BV+IB: Magic And Life (2~The Hidden Power)

Gauri and Anika went to back garden. Two girls and three boys came there. “Hello people,” Omkara, the lead singer of fab5 greeted them and his eyes stopped Gauri. He recalled seeing her in the jeep. “How great, we got two targets instead of one, we called only one of them, but she got the other girl in trouble because of herself, how selfish,” Shivaye said and chuckled turning towards the others and winked at Tia. “So what should we do?”, Tia asked. “Eggs,” he whispered and went while Rudra wasn’t so much interested in their tricks. Shivaye came back and smirked.

Gauri creased her eyebrows at them and Anika looked at Gauri tensely. Ishana and the rest of them picked an egg except Rudra. They were about to throw them on Anika and Gauri. “Stop right there,” Gauri shouted and they felt as if their hands were stuck in air and they were unable to move their hands. Anika looked on as to how they stopped on her voice. Gauri moved towards them. “You people really like to play pranks on people right? Let me also play a prank, Anika come in front beside me,” she said to them and then to Anika.

She came with slow steps and Gauri picked an egg followed by Anika. “Three, two, one, go!”, Gauri shouted and both of them threw the eggs on them and it went on Shivaye and Rudra. “Sorry Mister,” Gauri said to Rudra. “But you really deserved this,” she said to Shivaye. Suddenly all of them could move their hand that was stuck in air. “Two down, three more to go,” Gauri said and both picked an egg, this time it went on Omkara and Ishana. They shot daggers at them. Then it was only Tia who was left.

Anika picked an egg and smiled at Gauri and threw the egg at Tia. It went directly on her dress. “You behenji, you ruined my dress, guys what are you looking at? Do it,” she said. “Enough guys!”, Gauri shouted. “Don’t you dare bully anyone from today, let’s get going Anika,” she said and went taking her from there. The devils fumed. “Thank you Gauri, you’re the best friend one can have,” Anika said on the way to their class. “You shouldn’t be afraid of them, even monkeys are better than them,” Gauri said and they bursted into laughter and shared a hug.

They went to their class and sat beside each other, after sometime, the devils too came there and Tia and Shivaye sat beside their row. Ishana and Rudra sat behind them and Omkara sat on their front. “Fab5 came again,” Anika said. “They are not fab5 but the crazy fives, they are only named as fab5 to gain popularity but actually they aren’t as fabulous as it seems, they are losers because they sadden people and today they got what they deserved,” Gauri said rolling her eyes. “Not so loud, they are here,” Anika warned. “Arey so what? They should hear what people think about them,” she said.

Fab5 eyed her angrily. Half of the class was over, Gauri went to washroom. Fab5 followed them. She was washing her face and felt a hand on her shoulder and turned. “What now? Want some more?”, she asked. “Tch tch tch, you don’t know what’s awaiting you my dear,” Shivaye said coming in front. “Yes so Gauri Kumari Sharma, what would you like? Will you join us for lunch right now?”, Rudra asked. “Yes, we were wrong, come let’s go,” Ishana said holding her wrist and pulled her along with them.

Rabb ji please save me from these monsters. Gauri prayed in her heart. As they walked to Cafeteria, they stopped at a table and broke two eggs and mixed soya sauce and chilli garlic and mustard with ketchup and held it in a bowl in front of her mouth. “What is this?”, Gauri asked with a quiver in her voice. “Your food,” Shivaye angrily replied and shoved it towards her mouth. “You blo*dy bastard, you’re acting as if you’re really good, what I and Anika did today is nothing in front of what you do all the time,” Gauri shot back.

“This drink is really good, have it my dear, its a treat for you to enter our group,” Shivaye said holding the back of her head forcing her to drink it. “Oh its really good right? Then drink it in one gulp,” Gauri shouted and took her bag rushing out of the cafeteria meanwhile to everyone’s shock, Shivaye drunk the yucky drink in one gulp and threw the bowl. “Shivaye what you did? It was too yucky,” Rudra said. “It happened by itself, don’t know how,” he said and they all got confused on all the things that happened recently.

Manav and Meher were walking back to their home when Montu came and stood before them, his face still like a joker because of Baal Veer’s magic. Manav and Meher looked at each other then at him and laughed. “Oye joker, better get out of our way,” Meher said. “Oh you want to go? Sure,” Montu said moving out of their way and they went. “Boss, you didn’t do anything today, did you start following their orders like a doggy?”, Rohit said and got a slap on back of his head. “Dumbo, I have thought of a plan,” Montu replied.

He told them their plan (muted) and smiled. In a heavenly place that looked so magical, stood seven beautiful ladies, they were actually fairies. “Rani pari has called us to Rani Mehel, she also said to bring the book of Pari loks history,” said Baal Pari and every fairy went to Rani Mehel which came after climbing thousands of stairs. “Khush raho Rani Pari, khush raho,” greeted the fairies and she greeted back. A light shone and formed spiral lines and Baal Veer appeared. “Do you all remember Gauri who was sent to the world of humans after removing her memories?”, Rani Pari asked. Everyone nodded in positive. “It is time to tell her about her reality, that time she was too little to know the truth, but now she’s 18 and I want Natkhat Pari and Aarpar Pari to bring Gauri here,” she ordered. “Jo aaghya Rani Pari,” said Natkhat Pari and they vanished.

(A/N: what do you think is Gauri’s reality?)

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    Wow….shivaay so rude…Ishana ,Tia,Rudra,Omkara also in gang lol get eggs from AnRi.Gauri strong girl lol shivaay drinks that yucky juices.interesting can’t wait for next.

  2. Shabnam

    superb ani gouri bondibg lovely fab5 gang sooo rude they all deserve it your ff lovely i want to ask you that ishkara or gourika who is pair I love ishkara loved it post soon can’t wait

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