a business rivals new love story (part 1)

Manik landed in mumbai all four of fab5 cabir, alya, mukhti,and druv came to receive him
“dude! after long time we r seeing you back its aweasome bro” cabir said
“yes cabir! i missed you a lot but guys this time iam on serious mission nd i have just tendays”
and paused manik with regreat in his face “guys iam getting married”
all of sudden car breaks on with a great jerk car stopped everyone sitting as moved front nd got hurt a little cried awach!
“salla! r u serious????” druv asked while driving
“yes!” manik said with sad face see out
as traffic jammed car again started by druv
” see guys let me explain” manik started the whole story
they reached malhotra manssion
“no! its impossible! you cant arey we cant, the manik malhotra kidnap
a girl nd mollest her its totally insaan nd impossible i cant even dream in my bad dreams”
“yes! you cant manik! your saviour for girls
nd you respect woman do some other
thing” alya said
mukhti too agreed with her
“see buddy! we will plan some other way
you cant just do it and above all you cant
marry any random girl whom you didnt see nd dont love her so leave the idea” said druv
“guys! guys! look frist listen to me i already thought about it nd i had a slight change in plan so dont worry” “frist look in internet about who is nandini murthy nd i want each and every detail about her”
“done! i woll do it” said cabir
“alya! i want your house for three days”
“ok! manik ” said alya
mukhti u bring some stuff which are need on work
druv nd i will enter murthy’s mansion as event organisers for wedding so druv frist u spot the event manager and speak to him i will freash up nd come
all said ok and started work
in an hour all were sitting in hall cabir is playing nandini’s biodata
nandini murthy d/o narander murthy nd sulochana
graduted in music academy space as a veena player nd vocalist won musicana as nh3 band nd won fussion concert along with aryamaan, the one whom she is going to marry
nd her photo
manik saw her
” so guys! she is our target”
manik was nummm she is so innocent yaar
druv said “manik i spoke to manager he is ok with it”
ok guys let us start mission nandini murthy
manik! seriously are you doing it”
druv asked as he know manik more than anyone
“yes! buddy! if i dont do this chachu will hire local goonds for this which will turn more uglyier than this ”
“will you marry her” mukhti asked him
“yes i do and i had to”
ok than comeon guys lets do it according to plan said cabir
all started the mission

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