BV+IB: Magic And Life (6: Fire In Pari Lok)

Gauri was going upstairs and was really tensed, just then Anika came and walked beside her. “Hi,” she said enthusiastically. “Hi,” Gauri replied with a fake smile. “Something wrong?”, she asked. “Yes, fab5,” she replied. “They troubled you? Again? But didn’t you fight back? What happened?”, Anika asked with a shocked look on her face. Gauri decided to keep her mouth shut else she will lose her one and only friend. “Leave it, no worries, I was saying let’s go and eat something, I can face them alone,” she replied trying to change the topic and pulled her along by her wrist.

They ate and were going to their classes when Gauri felt a tight grip on her arm and was pulled back. “Hello baby doll, so tell the secret,” Shivaye said. “Yeah yeah tell, who are you? Don’t lie that you are a normal girl, we all experienced it okay, spit it out,” Rudra said going close to her and she moved back until she collided with someone and she immediately turned. “Let me handle her, so Gauri, sorry I mean behen ji, what purpose you have of coming here?”, Tia asked pushing her sideways and her shoulder collided with Om.

She accidentally fell backwards as she collided with him and he held her in his strong arms and they had an eye lock. The others along with Anika witnessed the scene and were looking at each other cluelessly. She straightened herself getting out of his arms. “Guys, are you mad? Whenever I see, you are bullying others,” he said. “Om, you keep quiet, the good boy, you didn’t experience it else you also would’ve done the same,” Ishana said playfully punching his arm. He got quiet. “And you baby doll, speak up,” she shouted on Gauri. She shrieked. Haayo Rabba, please save me, she said in heart.

“I am a normal girl, why aren’t you understanding?”, she said and while saying this, her gaze went on the table next to her, there stood Natkhat Pari on the table in her smallest form. She blinked her eyes in assurance and smiled at her. She aimed her magic wand at them one by one and erased their memories and smiled at Gauri who smiled back after the duo greeted each other saying khush raho and went from there while they all stood holding their heads. “Thank God, she came and saved me, I m so lucky, I love you Rabb ji,” she muttered in her breathe.

A smile was plastered on her lips the whole time. Later that day, at evening, Gauri appeared inside someone’s house in such a way that she couldn’t be seen. There sat one little boy and one little girl facing their backs towards her. “Meher, what did this happen and how? It might be Montu’s mischief, he ruined all our copies, now we’ll have to make new ones and so much work is there,” said the little boy to his sister with worry clearly visible in his voice. “Yes Manav, he has to pay for this, let’s call Baal veer,” Meher said to him.

They called him together and he appeared there. “What happened?”, he asked. They told him everything and he was about to do his magic when he saw Hasmukh Pari/Gauri there and she too aimed her magic wand towards the copies and did her magic on it. As Manav and Meher opened their copies, they got shocked as not only the marker marks were gone but all their work was gone as well. Hasmukh Pari slapped her forehead pressing her tongue between her teeth and again did her magic, everything got fine. As Baal Veer looked at her, she smiled and disappeared.

He too disappeared telling them that their notebooks are fine now. “He didn’t even do anything and they got fine,” Manav said and Meher got thinking. Hasmukh Pari and Baal Veer were flying back to Pari lok when she felt heat on her back and started losing her balance and screamed, she looked back to see what’s it. As she saw her wings burning, she got worried and felt her wrist in a protective grip and looked up, it was Baal Veer. “My wings are burning, I will fall anytime, do something else I won’t be a fairy anymore,” she said worriedly and he looked around near the clouds to find who did it.

Just then they felt a strong force on their hands which made her free of his grip and she lost her balance and started falling downwards. He got shocked and flied down towards her. Daityani laughed evilly as she was the one who did all this but stopped as she saw her wings perfectly fine and that she was flying . “How did this happen? There’s no power in this world which can break free from my magic,” she spoke angrily.

Just then, she saw an electric magical ball coming towards her and she bent sideways to protect herself. She saw Rani Pari in front of her, Daityani aimed her magic wand at her and a fiery ball went towards her, she did the same and they kept on attacking each other until Daityani accepted her defeat and vanished. She went to daiti lok and got angry. “I reached her after so many years and tried killing her but she got saved by that fun sucker Rani Pari, I will make her my target the next time I do anything,” she grinned.

She went to Pari lok and attacked it with fiery balls causing it to burn. “Now I will see who saves her next time,” she grinned and disappeared. All the fairies appeared there except Hasmukh Pari and Baal Veer and got shocked seeing fire. All started running here and there for their lives. Gauri who was doing something got restless. She disappeared and went to Pari lok. She too got shocked and immediately called Baal Veer but he didn’t came even after Baal Pari called. Even if Baal Pari misses him and doesn’t calls him by voice, she can call him by her heart’s voice as he thinks of her as a mother. “I can’t do anything alone in such a short time, if I can, I can do it along with him only,” she said worriedly and she too got trapped in fire.

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