BV+KYY: Magic And Life (Baal Veer And Kyy: Flashback #2)

Nandini passed some more tests and was declared a fairy but she was told that she will be taken to Pari lok at night. Meanwhile, somewhere in the middle of the road, a woman was going with a bouncer on her head and some goons caught hold of her due to which she kept the bouncer away and started running for her life. Others who witnessed the scene went near the bouncer. “Whose baby is this? If we tell police, we will face many circumstances, leave it and get back to your work,” said a lady to others and everyone dispersed.

Just then a lady came towards the baby and smiled evilly, she saw the Pari Tara sign on his hand. “I got what I wanted, he will fulfill my dream of becoming the queen of Pari lok,” she said and smiled and as she was about to take the baby in her arms, she felt a strong force move her hands away stopping her from performing an evil act. “What are you doing? What will you get doing all this? Daityani, we all will make sure you never get what you want,” said another voice and she turned.

It was Rani Pari and the evil fairy was Daityani who wanted to take the baby. “You can’t do anything, every time good wins over bad but now I will create such history in which bad wins over good and no one will believe in fairies, I will erase the name of honesty and goodness from this world, no grandparents or parents will tell fairy stories to their children, they will tell only one story and that will be mine,” said Daityani enraged and laughed. Rani Pari couldn’t take it anymore and attacked her with a ball of fire while Daityani threw a ball of electricity.

Daityani’s ball of electricity was so strong that it bursted Rani Pari’s ball of fire and was about to touch her but it bursted as well. “Daityani!”, shouted Baal Pari and other fairies were there as well. They all attacked her at once and she vanished. Baal Pari went towards the baby and caressed his face at which he smiled and took him in his arms. They took him to Pari lok. “As he is Baal Pari’s son, I will name him as Baal Veer, I don’t know about his parents, but from today Baal Pari is his mother,” Rani Pari declared.

Every fairy smiled. As night approached, Nandini was taken to Pari lok and was greeted with a rain of flowers. She smiled as she was treated like a princess just like her parents treated her. She was given the tour of all places of Pari lok, the places were so heavenly that she couldn’t take her eyes off them. When she fully gained the knowledge of every place, she was on her own. She went to the rooms of fairies, there were beds in every room surrounded by clouds.

The weather of Pari lok never changed, neither the clouds rained. As she went to Baal Pari’s room, her gaze went to the cradle. “A cradle in Pari lok? But how?”, she asked herself and walked towards it. She smiled seeing the baby and clapped. She touched him and he woke up and smiled. She saw Pari Tara sign on his hand. “No one told me of him, I think they wanted to surprise me,” she said and hours passed while playing with the baby Baal Veer. Natkhat Pari appeared there. “Nandini,” she called her as she was sleeping leaning to the cradle.

She woke up and was taken to her original place that was her house. She thanked her and slept unaware of Daityani spying on her. She took her with her to the daiti lok. ” I have got the devotion of demons, I have power from the demons, I am the great power of evil, Daityani,” she said and laughed while staring at little Nandini who was sleeping. “Sleep, sleep as much as you want and be happy as much as you wish, because soon you will be in my feet, and that won’t take so much efforts,” she said laughing evilly.

Rani Pari woke up from her sleep feeling restless. “I don’t know why but I feel like something is happening bad,” she said and vanished. She appeared in Baal Pari’s room and saw Baal Veer asleep. She thanked God and went to Nandini’s house in her room but on not finding her there, she got tensed and started finding her everywhere but didn’t find her anywhere. She went to Daiti lok and got in her smaller form. She saw Daityani there with little Nandini, she was trying to harm her with the arrow of evil. She was running to save her life.

Rani Pari aimed her magic wand at her and made her go back to her house and made her forget the memory of Daityani. She got in her usual size and attacked Daityani many times weakening her and vanished. She went back to Pari lok and informed every fairy about the incident and they decided to safeguard Nandini until morning and then she will forget about her visit to Pari lok and will no more be a fairy. Very less powers remained with her in case Daityani hunts her out anyhow. It happened as they wanted. Nandini never got to know about her being a fairy and her powers, she never used them as she didn’t knew about them but as she grew up and turned eighteen, she used them unknowingly when fab5 bullied her.

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    Woooooooooowwww!! Awesome update!! So she has s little power left. ?? That’s awesome. Super update ? please can you update your horror ff too ?? I’m waiting for both..

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    this was awesome as always update asap

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