BV+IB: Magic And Life (cast)

(BV: Baal Veer. IB: ishqbaaz)

The troublemaker teenagers:

Shivaye Singh Oberoi:
Has two brothers, full of attitude, loves his brothers a lot, dreams of becoming a singer thats why studies in Space Academy. Ocean blue eyes, little facial hair, has a hero look, easy to drool over, loves to bully fresher’s.

Omkara Singh Oberoi:
He’s also easy to drool over, has neck length hair, beard, hates bullying, he too dreams of becoming a singer.

Rudra Singh Oberoi:
Same like his brothers.

Tia Rajput:
Beautiful girl but a bully, same dreams as the oberoi brothers.

Ishana Bhattacharjee:
Loves to bully like other friends of hers.
The fairies:
Atkati Pari:
She has the power of hanging someone or something in air.
Bhatkati Pari:
She has the power of making anyone see false things, in other words we can say nazar ka dhoka…good fairy.

Gaal Pari:
She has the bubble power eg: if someone is falling from a height, she can blow a bubble to save his life…good fairy.

Baal Pari
She has the power of throwing her long braided hair and catching someone or something far.

Natkhat Pari
She has naughty powers and she makes many things by these powers.

Rani Pari
The head of all fairies, she has powers of all the fairies.

Vijhdar Pari:
She has the power of giving electric shocks.

Aarpar Pari:
She has the power of passing through anyone or anything.

The superhero:
Baal Veer
Baal Veer
Also known as Ballu when he is in the world of humans, has the power of Atkati, Aarpar, Baal, Gaal, Natkhat, Bhatkati, Vijhdar and Rani pari. He is an adopted son of Baal Pari, Smita Dagli and Mahesh Dagli. He doesn’t knows anything about his real parents.

Dagli Family
Amritlal Dagli: (Dada ji)
The head of the family, husband of Kasturi, very loving, his body often gets stuck and is unable to move due to old age and the others make him fine.

Kasturi: (Dadi)
Wife of Amritlal, she often speaks wrong English which entertains everyone.

Elder son of Amritlal and Kasturi, father of three kids, brother of Rocky.

He’s more like a kid although he is an uncle (chacha). He is very funny.

Wife of Mahesh, mother of three kids.

Always hopes for good, very protective about Manav & Ballu.

Same as Meher but a little timid.

Ballu: (Baal Veer)
Adopted son, hides his identity as evil fairies are after him and all good fairies are like her family.

The Kids Who Cause Trouble:
Pain in the neck, always made fun of, loves to irritate people.

Same as Montu

Same as Montu

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