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Sorry you’re not my type


Abhi: rockstar


Believes there is only one perfect someone for you..

Swara: a free spirit

Stands up for what she believes is right..


Ranveer: a die hard music lover


Abhi,rv,swara: friends..

Pragya: professor

Sanskar: business man

Pragya’s brother..


Sanky’s sister..

This is the intro…

Lets begin…

She walked on and on until she was dragged into the car by a hand..

She was not in her senses…

Its none other than our swara..

Swara: leave me guys im going to die..

Before she could complete she felt a burning sensation on her face.

Its our ranveer.

Swara: RV y did u slap me???

Ranveer: shona stop it..

Do you think if u die it will come to an end??

Swara: yes rv

Suddenly the car stops.

Rv: what the hell, abhi??

Abhi: stop it guys we should prove us innocent

Rv: now everthing has no use

Swara: sanskar didn’t believe me…

She starts crying..

Abhi and rv side hug her….

Abhi thinks about their happy times….


A huge arena..

Everyone is shouting..

Its the performane of yuva band..

Abhi : rv,shona we will rock..

Rv: of course yaar..

They have a group hug..

Swara: i will start…

Swara. Enters the stage…

She starts singing

Sun raha hai na tu..

Her voice gave a shrill…

In audiences minds

Abhi and rv join her..

The performance was a blast..

The crowd went crazy…

Abhi and rv came near the audiences..

Now the spotlight will move ..

Rv: when it stops that lucky person will join us..

The spotlight stops..

Rv heart skips a beat..

Its our ishani..

Swara: here comes ms.journalist..

Abhi: rv..


Rv: shut up guys..

Rv gives her his hand..

Abhi and swara starts playing tum hi ho..

Rv sings..

Ishani is dumbstruck..

The show ends..

Abhi: rv be a man ..propose her

Swara: you are getting older..

Rv hits swara..

Rv: shona the first time i saw her my heart skipped a beat..

Swara starts enacting like rv..

Abhi: shona..

Rv tell her..

Ishani was near the backstage

Rv: ishani..

Ishani turns..

She was gorgeous. ..

Rv in his mind: rv be a man…

Rv: i love u ishani ..

Rv goes down his knees..

Will u marry me??

Ishani smiles..

Rv hugs her..

Ishani: rv tomorrow. Come to my home..

Rv smiles..

Rv: if i want to call u


Rv: love u..

Ishani leaves..

Abhi and swara in chorus..

Congrats rv..

Rv: guys ..

Swara: someone is blushing..

Rv: shona..

They both are running..

Abhi has tears in his eyes..

Rv: abhi lets go..

Life was really awesome for these guys..

The next day..

Our trio got ready to meet ishani..

They reached her home..

Abhi pressed the door bell.

A girl opened the door.

Abhi was awestruck by her beauty..

Sanam re plays..

Abhi’s thoughts were disturbed by her voice..

Pragya: who are you??

Abhi: your husband..professor..

Pragya: how do u know im a professor..

Abhi: by ur lecture..

Meanwhile rv arrives..

Pragya: sanky..

Abhi: what a voice..

The great sanskar arrived.

Sanskar: pragya di what happened..

Pragya: some fool is here..

Abhi makes a pout face..

Ishani: bhai,di ..

Guys get in..

Abhi and rv enters..

Pragya: sanky..

Sanskar: im there na..

Suddenly wind blows.

Sanskar turns to find Swara.

Sanskar: shona..

Abhi: shona..

Sanskar hugs swara.

Rv: what the hell.

Abhi: rv they are in a relationship..

Rv: what..

Ishani: yes rv..

For the past two years..

It all started from a facebook request..

Sanky: ishani…?

Rv makes a pout face..

Pragya: welcome swara.

Abhi: shona are u happy..

Swara: so u know that ishu is Sanky’s sister.

Abhi: i am a rockstar ya..

Everyone laugh..

Pragya: we will have the engagement by next monday.

Swara: but ur parents..

Rv: they are like us swara..

Abhi: senti guys

Our parents are watching us..

They will be happy about us..

They share a group hug..

Life does not go according to our wish..

In the one week..

Abhigya became close..

Love blossomed..

Its the engagement day..

They preferred to do it secretly in a temple..

Pragya,sanskar and ishani are waiting in the temple.

Pragya: sanskar..

Sanskar: di swara is not picking up..

Suddenly sanskar receives a message

Its a video..

Abhi,swara and rv are in police station..

Pragya: ishu see this..

Sanskar: i will talk to my lawyer.

They reach the police station..

Ishu: inspector y have u arrested them..

Officer: they have killed a person..

Sanskar: no way..

Officer shows a video..

Where abhi stab a person and swara and rv are holding him.

Pragya: adithya..

Sanskar: shona..

Swara: sanskar..

Sanskar: y did u kill adithya..

Swara: no sanky..

They leave the. Police station..

Fb ends..

At present..

Abhi : we have to find who did this video..

Rv: who is this adithya.

Swara: sanky’s friend.

Abhi: lets go home..

We got bail for two days only..

Rv calls ishani

But she ignores..

Swara switches on the tv..

Swara is shocked..

Abhi, rv she shouts..

The video is shown..

Sanskar,pragya and ishu accuse them for killing adithya

Abhi is shattered..

Hamari adhuri kahani plays..

The case goes to court..

Due to lack of evidence they free abhi,rv and swara

Swara: sanky..

Sanskar: sorry swara you’re not my type

And he leaves..

Ishu slaps rv..

Pragya: just leave from here abhi..

Abhi ,rv and swara were shattered

They left that city..

Two months later..

Abhi ,swara and rv teach musical instruments for children..

They where happy and prosperous ..

Rv was taking classes..

He felt somebody was standing behind him..

He turned and was shocked to see ishani there..

Ishani came and hugged him..

Rv did not reciprocate..

Sanskar: shona

Swara: who r u..

Abhi: shona..

Pragya: abhi im sorry.

Abhi: excuse me.

In a fit of rage pragya slapped him..

Pragya: sorry abhi..

I love u..

Please forgive me..

Abhi starts crying..

We are murderers pragya

Pragya: sanskar

Ishu brought adithya..

Swara: adithya..

And she faints.

Abhi and rv run to her..

They hold her..

Swara gains conscious. .

Swara: u r alive..

Adithya: im sorry

I wanted to take revenge from sanskar ..

He spoiled my business..

So i made a fake video..

Swara slaps him..

Sanskar:officer take him.. im sorry shona..

Swara: duffer.. And she hugged him..

Everybody got united..

Love blossomed again..

Our couples got married..

Abhi kissed pragya..

Swara and rv

Sings nagira nagira..

They shared a group hug..

When nails grow we cut them.

But when we have misunderstanding we cut the relationship..

Take time and solve the misunderstanding..

Life will become awesome..

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