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he walked on and on until the door of ICU . Then she walked back to the other end . Then again came near the door of ICU. Tears rolled down from her eyes .The doctors and nurses were hurrying to ICU . The door was continuously opening and closing . Then she sat in the chair near that her face is shown its ishaani . She thinks . “I Loves U from my childhood when i was 14 years and u was 16 year old . But i didn’t told it to u Because i had a fear that do u loves me or if i says it our friendship will broke so i didn’t told u . And so many years passed without seeing u or without talking with u but not a minute without thinking about u . When i was in any tension i used to look at ur smile and my problems and tensions vanished . U was been the reason for me to live . The truth is that this feeling of mine i never shared with anyone rather than with ur photo . I loved to start each of my day by seeing ur photo and thinking about u . When i was with u in school with u I used to look at u silently without ur notice. When we became friends I was very happy as i will be able to spend time with u . Each moment with u was so precious for me . After ur school education completed also I tried my best to be a friend with u . I remained too . And i know u gives more importance to ur friendship . As a friend u i told all my secrets and all about me to u but not about my love for u . U always made me to smile. In childhood whenever i am in a sad mood u used to do so many thinks to make me smile as u don’t know that ur smile only is enough for me to smile . Do u know one thing distance makes a person to forget someone but for me distance never mad me to forget u it made me to miss u badly . Years passed like that but now when i got the courage to tell u my feelings u r not in a condition to hear that ” By thinking this she cried badly .

At this time a doctor from the Icu came near her .

DOCTOR – R u the relative of that accident case ?

ISHAANI – Haan . How is he doctor ? Everything is fine know ?

DOCTOR – I can’t say anything now but he opened his eyes and closed i think he i was been searching for someone .

ISHAANI – Plz doctor can i see him once plz …

DOCTOR – No . Its not possible to see a person who is in ICU in a critical situation.

Hearing this she got shocked and requested to the doctor to let her see him once .

The doctor refused first but after seeing her condition he allowed her to see him .

She entered to the ICU .

By seeing his condition tears rolled down from her eyes but she was silent .

She walked close to him . And sat in the chair near to his bed . She cried silently sitting near to him . Her tears dropped to his hand . At this time the person’s face is shown its Ranveer . His eyes started to open slowly . Ishaani noticed it . She was very happy seeing it . She was about to call doctor then ranveer slowly moved his finger into her . She then stopped seeing it . Ranveer looked at emotionally . Ishaani too looked at him . They shared a small eye lock . Again tears rolled down from her eyes and reached ranveer’s hand it made their eyelock to broke .

ISHAANI – Today i don’t know will u accept me or it will break our friendship or do u loves or will u be able to loves me . Now i want to say u that I LOVE U Ranveer from the core of my heart . I always thought to say this to u but i was afraid that if i says this will i lose as a friend too . So i didn’t said to u . But when today i thought to say it to u was not been in a condition to hear that but now i hope u r in a condition to hear me . Anyway i just want to say u that Ranveer I LOVES U A LOT from my childhood . I was afraid to say this to u but now i don’t mind what will happen . If u accepts my love or not it doesn’t matter as if u didn’t accept me too my love for u will never end . Do u know one thing Ranveer I used to cry a lot when i thinks that u won’t be my but then also i didn’t stop loving u . And no one can stop me from loving U . Its the first time i am sharing this with someone .You’r not just my friend ranveer You’r my LOVE . You’r not just my love , You’r my HEART . You’r not just my heart , You’r my LIFE . You’r not just my like , You’r my EVERYTHING . By saying this she cried badly . By seeing this tears too fell down from Ranveer’s eyes .

Ranveer thinks ” I LOVE U TOO ISHAANI . Me too loves u alot Ishaani . Me too was afraid to say it to u because of the same reasons of urs . I don’t know when i started to love u but i realised it when i was away from u then i tried to be a friend with u after my school education . I was falling for u every moment till now i am falling for u . And u have no idea how fast my heart races when i see U . Its still like that . And I always used to think that my heart is perfect as u r inside my heart . But never got the courage to say u that I LOVE U . I loved u like breathing so i can i stop it ? . Its only u made me live my life . Now i feels very very happy as i can’t express it as now i know that u too loves me . But when i got to know that i am not able to tell u that ishaani . Plz forgive me for that ishaani . Now I really feels like god is asking me to choose that did i need breathing or loving u ? So now i wish to select the last breath of mine to say that I LOVE U .”

RANVEER In a low voice – I… L….O..V…E …..U……

Our ishaani was shocked and hugged him and was crying happily and said I wish i would have said it to u before . She hugged him and cried then she broke the hug and looked at ranveer’s face smilingly her smile slowly started to vanish from her face . She called ranveer’s name again and again . She then realised that he is no more she cried hardly hugging him . .


He called her but there was no response from her . He held her wrist and the doctor got to know that she is dead . He then checked ranveer he too find that he was also dead .

The nurse asked the doctor to inform about this girl to her relatives . They informed their relatives . the relatives asked the doctor how they both died together ?

DOCTOR – NO .. they didn’t died together after his death only she died and her death happened because seeing his death her heart broken .

Then it is shown that our Ranveer is waiting for ishaani in heaven there ishaani comes and thy both dances .





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  1. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    # i vote for this. Ur os really touched my heart and tears started rolling down from my eyes after reading it. Its really a great and a superb os really loved it. Such a lovely story no words to express it.

  2. luv ishveer to the core of my heart

    # i vote for this. Ur story really touched my heart, tears started rolling down from my eyes after reading it. It is great and superb really loved it. Such a lovely os no words to express.

  3. maya

    # i vote for this. U wrote and described their emotions so well that it really touched our heart and made us to cry

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