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she is walking on the terrace furiously waiting for his son. and sshe is non other than sujatha.

Siddhart who is the son of rajendar and sujatha.and siddhart had a sister named shivanya.after

completing his master degree in u.s.he came to india to look after his father”s business.with his

energetic and success formula he became no:1 in the business world. On jan 25 th was siddhart

birthday.on jan 24 th night 12.oo clock shivanya,rajendhar,sujatha wished “happy birthday “to

siddhart.and they share a group hug.

On the next day morning,

Sujatha:siddhart beta, come and see who has visited our house to see you.

Sid:who ma?(with excitement he saw his uncle son rithik).

Rithik:happy birthday sid bro.

Sid:thank u my dear u find time now only to see me

Rithik:sorry sid.i have no time bcoz u know na that I am a leading lawyer in Mumbai.

Suddenly there is a laugh and it is none other than shivanya.

Shivanya:don”t trust rithik,sid bhai

Rithik:see your sister sid,she don’t know the value of rithik

Shivanya:I know your value rithik,I know u came to eat chocolate cake which is made by me for

sid bhai birthday,am I correct rithik.

Rithik:this is the limit shivanya.(they stated to fight romantically).

Sujatha-(whispher to sid)beta,we should tie knot to this rithik and shivanya.for that I need your


Sid:what help ma?

Sujatha-first I want you to be get married soon.i want to see my both the child happy.

Sid-ma,its take time,better we can plan marriage for rithik and shivanya as they are already


Sujatha:no beta ,my decision is fibal,and u want to marry soon.

Sid:ma,I didn”t see my better half angel up to now,once I see I will inform u .

(rithik,shivanya,rajendhar laughed seeing the conversation between sid and sujatha)

Sujatha-I forget to say sid,sid beta distribute this sweets and donate this cheque to the “lovely

garden”ashram by your hands.

Sid-sure ma.

Rithik, Shivanya-can we also come with u

Sid-y not come lets move,ok papa ma we are leaving.

The reached ashram.and three of them distribute sweets to the children in the ashram.suddenly

they heard a child cry followed by a sweet voice consoling the child.and it is none other than


By seeing her childish activities and cute face sid began to fall in love with roli and he smiled

seeing roli

(rithik and shivanya watched sid smiling)

The sister of the ashram introduced sid to roli.

Sister:roli,this is siddhart bhardwaj.and he is the one who donate the huge amount to our


Roli:(smiling at sid)thank u very much siddhant sir.

Sid:no sir,only sid,ok roli?

Roli:with a cute smile ok sid ji

Shivanya:bhai do u forget rithik and me(starring)

Sid-oh sorry, Shivanya(andhe introduced rithik,shivanya to roli)

They became friends.(while leaving sid enquired about roli to the sister)

Sid:sister,is roli is working as a teacher here?

Sister: no siddhant,she is not only a teacher,she is a caretaker and she is my daughter whom I

never carried in my womb.she is also a mother for all the childrens in this ashram.

Sid:can I know why there is a hidden sad behind happy roli.what is her story?

Sister:she is a orphan.she came to this ashram in the age of four in a fire accident.though she

became a orphan at young age.she feel sad manytime but she won”t show her feeling to

others.but I can see her happy today because of you three.

Sid:sister,I want to you something

Sister:what sid?

Sid:sister I love roli,I truly love roli sister

Sister:I can see that is true in your eyes.allthe best.and win my roli heart by true love.


In bhardwaj home,

Sid:ma,I had found my angel.

Shivanya:ya ma,I also foud my cute bhabi

Rithik:ya ma,I also found siddhart bhai better half

Sujatha:wait ,wait,lets say one by one.where u find my daughter in law

(Sid,shivanya,rithik narrated the whole story to sujatha)

Sujatha-I am really happy for u beta.soon ask my daughter in law to come to your home.

Sid:sure ma.

After this sid visited ashram many times and he also served in the ashram as a part time teacher

in the same ashram.and roli began to love him by his nature,attitude,and soft speaking.but she

didn”t tell her felling to sid.

Sid invited roli and childrens to his house for Diwali

Roli-sorry sid ,I cant come.

Sid:can I know why,if iam your friend.

Roli:(withtears) because my parents died in this Diwali I womnt celebrate only

Sid:ok roli I can feel u,but for childrens happiness .they won”t come without u?so please plase

Childrens:please roli didi

Roli:ok,sid ji iwill come

On the day of Diwali roli,sister,and children visited bhardwaj house

Sujatha and rajendhar gave sweets to children.

Rithik and shivanya burst crackers with childrens.

Seeing this beautifull environment roli is very happy.

And sujatha treated roli like a daughter and she gifted a saree to roli

Roli-aunty,why this much expensive gift,I don’t want this aunty,

Sujatha:don’t u accept your ma blessing(roli was touched)

Roli:no ma,I will accept it ma(and they share a hug)

Sujatha:sid,go with roli and light diyas in the terrace.

Sid:ok ma.

In terrace,already diyas are lighted by rithik and shivanya and they decorated the terrace for sid

to propose roli.

Only sid and roli left in terrace.

Sid:roli,I want to you something.

Roli-bhola sid ji

Sid-i i i

(the whole family is hiding and watching them)

Roli:sid ji,what happened,tell what you want?

Sid:I love you roli

(roli is shocked and she is very much happy)

Roli:sid ji we are just friends(she teased sid)

(Sid take roli hands and he kept her hands in his hand)

Sid:roli,I know u love me,I saw love in your eyes,the day which isaw u was not only me

birthday,I feel like I was newly born new on that day.if you don”t love me.see my eyes and say

that u don”t love me

Roli:(with teary eyes)I love u sid ji,I love u the most in the world.(she hugged sid tightly)

Sid:someone said that we are just friends.i can’t find u.can u roli?

Roli:punched in siddhart chest

Sid:screams and say I know my roli is a teacher but I don’t know that my roli is a boxer.

Roli:sid ji(she blushed)and hugged him more tightly.

The whole family is watching them and they started to shout”we are here”

Roli and sid removed their hug.and they blushed.

Rosid and rithik,shivanya are married happily.and sid gift a beautiful garden with a building to

roli for here to extend her ashram which is a roli big dream.

Love makes life beautifull.the beautifull love with never ending has only a happy ending.

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