Faheem back home and starts his bike.By then,he gets a call from Ravina.
“Hello!Ravina…I will call you once I reach home”,says Sri.
“Hold on Sri.Just listen to me. Can you come to the KH hospital”,says a tensed Ravina.
“ Why? What happened??”,asks Sri shocked.
“Aarvi is admitted in the ICU”,says Ravina.
“What?”,asks Faheem shell shocked.
Who is Aarvi??What happened to her? Stay tuned for the next update.

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