Bulleya swalaksan (chapter 1 )

Hiii guys ….
Let’s start
Girl:oye stupid …. u fool …..flirty …. If friends are like this than what’s the need of enemies….what you said that you are going to tuition and flirting with krati ….

Boy:listen Swara
(Yes the girl is swara)

Swara:just shut up laksh
(Yes the boy is laksh )

Swara punches laksh’s stomach and goes

Laksh:areeeeee ..this girl
Oye Swara….listen ..swara

He runs behind her ….


A girl is sitting in her room crying wearing bridal wear ……
Girl:I know it is too late…but what …i can’t spend my life with a unknown person …my parents choosed him for me …mr. sanskaar maheshwari …..but I love laksh not him …laksh is abroad and today I am getting married …he proposed me 6 months back and I broked his heart …how foolish …. I know laksh since childhood …we used to share everything with each other ..he left India and now I need him …now I know his value in my life ….i have some special feeling ..and this feeling is not at all normal ….this is not a friendship ..this love ….
I love …

I knock on door
Swara wipes her tears ..
Swara: I think mum came to take me with her towards mandap ….
She opens door
She gets shocked seeing a masked man ..she thought he would be a goon and was about to scream but the person takes her in and takes out a mask …
Swara immediately hugs him and says

Laksh: sshhhh … pack your bags ..we have to run …
Swara : okk

Precap :what happened 1 year back

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  1. Silent_writer

    Woooow awsmeee

    1. Janviii

      Thank you

  2. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    My fav song and couple…very interesting continue.. Thank u so much for swalak..don’t change the pair…

    1. Janviii

      I love this song too?

  3. Excited fr knowing… Swasanlak I like it…update shud b long one….waiting

    1. Janviii

      I will update long

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Awsm concept dear… Plz continue… Thanks for writing on swalak…waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  5. Mica

    swalaksan ? huaaa,,, there is “lak” between swasan….

    1. Janviii

      Swara laksh and sanskaar

  6. Sherin

    awesome dear…nice intro….interesting…..hope you wont change the pairs….love swalak to the core….

    1. Janviii

      No I will never change pair

  7. Arshaanya

    Lak btwn swasan ??
    Its swa–lak ??

    1. Janviii


  8. mou(swasan lover)

    plz make it swasan……….

    1. Janviii


  9. Wohooo swalaksan…yipee loved it ….

  10. Osmmmm…

    1. Janviii

      Thank you

  11. please please keep it swalak only.i like swasan swalak both.There are many ffs till now where triangle between swalak San but in every story at last pair is always swasan.so please u don’t do this

    1. Janviii

      Kushbu look it is swalak only
      Don’t worry

    1. Janviii


  12. Very nice ff….plzzzz cont..i luv swalak..nd thanks for swalak

    1. Janviii

      Thankew very much

  13. Thank u so much for writing a ff on swalak. I was a silent reader but I commented for the first time on ur ff. Plzz dont change ur decision and make it swalak only…awesome story

    1. Janviii

      Thanks supriya I will never change couple
      It would be swalak only….

  14. Vyshu10

    Kiddo….my bacha….i m very happy to see u back after months. Update the old ffs also dear.

    I must say u have improved ur writing skills….Hope u get appreciation from this ff. Mujhe batati rehna ki iss ff ke liye response kaise aa raha hai

    1. Janviii

      Pakka bataya karungi…
      But sorry I forgotten the storyline of old ff????

      1. Vyshu10

        oh…toh chalo mein bhi bhool jaati hun….lekin mere liye ek swasan ff likho na plz

  15. Mahjabeen

    Intersting dear..awesome concept..continue soon

  16. Super awesome

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