BV+IB: Magic And Life (3~Flashback#1)

In Pari Lok, an event came in thousand years in which a little fairy is chosen from the land of humans, the little fairy is first a human but then she is given some powers after small tests. The condition for the little fairy was that she should be good and truthful. It was night time and Aarpar Pari and Natkhat Pari appeared in Gauri’s room where a little girl was sleeping peacefully. They woke her up and she got up rubbing her eyes and her gaze went on the fairies that were smiling at her. She gasped smilingly.

“You look like fairies,” she said with a cute smile. “You’re right, we’re fairies and we have come here to give you a good news,” said Natkhat Pari. “Good news, wow. What is it?”, she asked excitedly. “Rani Pari has chosen you as a little fairy,” Aarpar Pari told her and she jumped in joy. “But before that, you will have to pass some tests,” Natkhat Pari said. “What tests?”, Gauri asked. The fairies aimed their magic wands at her and they shone brightly and Gauri looked at herself, her body was also glowing but it stopped as soon as the fairies lowered their wands.

“We have given you some magical powers, but you have to use them only for good purposes and not for your ownself, and yes, keep this a secret, good luck,” said Natkhat Pari. “Yayyy I will become a fairy, yayyy,” little Gauri jumped in joy. “I hope this isn’t a dream.” “No this isn’t a dream,” said Aarpar Pari and smiled. “Yayy,” Gauri said. The fairies disappeared and she kept smiling and threw herself on bed smilingly and slept hugging her teddy. Next day, Gauri woke up and sat up. “This must be a dream, me a fairy? No no, it can’t be possible,” she went to freshen up.

She came out after sometime and got deep into thoughts. “Let’s see if it was a dream or not, this hairbrush comes to me,” she said pointing her hand towards the hairbrush and a light shone from her hand and the hairbrush lifted on its own and came towards her.  She smiled. “Wow,” she said and sat in front of the mirror combing her hair. Aarpar Pari and Natkhat Pari appeared on her bed in small size so that she couldn’t see them. “Natkhat Pari, she is using these powers for herself,” Aarpar Pari said.

“She was just seeing if it was her dream, we should give her a chance,” Natkhat Pari said and they disappeared together. Gauri ran out of her room and did breakfast and got ready for school. Her father took her out of house towards the car and made her sit in car and saw that the car’s tyre was flat. “Oh God, I don’t have a spare tyre, what to do?”, Nandkishore, Gauri’s father said going towards the dickey and she heard it. A spare tyre appears in the dickey before papa goes there, Gauri said in heart and as soon as Nk went there, he was shocked and got the tyre out and replaced it driving towards the school. Gauri smiled.

As soon as Gauri reached school, she went to her classroom and it was empty. Aarpar and Natkhat Pari appeared. “You passed your first test, keep passing like this,” they told her and smiled at her, she smiled as they vanished.

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