“Nani…Where is Chandni?”- Advay asked, after few minutes, coming from his room.. Shilpa joined him, a plate full of noodles in her hands…Order from her boss..Advay Singh Raizada…
“Tere Chandu..”- Nani smiled,” She was here helping me in pooja, reading Ramayan for me..but Adi took he away…”.
Advay smiled, his butterfly..his Bak bak queen has become inseparable with his cute niece… both are child only, sometimes Adi behaves more childish around Chandu…
“Adi…Where is your Chandni Mami?”- He asked Adi, the cute potter..
“CM…She was here helping in my project work…but Mumma took her from here… “- Adi winked,” Are you missing Mrs. CM and searching for her…”.
“Aisa kuch nehi hai…”- Advay blushed.
“Waisa hi hai…that day badi naani said that you both are childhood sweethearts…I can understand CM..Adi ko sab pata hai…”- Adi engrossed in his painting…
“I am easy target now…Every one is giving teasing glances…”- Advay muttered under his breath, just like his Bak bak queen…
“Pooja…pooja..Stop stop stop…”- Advay stopped in stair,” Where is Chandni??”…
“Chandni toh chand mein hogi…roshni sooraj mein…Raat ko aajayegi bhaiyya aap itna bechain mat hoiye..”- Pooja teased…
“Pooja, I am asking about Chandu..Meri Chandu…”He asked desperate…
“Now its alright..Dev is Searching for his Chandu…Good, Ek joke sunaun..”- Pooja looked like All India Radio..,” She was helping me to choose a dress for Adi’s guardian meeting but Maa only took her away…”.
“Nehi..baad mein..”- Advay ran away…directly to his brother’s room…
“Maasi..Chandni!”- He barged in kitchen.

“She was making laddo here but left as Mikku was shouting her name..”- Leela Maasi smiled.
“Dev…Help me..Mikku is bleeding in his stomach..Advay..Suniye…”- Her voice reached his ear…His chandu shouting for him..
“Kya hua..Pareshan kyun ho? Chandu..”- Advay almost cupped her face in his large warm palm…,” kuch problem hai…”.
“Dev..Mikku..is bleeding you see him, I am all fine..”- That is when Chikku saw his brother rabbit Mikku, lying unconscious on floor, blood oozing from his stomach..,” Madad karo..Main..Chandni..yeh sab kab hua, Mikkku ko kuch nehi hoga na..was he playing any blue whale game..Chandu..my brain is not working..”- Hi breath stopped..
“Congratulation…aap bane ho chirkut..!!!”- Mikku jumped and run away,” Why did you came in between bhai..I was making Chandni bhabhi a chirkut..”.
“Haan toh..humne bulaya hai bhai ko..Aap jaisa launda meri innocent jiji ko chirkut banayenge aur main chup rahungi kya…”- Shikha show her punch..,” Meri jiji ke saath mazak kiya toh..Ek ghusand dungi…Allahabadi lounde..”.
“Tumhari jiji..bhabhi hai meri..Dekhiye bhai kaisa behave karti hai yeh Shikha mere saath, aap ke saamne mujhe ghusand marr rahi hai..no respect for honewale husband..”- Mikku complained.
“Earn it..”- Advay Singh Raizada dragged his wife to the nearest sofa in his brother’s room..,”Take a breath butterfly..sit..”.
Then only he remembered his spy Shilpa following him from last 30 minuted, with a plate he gave her for Chandni,full of noodles…
“Give that to her..”- He ordered..,” You eat haan…Shall I feed you?”…
“No…”- She felt shy..Mikku and Shikha are here…

“Kab se tujhe hi dhoondh raha hoon, Nani, Pooja,Masi, Adi..Jahan jaaun, sab ke sab ek jawab dete hain..she was here before few minutes..just went from here bla bla bla..and I am like a mad man searching you and you are running away like dogs are chasing you..like a butterfly..here, there, Mujhe paagal kardogi ek din…Tum toh pehle se hi paagal ho aur ab main bhi…”- He stopped, why is he scolding her now..She has managed to make her place in all heart,just the way in his… He loves her, every one in the family also loves her…,” You solo attention seeker, possessive, you want your Chandu alone, to yourself and behaving like a teenage love sick puppy…”.
“From when did you started noodle business…Mujhe pata hai you want my opinion in your business and I am the first customer who you are giving discount…Khadoos”- Chandni started her bak bak…,” Haan..Wohi hai aap…Chhichora kahin ke..”.
“No!!Ae bak bak queen..stop your imagination and explanation or I know to shut your mouth…”- Dev warned picking the fork from her noodle plate..,” eat slowly…warna balon mein noodles chipka dunga…”- He was dangerously close, holding fork and she ate from his hands…His intension was not good, it seemed..
“We are leaving bhai..”- Mikku chirped..,” Kab tak sab kuch dekhkar bhi yehi khade rahe, Humne kuch nehi dekha sochkar..Isse better, we should exit..Lets go from here…Shikha, Shilpa…”. The three removed hands from eyes to peek and then left closing the door slightly behind them..
“What sound is this..whom are you locking Mikku, Portable..”- Nani sensed.

