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She walked on and on until she get some place to rest to just to relax her mind and soul…actually now she looks like a lifeless body..her eyes are like red bulb…she is sobbing all the while…she is lost in some thoughts..suddenly rain started to fall..but for her rain too not bothers her..but she likes now no one will see her tears..but what makes her to cry like this…who is she what is the reason behind all this?? why she is walking alone in this road that too in this midnight..i followed her…but i really dont knew what made me to follow her…actually i dont knew her…not even see her face fully..but i was lost in her…why i was following her like this…who is she?
look abhi you are asking the same question more than 100 times…yes the boy who is following her is no one otherthan our rockstar ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA…it was during this time he noticed that something falls from her..he takes it..its a bracelet in which a name is written PRAGYA ARORA…so she is pragya…abhi may be this is a gift that she got from any others in which that persons name is this girl mad?
look how long she is been walking like this…my legs are paining was at this time she stops walking and sits on a bench near the park..oh last she sits some where..abhi to sit a bench near to was during this time he seen her face fully… he get hell shocked with that face (actually from his expression it look likes he has seen some ghost..but no..he seen CHASHMISH..
Abhi is moving in his car..its traffic jam..its really a heavy abhi decided to hear somemusic at this he takes out his headphone. He is sitting in his car in resting position… it was during this time his eyes falls over a scooty in which two girls are arguing continuously… abhi take his head set just to knew the reason.. he was shocked by knowing the reason… they are fighting by telling his name..
Girl 1; di.. I need to go there.. and take a selfie with him and an autograph too..
Girl 2: bulbul I told you.. I will not allow you to this..
Girl 1: di you knew na.. I am crazy fan of his music..
Girl 2:don’t call that as a music..
Girl 1: di it’s your jealousy you don’t knew how sweet is his music..
Girl 2: are you telling joke? It was during this time abhi sees girl 2 ki face.. yes this none other than our PRAGYA ARORA.. girl 1 is.. BULBUL ARORA…
Pr; his voice.. do you hear his music clearly it just screaming aloud..
Bul: di do you knew he has how much fans.. how much heart did he stole by music…
Pr;bulbul actually u all are going behind him it’s all because of his looks..
Bul: so you agreed with that.. he look hot and dashing..
Pr; may be..
Bu: what happened why only this short answer for this question..
Pr; a person’s beauty is not by his looks.. it is his inner beauty.. beauty of his heart..
Bu: di I don’t knew what really happened to you… I think it’s better to do your check up…
Pr: check up..
Bul: yes with a psychiatrist…
Pr: bulbul I will kill you..
Bul : di just keep quite… look all are watching us.. pragya look around
Pr (in low voice ): I will show you who I am…
Bul : di.. let’s go for that concert na.. maa will not allow me to go alone.. I knew you don’t like such a rap music.. like melodies and you hate that too because of.. she stops..
Ab; because of..
Pr: bulbul it’s better to not talk about that..
Bul: k.. but please di.. in pleading look..
Pr; k.. I always get failed at this face.. I knew you are taking advantage of that..
Bul; my sweet di hey na.. both smiles..
As block cleared.. abhi and pragbul. Leaves… to same place..
Abhi in car..; what is the reason for her to hate such songs.. he is lots in that thought..
Driver: sir.. we reached.. abhi gets down to concert place..
Screen shifted to stage.. abhi is coming to stage.. People started to shout his names..
Ab; good evening everybody.. my fans you are all to me.. I feel your love and I love you all too.. so today I thought something different.. I hope you all guys like that..
Abhi started to sing all melodies and romantic songs.. all remain silent… as abhi shouts all started to cheer..
Abhi feels more happiness today.. and he felt that.. this is his best concert… thanks everyone for this support.. today this concert is specially for a girl.. whom I met at traffic jam.. all shouts girl.. yes to chashmish whom I met today… bulbul… please tell your di that I can sing melodies too.. I knew you both are here… chashmish this is for you who hate my fast numbers love you all leaves…
Bul: di look he talks about us.. I told you na.. he sings well.. pragya was looking puzzled..
Fb ends…
But thoughts about her in his mind started to move to next point…
One day when abhi and his friend purab was sitting in a cafeteria… they talked alot when they started to leave.. abhi collides with a girl.. because of that papers from that girl falls down.. she is busy in picking it up. And busy in scolding him..
Pr: Mr. Don’t you have eyes because of you all my papers fall down.. it was during this time she raise her face and sees abhi.
Ab: chashmish.. tum..
Pragya stand silent..
Purab : chashmish….
