Business of love (Part 11)

MEHAK reached home…

Kanta : so late..

Mehak : sorry…but the deal was fantastic..

Kanta ya..I know Shaurya proposed u..

Mehak shocked..: How..??

Kanta : Sonal said everything…and we r gonna fix their marriage…u and Shaurya also marry…it will be good..

Mehak blushed…

A voice : yes I do..Mehak r u ready..??

Mehak turned around : Shaurya !!

Shaurya : yes…r u ready

Mehak : Chachi I am ready…and became happy..

Shaurya :that’s superb..

Many voices together : Congratulations…

Mehak saw and was supriced..: u all…

PD : Yes we…

Chacha : beta..we have called pandit…we will fix 2 marriages..!!
and looked at Sonal..

Sonal : i thought that I never had a family…but now i got…and had tears in her eyes..

Vicky came and hugged her : not 1 u got 2 families…

Karona comes inside : Sorry Mehak I am late..I am Shaurya s mom…he loves u so much..he told me everything…

Mehak was too happy…she hugged KARONA : i am so lucky to get a family like u

Karona : I am lucky to get bahu like u…

Shaurya : no more emotional drama..!

all laughed..

they all gossiped the whole nyt…

at morning the Pandit came and said after 3 days…

Every1 were so happy…they were doing decorations…when Mehak was cooking good Shaurya came encircled MEHAK s waist by his arms..

Mehak : Some1 will see us..

Shaurya : no1

Mehak : leave me..

Shaurya : kiss me..I ‘ll leave u..

Mehak : no…

Shaurya : so even i dont leave u..

Kanta came.. : thoda sabr karo..

Both blushed…

Kanta took Mehak with her..and got her ready for her MEHANDI…

Mehak was happy..she and Sonal had same MEHANDI..

they were happy…and gossiping..

when marriage time arrived the next day…

Shaurya and Vicky came with baarat sitting on 1 same horse..

Vicky : bhaiya..I dont want to fall. .

Shaurya : me too..but be strong infront of them..

Mehak and Sonal are and laughed..

they were memerized by their beauty…

They both winked at their to be wife..

Both blushed..

As the marriage was taking place…A girl entered..

Girl : Mehak and sonal di…

Every1looked at her…

Mehak and Sonal : Nehal

Nehal : sorry for being late ..

Mehak : it’s k…but who said u..

She pointed at Pd…

Mehak : ok…come in..

Nehal: i have some with me..

Sonal : who..?

Nehal: my husband

Kanta : u married…??

Nehal : yes…sorry…I am going marry him

Kanta : is it ok if u marry today..??

Nehal: without looking at my choice how can u say this…!!

Kanta : ur choice is always perfect..!!

Nehal : MOHIT

Mohit enters

come ualso marry and then later say us…

they all 3 married…and took blessings..

Nehal: we will go back to Canada after 2 days..

Kanta : ok..where r his parents..??

Nehal : he is an orphan…but is a doctor..

Kanta :ok…

they did vidai of MEHRYA AND VICSON

after 1 year…MEHRYA gotblessed with daughter and they named her MEHER

Vicson got blessed with son and they named him Mahesh

Nehmot got blessed with twin girls and they named them sonakshi and Shurti…

All families were too happy and all couples lives each other very much…


hi guys… at last i completed this ff…hope I all liked it I know it’s not that good ff…and my next ff will be in September…but intro in August….and i love u all very much…my exam is gonna finish on this Thursdayand on Friday I ‘ll leave to my home as I am studying in foreign..and ignore my mistakes plsss..and hani my next ff will be lenghthy…and thanq u so much those who commented I love u all..I ‘ll miss u so much and pray for my results..again thanxxx…

Here is the grading system…plsss to say and say the reason too









and thanq u 1 more time…truely i ‘ll miss u all…will u..??

take care…

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  1. Superb dear and why u want reason dear your ff is nice and sweet n after all u dont have tim between ur exmz but u still write ff its great for us sorry for if i mistakly write anything which hurt u dear love u tc and all the best for ur exmz and waiting for ur next ff dear see u soon?Allah hafiz

    1. Aizaellahi

      so sweet yaar..nothing hurted me…thanq and Allah fiz dr

  2. It’s nice ff dear Aiza…..
    Waiting for your next ff…..

    1. Aizaellahi


  3. It was an awesome ff dear . Waiting for the next 1 . And I will pray for your results. Khuda hafiz.

    1. Aizaellahi

      thanq…khuda hafiz

  4. Awesome do write more.

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