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synopsis- A thriller oneshot
on YHM with backdrop of politics n craze involved in international
cricket in India.

She walked on n on until she reached temple
She (A middle aged lady dressed in baby pink sari) entered temple
taking small steps
Lady-Today I have come here after 20 long years with a hope that u
willnot disappoint me this time
Mata rani please keep my son safe always n keep him away from all
dangers please bless him for tommorow’s match

She prays her eyes r shut

Lady is shown moving up n down in a living room in tension
Suddenly her phone beeps
A smile appears on her face
”Ma I know like always u didn’t watch match on tv n was waiting for
my msg, ma we have won n on Wednesday we have to play world cup 2027
finals against srilanka I have couriered u tickets please please
Lady gets thinking
A knock is heard
Courier-Mrs Ishita Bhalla courier for u
Lady signs n takes envelope in hand
She thanks courier

(Lady is our Ishita aka divyanka)

Ishita walks towards a photo
”Adi wants me to go to stadium for his match, its been 20 long years
I have stopped seeing matches, I dnt know y Adi wanted to become a
cricketer, I want him to succeed always but I am scared this cricket
snatched u from me, I cannot let anything happen to my Adi.Right from
him getting selected in school cricket team to ranji team to under 19
to Indian team I have always felt happy n proud but never expressed
Raman I dnt know what should I do now? I know he will feel good if he
sees me there but”

Tears well up in her eyes
Raman aka karans photo with garland is shown

A huge stadium is shown
A young n dynamic boy wearing Indian team Jersey is shown playing cricket
Crowd cheers
”Rishi, Rishi, Rishi”
He hits six,
Crowd claps
Team wins
Rishi walks down to dressing room
A young n beautiful girl hugs n congratulates him
He thanks her
Rishi to girl-Aliya what do u think will mummy come
Aliya-Adi I dnt understand y she never attends ur single match, I just
hope she comes this time

(Rishi n Adi is same person He is Aditya from original YHM He is
Ishita’s son n Aliya is Aliya from original YHM she is playing
Aditya’s wife’s role in this one shot)

Adi(with tears in eyes)-Aliya u have always asked me this question n
also y I have changed my name from Aditya Bhalla to Rishi Raheja I
have avoided answering u but today I will answer u

They sit down
Adi-It all happened during 2007 world cup India was playing finals
against south Africa n my father Raman Bhalla was Indian cricket team

**********Fb **************
Raman is shown walking towards field with bat
Ishita is shown with 7 year old boy cheering for Raman
loud cheers of Raman Raman Raman r heard
Raman gets ready to bat n as ball nears bat he throws it up its caught
n Raman is out

Disappointed faces of crowd is shown,

India loses World cup 2007 finals by 100 runs is flashed

Raman is upset
Ishita pacifies him
News channels show
Indian captain Raman Bhalla to be blamed for loss He had fixed match n
deliberately got out on zero

Raman watches news tear eyed

Next Scene
Young Ishita is shown cooking n child Adi is busy colouring
Adi (innocently)-Mummy my friends say papa did cheating n he will
never be allowed to play cricket is it true mummy?
Ishita hugs him
Ishita-Ur papa can never do anything wrong Adi please try to cheer
papa’s mood once he returns from board meeting

Suddenly phone rings
caller-Mrs Ishita Bhalla come fast to City hospital, Raman Bhalla is
admitted in ICU a cricket crazy fan shot him as he left from hotel
after meeting

Next scene
Doc-sorry mrs Bhalla he is no more

Ishita is dumbstruck Adi is hugging her

************Fb ends**********
Aliya places her hand on Adi’s hand
Adi-Aliya I decided I would fulfill papa’s dream of winning world cup
n also solve mystery of his death
Aliya (puzzled)-u said a cricket crazy fan shot him right?
Adi-Yes but after match I had heard papa saying on phone to Ashok sir
that he will take entire blame of fixing on himself
Aliya-Ashok sir means coach sir what was papa talking to him
Adi-Yes Aliya Ashok khanna, He was papa’s senior they shared great
rapport but once papa was made captain, rifts grew between them, Ashok
sir definitely knows something about that match fixing n also papa’s

Next scene
Adi is ready in team India jersey he looks at Raman’s photo, Aliya
makes him have sweetened dahi

A voice is heard
”All the best Adi”
Adi is enthralled to see Ishita he hugs her

Next scene
Aliya n Ishita r sitting in stadium
commentator-India needs 6 runs from 2 balls to win world cup 2027
finals n Indian captain Rishi on strike
Ishita holds Aliya’s hand
Ball hits bat n up n up in air for 6 n India wins World cup 2027

Team rushes to field n lift Adi
Ishita n Aliya hug eachother
Ishita smiles with tears in eyes

Press Conference

Adi-Today we have won world cup because of efforts of entire team n
also because of prayers n blessings of every Indian
I would like to dedicate this to my father Raman Bhalla
Am son of Raman Bhalla my real name is Aditya Raman Bhalla
u dnt know Raman Bhalla
well rather than mentioning his achievements I would remind u by
telling he was captain when India lost world cup finals in 2007

Did u all recollect?
Yes the man who was worshipped as A god before World Cup n treated
like criminal after world cup, He was charged for match fixing
But how did my father die?
u all will ans a cricket crazy fan shot him to death


He was killed

(An Av Is played)
Ashok’ s room
Adi n Ashok r drinking
Adi-Sir I fear what if we lose tom
Ashok (inebriated state)-y y would we, we have come till finals we r strong team
Adi-Sir we came till finals in 2007 also but lost at end
Ashok (laughs loud)-That match was fixed
Adi-who fixed it? Raman Bhalla? He appeared so honest
Ashok-No my boy I had fixed it, that Raman he was younger to me still
got captainship, he married Ishita, I loved her she was editor of
magazine n used to interview us, Raman snatched everything from me I
could not see him become more popular by winning world cup so I fixed
match, Raman caught me red handed, He was going to complain but
threatened to kill Ishita n he knew I could do it so he kept quiet n
got out on zero he accepted charges of fixing but I feared he would
reveal truth so I got him killed
Am so great
Ha ha ha ha

All r shocked, Ashok gets red faced

Adi (with lump in throat)-My father always played gentle man’s game as
gentle man

Bhalla house
Adi, Ishita, Aliya r standing in front of Raman’s photo
Ishita (lovingly)-Am so proud of u Adi u r A WINNER, u have not only
won world cup but also won back ppl’s respect n trust for Raman, u won
back a place in every cricket lover’s heart for Raman, u won justice
for him by getting Ashok punished

Adi hugs Ishita n Aliya joins to complete family hug.

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