BV+Kyy: Magic And Life (Baal Veer And Kyy: Hasmukh Pari)

Nandini went to home that day and decided to take a nap after a hectic day. She was unaware of her powers. Just then a star formed and went round and round upwards and Natkhat Pari appeared as the star vanished. A light came beside her reaching upwards in spiral lines forming a figure, Aarpar Pari appeared from that light. Seeing Nandini asleep, they looked at each other clueless of what to do now. “Nandini,” Aarpar pari called. She moved a little in her sleep and hid her face with the blanket. “Nandini,” Natkhat Pari called. She woke up accepting her defeat.

As her gaze went on the two figures in front of her, she creased her eyebrows as if asking who are they? “Who are you? You don’t seem to be humans,” she asked. “So guess,” Natkhat Pari said while smiling and aimed her magic wand at her trying to give her her lost memories of being a fairy. She moved back her magic  wand as she got sure that now she remembers. Nandini smiled as she recalled everything. “Natkhat Pari, and you are Aarpar Pari, I m very happy to meet you all after a long time,” she said excitedly.

“Even we are happy to meet you, actually when you were little, an evil fairy was after you to fulfill her wish of making bad win over good and you were too little to fight her, plus if she would’ve made you bad, we all fairies wouldn’t have been able to fight you, first Baal Veer was her target and then you, after making you forget your memories and leaving you with the least powers, we made you go back to your original human form, and to this day, that evil fairy didn’t got to know where are you,” said Natkhat Pari in one go.

“So has Rani Pari decided to call me back to Pari lok and make me a fairy again?”, she said excitedly. “Yes,” they both answered at the same time and she jumped with joy. They giggled. “After you become a fairy again, be careful with jumping as it can make you fly,” they warned and she nodded. Natkhat Pari forwarded her hand towards her and she placed her hand in her hand and the trio vanished. They went back to Pari lok and everyone smiled seeing Nandini. She greeted Rani Pari along with others.

Baal Veer too appeared there and as he greeted, he asked about Nandini as he didn’t knew who’s she. They told him everything. “And now she will become a fairy again and will help you and us in our work,” Vijhdaar Pari said after telling everything. “Wow, that’s great, it will be good to have someone with me as an elder sister,” he replied and Nandini smiled at him. “By the way, I m deeply jealous of you as you are a super hero in such a small age and I got that chance but lost it because of that witch or whoever she was,” Nandini said while pouting cutely.

“I didn’t even meet you all these years and whenever I saw babies, I got some strange flashbacks and now I know why, because I was missing you badly,” she continued and they both shared a hug. So she was given back her powers and she was given a fairy dress and crown and everything else to give her her real look, the look she deserved. She told about her strange dream to fairies of flying and feeling heat on her back and then seeing her wings burn and falling on floor.

Everyone got worried after hearing it and her body was now in protective shield which she had it on her only when she’s in humanly form. She was given the name of Hasmukh Pari as she smiles more often and keep others happy as well. As night approached, she went back to her house and did all her work. She was told to work hard and use magic only to help others and that she’s allowed to use it for herself only when needed. She slept with a smile on her face as her dream finally got fulfilled.

Next day, she went to college as per her routine and it was first period of History class, Nandini and Navya sat together behind Manik and Cabir, in the row beside them sat the rest of Fab5 along with other boys and girls. Fab5 were again and again applying perfume which made Nandini short on breathe and angry. As she saw the teacher about to ask a question, she got an idea. “Manik,” she whispered and he looked back angrily. “Your shirt is stained,” she said. “From where?”, he asked. She clicked her fingers hiding them. “Under your arm, its there on your armpit,” she said.

He raised his arm and saw a yellow stain on his shirt on his armpit, she smirked. “How did Gandhi freed India?”, asked the teacher. Manik was busy in looking at his stain that he didn’t realize what’s awaiting him. “Yes Manik, tell me, I m happy that you will give an answer for the first time in class,” said the teacher and hearing this, Manik immediately put his arm down. “No, my shirt is stained so that’s why,” before Manik could continue, he heard roars of laughter. “So what’s the connection of that with my question?”, asked the teacher angrily.

Nandini giggled hiding her face. The class continued with Fab5 planning against Nandini and Manik glaring at her every now and then. As recess approached, he held her wrist and took her to the cafeteria to the rest of fab5. “We got to know something about you dear, you can’t be a normal girl after what we experienced yesterday,” said Manik. “What do you mean? M a normal girl, a human just like you people,” she defended herself. “Then how come our hands got stuck in air yesterday when you said to stop it?”, asked Mukti.

“Yes, and what about making me have that drink which was actually made for you?”, Manik asked tucking her hair behind her ear but she jerked away his hand. “You can never be a normal girl and we will make this news viral enough to make things go against you,” said Alia. “And and and she will be our prey all the time, every second, every minute, every hour, everyday,” said Cabir and they laughed evilly but there was one person who was hating all this, Dhruv. He had developed a soft corner for Nandini as he saw her getting tortured. She stood there worriedly as they walked off tapping on her back.

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    Even I hope everything thing goes well between these asap and post next part asap sally can’t wait any more

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