Ab; yes purab… I have told you na.. about a girl which met on traffic jam..
Pu: oh.. is this she? Purab forward his hand and say thanks to her.. thanks a lot.. actually I was really fed up with telling the same to him.. it was because of you he started to sing melodies.. by telling so.. and bidding bye they both leaves..
From that point abhis mind flew to another memory..
Abhi is in his recording studio busy with compossing music.. some sound disturbs him.. he comes out and sees pragya shouting and leaves..
Ab: What’s happen here?
Manager: nothing sir.. as she get fired from job that’s it..
Ab: fired.. why?
Manager; she fights with M.D…
By talking about value of music.. so he fired her.. for her music is her life..
Ab: really interesting… do you knew her..
Manager; yes sir.. she is always like this. She will fight for music.. because she considered it as his father.. her father is a famous musician.. but as time changes.. his Market falls down due to modern music.. and one day when people bad mouthed about his music.. he get suicided from that day onwards she is like this..
From that point abhi remembered their next meeting in same cafeteria.. when abhi is waiting for purab there.. he came to knew that purab will take half an hour to reach.. he feels bored and look around and see chashmish sitting alone.. so he goes and occupied a seat..
Ab: so chashmish.. today why are you sitting like this.. don’t you get anyone to fight..
Pr: what?
Ab; yes… you can’t keep quite..without fighting na..
Pr: please just leave me alone..
Ab; actually my friend purab will take half an hour to reach so I thought to give a company to you..
Pr; I don’t need you company just leave me alone..
Ab; do you knew how many girls eat for this moment.. but you..
Pr; I am not like them..
Ab; yes I knew that you are not like them.. I don’t want you to disturb you more.. but before I leave I want to tell you something… forget the past and live in present.. if you feel that you can’t change others in that you are keep on losing.. just try to change yourself.. pragya look at him.. he smiles and leaves..
After that.. abhis thought process goes to their last meeting which take place at mall..
After shopping when pragya get inside the lift… there is one more person who peaks inside the same lift.. it’s none other than abhi…
Pragya didn’t look at him..
Ab ( this much attitude.. that too showing to me.. he thinks… )
Suddenly lift stucks.. pragya started to get tensed..
Ab; hey chashmish don’t be worry it’s stopped because of power failure don’t get panic..
Pr: hello Mr. My name is not chashmish..
Ab: I don’t knew your name… that’s why.. when pragya started to tell.. abhi cut off her talk.. and it’s better to call you like this.. chashmish.. pragya get anger. When you get anger you look like fuggi..
Pr: fuggi..
Ab; yes..
Pr: now.. I got it..
Ab: what??
Pr; it’s all your plan.. right.. it’s you who cut off this power supply and you are trying to follow me..
Ab; following you..
Pr: I knew your kind of boys..
Ab: look chashmish.. you have seen so many boys.. but I am not like them.. and if I wish I will get anyone much better than you too follow.. who will follow you..
Pragya look at him in irked expression.. at that time lift works and both leaves in opposite direction..
Fb ends..
Ab: after that.. it’s now I am seeing her.. I knew something is troubling her… but don’t knew what is that.. I didn’t see her like this.. always there will be chashmish or fuggi look in her.. but now it has vanished.. I must ask about it.. abhi moves towards pragyas bench.. and he sits in the same bench.. but she didn’t see that..
Abhi placed his hands over her hands.. she came into sense and look at him..
Ab; fuggi.. what happened to you.. where are you lost.. why are you sitting like this.. that too in this night.. come I will drop you in home.. bulbul is waiting for you there na.. she gives me a lifeless expression.. I looked at her..
Pr: I have no one to wait for me there.. she started to cry hardly..
Ab; I couldn’t understand what she meant.. I asked her again.. what you said..
Pr; I have no one in this life.. no maa.. no my bulbul… he start to burst her tears loud.. I lost them.. they go to see my papa.. by keeping me alone here..
Actually it was shock to him..
Ab: but how..
Pr: one accident which snatch my everything in life.. now I have no one.. I am alone.. I am alone..
Ab; ( I don’t knew how can I console her… I came to knew that.. she is coming after their funeral.. and what she need is… ) fuggi… you Always have a shoulder to place your head when you feel sad.. you always have someone to burst out all your sad.. and happiness.. who always be with you for ever…I WILL BE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.. pragya look at him..
Ab; as a friend… as a… he cut off the sentence..
Pragya hugs him and cries…
Now it’s abhigyas turn to decide what meaning that they must give to this relationship… friendship or something else… hope they will take a good decision..

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