Bulleya swalaksan (chapter 2 )


Hi guys this is janvi and i got overwhelmed by seeing your responses ..love u swalak fans….

Swara sits in laksh’s car and thinks
Laksh:Swara yaar sorry ..i will never lie to u ….
Pinky promise
Swara :acha ok …i know that exams are near and you need to cheat my paper …since kG you are cheating and till now …. failure ..
Laksh:oyee you are not Einstein ….so just shut up..okk
Swara:you shut up …all to u .. back to you …lock to you ….
Laksh :oyee chudail (witch)…go and make cold coffee with chocolate …
Swara :why I should make ..u make …
They were fighting like kids and Swara slips and laksh holds …..swara and she is in his arms ….and they share a cute eyelock and both have an unknown smile on their face …

Flashback ends

Laksh:Swara where are you
Swara :comes out of senses
Swara:laksh you were abroad than why did you come….
Laksh:you were marrying a wrong person ..
Swara:do you know him …
Laksh :you also know him
Do you remember sanky in our college

Flash back
It was a picnic day for college ….there was a hill and Swara was collecting flowers there ….
Than suddenly a hand pulled her and sticked her on tree turnk …
Sanky:Yes me …swarra you are too beautiful..you wanna spend time with me …pls be my girlfriend …i will love my whole life ..

Swara slaps him


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  1. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Very short..its OK.but I love this epi so cute my swalak…thank u for updating…many wrote swalak ff but they leave their ff imcomplete ….pls u don’t leave..its my request to u.

    1. Janviii

      No I will never leave it in between

  2. Nice dear….bt too short……

    1. Janviii

      Sorry for short update

  3. Supriya pandey

    Lovely yrr…just in love with ur ff…plzz keep posting it daily…..i am in love with it now….plzz try to be lil long if u can…but plzz do not leave it…keep writing whatever short or long……amazing ff

    1. Janviii

      Thanks for a long comment…i will never ever leave it in between

  4. wow nice..it’s a swalak ff r8?..plz continue..dnt leave in between..plz rply

    1. Janviii

      Swalak and thanku

  5. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr dear.. Loved their nokjok…But precap is shocking..Second episode mein jhatka??.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Janviii

      Thanks for a wonderful comment

  6. Sherin

    awesome…..short and sweet

  7. Mahjabeen

    So shert dear.but ws awesom

    1. Janviii

      Sorry and thanku

  8. Alia

    Awesome…update soon

    1. Janviii


  9. please show sanskar enter entery soon then it will be interesting. And don’t make laksh’s pheoncy negative.

    1. Janviii

      Thankss for wonderful suggestions

  10. Silent_writer

    Woooow its awsmeee

  11. Sharma_ananya

    Awesome post nxt part soon??

  12. AMkideewani

    Superb love SwaLak❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Wow dear it’s awesome .I didn’t know about this ff today only i read it . really love it. Actually due to busy in my life i only update my storied so can you please send me a message whenever you will update it because i want to read it please

  14. Wow dear it was really good. I didn’t know about this ff. Missed first part. Dear if you won’t feel angry can you please send me it’s next part whenever you will update it to my wall I really want to read it

  15. Good going

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