“Bhai and bhabhi are discussing on important topic..To open a noodle stall…”- Mikku chirped and all have a laugh at expense of Attitude Singh Raizada and love sick puppy…
Chandu and Dev remained close unaware of all this teasing, with a plate of noodles in between them…,” Dekh kar nehi kha sakti tum…Thik se khao..”.
“Huh!!”- Chandni sighed,” says who..a boy who throws things, makes room dirty, noodles and tea bags sleeps on floor and now teaching me noodles eating manner…”.
“Maine kaha tha na..jo bhi hoon jaisa bhi hoon tumhara hoon..you didn’t opposed then..”- Dev smiled..,” Aur tum mera…”.

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  1. Riana

    A sweet and funny Os…❤️❤️❤️
    Dev Chandu & Noodle ki shop ??
    Whole family was shown thats awesome..?
    By our Pagli Asr ?
    Keep writing

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh you were missing Chandu Dev so only..and the famous noodles. Thanks yaar..Me ASR named by Amayaa Mehra.

    Dear Aasthu.
    I Feel Like I Watch A Happy Raizada Family ?? Thank You For Making This Is

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      It was my intension UF..a happy Raizada family bonded by love and Chandu the Golden thread. Have a Warm Wednesday.

  3. Medha

    Superb Aastha
    Thanks for including Noodles and prank in the story………………
    Ek Ghusand dugi…..Shikha and Meeku’s cute fight awesome…….
    Magical line Jo bhi hoo Jaise bhi hoon sirf tumhara hoon….wow ???

    Thanks you so much for creation a wonderful story of Nivay

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Welcome Medha…Riana was missing noodles too much so…I promised her to write a noodlefull story. Kya karoon yaar..raha nehi jaata Nivay se door…

  4. Fenil

    So sweet OS.
    Aakhir likhna Sikh Gaye aap.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aap ki behen hoon…your sister,your expectation..your problem..don’t drag me in between bhaiyya…aap hi ne toh sikhaya haath kam aur kaan zyada pakadke…Likhna aur kya..

  5. P_lata

    Uf Astha, you have done it dear. Butterfly, ya she was ! Good use of all characters . Noodles also present. Just go on Astha, write , write and write more, more and much more…….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tum paagal ho Lata..luckily main bhi…thank you.

  6. P_lata

    Pls. tell me one thing , what is difference between Fan fiction and OS? Both look same as both have stories.

    1. Riana

      Hi P.lata

      OS is a part of FF it means One Shot…Your story should end in one part that is the rule of OS…
      WHEREAS in FF…You can write lots of episodes of the story…its like watching a show…understood ??

      1. P_lata

        Ya understood, late student hoon na TU ki. Thanks Mam for the answer

  7. Riana


    1. Medha

      I am eargly waiting for your OS
      Usme bhi emoji use krogi (just kidding)……

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    There is no difference between fan fiction and one shot..as one shot is also a fan fiction… Its actually fan fiction has various types like few shots, short stories, long stories, three shots, five shots, two shots and one shot depending on number of parts the fan fiction have. I find one shot much more beautiful and writes them as you have to show all story and its beauty in a single part… I feel OS are test of a writer so writing them only…
    Fan fiction means the fictional ideas which fan writes on their fantasy and show which cvs and original storyline lacks..

    1. P_lata

      Thanks Astha for so much knowledge, waise kabse ho TU par, Look like very much experienced dear……….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        14th February 2017…right from Valentine day he he…Not much time experienced still writing is my passion. I am not much older in tu as compared to few others..just more then 70 articles..

    2. P_lata

      Great Astha, your writing is very good. Do u write articles other than TU also? ,

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Sirf yahan Lata…I am not professional to write in various site..Its just my passion.

  9. Sangitasridhar

    ??????Seeti maar?for the tanatan OS!!! But where’s my tanatan Murli?!!!! Every aspect of Raizada house brought in this beautiful panoramic canvas! I am getting spoilt with reading your style, Aastha! Don’t fancy others as much, maybe because of lack of good English and writing style. That free flow and a connect right through is what I like in your OS! And I too prefer this to long drawn chapters. Expecting more peeks into AdNi’s life! Different scenarios! Keep me posted when you write one, ok! Lots of love sweetheart ???

    1. P_lata

      Where are u Sangita, not coming to our Union page, Why????????

      1. Where is this union page, Latha?!!! Add me then!

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you so much…well in that case I never believes on fantasy like going of date, saying love you daily, pampering in public..I never believe in those action and the most I don’t like another sentence-” I can’t live with out you..”..when I know I can and its just that -“I don’t want to live with out you…”. There is a major difference in between these two sentences..I neither believes in fairy tale nor in prince charming like others and that is why in stead of fancy fantasy, realization and harsh truth hits my brain while writing love stories more then all lovey dovey things between hero heroine..I feels all that cheesy to be honest…
      Trying to write in my comfort zone only by adding few romantic meaningful dialogues as these are love stories…

      1. A girl after my own heart!!! I too find all that pretty cheesy! Natural romance in day to day life is more to my liking! And that too laced with humor ?

  10. Zaveesha


    1. Zaveesha

      Nd many many congratulations for crossing 1300 nd still counting comments in Rabba ve land….

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you sister…. We are going at jet speed…

  11. hi Astha loved ur os dear, , I agree with u and sangitha, lovey dovey dialogues are too cliche and I find them boring too. romance laced with teasing and understated humour is more appealing in practical day to day life.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Sashi Di. I am glad you like it and here too our thought matched.

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